How BIG a blow is surgery for Arsenal AND Arteta?

Oh dear Arsenal, it just keeps coming! In the space of a week the Gunners, who had just started to believe that we were coming out of the long dark tunnel of our injury crisis into the light of having a decent and strong squad, have lost two key players for most of the rest of this season.

The latest update from Arsene Wenger on the website could actually mean that Mathieu Debuchy and Mikel Arteta could take no more part for us this season. And while that is obviously a gutter for Debuchy, whose debut season is down the pan after a second operation, it could be even worse for Arteta.

The Spanish midfielder is out of contract at the end of the season and although the manager does not say exactly how long he expects Arteta to be out, ankle surgery at his age does not look good for a comeback in time to remind us what he can do on the pitch.

If Wenger is planning to sign Morgan Schneiderlin in the summer as some recent rumours suggest, it will be as a long term replacement for our club captain. And if the boss also reacts to Arteta’s lay-off by signing a player this month, as he needs to, then that means even less room in the squad for Arteta, which would be very unfortunate and a little harsh on our captain.

But if Wenger does not move quickly to sign a replacement for him this month, Arsenal will have a big hole in the squad. The likes of Flamini and Coquelin can certainly do a job for us, but they are better when Arsenal expect a tough game. They do not have the passing range, accuracy and vision that Arteta has and he is a big reason for Arsenal being able to dominate the weaker teams, which is where we get the lion’s share of our points from.

So just how much will this ankle surgery affect the club and our captain’s future with it?

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  1. The important thing for me is, it doesn’t HAVE to be a big blow at all if we had signed/will sign a proper DM. But with our current manager, his eye replacement will lack allround experience (Bielik). Any other big club would’ve been stacked in this role or at least found a solution that applies to their needs but Arsene only cares about what happens 2-5 years from now I guess.

      1. I don’t know why I have a good feeling about this Beilik kid, looks like Yaya Toure lite to me, strangely, I think him and Le Coq will work well for our midfield, all we needed in midfield was strength and agility, the kind neither Flamini and Arteta could not provide, My only concern is his weight but I guess he will bulk up in no time. Pogba hit the ground running at Juventus, if this boy gives us at least half of what Pogba brings to the table this season, we should be fine for this season, not title winning fine, just fine lol. Carvalho will not win us the league, Morgan might get us very close but then why would Southampton sell in January? Khedira carries too much of an injury risk and besides we don’t need a player who might think they are doing Arsenal a favour by playing for us.

        1. Pogba? Do people really think we’ve just nabbed the next Pogba from the clutches of…..Wolfsburg?

          Had another guy quote Messi/Maldini to me when talking about 17 year olds having an impact at big teams. Good to see some of you aren’t hyping this guy up at all. Jesus Christ

          1. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, even Pogba was not seen as the next Pogba until he left Man. U, otherwise Fergie would not have taken him for granted, Fergie thought he was too young to make a mark yet at 18, 3 years later figures as high as 77 million pounds are being thrown around in the media besides Patrick Viera came to us at 19, so why not Bielik? We have complained over the years that we get bullied in midfield, Arteta weighs 69 kg, Flamini 67 kg, this boy weighs 78 kg! Pogba weighs 80 kg, Matic 83 kg and Toure 90 kg, this boy is waay younger than Matic and Toure so he will definitely grow bigger, he is taller than anyone we have in midfield at the moment so why not? To douse the hype, I said ‘if he offers half of what Pogba brings’ which is not too much to ask. Remember Pogba went to Juve on a free, so technically he is even more expensive lol.

            1. Pogba was massively thought of at United, it was only a clash between himself and Fergie that led to him moving on. And he was 18 turning 19 at United, he hadn’t turned 17 a week ago like Bielik.

              I have no issue with hoping this kid turns out well, but you can’t sit and assume he’s going to be even half as good as Pogba for gods sake. Pogba is THE best young midfielder in world football, easily one of the best/most dynamic regardless of age. If Bielik comes in and does well enough to be on the subs bench that’ll be seen as good progress.

              There’s this narrative that a player WILL get better with age, yea most do but some don’t get much better at all….Szczesny is proof of that. For the life of me I don’t know why this kid is getting any more attention than any other teenager we’ve bought over the last few years. Heck even Sanogo displayed more potential as a youth than Bielik. Think it’s a measure of how desperate some fans are for signings that literally anyone is going to be seen in the very best light.

              1. Szchezny is arrogant, he had sufficient substance to back it up, in fact I’d say he was a couple of notches above De Gea but while De Gea like a professional, works hard to improve his trade, our Keeper thinks he’s the best thing since sliced bread and now he is falling behind his peers. However, looking at this boy’s demeanor, I think he is quite level headed. As for Pogba, even with the misunderstanding, if Sir Alex had a time machine, I bet he would have found an amicable solution. He also puts in the work. Talent is not always enough, hardwork has to go with talent but all in all, he’s got the attributes to succeed in the PL, he brings something to our midfield we have missed for a while, physicality. If he puts in the work, there’s no reason for him not to be as good and soon too. Alexis is showing us the value of hard work and tenacity and how it can get you very far, Ozil and Schezsny is showing us how laziness and nonchalance can swallow up talent, its left to him to chose but I still think there’s something big there.

                1. Looking at this guys demeanor? How many minutes have you seen him play exactly, you talk like you’ve been scouting him personally for 6 months.

