Has Arsenal keeper issue just become too BIG?

I have been a big fan of the Arsenal and Colombian international keeper David Ospina this season, well since he recovered from the injury problems he brought with him to north London from the World Cup finals in Brazil anyway. But it does not seem to matter how well Ospina plays, because there have been almost constant calls for Arsenal to sign a `proper´ keeper.

But ever since he took the gloves for the Gunners after Szczesny compunded a poor performance in Southampton by being caught enjoying a crafty ciggy in the showers, the Colombian has done everything asked of him and more, highlighted by his stats being better than all the best Premier League keepers like De Gea, Courtois, Lloris and Cech´s from last season. Check out the comparison here on Squawka.com.

Maybe the answer is in his size of just 6ft. As suggested by a report in The Guardian, the Premier League seems to have become obsessed with giant goalies in recent years but just because Chelsea, Man City and Man United have keepers over 6ft 4in does not necessarily mean that we have to.

Some of the best players ever to put on gloves have been the same sort of size as Ospina including; Shilton, Clemence, Casillas and Valdes. Real Madrid and Barcelona both signed new keepers last summer and both Claudio Bravo and Keylor Navas are the same stature as the current Arsenal number one. So should we just forget his size and focus on his saves instead?

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  1. I doubt we will buy GK, even if we buy one, someone like Cheh, he will be a back-up to Ospina when the Colombian is fit. We do not have a fallback option, and I always felt Martinez can be good 2nd choice, but hell Cheh for 2 years is good atm

  2. Ospina is World Class!
    He is Colombia’s no.1. Has played less game compare to the keepers with most clean sheet and he is among top 10 at making clinical saves. So few mistake cannot make hiw not world class! And for your info the goals he concided against Swansea and Manure was because none marked Herrera and Gomis and it was a very very and i repeat very close range.

    1. I don’t know if saying Ospina is world-class sounds hyperbolic, but he’s been damn good. Very good. If any one should leave, it will be the Polish male cheerleader.

  3. Ospina is a competent keeper, and I do like him. The problem is we’re after a keeper that can save you points, and whilst Ospina’s stats suggest he has the best clean sheet ratio and so on, it’s based off the 17 games he has been between the sticks. To really judge him, you’d need him to play 30+ game in the league alone. Bare in mind, 6/8 of those clean sheets came when we we’re in very good form at the back with Coquelin making so many last ditch tackles. Whilst De Gea or Courtois don’t have as many clean sheets, they have saved their teams from dropping countless points, it’s not all about the number of clean sheets.

    1. De gea saved manure alot this season, but Courtois was saved by chelsea’s solid Bus if it was ospina who concided five goals against spud lot here will definately assasinate him.

      1. Dude, I anoint you this very minute as Ospina’s advocate.

        So true, Ospina saved us from disaster against those black cats and he’s been preTty outstanding against the big boys, unlike that other guy who thinks he’s a Polish commentator.

    2. He did save our points, specially in our narrow won. Ospina is one of our important comeback factor in second part of the season. If he replaced Shezo earlier than it could be a different story for us. However, Peter Cech as Ospina competitor, I can’t say no. He’s better than the pole that’s for start. Cech and Ospina together,could bring us an improvement. COYG!

  4. I suprised people are still looking for a keeper. Ospina is world class to me. He conceeded less number of in the world cup, more clean sheets for arsenal. He brought thatt stability at the back making our defenders to feel comfortable. I dont understand why people say we need a world class keeper when we have one.

  5. Petr Cech is, above all, a big game player. Go see his saves from the CL final and semifinal and the Europa League final as well. He THRIVES with pressure. It’s the easier games when he might have some mishaps.

  6. Getting Petr Czech will be a great addition for Arsenal (no brainer). Not to take it from Ospina, he is awesome as it is.
    Off point a little… Why is it getting easy to park the bus against Arsenal?

    1. It’s a question that has no answer dude. Not yet! Maybe the lads should practice how to set up long range shootings intensively.

  7. Was never really sure what the issue with Ospina was. Before he even played a game it was all about his height.

    Given that we are two games away from a 3td season finishing with one senior striker I am surprised that GK is even an issue that is top of the list given that Ospina plays well and we haven’t scored in 3 home games.

  8. I don’t think its worthwhile changing keeper, Ospina has barely had a season in the league and the only thing people seem to be questioning is his height, because it damn sure isn’t those clean sheets or saves he has been making recently. I think he needs to get confident leading the back line, specifically the Left and Right Back(s) who keep getting caught out of position putting the entirety of the defence in trouble. Lets be honest every time Bellerin/Debuchy or Monreal/Gibbs is in the opposition’s half and they counter attack how many of you DONT HAVE A CLENCHED ANUS?????????????

  9. Wenger needs to buy a top quality ST, a quality CB and another DM. Only at that point can he think about upgrading his GK.

  10. I don’t know why people are so obsessed with hieght ? That does not make u a good keeper…Colombia have produced great great keepers.. non of them tall like a bamboo tree….I have anybody remember one of the great Colombia goalkeeper.. Jorge Campos….(5fit 6his)..and one of the best in that position.

    1. Casillas is about 6 feet, and I forgot how many times he became world best goalie.

  11. Campos of the crazy shirts is Mexican.

    My fave goalkeeper of all time is Chilavert , Paraguay, and 6’2″, the ultimate in commanding goalkeepers. The only man angrier than Jens Lehmann.

  12. Why should anyone care to listen to some fellows whose preoccupation seems to denigrate everything Arsenal does? How tall was David Seaman? Was he as tall as Petr Cech? Wasn’t he Arsenal’s great goal keeper and also England’s national custodian? There is a group of people who will always criticise no matter what Arsenal does. The best is to ignore such and move on. Anyone who can’t see that Ospina has done well will definitely never be convinced no matter what Ospina may do. In most cases such people are not supporters or well wishers but people who don’t wish the club well. They only pretend to be offering good advice when in reality they are full of envy for the club.

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