How can Arsenal fans be happy with a draw at Brighton?

I shook my head in midweek when Paul Merson claimed Arsenal could challenge for the top 4.

The North London Derby gave us hope. Little signs that there are reasons to be patient and have hope for the future. That’s the key word though …. future.

When Gooners ironically sing ‘We got our Arsenal Back’, that’s more of a nod to the past and wishful thinking towards the years ahead.

Because in 2021 our performance against Spurs is the exception to the rule.

Being outplayed by Brighton is a more realistic appraisal of where we are at.

We were the team hanging on for a point at the Amex, the side more content with a draw.

When Saka had to go off injured, we brought on Maitland-Niles while Martinelli stayed on the bench. In other words, we were not even trying to win the game, we had settled for a stalemate.

When you consider we lost 2-0 to Brentford and had to absorb a lot of pressure to win at Burnley it’s quite damning.

Brentford are newly promoted, Burnley finished 17th last season, Brighton 16th.

My point being we are talking about teams expected to be in the bottom half of the division. These are not teams who should be having the majority of possession or chances against us.

It’s been many years since the Seagulls were disappointed to only draw with us which is another reflection of how far we have fallen.

It hurts to read people report on Saturday’s game no longer surprised that the Gunners have dropped points.

That might be because Graham Potter has a clear ethos, with each of his players knowing their roles. It’s still not clear what Arteta’s values are, and if there is an identity it seems to be about being defensive solid rather than the offensive style I grew up with.

Ramsdale in a post-match interview said ‘We can be happy with a point.’

The Sky Sports interviewer asked, ’10 points? Things are looking rosy now?’

Our manager complimented our defence for getting us a result calling the result ‘a point gained.’

We are Arsenal!!!!!!!!

How have we got to a point where everyone seems to be accepting us dropping points?

How have the same fanbase gone from some mocking Arsene Wenger for ‘only’ finishing in the top 4 to now not questioning performances like this weekend?

It’s music to our owners’ ears. The Kroenke Family can bank the TV money they get regardless of where we finish in the table, with their customers now immune to mediocrity.

If you believe they have any ambition, then it must be questioned who’s been watching this decline?

Why’s it been allowed to happen?

How’s it been allowed to reach this point?

We left Highbury for this. Even if it were the previous regime who quoted the Emirates would lead to us competing with the likes of Bayern Munich, surely the business outlook isn’t what is currently going on?

If the Manchester clubs, Chelsea or Liverpool drew at Brighton would they be ‘happy with a point?’

If you want the answer, look at Ronaldo’s reaction when United were held by Everton.

While I acknowledge there is a gap between us and those sides, shouldn’t that be the minimum standard we hold ourselves too?

Never accept anything else but the very best.


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  1. Dan- the “Realists” among us have been saying this since last season. The ones who believe their own self-importance such as Jon Fox and Grandad are the one who are now squirming with their embarrassment, and do they should. Old JF would have you believe he is the leading light on all matters Arsenal related just because he is older (even than me) and Grandad tells us he used to be a Banker ( I think I got the spelling correct- or did I?). I laugh at their self-importance. They see what we see and accept this as progress? Really? Brighton are a very small time football club with a manager we can only dream of having at Arsenal. Arteta is taking us nowhere. The “Realists” know this. Some mugs just will never believe they can ever be wrong.

    1. Brighton Arsenal
      Shots 21. 8
      On target. 2. 2
      Possession. 59%. 41%
      Passes 497. 355

      Wondering where fans like LC are this morning telling us if Xhaka and Leno never play again we will be nailed on for top 4 with the magician(his words ) in charge .
      That game was an absolute waste of 90mins of my Saturday,but I didn’t expect anything different from Arteta the magician ,tactical genius ,still only 45 mins of good football for the season ,maybe we can hit 90mins before the season finishes .

      1. And what the hell does Martinelli have to do to get into the pitch ?
        Or is he still being bought along gently from his injury.

        1. Even if we are to drop points it should arsenal pressing Brighton not the other way round! It’s Arteta who benefitting at the expense of our club

      2. This result doesn’t refute the claim, though, Dan?

        I dont even support that prediction, but the prediction is actually on track so far. 7/9 and 10/12 is exactly the form you expect a top 4 side to consistently get.

      3. I honestly think tactics are only a small part of the problem. The biggest problem for me is, we don’t put in the work and don’t show the desire. That is why teams with much less individual skill (with all respect) can be superior against us.

