How Barca draw could help Arsenal win Premier League

First of all I would, of course, love Arsenal to prove all the doubters and those hilarious social media warriors wrong by getting past the big favourites Barcelona and into the quarter-finals of the Champions League. I also believe that we are one of the clubs that could do it if we play at our best.

But as well as being an Arsenal fan, I am a realist and have to accept that we are likely to get knocked out my Messi and his mates. But I also think that being drawn against Barcelona could be as good for our Premier League title hopes as it is bad for our Champions League chances.

For one thing, it could give us an advantage at key points of the season, especially as our main rivals Man City and Man United have been handed easy draws and should progress at least one more stage. As long as we do not get a real pasting by the Spanish champions then the Gunners will not suffer a morale blow from losing to the champions and favourites.

And the other reason we might benefit from this toughest of cup draws is if it forces Arsene Wenger to splash the cash in the transfer market. With Coquelin doubtful to be back and match fit for the Barcelona games, the boss could decide that he needs another top class central midfielder. Another striker and defender would be nice as well and I think he is more likely to sign these players with Barca around the corner.

So will yesterday’s Champions League draw actually work in Arsenal’s favour?

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  1. Can we just stop talking about the Barca game..that game is in Feb..I’m sure it can wait..instead can we please focus on Man City..We play them next week and imo winning the League should be our no.1 priority right now and not the UCL..

    1. Wilshere, Welbeck, Le Cock, Rosicky, Sanchez and every other player, except Santi, must have returned fit and available before the Barcelona (and hoping Wenger signs one or two quality players in January), I see no reason to be completely afraid Barcelona then.

      I pray all our players are fit and available when we face them.

      1. I wanna see this XI against barca:
        __________The Wall

        Ferrari__Monster G.__Boss__Mr. Consistency

        ______Mr. Rock_____Mr. Durable____

        Hustler___Mr. Creativity___Mr. Reliable


      2. Not Coquelin, he is back in March, I think. And don’t forget he returns after a long injury period, he won’t be himself for at least two or three games. Another DMF is more than necessary.

    2. with somuch rich talents we have at our disposal already…….. I can’t help but wonder of what 1 or 2 quality signings would bring to this team!

      Arsenal would just be a mighty force to be reckoned with…

      What is Barca? L()L

  2. How barca draw can help wenger sign players in January……. Hope he knows he can’t sign Welbeck until febuary L()L

  3. I watched the ars/barca games again,…..yes they have eaten us alive, but look at the squad at the time though, I remember injuries/ref decisions hampered us as well…and only cesc(at the time), and van persie was the only world class players in our 1st 11….

    Fast forward now, we could have, Coq,ozil,alexis,(emergence of bellerin/nacho) and the form of giroud + ramsey for this match…this is a muucccchh stronger,pacy and stable team than the last time we faced barca……yes barca have added neymar and suarez, bt I think, in all honesty, im confident about our defense, we have cech and I pray to god the pitbull(Coq) is unleashed….as a neutral this is going to be a stunning game…..I believe wenger should go with pace, aggression and play on counter…..barca’s trio is monstrous yes, but alexis/theo/danny running at you I believe will scare the sh##z outa Pique…..

    for now, lets focus on City……I see us winning this game,……we playing quite well with the amount of injuries we have and our mindset is somewhat better than before……

    Poor Jose……missin EVA long time……


    1. Here’s what I think: Against Barcelona, it should be Gab and Kos at the back, and Theo upfront. Cock and Ramsey, Ozil in front. Sanchez and Campbell on either flanks (would have gone with Ox, but his final touch is atrocious)

    2. OX’s problem must be Psychological………what happened to our once pacy winger? *scratching my head*

  4. While I would have prefered Real Madrid (just for variety) Barca will do. I like our team. It is better balanced now, and Rambo has shown AW what he has been missing in the middle. If as I hope Coq has been back for a bit , that could be a great partnership. Alexis will have time to recover and get back, and must want revenge. Ozil in my view, is the best play maker in the world. Bellerini and Monreal are two of the best backs Koss is boss, and then Theo, Giroud and Campbell will all want a piece of the action up front. I don’t think this is as a foregone conclusion as everyone thinks. Bring it on.

  5. Bellerin needs to improve in attack. He gets forward so often but ends up killing a good chance due to a poor cross or move…

    1. He’s looking a little out of salts at the moment, but I like the relationship he and Joel are building. It looks very brightfor the future.

  6. I don’t think that it Coquelin) will force Wenger to “splash the cash”.

    We are getting Arteta and Wilshere and Rosicky back soon. Wenger will be as stubborn as ever lol

    Wenger will say that we are sufficient in CDM with Flamini, Arteta, Chambers, Bielik

    We will be fine in cam with Ozil, Rosicky, Wilshere, Ramsey

    IF it was up to me I would spend on a big DM and top striker or backup LW to relieve pressure on Alexis

  7. Am looking forward to it. We have shown a new resilience when playing the top sides and have actually fared quite well when it is them who hold majority of possession. Not to mention the pace we have in this side and hopefully our best passers feeding them. Alexis Ozil along with our Spanish contingent will want to show them a thing or two. We have Petr Cech lets not forget if anyone could. Really looking forward to it.

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