How Arsenal should line up, with Ozil and Partey

If I was the Arsenal manager….

Everyone at some point in their lives think they can do a better job tactically and decision wise then what their teams’ manager has done or is doing. Well here is my team thoughts…

If we want to defend all game from midfield, then having Xhaka, who only really knows how to pass the ball from left to right as we saw yesterday, would be the best option, but when you come up against teams that keep possession and you struggle to score, Partey and Ozil would be the perfect midfield duo to have in the team. Even overtaking Dani Ceballos, who, although he can create chances with a pass every now and then, does not do it enough.

Mesut Ozil is an assist king who can also get goals every now and then and did begin to defend in the latter part of his games played. Thomas Partey can also assist and get goals, but in turn he also defends. So, having these two in our midfield where one can do the job of Xhaka with defending and both can do the job of creating chances and scoring in the shape of Ceballos, then why would you not use them?

I know Partey has just arrived but given how both players are similar and yet so different, I think Arteta should experiment with both players for a game or two. And I am not saying Xhaka should not be played at all but for some games you have to be smart about who plays where, depending on opponent of course.

So, here is what my line-up would be, something along those lines anyhow:






Arteta has the players and the squad strength to be able to try all of this out, but instead he chooses to isolate Mesut Ozil for whatever reason. Again, that is probably why I am not a manger because I don’t know what I am talking about, right (WELL I KNOW SOME FANS WILL THINK THAT ANYWAY) but that is my opinion and last time I checked, everyone was entitled to one!

We have the players, yet the tactics don’t fit sometimes. If we don’t have enough players, fans moan about “if we had this player, we could do this” etc, well we have Ozil and now Partey, so…
Heres to dreaming hey Gooners?

Shenel Osman

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  1. I do think that if we play Partey then a playmaker Ozil is relevant. We look so uncreative that Ozil is about the only player, paricularly in select home games, who can make us look like a creative football team. We have looked pretty poor except against Fulham, and they are not all that. All IMHO.

    1. Maybe, but whatever it is, please don’t go back to the old system that relies on defensive players to cover for offensive players, without pressing from the front. If we think we can allow offensive players to do less without the ball because we have Partey, think again. To do that would be regressing to the old way of playing football.

      The problem with that system is when we don’t have the ball, the way to win it back is to let the opponent progress into our half, then have the DMs or defenders recover the ball. When we eventually get the ball back, we are quickly subjected to their high press. It’s difficult for us to transition from defence to attack under pressure. It makes us more prone to losing the ball in our half. If they win the ball back there, we are more exposed and they can instantly have a quick transition.

      That’s why the old system of not demanding attacking players to press is finding it so difficult to compete against the modern high pressing system. It just takes too long time to get the ball back. Even when we get it back, they are hardly exposed. We then have to build in our half and create while under pressure from their high press. Talk about making life difficult for ourselves

        1. When our team has less than 40% possession, it’s even harder to justify bringing on a player like Ozil, who needs possession to play well, but doesn’t do much without the ball.

          I don’t see how we can win more possession without pressing diligently as a unit

          1. Well you are contradicting yourself. You have less possession because you can’t press. So your solution is to keep pressing? What will make it work now that didn’t work for so many weeks? MA is running out of players and formations already.

            1. So what’s your suggestion to getting more possession?

              Like it or not, pressing is the way the modern game is played. If we are not good at it, we have to work on it. Do you know of any top teams in recent times that avoid pressing?

              1. My solutions? It is obvious we don’t have the right players to do one on one pressing so either buy the right players or change the system.
                No and I don’t agree that pressing is the way the modern game is played. There is more running, more speed and less emphasis on technicians I agree but pressing and discarding what your players do best only exists at Arsenal.

                1. I don’t think our players are not right for pressing. Seems more to me that we lack coordination to press as a unit and are not well drilled enough in that aspect.

                  I also don’t subscribe to the idea that it’s just about buying the right players. We seem to be trying to buy the right players to fix our issues for too long. It can’t always be about buying players to fix the system.

                  As you mentioned a change of system, I’m interested to know what system do you propose. Care to elaborate what system will give us more possession?

                  There is more running and less emphasis on technicians in the modern game precisely because there’s more pressing required. Have we not seen more pressing among the top teams in recent times? This is a key trait that stands out in the modern game

    2. According to Arsenal, the reason for not playing Ozil is because he is not good enough to fit in the team. But if what I have seen so far from the so-called better players than Ozil is anything to go by, then I don`t think we will make 4th this year.

  2. Mesut is a manace for the opposit team. He must play at least 45′. He’ll destroy z opponent with Thomas Party.

    1. I am with you here..but ever the reason why they don’t give him a reason he might be a solution to our team

  3. Mr. Arteta should try Ozil/Partey during Training and see. I think k that he has punished Ozil enough.
    Ozil should look into himself too and be humble

  4. Then I’m glad you ain’t the coach… Leave out Xhaka?
    I could consider leaving out Ceballos, but that’s in question for an Ozil that puld show up or rather not show up at all.
    No thanks, I’ll support any formation that sticks to Ceballos, Partey and Xhaka.
    By now you’d have thought the agenda against Xhaka would’ve been dropped by certain fans but nah, it can’t and seems it won’t happen.

    Good thing Ozil’s name will be left out of the EPL squad list today.
    We’ll need him for FA cup and Carabao.
    Maybe you should start watching football games more so you know what Xhaka brings to this team and that he’s here to stay.

    1. Yeah, the Xhaka agenda is beyond ridiculous. The writer picked on only him for his criticism. And yet, barring Saka and Gabriel, he was one of our relatively better performers on the day. And even if he didn’t perform well, was more than half the players not performing below par on the day? Why pick on only Xhaka?