        1. Agree Anders. I like the signings made, and certain things can be forgiven as they are mostly new to both the EPL and Arsenal. And of course the weather was poor, so the fact that our techniques were poor and even our execution of tactics has some mitigation.
          But what cannot be forgiven are:
          1) The low level of motivation, appetite, fitness and determination to win battles.
          2) The negative way we played against a team we should be trying to attack. We set up like the underdogs. We defended with the whole team for large parts of the game – hence we were incapable of attacking – hence why we conceded none but also scored none.
          3) The total lack of sensible tactical adjustments or subs in the game.
          Who is responsible for ALL of the above, I wonder?
          I can accept playing badly, but not the above.

    2. Nonsense, only two teams got more point than us from Christmas to May last season. Only two team conceded less goals than us last season. We played an awful game yesterday but got one point, another clean sheet. One point on a bad day is much better than 0 🔴⚪️

      1. But still finished 8th buddy
        We could say only 1 team got more points from September to October but we still languish in 9th position.

        1. Yes, and some of us understand that we are in a difficult process with many challenges and changes. We have been on a negative trend for many years, but became better from Christmas to May last season. You can say whatever you want, but I’m focusing on statistics and our progression last season. We finished the season much better than we started. I expect a similar trend this season and believe we will manage top six, from my point of view it’s unrealistic to expect something better this season.

          1. It is opinions like this which turned me against Arteta. I feel mocked to be honest. Negative trend for many years but became better? So 8th is better than before. This logic is not of this world. I am merely a mortal I will never understand it.

          2. If you claim to use statistics then isn’t a statistical fact Arsenal ended up in 8th? You only seem to use statistics when it benefits your view but excluding the other stats makes your argument weak!

      2. Absolute nonsense1 Forget about last season, where are we now? A point at Brighton being celebrated? You’re have a laugh mate.

        1. I have been an Arsenal fan since 1971 and don’t take anything for granted. You got what you asked for, are you watching Arsenal muppet TV also 😂😂

          1. Phil, your frustration boils over and, after last week, I can understand why.
            I remember writing “don’t let me eat my words” after the wonderful performance against the spuds… but it seems I now have to.

            For those fans saying it’s easy to get motivated for the NLD, perhaps they should ask the guestion – why couldn’t the spuds get motivated then?

            There is no doubt whatsoever that Xhaka was a miss, but we still get fans telling us how bad he is and yet, when it’s as plain as the nose on your face how he was missed, the rhetoric against him continues.

            The problem, as I see it, is two fold:
            1. Inconsistency.
            2. Motivation.
            You can blame the players for No. 1 and the manager for No. 2.

            As for us, the supporters/fans, we are as divided now as we were four years ago – nothing has changed… except that we have fallen from a top four club to a mid table one.

            Blame who you want, Wenger-Emery-Gazidis-Kronkie-The Board-Arteta-Edu-The Fans……. the truth is that we have/had players good enough to still be a top side, that won trophies and it just isn’t happening.

            Until we address the two points above, following The Arsenal, will be the same as our last two games – highs and lows.

            Those regular giddy top four places we took so much for granted, with all the plus and minuses involved, seem a long way away.

      3. Bur we were not playing last years team!!!!

        We were playing mostly the $150m new team!!!!

        Look how Arteta keeps changing the team.

        Compare the sides that won the FA Cup and the Charity Shield, with the team that played at Brighton.

        Have we got better?

        1. Exactly my point – the “dross” we were told that had to go, were a success – the £150,000,000 spent to better the squad are not…. why?

    3. Phil
      That was an ugly and unnecessary post.
      It offered nothing but took a swipe at two named posters and in addition you were in effect calling me a mug
      Thanks very much!

      1. Not sure why your defending Jon sue ,
        I never see you defending the countless posters who he regularly tries to put down on a daily basis .

        1. Im actually defending myself Dan kit
          I don’t think I am a mug
          I wouldn’t refer to Phil or you as one
          But I shall steer clear of him that’s for sure.

          1. As I say PAL- if you are unable to see what is in front of your eyes then that’s down to you………

            ADMIN COMMENT – Phil PAL! You need to wind your neck in. When did you become Mr Angry and start insulting everyone?

            Have an intelligent debate or bugger off PAL

    4. Brighton have a good team and have been carefully building over a number of years. They should be respected as a fellow premier league team.
      Arteta has built a good team but it is still early in its development.
      Calling other other fellow supporters names because they have a different perspective from yours is uncalled for.

        1. Yet fans have been calling each other names on here ever since I found JA.
          Why the sudden indignant responses to Phil’s post, when no one seemed to mind what was being said before?
          Just as is the case with the Xhaka abuse, some fans love to give it out, but start blubbing as soon as it is returned.

          1. Exactly Ken
            I couldn’t give a dam if someone abuses me TBH ,as long as they can take it back .
            Within site rules OFC 😂

          2. I agree, we should be nice to each other. We are Arsenal fans with different perspective and understanding, but we have the same dream / wish.

