How badly will Arsenal miss injured Sanogo and Gibbs?

Were any of us really surprised to hear that Arsenal have already got a couple of injury problems to cope with? After just one properly competitive game of the new season, the Gunners must travel to the intimidating atmosphere of Istanbul to face Besiktas without two of the starters from Saturday’s narrow win over Crystal Palace.

With Arsene Wenger making no secret of just how important it is for us to get into the group stages of the Champions League, the Frenchman must be a little concerned about how much we will miss the young French striker Yaya Sanogo and our first choice left back Kieran Gibbs, with the Englishman expected to miss around three weeks due to the hamstring problem that saw him replaced at the weekend.

At least we have a ready made replacement in Nacho Monreal, who did well against Palace, but the Gunners are already without Per Mertesacker in the middle and we do not have Vermaelen as cover anymore. Personally I am a little worried about our defensive strength, which the Turkish side and their central striker Demba Ba will surely try to exploit as they look to build a first leg lead. Debuchy and Monreal must be alert and not get caught out marauding forward, while any more knocks to defenders could cause us a real headache.

Sanogo’s absence should not be a big problem, as Giroud should be match fit now and his lack of pace should not be an issue with the likes of Sanchez and Ramsey making runs behind him. However, I think that Arsenal may be a bit more cautious tonight than we would have been without these two injuries. How much do you guys think it will affect us?

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  1. Gibbs is a big loos but Sanogo has had little impact so far. It still shows how ill equipped we are and how much we need a clear No1 CF.

      1. 4 of that list are wingers, one is still learning his trade, one is a lampost

        so not DONE..we need a cf

        do u want 4 the place challenge or title challenge- your choice

  2. 1. Sanogo – no big miss at all unless Giroud and Sanchez also get injured and Walcott never comes back and Akpom disappears. I actually think Akpom is far better than Sanogo anyway.

    2. Gibbs – will be missed but it depends how long he is out. For 1 or 2 games it is probably OK – Monreal had a great outing his last appearance – but the longer Gibbs is out, the worse it will be obviously.

  3. Sorry I posted this earlier but I feel its more relevant for this article:

    “I remember the last time I mentioned we needed some soughting out on the left hand side I got a good number of thumbs down. Gibbs is okay in that position but he is too injury prone (really sad case for the lad) and Monereal has a mistake in him waiting to happen each game. Going forward Carzola is not the best playing at LW (CAM is his best position) and Poldi is either nursing an injury or not just in the game. Wenger needs to find a solution to this asap, either play Campbell / Ox / or Sanchez there consistently or better still buy a natural left winger (I was quiet hurt we were not in for Grienzman). As for LB if need be lets buy a proper LB, we still have room to ship out some players and replace them with quality (Ryo / Coq / Poldi / and Monereal if need be). We are a few players from nailing down a good challenge at all fronts. And what’s the hold up on replacing Verm and buying a DM we desperately need”.

    Gibbs will definitely be missed as he is our 1st choice at LB and our defense is better with him in the team than Monreal. As for Sanogo, sadly Girould is still the best ST we have currently in the team (I take note that we haven’t tried players like Sanchez / Campbell up there plus Theo is out).

    1. Cazorla, Gnabry and Chambo are 2 footed, Campbell and Podolski are Left footed plus Walcott and Alexis can play as inside forwards.

      1. Sorry mate, but I don’t get your response… I acknowledge we have left footed players and players who can put in a shift there but what am saying is the team is not balanced, compare the options on the right and on the left side for the past seasons. We do not have a seasoned LB (solid) and a natural LW.

        1. Actually about Podolski! He only had one long term injury of 4 months! Otherwise he was fully fit the rest of the season! Please don’t call him one of the injured players. Actually he is one of the physically strongest players we need on the field! You just underestimated him mate.

          1. @ChristopherHWinters – You got me there mate, okay maybe I do underrate his performances for us (Poldi). Don’t get me wrong I like the guy, but apart from his good attitude and occasion stunning goals, I cant see him as a starter, I think Wenger would agree to this hence him benching him for longer periods. His not the Poldi of old you know. On his current wage plus his age, “IF” we could actually find a natural LW (e.g. Reus / Di Maria / I know there unrealistic though regard them as examples), wouldn’t you agree to ship out Poldi and give chance to the new guy, Carzola, Campbell, Ox, and possibly Sanchez to battle it out for that spot.

  4. Obviously, I hate when any of the players are injured but that said:

    Sanogo is not a huge loss as Giroud has Champions League experience and is still number 1 striker at the moment. Hopefully, he will return soon as he is an option for a striker with pace.

    Gibbs is a bigger worry. Monreal should do fine tonight. Hopefully Gibbs will return soon because we can’t afford to lose him for an extended amount of time.