                  “If he puts in the work, there’s no reason for him (Bielik) not to be as good (as Pogba) and soon too.” – If it were that easy you’d have every talented teen hitting Pogbas level.

                  Pogba is a freak. I’m willing to bet everything I own that Bielik gets nowhere near Pogbas level, and that’s no slight on Bielik. I find it outrageous that Arsenal fans can sit and suggest a 17 year old nobody has heard of will LIKELY have the same impact as THE best young midfielder in the game, to the point of expecting as much. Just bizarre.

          2. pogba was playing for Le Havre under-16 team before he moved to man u, so Wolfsburg who sits second behind Borussia Dortmund this season, doesn’t sound like a bad providing club after all.

            1. Too bad Wolfsburg are who we’re competing with for his signature. He plays for Legia Warsaw..

              1. Not even Wolfsburg….my bad…..we competed with HAMBURG for his signature. Next Pogba tho..

              2. lol i was in a hurry to point out that many top players came from unsuspected teams to a point that i made a fool of myself misinterpreting Wolfsburg for Legia Warsaw.
                its a bit late, sorry, i am a bit drunk.

    1. Definitely not. Deserves another year, top pro and perfect example of how to be an Arsenal player for the younger ones. Not to mention he’s the closest thing we have to an actual leader.

  2. Although this seems like the last of the major injuries, it’s just bad timing… But than again when’s there a good time?…

  3. Best news all round, health wise i wish him well but football im sorry hope hes out for the season.
    Coquelin is more then able as a d.m but another quality buy is a must, will wenger buy i i doubt it.,
    i really hope wenger sticks with the same team they deserve it after the stoke performance.

  4. honestly couldnt be better timing. looks like artetas surgery will force arsene to buy a proven cm. i want shniederlin but i will be happy with william carvalho or sissoko

  5. Arsenal needs to move on from Arteta. Honestly, he is not the quality Arsenal need to compete for the title. I feel bad that he is injured, but his best days are long gone. Arsenal need to get more talented than Arteta.

  6. Im sorry guys, but a fellow gunner is injured and is about to under go the knife! Lets at least show some compassion and heart, and stop being so negative towards our players! Sometime i cant believe that these comments are coming from fellow gooners!

    1. Greg, do you play for Arsenal? If not he is not a fellow Gunner.

      He is a Gunner (AFC player) for now;) and we the fans be ‘Gooners’.

      Don’t think anyone said anything too strong or out of hand myself. Some people think his time had come anyway regardless of the injury.

      I for one wish him all the best for what it is worth.

    2. Mikel came to our squad assisting and scoring his first year. then the next year he was forced to play DM, probably thinking the spot would be temporary until the next transfer window when his manager will find a replacement for Song. Till this date, he hasn’t return back to his most comfortable position.

      for what Mikel has done for us, he shouldn’t be kicked to the curb. I know he’s old, but I think he deserves more respect. Keep him on the squad.

  7. Well Arsenal is gonna win
    the injury total trophy again.
    DRB Debuchi Wilshere Arteta
    season ending injurys.
    Ozil and Wallcott still getting up to speed.
    Ramsey / Wellbeck 2/3 more weeks.
    Koscielny a knock away from needing surgery on his archilles.
    Gibbs and Monreal regular visitors to ED.
    Ospina just back from back trouble.
    Hayden and Gnabry still out.
    Mertz and Szcz stuggling.
    Arsene has made one of
    his two promised signings.
    The second signing only has to play
    both CB positions, LB, RB, DM, LW, RW, Striker
    …..all at the same time 🙂
    No problem
    We have Super Sanchez.

  8. Really sucks. We needed both. Hope they get better soon.
    I’m still really worried that Wenger still isn’t too concerned about transfers. I’m worried Bielik and a mediocre defender is all we will get.

    I pray to God, Allah, Buddha, Zeus, Apollo, Odin, Vishnu that I am WRONG.

    I hope somehow Wenger sees the light and gets a couple of experienced quality signings.

  9. january or summer…there will.nv be a.good time to sign…

    juz pay them what they want will do…

    30m 50m juz pay them.and sign the player

  10. Didn’t wenger cry for CR7 and many others. What happened to them?

    Wenger kwons morethan us…….. Why not? Lol

  11. He is the best player we have that plays DM. Simple.

    So I’d say that’s a fairly sizeable blow. If only there was a dedicated point in the season to buy players, we might be able to buy a worthy replacement….

  12. There is a player for that position who is a big improvement on Arteta, has PL experience, great stats, strong, fast, accurate passer, can take a long range shot at goal and who has publicly said he wants to play for Arsenal and could be bought in this window.
    Wenger show some sense and go buy Sissoko!

  13. Since when do we get rid of players that are always injured? I thought the point was to keep upping the injured players’ contracts until they retire or leave of their own accord…..

  14. Its a pretty poor situation when your club is lacking in key players at the START of the season and halfway through the season when our club is doing markedly worse at this point than at any time in the last three years and our manager states that Injuries have forced him into the transfer market. I read from this that he was not really to bothered until Arteta got his major setback in the last few days and Debuchey got injured last week. WE are two weeks into the window and Wenger is now seeking replacements!!!! this means even higher prices which means even less quality for us to get in. Did he not have a plan before these injuries?? clearly not. The whole this is FUBAR and the sooner this deluded fool goes down the tunnel for the last time the better. At one point there was no finer manager than AW but that time has looong since passed and its about time that the changes were rung at the emirates

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