      1. @David
        RealTalk Gooner. Many on here feel that since we’re AFC and have such an illustrious history that we are”owed”the privilege of beating those teams that lack said history.
        They play ignorant to the fact, that every team in the EPL, regardless of table position, is comprised of professional footballers and a professional manager/coach. And anyone of these teams are capable of beating us on the day…

    5. Phil, I’d only ever be embarrassed if – which thankfully I do not – I had your own huge excess of testosterone and sheer spiteful aggression!

      Most older fans, as you and I and many others are, have long ago learned to take the football rough with the smooth and have lost any excess sense of self entitlement.


      Its called perspective, Phil!

  2. Well I think the performance dropped as I predicted. I don’t know why players can only get psyched against Spurs. Thats 1 match a season.

    1. You can play on passion and will, Wimbledon did it for years but if that isnt the make up of your team, you wont have the passion against teams like Brighton. You need a style, when you are not wound up because you aren’t playing spurs. And the make up of our team is definitely not fire and passion.

  3. With the risk of having to repeat myself, you only have to look at the way we play. Saturday Brighton looked together, well drilled, slick even and they were assembled for peanuts. Us on the other hand looked like 11 players sent out to play football. One manager looked calm and at ease with what he is doing, knowing his players were following his instructions, the other anxious and under pressure with the way we were playing. Graham Potter is getting way way more out of his Brighton that Arteta out of Arsenal, that was plainly obvious to see. They may well slip from the lofty height they are at the moment but i can say that i was very impressed by the style and team ethic he has installed. We on the other hand have a 52 mil striker stuttering, a 72 mil player on the bench, two young guns running down blind alleys, a 35 mil number 10 who looks light weight. A champions league winner and La liga winner who looks isolated, a right back who looks lost, a left back who seems to have gone backwards and a central defence that looks shaky carrying the ball out. I have said ot before, i dont like the way we play, there doesn’t seem like a plan and we dont react to situations that are clearly not working quick enough pr with effect. Odergaard and Auba were clearly not working at any point in the game Saka and ESR were trying to do everything on their own, without any help or cohesion from the other two. Long balls upto Auba were bouncing off him and crosses into the box were too nobody in particular. We have no style or direction in the way we play, it is haphazard and disjointed.

    1. Too many nonsense and pointless posts. Let’s just have some peace and enjoy the game of football. If we think we know so much about management and coaching, just go apply for the job to take over from arteta.

      Stop posting negativity on this portal and putting off many of us who are fed up with these naysayers.

      1. Stop reading then if it upsets you too much, thats your problem if you cant take opinion negative or positive. Dont make yourself ill.

      1. Thank you Guy, i do try to write exactly what i see but i do appreciate i see things differently to some, thats how it is. I do call a spade a spade and dont dream too much. I try to say it how it is through my eyes.

  4. I’m happy with every point and clean sheet we get. Not long time ago a game like yesterday would have been 0 points. I’m not happy with our display, but getting one point on a bad day makes me belive in a brighter future, because not losing is also a quality 🔴⚪️

    The reality in the EPL has changed since we got our new stadium in 2006. The multi billion media deals and the oil investors are something new, which have changed the competition totally.

      1. We have a young squad with many new players, young players aren’t consistent. In spite of that I’m sure we will manage top six 🔴⚪️

          1. You are not in position to tell me what I’m going to say or not. You guys got what you asked for, stop complaining 🤣🤣

      2. Go support another team please and leave our arsenal alone.

        Football is not just about winning but loyalty irrespective of whether we are winning or losing. If you can’t trust be process and be patient, go search for another team to support.

        1. I agree 💯 with you. I want Arsenal to be successful and I’m behind our team and manager in good and bad. Our so-called fan base isn’t without responsibility, we have been delivering worse than our club for many years. It’s time to rebuild and turn our back to pointless negativity

        2. Yinka, whether or not I believe Arteta should stay is irrelevant to this post.
          History on a much greater scale than Arsenal tells us it is more important to criticise when necessary than to blindly accept the status quo.
          Criticism is not in itself disloyalty, it is merely defined as “the expression of disapproval of someone or something on the basis of perceived faults or mistakes.” The word “perceived” means that it is subjective ie their opinion. It is obvious from most critical posts that they are directed at Arteta. Loyalty is defined as “a strong feeling of support or allegiance”.
          Posters are critical of Arteta, but loyal to Arsenal. The two are not mutually exclusive, as you imply. In fact if they did not have a strong allegiance to the club, why would they even bother to ask for a better manager?
          Argue with them by all means, but asking them to go and support another club is not only totally unjustified, it is also disrespectful to genuine supporters.

