How Arsenal should set up tactically to triumph over Bayern Munich tonight

How do we beat Bayern in Munich?

Arsenal are set to face Bayern Munich in the second leg of the quarter-finals this week, and face a huge challenge of going to their home turf and trying to win after a tough loss against Aston Villa this weekend. We travel to Germany with a 2-2 aggregate score, to face off against the German giants in what should be a fiery clash between the two sides, but what is the best plan to try make sure we win?

For me, our midfield is going to be a huge part of whatever happens in the game and unless we have all our players 100% ready and raring to go, we face the worry of leaving the tournament all together. Rice and Odegaard are going to be huge assets if they’re at their best because Bayern are very good at playing through the middle and if we make any silly mistakes, especially at their home, with their support behind them, they will pounce on that.

I also think Jorginho needs to be playing to give us a sense of stability we didn’t see against Villa at the weekend, and I think he needs to be starting no matter what. Bayern have had a up and down season and especially in the Bundesliga, but they’re still a very good side with a lot of quality on show and when they work together, they work well and will look to be as dangerous as they can down the middle and the wings, not to mention having Harry Kane up front and centre looking to pounce on any chance of a goal.

I think Trossard needs to play a big part in the game, either starting or not, he had a very good game against them at The Emirates and playing up against Bayern’s Kimmich, who was having an unbelievable game before Trossard came on, he found a way to cut inside and stopped the pressure Kimmich was having on our front line.

I think Havertz needs to be starting up top and that might mean that Jesus doesn’t start, or he plays out on the wing, but we look a lot better when Havertz is firing from the front. He seems to find a way to not only create chances for himself and his teammates but also create a lot of space to work with and makes us a more dangerous team going forward, not to mention the fact he continues to come good in big moments when we really need it.

I also think Arteta has to approach this game with a lot of tactics but also to try play simple football that we’ve been so good at this season, not underestimate the quality that Bayern clearly possess, but also make sure his squad is confident and ready to move forward off a tough loss on the weekend.

What’s your thoughts Gooners?

Daisy Mae

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  1. If Arsenal play like we played against Newcastle at the emirates a few weeks ago, Bayern will be eliminated.
    I rewatched the first leg against bayern, and even though we were jittery and nervous bayern werent that great either, they too were very cautious and jittery in some moments.

    White saliba gabriel Zinchenko

    Odegard Jorginho Rice

    Saka Havertz martinelli.

    Subs 70′
    Tomiyasu for zinchenko
    Trossard for martinelli
    Partey for Jorginho (80-85′)

    1. With due respect, Newcastle are not Bayern. It was at home. Newcastle were down to the bare bones. Totally different game tonight.

      1. But the point is made!
        I think Emperor is saying if we play with the same discipline and commitment…. That doesn’t mean we would beat Bayern 4 – 1, but we could eliminate them.
        And we need only one clear goal to do it

  2. ——- Raya ——-
    White —- Saliba —- Gabriel —- Tomy
    Odegaard —– Partey —– Rice
    Saka —– Havertz —– Jesus

    Trossard and Martinelli to sub in to our forward three in 2nd half
    Jorginho for Partey too, neither have the legs for 90 minutes at this pace it seems
    ESR for Rice if chasing the game
    Zinc nowhere near the pitch

    I agree, last week was not bad at all, we started really well with the Odegaard/Havertz high press forcing a loose ball which Havertz pounced on, turned in White, who teed up Saka = perfect
    Shortly after Havertz teed up White through on goal, 2m either side of the keeper and potentially very different outcome

    1. @A1886
      Ditto. This is my preferred lineup.
      Jesus is good in Europe and bang average in the PL. MA should not have used him or OZ against AV last weekend.

  3. Whatever happens tonight or at the end of the season, the team has given us so much already this season, we have no right to abandon them when things go wrong. The Emirates being half empty at the end of the Villa game was a disgrace. Our disgrace. Let’s stick with our boys, also when shit hits the fan. No, especially when shit hits the fan! Are we supporters or good weather tourists? Win or lose tonight, we’re with you, gunners !

    1. You pay your money to go in so it’s your decision when you leave. Fans will always love the club but players move on so don’t have the attachment the fans do so the only why we can so displeasure from a disgraceful performance is the walk out. I personally don’t see anything wrong with it as if I was in a cinema and the film was awful I would leave early, what do people think you should do stay and watch over paid and under played players not giving there all but this is only my thoughts

    2. I don’t agree with your disgrace but I do agree quarter finals in our return season is impressive to an already impressive season.

  4. Nice article, Daisy Mae.

    Whilst Bayern are vulnerable now, they are also motivated. Losing the Bundesliga must have hurt, but they lost it to a team that has remained undefeated thus far. They have also scored 82 league goals so far this season, so their susceptibility is in defence, not in attack. Harry Kane will do Harry Kane things, and Leroy Sane will run rampant if permitted. What could cause an issue is Harry’s positioning. Saliba can handle Haaland all day long because he stays where he’s meant to, Kane doesn’t; he wanders and creates. This is where Rice and Jorginho/Partey need to pick him up.

    It is imperative that Zinchenko never again occupy the LB role. We have Kiwior and Tomiyasu, who are far more suited and effective in that role. I have no issue with him playing in midfield, but only in midfield. It is who Arteta chooses to play at LB tonight that will determine who wins and who loses. Gnabry, Müller, Coman, whoever plays RW for Bayern will terrorise him and it is always his lack of positional awareness that causes problems, just as it did at the weekend for the first goal against Villa.

    Make no mistake, Arsenal can win this game. Neuer is still great but not as good as he once was, and he has Eric Dier in front of him! Dier is by no means a terrible player but he is the weak link and Havertz should play on him as much as possible. Martinelli will have Kimmich on toast if he is having one of his good games, whereas Trossard offers a bit more slight of touch and up close trickery. Personally, for an away game I would always pick Martinelli over anyone else. He offers an outlet for our defenders and an unnerving situation for the Bayern defence, because Raya is more than capable of picking him out with a long ball, so if he were to just hover around the halfway line it would prevent Bayern from squeezing up the pitch.

    We can win this. We should win this. But will we…

  5. The game is winnable if Arteta gets his tactics and selection right.

    The defenders should be careful of keeping highline, Bayern have pacey players for counter attack.

    If we are compact and our forwards are not wasteful but clinical with few chances they would most likely have we can win.

    We need Pathey’s skill set in tight spaces and physicality in the Middle if he is inform ( I guess the gaffer knows best).If not Jorginho is fine but very slow.

    Jesus. Havertz. Saka

    Rice Pathey/Jorginho. Odegard

    Tomiyasu. Gabriel. Saliba. White


  6. Yes we can win the game if we really want to but……… the detriment of our progress/development as a team, hence why i think we are not making it to the CL semis tonight. Focus on the league, i urge my fellow gooners.

  7. We need to stifle Bayern in midfield and for that reason I would bring in Partey to support Rice and I would use ESR on the left to assist in keeping Sane from causing havoc.


    1. Grandad
      ESR is a heck of a risk for this kind of game. Personally agree with all the other members except for ESR. I think Jesus should be the left winger to defend from the front. Plus he is good in Europe but completely naff in the PL.

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