How can Arsenal emerge from this scoring crisis? Belief?

Things are not going well for Arsenal at the moment, especially our strikers, and whoever else finds themselves in a goalscoring position. The Gunners haven’t won any of our last four League games, and we haven’t scored in the last three. Theo Walcott hasn’t scored since before Christmas, not to mention blowing the easy one-on-one chance in the last minute against Burnley. Olivier Giroud was scoring for fun before Xmas, but in the last nine games, he has only scored in two of them.

Yesterday the stats said that we had 22 shots against Southampton but still ended up goal-less. It sounds like there is a crisis of confidence going on, and if we don’t find a solution soon we are in danger of dropping completely out of the title race.

Giroud himself thinks that Arsenal must keep at it and believe that the goals will return soon, hopefully in our next League game. “It’s a long way to go and we just need momentum,” he said. “Hopefully we can start that against Bournemouth and then after we have a big February and March until the international break.

“We’re going to see how it’s going to be but we need to keep our heads up and keep working on what we are doing well.

“Hopefully we are going to have better nights to come, because tonight we were a bit unlucky and a bit sad to draw.

“We had so many chances to score and we didn’t do it. We missed chances here and it could have been maybe 4-1 or 5-2 but their ‘keeper did well and it is hard.

“You have to keep the faith and keep believing that you will maybe score. That is what we tried to do but he [Fraser Forster] had a very good day. He was always in the right position and did very well and it is frustrating.

“Now we are five points from Leicester City so it is going to be a hard time in the few weeks to go and we need to get as many points as we can.

“It’s not over – we need to stay positive and be more efficient in the next games to come.”

Postivity seems to be lacking right now, amongst the players and the fans, as all our rivals winning last night dropped us down to fourth in the table. We have to go to Bournemouth next, and since we beat them 2-0 in December, they have only lost one of their 7 games since then. The biggest worry of course is that Benik Afobe, who we sold for peanuts, has arrived and scored in their last two games.

Be worried. Be very worried…..

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  1. We also seem to make every goalie look WC against us.

    I am sure out of the 22 shots, more than half of that were aimed directly at the keeper. Its good and all to shot at goal but were is the accuracy? Don’t we practice shooting in training. Yesterday even if the keeper has busy hanging the post our players would have still found a way to hit at him.

    If Cech and Ospina around you would think our strikers would learn how to beat top keepers.

    And we are still trying to walk the ball into the net, what’s up with that. Even Barca and Bayern who play better tiki taka or total football than us have diversity in there play and have a crack at goal time and again.

    Sky reports the Arsenal boss is reported to have shouted at Mason: “It’s always the same with you.” Koeman, who had earlier shaken hands with Wenger, saw his opposite number confront the referee and said to him: “No, it’s always the same with you.” Koeman added: “You had 10 chances to score and didn’t take any of them, instead you take it out on [the officials].”

    Legend, atleast someone has the balls to tell Wenger as it is since us the fans are only good at reacting oline where Wenger, the board and the players are not even affected.

    1. To be honest, Mason was quite crappy in the first half. His line completely changed onto the second half. We started getting calls our way for the back-shoves etc.

      Kudos to Koeman though, Southampton were quite bad and we had chances but didn’t finish them.

    2. every manager gets frustrated , when there that close to winning games
      wenger is no different, be fair bro

      but yes koeman is pretty badass, those responses basically shut it down

      1. I hear you muff.

        The sad thing is we have heard this far too long from Wenger, each time we fail to win a game the officials are usually blamed. They know this by now and always try to put Arsene in a corner so the more he does that the more the officials will try to show him whose boss. They are humans too whether fair or unfair so sometimes I would rather he lashes at his players rather than officials. Its not like he denied us 2 clear penalties in stoppage time or ruled out a goal.

    3. in the EPL, nobody Lets u just walk the ball into the net

      u Learn to shoot!

      How many times does Arsenal players do this?

      U dn’t have all the time in the world to alter results nor change the scores…..u got just 90mins…..90

      We’d constantly be dragged to the ground cuz of our blind faith, arrogance, sloppiness, nicety and sheer stupidity

      1. Damn right…. Gotta pull da trigger. Jeez!!! Our guys can’t bite. Only Alexis can shoot.

        1. Pity Ozil hit that first chance so soon, I think he controlled it beautifully ala Bergkamp but Bergkamp would have got it out from under his feet steadied himself and rifled it in.

          1. earlier in the season, we were shooting more. and away from home, we were sitting back and counterattacking well. but we’ve forgotten those and gone back to our bad old ways. too much passing. and buildup is too slow.

            but all this is just tactical. the bigger picture: wenger wont/cant do what’s necessary for us to move from 4th place to 1st.

            my worry is he’ll leave at a low point in his career and everyone will have a bitter taste. wenger shouldve quit when he won the FA cup 2 years ago, but too greedy and delusional.