          1. Loyalty to Arteta has absolutely nothing to do with tge Arsenal football club we support. He works for them and he is dispensable. The club isnt Arteta and Arteta isnt the club. Its Arsenal i support not the manager. If the manager is successful he get well paid and the plaudits, if not he gets well paid and the boot as far as im concerned and Arsenal will still be here.

  5. Ah well, we reverted to type. No doubt that the defence had more concentration and commitment, but tactically it was a bit like the Man City game, but Brighton have no fire power and we luckily survived.
    What I don’t get is that we showed against Tottenham, so it’s in the locker, hidden away for local derbies. It was a bottom 11 performance. Today Brighton looked the big spender team. Tactics, style and the fact that the team could not string any passes together made it look like we were not up for it. Everybody was up after one good display against the Spuds, but now it is clear we struggle to dominate teams. We so need to develop a style of football that can overwhelm, dominate and score. Two years of generally the same football…..yep we have been consistent, negatively What is wrong?

    1. That’s my complaint too Sean. The fact we did it against Spuds means we CAN do it.
      Where is the consistancy? Where is the drive, the fitness? How can individuals play so well one week, so badly the next.
      Some players do it all to often for it not to be down to them, but the majority has to be down to Arteta, who is in addition very obviously a negative manager, so frightened of his team making mistakes he takes all flair and risk taking out of our game. And he is still making in-game errors, unable to adjust his tactics or team as a game evolves.
      I have no doubt he is a good manager in some respects, but he still has huge flaws as a motivator, an attacking coach and an in-game strategist.

  6. I’m not satisfied with the draw, because Brighton lost two key players. If they could force us to use long goal kicks, our attackers should’ve been able to do the same to Brighton’s defense

    Only Odegaard constantly pressed high up the pitch, while the rest of our attackers waited till the opponents were close to the center line of the field

    Arteta must’ve thought Brighton’s attackers would decrease their high pressing, if we kept making long goal kicks. He assigned Pepe to win the aerial duels against Brighton’s wingback in the second half, but Brighton’s attackers were simply too pumped up to reduce their pressure

    I think Smith-Rowe isn’t bad aerially, so he could’ve been an optional receiver for those long goal kicks on the left wing. We won’t win against EPL team’s towering CBs, but we could exploit their small fullbacks

      1. Our best line-up but we made a bad tactical decision

        Once we saw Dunk, Duffy and Burn in Brighton’s defense, we should’ve release the long goal kicks elsewhere. If Aubameyang wasn’t bullied by them, he could’ve still had the energy to press high up the pitch

        1. We got bullied by a team that played very rough, game set and match. Laca should have started not Auba, not his type of game. Would Xhaka have helped? No way to know and I think not, but so what. Last week set the bar quite high and didn’t get there yesterday. Humble pie all around for us gooners.

          1. Lacazette is leaving and I bet Arsenal are trying to offload him in January, so Arteta prefers to give the game time to Smith-Rowe and the ones with long contracts

            I agree it could’ve been better if Lacazette and Xhaka played, but let’s see how Arteta learns from the game. We’ll have thousands of supporters in the Palace game, so I don’t think Palace would dare to press us high up the pitch

          2. There’s always a Stoke team out there somewhere 🤣🤣 We need to find a better solution when playing against rough teams. To go in between or behind them we need better passing accuracy than yesterday…

          3. Didrik, why on earth are you bringing up Stoke?
            We were not kicked off the park with rugby style football – we were outplayed by better tactics and players who gave 100% – that’s how we beat the spuds last week.

          4. GAI, I can’t understand the argument that if a player, such as Lacazette doesn’t sign a contract extension and may leave, then he doesn’t play. In other words he earns his final contract payment, training and sitting on the bench. Surely it is to Arsenal and the Arteta’s benefit to select the best available players, discipline issues excepted. After all they are contracted to play!

      2. Except for the slight mitigation for weather and Xhaka’s absence all of our failings yesterday can be put down to one person.
        We weren’t fit enough, motivated enough, ambitious or brave enough, cohesive enough. In game tactical and player changes were either made incorrectly, too late or not at all.
        Every single criticism is the responsibility of the manager.

        1. Spot on guy, but because we are pointing this out and using the spud game as an example, we are being told we’re not fans – what a load of tosh.

          1. Even before I started seriously doubting Arteta, I never had an issue with those who said it’s not working, Ken – only the way it was being said. There are those on both sides (although I still think the majority of offenders are in the “out camp”) whose personal attacks are really nasty.
            Personally I try to stay positive about the team and club whilst calling Arteta out when he screws up, which he still does on an almost daily basis. Yes, some aspects have improved, but quite honestly if you or I were given the time, leeway, control and funds that Arteta has been given, even we could have probably made the progress he has!
            So if he succeeds thats great, but sorry the guy won’t merit a “genius” rating for doing so.
            I get the indignation Ken. As recently as the summer my comments were limited to saying as he’s not going, supporting everything at Arsenal was more beneficial to the team than only submitting “Arteta out” comments.
            There should never be any doubt however, about the loyaly of those saying Arteta should go – in many ways it actually demonstrates they care MORE about the club than those with blind allegiance.

