The strange statistic that points towards an Arsenal win over Manchester City

Arsenal’s league position puts them in a position to beat Manchester City.

This season hasn’t been Manchester City’s best and Pep Guardiola’s men were exposed by Manchester United on Sunday yet again.

The Red Devils beat City 2-0 to do the double over them for the first time in ten years.

That loss also showed that City isn’t getting better and Arsenal could add to that misery if statistics are to be proven right.

Arsenal is currently ninth on the Premier League table, according to Talk Sport that is the average position for teams who have beaten the Citizens this season.

Another important statistics to consider is the fact that Mikel Arteta is yet to lose any of his away games as Arsenal’s manager since he took over and those seven unbeaten away games will help the Spaniard’s team to enter the Etihad with the confidence of getting something from the fixture.

The Gunners remain unbeaten in domestic competitions this season and they will be keen to extend that run against last season’s league champions.

Mikel Arteta has most of his players back fit and the Spaniard should be able to name one of his strongest teams for this game.

A win would take Arsenal beyond Tottenham and level on points with Wolves who are sixth on the league table.


  1. Loads of omens on thr one hand and on the other and realistis hand, the simple fact that Man City are a far superior team than us and will almost certainly win. Either you believe in omens , in which case good luck OR you are a realist and believe simply in which of the two teams are the better one. I am a realist and therefore stick to realistic expectations, which do NOT include rather daft and pointless omens. You pays your money and you takes your choice. However, I believe omens, coincidences, superstitions and other such mediaeval nonsense are for simpletons.
    I do not like the simple truth, which is that we will probably lose, any more than any other Gooner but I will always stay true to what I believe will happen based on pure and CURRENT evidence and NEVER on puerile nonsense, like omens etc.

  2. am not optimistic here, the best we can achieve is to avoid an embarrassing defeat, citizens are a wounded animal right now and they will attack our weak defence relentlessly. hope am wrong though, COYG and prove me wrong.

    1. Weak defence you say?Since our last game with ManCity,we have conceded 12 goals.They have conceded 17!

  3. Well Jon Moss is refereeing, so nowt will go our way… half, maybe more of the team will be booked and we’ll probably go down to 10 men!!

  4. Football matches are won by players on the field implementing the successful strategy of the coach, not by inspecting the entrails of dead animals, ouji boards or analysis of past statistics.

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