    4. Not belief mate , just ability you cannot buy . You either have it or you don’t.
      We are in cheeky bum time .
      The Relegation threatened teams are playing for their lives.
      UEFA cup prospect are Looking to pick every point available.
      Champion league championship contenders are looking to solidify their position.
      In others words , teams are not giving an inch.
      Exactly why our team of average players are finding it difficult . They are no better than the other 20 in the league .
      Periods like these need world class players to carry you through .
      Aguero yesterday against relegation threatened Sunderland . HeOnly needed to score once for them to take the 3 bacons home . He did want he had to do .just 1 player ,a world class strikers earning his check.
      And to think that these guys are still in first gear.
      Giroud ? Theo?Ramsey?

  2. Arsene: February will be a big month for us.

    Sure!!! We’ve known that for over a decade now, but keep making the same mistakes over and over and over again. I dearly do hope we take our chances during our next match…that’s my wish. But as a wise man once said ‘if wishes were horses, beggars would ride’.
    We don’t need wishes…we don’t need luck.
    We need to prepare properly, and take all our chances. The preparation to start from now (for the next transfer window); as this period is beginning to look like our typical Arsenal season for over a decade already.

    Sorry if I’ve annoyed any AKB’s or AOB’s. I’m neither. Just an Arsenal lover.

    1. don’t be surprised if it actually turns out to be a small month for us!

      Holding ur breathe is at ur own risk!

  3. Sunday, Monday, Happy Days,
    Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days,
    Thursday, Friday, Happy Days,
    The weekend comes, my cycle hums
    Ready to race to you

  4. I said it once.Now let me say it again in a very low kind tone.Sanchez cech and ozil are the only players who deserve to put on the shirt.
    The rest are villa esque type of players.
    And some such as mertz and flamini deserve to be playing somewhere in the division 1 .
    Our manager is clueless both on the pitch in the market and in the training ground.
    #Wenger out

  5. From having the likes of Henry, Bergkamp, Wiltord, Kanu as our array of strikers to now being content with Giroud leading the line alone for over 3 years!!! Oh how we have sunk

    1. I was practically in tears yesterday, and you know what it means when a man is in tears. Watching Giroud play regularly as our number on striker is just tragic and speaks volumes of how much we have deteriorated in claSs, as a club. The guy is not bad, but he’s not good enof.

  6. In all honesty Arsenal played well we had very good position with loads of chances and 13 corner kicks how come we are so crappy at scoring corners ???? We need to start scoring the chances we get from corners we could have easily beat southhampton by 4 goals but forster was good he got the 3 points off us |MR wenger should go back to the drawing board as he has some options one of witch could the calling of welington silva or a reshuffle bring iwobi in elneny or new methods in tactics as in picking players and rehearse attacks strategy As for the referee I to felt done by him there was on particular foul on sanches that was not giving at the end we need to register our efforts and be clinical

  7. We played the stand out football in league when Ramsey was on wing and Cazorla in middle, Cazorla is not available but I would still put Ramsey back on the wing. He’s not playing in a strong enough midfield to be central and only wants to be forward alongside or in Ozils position. Put him back on the wing because every one good thing Campbell does he seems to do two things badly. Decision making is easier on the wing too also Bellerin played his best football alongside Ramsey. We can’t replace Cazorla, Rosicky would of made a fist of it but I’m thinking Arteta to come in so long as Coq is playing alongside. If its not working then we could always try Elneny out, his long rang shooting might have came in handy last night.


  8. We must take players on one v one. I love Alexis for trying that. That is the #1 thing we can do to create openings.

  9. How many times do we need to say this WE NEED WORLD CLASS CF
    Things are not going well and it’s AW. We always drop off always. Only thing we might win is the FA cup. CL they will and can filed a week team and it would be better then ours. And if you think the lines of Rambo Ozill and our little rockit will stay at this club your all mad. AW needs to go and I think it’s hi time the decision was made for him. We have a number 2 that sits there doing crap all when the number 2 should be saying something to AW

  10. We are on an awful run of form and it is the worst area of field to have a crisis of confidence in, no two way’s about it. What makes it worse is how Leicester are showing top clubs up and worst of all spu actually have a shot of winning it. I looked up everyone’s fixtures and ours is the worst, but city’s is not all that much hotter. Lei have city and ourselves in next two games so it’s up to the big clubs to try and knock their stride, after that their fixture list would be the most desirable. Spu have one particular month which looks very difficult esp the timing of it, late in season.

    One thing we have going for us is almost everybody can beat anybody this season, I don’t think that is going to change too much from previous. Another thing, we are used to fighting with spu and coming out on top, we even have a day named after it. So if spu are fighting for the title and we can achieve st tott day well then we may actually have an advantage. Also not too many title chasers lead for long spells and go on to achieve it, usually you’ll get a runner from the back hitting form at just the right time and a leader feeling the pressure. The title dream is nowhere near finished.

  11. Our best hope is Kroenke family dying of heart failures. Cuz Kroenke is the sole reason of our transfer window inactivity and will force the club to sell Ozil and Sanchez in the summer.

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