          2. 100% agree guy – and while I might not have worded my post in the way Phil has, his passion and love for our club and his frustration with fans who seem to accept mediocrity, is obvious for everyone to see.
            And that’s from someone who has had many a “discussion and disagreement” with him over Arsene Wenger and his resignation 😂😂
            Don’t bite Phil and thanks for not sitting on the fence!!!!!

            1. Ken, passion is great.
              Insulting anyone that disagrees with you is a as far as I’m concerned

          3. Agree ken but i dont think they are fans for thinking the way they do. I think they are spurs fans, infultrating the site.🤣

          4. Pat, haven’t we seen posts as you describe Phil’s, on here before?
            Passion is something we all have and you normally let us argue our point, as Jon has done.
            Nothing more to say, except I hope you haven’t banned anyone, as that would be a real pity.

            1. Hi, I try to only interfere when it starts escalating into personal insults, and it seems to be happening a lot lately…

  7. In most industries the man at the top makes decisions, in our case the manager who sets up the team. MA ‘trained’ under Guardiola and thinks that passing the ball to death, slowly, is the way to go. Lately we have had very few shots at goal. Barcelona were boring, so are we now, but then they had a certain Messi up front….. Having said that, in previous years we would have lost on a cold wet windy night.

  8. Before the game I would not have been happy with a point but after our worst performance of the season I am very happy with the one point. Our two fullbacks had a terrible time, Tomi couldn’t tackle and Tierney could not pass. At least White and Gabs had good games, their pairing is improving game on game. We really lost the game in midfield though, Partey and Sambi were nowhere and Ødi, ESR and Saka didn’t show for Ramsdale so he had to kick long. Whatever anyone says, we missed Xhaka badly but hey it was a bad day at the office. Onwards and upwards and looking forward to spanking Palace after the Inerlul.

  9. All Arsenal fans should be happy with our progress this season. I know I am totally happy with Arsenal FC right now. We have actually over achieved after the tough start.
    Its clear to any one with even a modicum of sporting intelligence that we have just started a two year process and that we are on track. I predict 33 points by Boxing day and 7th place and another 36 by May to fnsh with approx- 69 points and in 5th/6th position
    A great achievement.
    By the end of July 2022 if not sooner Kolasinac Nketiah Mari Elneny Lacazette Bellerin Torreira will be well gone and decisions will have been made regards Runarrson Nelson Niles Saliba Guendouzie Mavro Cedric Leno Chambers Holding and Aubameyang. The squad will be topped up with more youngsters like Ramsdale Tomiyasu Sambi Odegaard and White.
    Trust in the process and get behind the team

    1. Fairfan, you are spot on with this Over achieving statement.

      Form what I saw yesterday we looked just as bad as we did at the beginning of the season. Nearly every player (accept ESR and Saka) looked like they had forgotten how to pass and nervous. The fact Leno is not keeper is a blessing, too. Yes, Brighton at home is a difficult game, But to go there and play in a defensive setup shows a lack of faith and belief. We won against the spuds because they were poor. Let’s not kid ourselves. MA is not moving forward in terms of better football. We have just managed not to concede through luck and less defensive errors. Apart from that, everything is still the same. I’m not sure what planet Merson is on right now by claiming we can finish top 4?!

      1. Hear Hear Ray. Yes it was crappy weather, no Xhaka (although to say we were poor because one marginalised player was absent says volumes about the still fragile state of our squad), but it looked like Arteta was back to his worst – overly defensive, unmotivated players trying to carry out robotic, inhibited functions. We didn’t concede, like for part of last season, because the whole team was defending. We didn’t come close to scoring for the same reason. Shame on you Arteta for sending out an Arsenal team to play so negatively.

    2. Yes, our keeper and defence have an average age of 23 years, and our offensive midfielders have an average age of 22 years. Young quality players that can play together for many years. Our U23 is doing good, or female team is fantastic, much positive is going on in Arsenal FC. Behind our manager and players 🔴⚪️

    3. But hasn’t MA been at the club for over eighteen months already?
      He won the FA Cup and CS with the “deadwood” you talk about and, since that wonderful AW/UE inspired cup winning team, what EXACTLY, is the progress you are talking about?
      He has improved our defence for sure and I congratulate him on that – but after spending in excess of £150,000,000 isn’t that the least we should expect?

      ESR and Saka are players he inherited, while you forget the situations regarding Willian, Saliba, Martinelli.

