How Arsenal WILL beat Bayern Munich!

Bayern is not unbeatable if we just believe! by SK

The game against Bayern Munich is the game we all have been waiting for! This game is the game that will test out mental resolve! This game is the game where we once again come out to support our beloved Arsenal! This game is another opportunity for us to make things right!

Fellow Gooners, we face the mighty Bayern Munich on our turf. Bayern Munich has been our nemesis in the champions league for some years now but when next we play, we need to become their own nemesis! Do we believe? Do we doubt? What are your expectations for game? Before you start wondering what this writer is really jabbing about, let me paint some possible scenarios for you and maybe prepare your minds for the surprise of the season.

Scenario one: The game is about to start, the team sheet is out! As expected, Ospina makes the list. The boss and monsieur Mustafi are our two central defenders. Bellerin and Monreal takes charge of the wing backs. Ozil, Xhaka and Coquelin handle the midfield, while the front three are Sanchez, Walcot and Chamberlain! The referee kicks of the game with the sound of his whistle. The game is 15 mins old and from nowhere, Chamberlain bursts down the left wing with the ball, finds Sanchez at the edge of the box, lays a pass for him and Sanchez fires the ball, Boom! One goal to Arsenal! 17 mins later, Xhaka wins the ball, finds Walcot making a run, squares the ball to him, Walcot cuts in, from the edge of the box, he plays the ball straight at Neuller, who tries catching the ball with his legs but the ball slips through and we have our second goal! 2 mins to the end of the first half, Sanchez finds himself being fouled inside the box, referee blows for penalty, Sanchez steps up to take it and we get our third goal! End of first half. 20 mins into the second half, we get a free-kick and Xhaka takes it and hangs the ball at the right top side of the roof! Four goals for Arsenal. Now, Bayern are desperate because they are going to be knocked out if they don’t score but during one of their attacks, they lose the ball, Arsenal launches a counter, Chamberlain runs with the ball, gets to the edge of the box, crosses the ball and Ozil nods the ball to make it five goals for Arsenal. The game ends with Arsenal passing the ball fluently, while Bayern gets confused.

Scenario two: The sheet is out, Ospina makes the list, the back four is the same as the first scenario, and our midfield consists of Chambers, Coquelin and Ozil. The attack is loaded with Perez, Sanchez and Welbeck. The game kicks off, Perez and Sanchez troubles the defence of Bayern. During one our onslaught, they are forced to make a mistake; Perez sees a loose ball, rounds Nueller and scores into an empty net for our first goal. The first half ends with a goal for Arsenal while Bayern mounts pressure. Second half starts, the boys come out smoking, probably after a good pep talk from the gaffer. We get a corner kick after 5 mins, Ozil steps up to take it, he plays it into the box, Welbeck takes a leap, his head connects to the ball and he scores a powerful goal! Arsenal 2- Bayern 0. The game is getting tough, Bayern is really pressing us, they get an attack, Robben shoots the ball but Ospina is up to the task! He launches an attack for Arsenal, he sees Welbeck making a run, he kicks the ball, the ball lands at Welbeck’s feet, he notices Sanchez making a run, he passes the ball to Sanchez, Sanchez does his dribbling drills, two defenders are out, he had an option to either go for goal or pass the ball to an on-rushing Xhaka, he chose to lay the ball for Xhaka, who then fires an unstoppable shot into the net for our third goal!. Eight minutes to the end of the game, we get a counter attack, Ozil plays the ball into their box, Alonso tries to clear the ball but his weak shot meets Perez at the edge of the box, Perez fakes a shot, Nueller dives to the ground leaving an empty net for Perez, who wastes no time in putting the ball inside the net! And so, the game ends four goals to none, in favour of Arsenal.

I hope you guys are on the same page with me because I was taught never to lose hope while I still have the chance to make things work! Folks, it is not over until it is really over! Go for it Arsenal! Show them never to write us off just yet. Folks, hope you see the same scenarios as I see?


  1. Jansen says:

    Ozil is not playing but will get bamboozled anyways. 1-4

  2. Another deluded fan who can’t come to terms with reality.

  3. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    I do not see the same scenarios as you mostly because I live in the real world

  4. Twig says:

    Ozil isn’t playing which renders the whole article null and void.

  5. Pablo Picaso says:

    Its really hard to win such games with our current midfield of Xhaka, Ox, Coq, Ramsey, Iwobi, and the likes.

    Arsenal has always been known to boss the midfield area with some WC or close to WC players bar at DM position in recent years. Despite us not winning the EPL in a while, at least we used to play beautiful football with the likes of Fabregas / Nasri / Song / Hleb / etc, now compare those guys with our current bunch.

    Without Cazorla in this team, we will never see the best of Ozil, Coq, Xhaka, Iwobi, and Sanchez to an extent which is a shame. A good manager would have seen this coming and stoke pilled with good players and not these sorry midfielders that we have making our forwards look so bad.

