How bad could it be for Arsenal if Newcastle United become the next big money club?

The Premier League is constantly evolving and every season there is almost something new coming along.

For some years now, the major changes have been mostly new owners buying clubs and eventually buying titles.

Chelsea started with Roman Abramovich, Manchester City has continued to prove that money can buy you success in the Premier League while Manchester United have also had almost unlimited access to cash to spend.

Newcastle United is set to be taken over by mega-rich Saudi Arabian owners and the Magpies will almost certainly challenge for the title within a few years if that takeover is complete.

Where does this leave Arsenal?

It makes it even harder for the Gunners to get back among the teams winning silverware like the Premier League because we have struggled to get our owner to spend money on players.

Stan Kroenke is one of the richest individuals in the world, but the American doesn’t appear interested in investing any of his money in Arsenal like the owners of the teams I’ve mentioned before.

If Arsenal continues to rely on being self-sufficiency, I’m afraid that it will take a long time for us to win something again and we will continue losing our players to teams who are spending far more money than us.

Look at the how the situation will play out, you could, in theory, have three teams that will buy their top-four position year in year out in Man City, Chelsea and Newcastle United.

Then you will have Liverpool who have managed to build a self-sustaining model that will keep them competitive for years to come.

Man Utd with their huge income will not be left behind and it is only bad business that has seen them drop away but it will not last and they will once again be up there in the mix.

Finally, Tottenham, once their stadium is able to generate the ridiculous money it is designed to do, will also be competitive.

Then there is us. It is hard enough for Arsenal to compete on a financial level with those clubs and with Newcastle set to make it a top seven it certainly cannot be considered a good thing for Arsenal.

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  1. ThirdManJW says:

    I don’t mind in all honesty. Arsenal are light years away from any of the top clubs in England, and Europe, so another club throwing their hat in the ring, has little effect on us.

    In fact, it would make our league even more interesting. Newcastle have a fantastic fan base, big stadium, and it’ll be very entertaining seeing them challenging again.

  2. Loose Cannon says:

    Why worry! We have Ozil, don’t we?We also got Mikel Arteta to take us to the top! And we do have Xhaka and co. Well, since we no longer compete to win anything, does it make any difference? Most fans have accepted mediocrity, love Ozil and what he does or fails to do on the pitch, love Arteta’s passion for Laca, Xhaka and Ozil. Seriously we are in the EPL only to make up the numbers as we do in the EL and earlier in the UCL. So a top 17 finish is good enough for the owner, management and players. Is any one bothered that Wolves are in the next round, while we are out of the EL?

    1. SueP says:

      Loose Cannon
      A fairly depressing outlook but one that has a ring of truth about it.

      I thought there was supposed to be financial fair play which is supposed to put an end to wanton spending. Well that’s what I’m hoping anyway

      1. Loose Cannon says:

        Sue, they might just hire a good coach, maybe two marquee players and the rest decent hardworking players. Compare Gabriel (6M) and Pepe (72M) and Laca (45M). Compare Saka (3K/week ?) and Kolasinac (100K/week?)The problem with us is that the ownership does not demand success, management and players are relaxed and not interested in putting in a shift. Wolves have not spent fortunes, yet they play better than us. Sheff is a wild card entry in the top 6, can they retain it till the last match?Doubt it, but for a promoted team, their starting is good just because we are bad and Tots are poor. It finally boils down as to who wants to win the game more on match day, Sadly we do not have the character, passion, determination and physical strength to ever win something with these players.

      2. Reggie says:

        Sue, you are right FFP will affect any rise because, while they are a big club, they are not a big club around the world. They will have more clout but that will be suppressed because of financial restrictions they will have to work within. It also has to yet be sanctioned but even if it is, they will still need to be run correctly.

  3. ahmad73 says:

    We are no longer a top team in my opinion. So it will further confirm our status as a EL (at best) team and domestically a cup team. Back to where we usually were. The solution is that the EUFA has the balls to introduce a salary cap across the major leagues. Ain’t going to happen though.

  4. Shakir says:

    I still believe that we can make it to top 4.Arsenal FC is always one of the best.That aint gonna change…

  5. John F says:

    I have a little bit of optimism for the coming years as we have such a good crop of youngsters coming through.The problem may be trying to hold on to them.

    1. Ngeneh Christopher says:

      Arsenal is a good team, let us believe in them

  6. Tas says:

    We mustn’t forget last summer signings got us all exited, we all agreed at the time the owners finally started to take action YES it didn’t work out the way it was expected but who to say they might splash the cash again and what better time then now when player’s prices are down it’s our chance to catch up to where we use to cruise

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