      What you fail to address in any way, is how a performance can be so different in just seven days – it can’t be the players, as you have just elevated them to super star status, so who is to blame?

      I really thought we had finally seen what MA was doing, when we beat the spuds and yet, that feeling was blown away yesterday.
      No injuries, coronavirus or playing the PL and CL winners to hide behind – just a very good, well organised Brighton team, missing their best player!!!!

      So, if you feel that we are seeing consistent progress with your “modicum of sporting intelligence” then I’m pleased for you and only hope your self proclaimed knowledge proves to be correct – meanwhile I’ll keep questioning him and support The Arsenal.

        1. Ken Arteta has not got two years any sane fan would know that. He has to achieve great improvement this season on the previous two to even be in with a chance of keeping his job. Whatever we read kranky needs us in the CL next year.

          1. Reggie, I saw something at the spud game that gives me hope and I still haven’t given up on MA – but there has to be some kind of explanation as to why two games can produce such different results.
            Forget the weather, NLD and any other excuse – the manager and players were the same (except Xhaka) and were representing The Arsenal…. and getting paid handsomely for the privilege.
            Until the club get consistency and a game plan, questions will be asked.
            I agree that we have to play in europe next season and we have the players to do that – up to MA to prove he can motivate them I guess.

  10. If a manager like Graham Potter can turn Brighton into a slick footballing outfit, Arteta is turning Arsenal into an unimaginative, banal, fearful, uninspiring football team. “if things don’t change they stay as they are”…’ll take an earthquake to change the mundane, repetitive football that is our usual fare. Something needs to change, it’s definitely becoming tedious football that is not viewer or supporter friendly.

    1. There is no Arsenal fan that would feel that yesterday’s performance was satisfactory. Some aspects are however understandable as it is still a relatively new team with several young players.
      Focusing on the Brighton’s placing last year only provides limited information about their expectations and possible placing this year. They have played good football for years with only a lack of a cutting edge up front being their major weakness.

      1. Nice saying David!
        I’m a bit worried about our defensive midfield. We are still lacking quality and Partey isn’t consistent enough probably due to all his injuries. The key to get better is to find our best setup in the midfield.

        1. I agree .
          The midfield wasn’t as solid as I had hoped. The lack of experience also showed.
          Aubameyang’s limitations in this kind of game were also very evident.

  11. After the Lord Mayor’s show – are the Spuds really that crap?!!
    I expected more, was disappointed with many things last night
    5 goals scored with only 1 on the road which was a set-piece (Leicester, Pool, United away to come!).. worrying times – yesterday took me back to last season – relying on Saka to make something happen, the defence doing well and sod all up the other end!!

    1. Sue,to answer your question,yes they were/are crap,people read too much into our win!by the way that’s my 3rd answer to you,the previous ones didn’t show,I had to use s different account to post!

    1. So far:

      MSN – Lokonga: 3 from 3
      Partey: 3 from 3
      Partey – Xhaka: 3 from 3
      Lokonga – Partey: 1 from 3
      Oedegard – Xhaka: 0 from 3
      Lokonga – Xhaka: 0 from 6

      MSN – 3/3
      Partey – 7/9
      Lokonga – 4/12
      Xhaka – 3/12
      Oedegard – 0/3

      Not enough info to determine Partey – Lokonga doesn’t work, but you can determine Arteta has no idea which combo he likes best 😂

    2. Certainly it won’t…
      Lokonga is DM mode or CM ball carrier mode player unlike deep line midfielder who can pass through balls to forwards
      And pathetic and Mediocre tactics from Arteta used Lokonga as makeshift LB yesterday…
      Tierney was placed high up pitch and Lokonga was filling the gap created by Tierney’s position…
      That’s not the way to use players…
      Problem with Arteta is that he thinks everyone should play according to tactics his even though certain player is not meant for certain tactics…
      He doesn’t comes up with any tactics which will suit his players.. instead he wants everyone should be changed as per his tactics… This is not the way..

      1. Yeah that’s what Xhaka was doing last season (covering Tierney in the lb position) and we had Lokonga practising it in pre season. I thought we’d moved on from that trick, but it seems to be a part of how MA wants to play. Apparently sees Tierney as a big weapon that’s with sacrificing a midfielder for..

      2. Mr tactician, go get a coaching license to manage a football team and stop postulating. Talk is cheap. Support our coach and team.

          1. Nothing in this beautiful football club is more mediocre than our so-called fan base. You have got what you asked for, why are you complaining?

  12. Grew up in an era of “1-0 to the Arsenal.”
    When was this mythical era of an attacking entertaining Gunners team?
    The main chang

    1. So you’ve forgotten Wenger’s wonderful attacking sides already?
      Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, Overmars etc etc etc…. that’s the problem, short memories!!!

