How big of a loss is Thomas Partey to Arteta’s new system at Arsenal?

After rumours came out on Saturday night about Thomas Partey being injured, Arsenal fans started to worry. A big presence in our midfield, fans were expecting him to be starting against Manchester United, but Arteta confirmed in his pre match interview that Partey had picked up an injury in training and could spend an extended time on the sidelines.

With Arteta recently playing him in different positions, it makes you wonder how much of a loss he could be. Luckily this season we look to have a lot more squad depth in midfield, with new signing Declan Rice and Jorginho there to cover the injured Partey, I don’t think we will be stuck for options, but losing him in the centre of the pitch is no doubt, a huge loss for Arsenal.

With four different competitions this season, we have a lot of games to cover and Partey being so versatile makes him a very important player in Arteta’s system. Although we look strong in the middle of the field, at the back we look to be more exposed if an injury was to come and Arteta could normally look to Partey to try cover whoever was missing.

In Arteta’s post-match conference he was asked about the severity of Partey injury, and had this to say “I don’t know, unfortunately he got an injury in training, and it doesn’t look good, we need to do more tests, we believe he’s going to be out for weeks. We think it’s a groin but can be something in between”

What’s your thoughts Gooners? Do you think we have enough quality to cover this injury, or do you think it might come back to bite us?

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  1. We are definitely going to miss him. He is one of the most technical players in the team.

    Rice proved yesterday that he can show up in the middle of the pitch in a big match with a brilliant performance.
    So hopefully, we won’t miss Partey too much.

  2. Our defense is quite thin though. If we unfortunately lose any one of them to injury then that will be a disaster.

    Zinchenko. Gabriel. Saliba. White.

    Tomiyasu. Kiwior.

    Only Kiwior and Tomiyasu as back up is pretty insufficient.

    1. You forgot that Timber still to come back and Cedric is available, Elneny has also played in defence a couple of times.

    2. Even worse do not uderstand why Tierney had to go out on a loan a few days ago even after it was clear Timber is out for almost full season.

      Fingers closed both Tomi/Zinc who are also very injury prone does not get injured between now & Jan.

      1. You and me both don’t understand John. Tierney playing made Arsenal’s defense stronger; however that doesn’t appear a consideration for Mikel Arteta.
        Against clubs like Manchester City and Liverpool (even Brighton, Spurs and Newcastle) a midfield without Thomas Partey weakens the side. He will be missed, but not if Arteta intended to continue playing Havertz in his place and Partey and wasted at fullback anyway.

  3. Pathey won’t be missed too much but then he will be missed. He is about the best we have at escaping in tight space. Yes Jorginho and Rice are worthy and good midfielders not to mention ESR but Pathey has his uniqueness. I am really excited at our depth in midfield.

  4. As a CDM he will be missed a lot
    As FB not so much

    Regardless, I wish him all the best and speedy recovery

  5. I believe it’ll be a huge loss. We could have something similar to Liverpool’s tactic with Partey and Timber as our inverted-fullbacks

    Liverpool played with Alexander-Arnold and Robertson doing playmaking from their wingback positions

    If Partey and Timber or Zinchenko were fit to play, I think we would’ve played as Liverpool did. The difference would be our fullbacks cut inside more often

  6. I think this could be the last straw as far as Partey’s career with Arsenal is concerned and I suspect Arteta will look for a younger, high calibre midfielder next season.The trouble is there are not many as good as TP around and Brighton have just signed one who could have fitted the bill.

    1. I tend to agree Grandad that Partey’s ongoing struggles with fitness are going to cost his future @ Arsenal.

  7. Thomas Partey is like the “shock-absorber” is Arsenal’s midfield.

    I my opinion the team needs to improve mentally; you can’t wait to be down before you fight to score as there is a glaring danger in trying to make a comeback- you might not have the time to come back.
    The players need to develop urgency in their games. A win against Manchester United is not a big deal to me looking at the struggles Man- United are facing. And to even concede first is a clear indication that more needs to be done regarding constant pressing, running in spaces, passing more swiftly and accurately. and scoring goals. Odegaard’s performance against Manchester United is a classic example of what every Arsenal player should be doing.

  8. He would be a big loss. He is world class and understand the game like few. Also versatile like Arteta want them. His biggest problem right now is that his best position is DM, just like Rice. But the two of them will play together in many games, depending the opponent. Having him in the squad for another couple of seasons will be crucial to compete on the highest lever. Rice also must rest at times etc.

  9. Don’t get me wrong,a fully fit and playing in midfield TP is a very good player and would be missed.having said that,the timing of his injury might have been a blessing in disguise.we will never know if MA would have played him as a RB against utd.instead we went back to our best back 4.i believe that if MA uses the right tactics/players and rotations,we should have enough quality to make up for TP absence.

  10. Let’s get this clear. Thomas Partey inverting is not the new system. It’s an alternate system. The mercurial Zinchenko will always be the first choice, as evidently against Man Utd. His initial absence and Timber’s injury left Arteta no choice but to deploy Partey at RB. The manager also wisely used this predicament to try different system with different players, which successfully produced the intended results. Our final third and finishing let us down badly. Once the rhythm and confidence back, we will flying.

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