  5. So more rumours today…Song and Vargas (QPR hot on the deal) on loan, Khedira, Carvalho (more likely to go to Chelsea), Reus, Cavani, Bernard, Manolas (deal almost done allegedly), Rabiot, Nastasic…

    Which 2 would you pick?

  6. One game in and Ox, Gibbs and Sanogo out with Hamstring injuries!!
    What are you playing Mr Forsyth?

    Glad the windows open still better the injuries now than post 01/09.

  7. sanogo’s injury and his injury history, makes me think that a cf might be a neccessity rather than a luxury, CAVANI IS NEEDED

  8. how is the new fitness coach helping if injuries are still haunting us. I just don’t understand, I thought injuries will be reduced maybe I am a retard.

    1. Only two injuries since he has come, i would hardly say that is a big deal or that it isn’t completely natural in an intense sport like football.

      The true measure is our injury tally vs the other PL teams later in the season.

  9. sanogo’s injury and his injury history, makes me think that a cf might be a neccessity rather than a luxury, CAVANI IS NEEDED

    Rabiot, manolos, cavani=mourinho shi*ting himself

    1. Cavani is overrated and isn’t worth 50+ million and we already have 5 other players that can play striker Giroud, Alexis, Campbell, Podolski, Walcott and Sanogo

      1. Why do you guys think Cavani is overrated ? Is it because of the WC or last season in PSG playing as LW ? What about 42m for Ozil, or 63m for J. Rodriguez? 50+ million is too much, I agree, but prices are inflated nowadays either you live with it or just stay 4th as usual (if we can stay 4th).
        Cavani napoli, that’s what we (fans) want to buy and I believe he didn’t pass it.

        But chill out, Arsene won’t buy him or any other striker just like last season as he is going to count on Giroud and Sanogo as our main strikers and guess what! he is not even convinced by having Wallcot, Sanchez, and Campel upfront.

  10. a fit diaby + cavani and our first team is title quality tbh, but a fit diaby is only a pipedream and so is cavani I’m guessing

  11. the problem is sonogo being in the squad….we do not have a world class striker and this guy is championship level…after the high from him bringing in sanchez my doubts about wenger are returning big time

    1. What I hate is having to qualify for the Champions League AGAIN through playoff because of finishing 4th, if we truly are to add more World Class players then that’s the reason why they haven’t signed yet. The signings we made so far are great additions but we still need more. Call me greedy, negative or whatever but being realistic. We had a better chance winning the league last season than this one because the other teams challenger are stronger…

  12. Am I the only one that read the news about Zlatan out for 6 weeks? So why would PSG sell Cavani now, especially since he can get a good run of games in his favored position…

    1. Yeah and Özil is taking too long to come back from the WC. We shoud sign his replacement as well.
      Giroud also. He is too good looking to be a player. He should fcuk off to modeling.
      Wilshere smokes too much. He should repair chimneys. Football is not for him.
      And Ramsey talks a lot about rugby. He should play that than.
      Walcott will do a better job in olympics than football.
      Podolski tweets too much. He should be our media consultant rather than a player.
      Mert is to tall, play basketball fcuker.
      Koscielny looks like a french soldier, should join the army.
      Szcz clicks too many selfies, he should become a photographer.
      Nacho-is that a name-is a food. He should become a vendor.
      Chambers is a teenager, should be a lover boy at this age.
      Ospina should stay in Colombia, he is not English hence not needed.
      Santi smiles too much, he should be a joker in the circus.
      Sanchezshould join the mafia.
      Wenger looks like a grandfather. Should be in his sick bed playing with his grandchildren instead of managing our club.
      I have support Arsenal for 110 years. So you all don’t know anything. I have a seson long ticket so I am a Mr-Know-It-All.
      Whoever replies, you are plastic and I am the true supporter.
      Oh yes I mean it.

  13. Greek press today claim Arsenal’s ‘injury crisis’ has quickened the Manolas transfer, which is in the final stages of being completed

  14. Giroud in, Giroud out
    In out, in out,
    Shake it all about,
    You bid for Suarez but you turn around,
    That’s what it’s all about.

  15. I like to see the positives in both. While Sanogo is far from the finished product, he is getting valuable experience, and I like his activity level versus Giroud. While Giroud has the superior touch and hold up ability, Sanogo is definitely more mobile, and it does free up space around him, even if he isn’t directly involved in the move.

    With Gibbs, it’s far easier to see value as he is the undoubted first choice left back. The difference between him and Monreal is significant, Gibbs is quicker, gets up and down the pitch easily, and isn’t out of position as often as Monreal. I notice with Nacho, sometimes he’s almost like an extra centre back, he doesn’t seem to like getting out to the touchlines, Nacho isn’t a bad tackler at all, just his positioning isn’t as good as Gibbs.

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