    2. Farside, look back to George Graham’s side and see how many goals his winning sides scored in a season and the goals for and against.
      I am dismayed by people like you who don’t know the history of this Club and perpetuate myths. “The 1-0 to the Arsenal” was a taunt from the terraces to opposition fans, telling them that once Arsenal was ahead the game was done and dusted due to the great defense.

    1. Hmm @siamois
      I have not banned you, and have checked my blacklist for your email and your IP and they are not on there.
      I can only assume that your email address is on a naughty list on my filter (Akismet) or it was simply a glitch in the machine…

  13. A lot of “ bedwetters” on this site.Seem to easily forget this Arsenal side has literally a new defence yet to fully gel.That can & will take time.Plus a virtual entirely new line up.There will be blips & dips in form from time to time.That is a regrettable fact.We have the youngest side in the prem.Give us a break.Brighton,if they continue to play like that at home for the rest of the season will upset better sides than us.Make no mistake.

    1. Pete
      Myopic thinkers won’t accept this with you . This Brightons are going to get at any team without respect .

  14. If we supported a team with cheap season ticket prices, under paid players and a rookie manager then we would be happy with solid performances from a team of journeyman professionals. Has anyone ever analysed performance relative to ticket prices, income, wages and transfers? We would not be high on a list of achievers. That is why some of us complain. 60 years ago we watched players give 110% for an average weekly wage.

  15. Admi Pat:if you’re going to ban someone,the least you could do is let them know and give them a reason,I cannot post with the account I have been using for years.

    1. Hmm @siamois
      I have not banned you, and have checked my blacklist for your email and your IP and they are not on there.
      I can only assume that your email address is on a naughty list on my filter (Akismet) or it was simply a glitch in the machine

      1. @admin Pat do you know if my other account was banned?
        Meh, guess it does not matter its been like a year.

        1. Well, if no one ever insulted other fans then no one would even worry about being banned would they?

          1. I agree, but there does seem to be some that are favored on the site when it comes to this sort of stuff.

            But it is your site and can do what you want, I lrarnt dont use one bad word or you banned even if others can insult at will.

  16. Over all it was poor so I was very disappointed. Positives are a clean sheet and a great save. Beyond that, it was a game to forget. A work in progress but I’ve never thought any different. Will see what happens over the next few games.

  17. Notwithstanding my negative comments above, stay ever hopeful! There are some mediocre teams with small squads who will fall by the wayside by the end of the season. Any team that wins a couple in a row will move up rapidly. Let i5 be us. COYG

  18. The same old story,every time we seem to make some progress,we are brought back to reality,to be honest I was not very hopeful yesterday the reason,how many times have we won more than 3 games in a row under MA?

  19. Ars you talking of this Brighton or the Brighton of this year ?
    It seem you are in dream land by wanting the arsenal to match toe to toe with this stylish Brighton!!
    Potters is 14 point better .

    1. Exactly. People underestimate Brighton. That side was extremely unlucky last season. Their xP put them in 3rd overall, basically the only side that was an outlier because they couldn’t seem to take their plentiful chances and everyone seemed to take their chances against them. This season they are representing their overall play much better and really should have been top of the table after GW6. I’d be surprised if they didn’t finish top half this season with the same quality of play as last season.

      A draw away to them in torrential rains when our passing was pretty poor and multiple players were having an off day is not a terrible result.

      1. Very impressed with the Brighton team, Graham Potter has to be the most underrated coach in the EPL. His team of so called, ‘journeymen’ dominated us for most of the game and would have won quite comfortably if they had a decent finisher. Their best player, Bissouma, was missing and they played in the same conditions as us, so no excuses.

        After last weeks 45 minute demolition of Spurs we were entitled to a better display irrespective of the weather. Inconsistency has been our problem for a number of years now and, unless we are, we don’t have a prayer of achieving Champions’ League football which we all took for granted (and derided) only a few years ago.

      2. Bob, no one is underestimating Brighton – we are estimating The Arsenal performance.

        A subtle, but very important, difference.

        If we had played with the commitment, energy, pace and plan that we showed against the spuds… and came away with a point, it would be a different story, but we didn’t do any of that – WHY???????????

        1. Exactly Ken. I would have said give them a break even if we had lost if they had put the effort in, and Arteta had told them to attack, not just to prioritise not conceding.

    2. you are completely wrong and you will not make it as a businessman with that mindset.
      Arsenal has spent 250 mil in the last two years, brighton has spent very little. they outplayed arsenal easily which shows arsenal has made little to no progression after that amount of money spent which again shows a very poorly coached team hence a very poorly run business.

    1. We have three points less than I expected, but we have had a difficult start to the season due to Covid and injuries. In our last four league games have we got 10 points and we are very much on track to finish top six in May.