      As a general rule, I don’t discus tactics, formations, team selections, etc. I consider that the job of the Manager. He was a professional footballer and now a trained and certified coach. That’s his job, he should know better. Whatever choices he makes, I just want to see spirited performances, good football and decent results.

    2. Well-said. For as much as I love C8 and his ability to hold on to balls, he breaks down forward plays many times with his back passes. This is not good enough for a team that wants to score goals.

      While I do not know what they do in training and the specific instructions from the manager, I am of the view that improvements can be made to his forward plays. He can look up to the greats in that position both in and out of the club.

  5. I don’t want see Ozil anymore in the starting line-up. The guy has been given chances, but he’ll just them back at your face. Let the guy enjoy his wages until end of season because it’s what he likes more

  6. “Mesut Ozil is an assist king who can also get goals every now and then and did begin to defend in the latter part of his games played”. That is utter delusion, and factually in correct. Maybe, many, many, many years ago, but picking a player based on their form around 8/9 years ago is absolutely ridiculous!

    Arsenal’s creative issues are tactical, not personnel based. Either Arteta will continue to be a defensive, counter attacking coach, or maybe the attacking side of the game will develop, and improve over time, as Arteta learns. We shouldn’t forget that he’s only been a manager for around 10 months.

    1. Leave history for historians. Ozil’s career is over. You just have to accept it and move on without Ozil in your mind

  7. OMG how many more articles about Ozil would you please give it a break, he hasn’t been named in the Europa League squad his Career at Arsenal is over please move on

  8. I guess Ozil’s fans would just go with him when he leaves Arsenal. Some are just too obsessed with Ozil. Enough article on him. I only wish he is finally left out of the squad and out of Arsenal. There is no day Ozil’s name or issue is not mentioned on this platform. When he finally leaves, Arsenal shall continue so why not just be focused on real issue PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. You are absolutely right, there is no convincing reason why the manager is not playing Ozil whom we know can create chances for our strikers to score goals.

  10. Shenel. yes we all know by now, that you are among the daft OZIL fan club.

    Well you and your fellow dafties wiil have to bear that cross for approx 250 days yet, til he is kicked out on his idle a…e, as he is now rightly ostracised by our in touch and REALISTIC manager who knows, unlike you and your daft cohorts, that laziness is poison , so will never pick him( barring a massive injury crisis to other midfielders). That part of your article renders the whole as incredibly silly , unrealistic and something that is sheer fantasy, since it WILL NOT HAPPEN!

    I prefer REALISM!

  11. I am an Ozil lover and a member of his fan club.. but honestly I’ve had enough of whatever to do with him.. (perhaps i hate to see him being criticized)
    But I strongly wish to God Arsenal will agree to pay him his remaining wages and terminate his contract.. we should be focusing on something more important than wasting our energy arguing about him.. Arsenal has been there before his granpa ever thought of having a sex life.. and are doing good without him rightnow.

    So let’s cut out anything to do with Ozil.. Arteta is the one to see what to do with him.

  12. Lol what loads of bull Ozil should be played in Se games the coach needs to bring out the best in any player and not pick up where the last coach left off,even if Ozil is on his way out just play him already, the coach has got to rotate the players in order to bring back that competitive spirit and let the players hunger for chance to start!

  13. Arteta should stop gambling, defending in every match cannot help he has players that can work for him, more so he need Ozil back in the team

  14. I can’t see this happening anytime soon, though I would love to see this!

    We lack a creative playmaker in the mid but let’s be realistic too, Ozil had many chances and he didn’t do well! I can only see Saka and Pepe “if he improves himself” being our playmakers. Maybe Willian but Ozil .. somehow, he seems to be out of any close plans!

  15. Ozil and assist king that has struggled to make double figures assists-wise in all his time as an arsenal player.

    He has struggled to make more than 5 assists per season in the last 4 or so seasons.

    Only in one season has ozil ever got more than 10 assists in season for nearly 8 years he has been here.

    I actually don’t know what games people have been watching.

  16. @admin Pat
    a couple changes to your line up and we could really see these 11 flourish once they get a few games together

    now you can press because your front 3 have the speed to do that/Ozil can cut off passing lanes/
    Partey/Ceballos can screen and your
    back four can easily use your fullbacks to attack.
    This will also improve your possession statistics because as a group it looks technical enough to possses the ball.
    worth a try because what Arteta has on the table now tinkering with everyone is not going to last or work with the better teams.

    1. I really wish we would move to a back 4 again. We lack so much control and creativity in the middle. Watching the city game was painful and dull. The difference was stark. When they had the ball their back line was on the half way line and they passed it around tried to pull us apart but very rarely went back beyond the half way line. By contrast we would get the ball near their box, nothing on so we would retreat all the way back to the keeper like scared girls running away. Often then to hit a hopeful ball to Abu or pepe only for them to have no support, not control it and then we were under pressure again. At present we need 3 in the centre of midfield as the 2 we have (any 2) are not good enough.

  17. I’m glad you are not the manager, because you are still living in the past. Ozil is the past, Arsenal is moving forward. Ozil talks too much on tweeter and tells Arteta he is ready to play when needed. Instead, he should be putting in the performances during the team training sessions and convince Arteta by working harder. Please allow the guy to enjoy his retirement, Ozil is not interested in playing again.

  18. It would appear that Ozil and Socratis will not be included in our official pool for Premier League matches.

  19. The modern game has moved on from the lazy ‘number 10’. This is the reason James Rodriguez is moving from club to club. In fact James becomes a liability when Everton don’t have the ball. So whereas Shenel would love to see Oil play, Artetas system would have to be adjusted just to fit one player.

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