  6. jampes says:

    Meh. I wish I retained your optimism, sir. As a gooner, I don’t believe I have felt as despondent and down-trodden as I feel right now. I’m a life-long fan and have been a staunch supporter of the ethos that Wenger has instilled at the club. Maybe it’s just nostalgia and my fear of change that has made me feel loyal to Wenger; he has been there for such a long time and it will be the end of an era when he leaves, not just for Arsenal but for football in general.
    However, my current indifference towards the club frightens me and I hope it’s only temporary. I think now the time for sentiment has passed and we should move on. It pains me to say that. Also, I’m getting a bit sick of Sanchez and Ozil and any player that doesn’t show their intention to commit to the club. I’d rather they just went. It’s no good for morale.

    1. leo...fourteen says:

      90% of team morale is gotten from the manager mate!!!!!
      messi been a contract rebel wouldn’t stop the almighty barca from winning the league..
      the other day I watched giroud smile the hell out of his 100k contract, I felt ambition…he preferred staying at a club where the manager rather blame the ref for a missed goal than the striker himself…wenger has built all of them in his image..alexis just refuses to yield to the failure band

  7. Raoh says:

    Funny thing is we probably will but how much will that matter when the tie looks over. I don’t think we can beat them 4-0 and advance even though anything is possible in football but that would take a perfect 90 minutes and something like we have never seen with this team at the Emirates.
    Too much problems for it to happen. We just need to move on and focus on finish strong the season and going all the way for the FA cup. Regardless of that he needs to go.

  8. synthiagoCazorla..HUMVN,Machine says:

    How about this other scenario:

    Game kicks off, we start slow, then Bayern puts one in via Thiago Alcantara goal, then the game becomes pointless from there on.

    Look, I a bit maybe tired of putting my hope on Arsene’s team.

  9. Henryesk says:

    My Team to start tonight would be as follows..

    Walcott______ Alexis________Lucas

    I think we should try and get at them tonight with pace.. Welbeck and Alexis are both great at pressing, Ox can carry the ball through midfield Xhaka can play it longer and Lucas and Walcott can dart in from the wings and as the game goes on we could bring on Giroud and whip balls in the box.. also with these direct players running at their slow defenders it could cause them a lot of problems perhaps even an early sending off and pen lol.. I think the team we played in the away leg should have looked more like this but such is life..I say we go for pace and power, what do we have to lose!? COYG!

    1. arsenal_canada says:

      Exactly the team I want to see. Not because I think we will win 4-0 with it, but because that team looks potent as hell.

  10. Franko says:

    This is how:

    Bellerin… Koscielny.. Mustafi… Gibbs
    ……………Coquelin….. Xhaka
    OX………………. Sanchez……………. LUCAS

  11. leo...fourteen says:

    ALL I HEAR EVERYDAY FROM SOME FANS IS PACE PACE PACE…WTF IS PACE..PACE WIHTOUT SENSE e.g walcot …can that be called pace…the only pace I see is lucas and sanchez cos wen they build up momentum you have this orgy like something is about to happen..
    as for cowardly ozil who always get a flu before big matches, shameful, the only reason a player should be left off defensive work is the player must be atleast 80% efficient on the attack,such a player must have the ability to dribble or take on defenders on his own,shot thunderly and scare the hell out of defenders with his movements…such a player is hazard,sorry we couldn’t get him cos our dumb coach felt he was too expensive and arsenal didn’t even pose tittle abilities like Chelsea, hazard didn’t even consider arsenal…since van persie left sanchez had been the only player to question wenger’s credentials and now wenger must be regretting ever signing him now…
    the words of manuel neuer ‘player arsenal was like an holiday’…shame on wenger…

  12. Gworm says:

    Keep hoping, although having Chambers in midfield might be tricky as he’s on loan at Middlesborough. I guess you mean Chambo AKA The Ox.
    I will watch until the first Bayern goal goes in and then turn over.

  13. khangunners says:

    The only way to harm bayern today is through crosses. Giroud and welbz in and sanchez to feed them not iwobi. 4 nil is a tough ask . ill put perez on the flanks instead of theo. This day theo doesn’t get in key areas to cross he is just a one dimension player who wants to get into the box. Then we boom boom boom there box with crosses from all sides. Ox and xhaka in the mid. We will not boss the possession so high work rate is essential. Problem with arsenal is that when giroud is on the pitch he gets zero crosses. And his position at times is so shocking. He is at the centre instead of the box to score. Can we harm bayern with pace? Front three of sanchez,perez and welbz is all about pace but it minimizes our route of just putting the ball in the box. For this i think we need a midfield that can hold the ball and dictate the tempo of the game. Looking at our midfield we are not good with ball dictating. Thus i prefer we go the boom boom and try to harm them by crosses. Theo will not make my lineup (maybe second half )

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