  20. I’ll concede that yesterday’s performance was
    woeful and disappointing but why is there such
    an overwhelming sky is falling sentiment yet again
    amongst the Arsenal faithful on this board?

    Brighton may not remain in the European discussion
    during the course of the season but GP has his mates
    playing at a high level atm and any trip to the Amex,
    regardless of the weather conditions is going to be
    a difficult proposition. As Charles Watts mentioned
    in his post game wrap up video, even the Invincibles.
    struggled on the road against mid and low level
    teams on the road during there historic season. And
    last I checked this collection of young players isn’t
    going to be confused with the greatest team in the
    history of English futbol anytime soon.

    Arsenal we’re poor and fortunate to earn a point but
    the likes of Pool, City, and Manure have all struggled
    with mid level teams over the past few weeks. I
    concede they have that luxury at times, considering
    where they have finished the past few years at the
    end of the season but my point is winning in the
    EPL isn’t easy, especially on the road with a VERY
    YOUNG squad. This team is still collectively learning
    how to win and unfortunately there will be more of
    these difficult results to accept.

    WTS unlike most of the doom and gloom merchants
    on this site I’m actually excited about enjoying the
    ride and looking toward the brightness of AFC.s

    1. ACE – I don’t think it’s necessarily doom and gloom forever. It’s natural to moan after a game like that.
      A lot of us get frustrated with perceived lack of effort, and the ongoing sequence of good game then bad game. Arteta is very frustrating because he keeps repeating obvious mistakes.
      Overall I think most of us are excited about the future, with or without Arteta, but some of us are more frustrated with the time it’s taking than others!
      Heck – it’s cathartic to moan on here rather than take it out on the wife (not physically!!!!).

  21. I think we did terribly.
    We were lucky to get a point in a match with a team, that has cost far less to assemble, but they had:
    More commitment
    More energy
    More intensity
    And being outdone in those areas, has absolutely nothing to do with money. It has become part of our “culture” over the past 10-12 years to regularly be a “no show” for at least 1 half.
    If Arteta can’t change that, he must go.

    1. What “culture” is that then – examples might help.

      It’s not helping matters by trying to blame others.
      This is Arteta’s team and has been for two years.

      1. It is just a basic observation, that for many years, we have regularly played games where teams with less individual skill have bullied and beaten us with a “stronger” mental attitude.
        “Weak Arsenal” is nothing new.
        But as mentioned, if Arteta can’t change it, he must go.

  22. Some people on here they knew who they are will always have something to complain about it’s got nothing to do with Arteta it’s just there character no matter what they have in life they are never satisfied

    1. How true and how sad for them personally, as the “never satisfied” problem they have, harms their own lives far more than it ever harms anyone else!
      As anolder fan who has followed our club for well over 60 years I have neen fortunate enough to learn long ago that my life contentment and such happiness as I can ever have is NEVER dependant on the fortunes of a mere football team, even of one I happen to love.

      Ther is far more to life and to being a properly rounded person, who can make a contribution to society, than fretting oneself silly about whatever frailties we may think our present team has.

      Perspective please!

    2. No i’m not satisfied with being 11th and winning 3 out of 7 Prem games this season
      simple as that

  23. We’re starting to sound like the village people in an old Frankenstein movie wavering from speaker to speaker or in our case from from game to game as to whether Arteta should stay or go. My opinion is that he has until December 1st to decide his fate because by then we will have played Man.U and Liverpool, as well as teams such as Villa, Westham and Everton who are more on par with Arsenal. After that that there should be no more excuses.

    1. That is a very fair point

      I’ve hung in there with Arteta and now that the vast majority of the 1st team at least are his players, then December is about the right time to judge if the direction is upwards.

      It was undeniably a poor performance and as someone pointed out earlier, if he cannot improve their guts and mentality to put ‘in that shift’ then Arteta will have nowhere to hide and the club should be considering a replacement. But Lord knows who that would be.

  24. We are now a mid table team that can finish no higher than 6th which a lot of the fans will accept. For me if arsenal is not winning the title we are failing. Arteta can only get the get the bare minimum from this team and we will win some and lose some under arteta and will get those one off performance like the Tottenham game,especially the first half but we will not be world beater. manager and owner need to go and give us the arsenal of strong bite and character back. it will take years on years to progress under arteta and kroenkes. a wholly reset needed.

  25. You only have to watch the quality of the Liverpool – Manchester City game to see how far Arsenal is off the pace!

    1. Ozziegunner
      The second half in particular was awesome
      Seeing play like that was breathtaking
      We are as you put it miles off that level

    2. Exactly, and there’s no quick fix. We have probably the youngest squad in the league, and we have lots of talented players worth waiting for. If we can try to be patient I’m convinced we will have a great team in a couple of years.

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