How can Arsenal fans believe we will only have a small transfer budget?

One of the underlining themes every time a player is linked with Arsenal is that the club will be restricted in the summer transfer window due to financial constraints.

A variety of reasons are given ranging from owner Stan Kroenke refusing to put his hands in his pockets to Mesut Ozil high wages.

It has been widely reported that our transfer budget will be just £45 Million, though that is if we fail to make the Champions League, what it will be if we do qualify has not actually been revealed.

Now, with all that in mind, it does then create some confusion when a high brow and credible publication like the Independent publishes an article claiming that Unai Emery is plotting five new signings and that the Spaniard believes that he will have plenty of funds to spend.

Among the players mentioned in that particular article are Bayern Munich’s David Alaba and Barcelona’s Samuel Umtiti and just those two alone would cost an arm and a leg, certainly more than a combined fee of £45 Million.

I am starting to come to the conclusion that the £45 Million is nothing more than a myth and one that should be eviscerated.

Even if we do not make the Champions League we will still raise money from sales, the wage budget will be cut significantly with Aaron Ramsey departing and Petr Cech retiring, therefore it is not all hinging on selling Mesut Ozil to reduce the wage bill as is being reported.

In fact, the press themselves simply do not believe the transfer budget myth, otherwise, why would they constantly keep on linking us with players that cost in excess of £45 million?

The evidence is there in article after article, Arsenal will have more than £45 Million to spend.

Sam P


  1. I believe Arsenal would have more since several players with high wages are leaving. If they can ship Ozil out, there will be more transfer budget, but I predict Ozil would insist on staying

    Alaba and Umtiti are excellent defenders, but the main priority should be a top young winger to excite the fans and to create alternatives in attacking. If Pepe is too expensive, there are other alternatives from EPL, such as Hudson-Odoi and Adama Traore

    1. Traore is lightening fast and that’s about it! 1 goal for wolves I’d rather just pluck someone out of the reserves and Chelsea would never sell us Hudson Odoi, and would cost a fortune anyway.. but I’m not the manager Emery will decide that.

      1. When he played for Barcelona and Middlesborough, he was full of tricks and skillful. He is not trusted to start at Wolves, probably because his teamwork, work rate and crossing are lousy

        Since he is Spanish and a La Masia graduate, I believe Emery can bring the best out of him. He might not an ideal assist creator/ crosser, but he could be a goal-scoring winger like Salah, because he has good first touches and strength

        1. You’ve been telling everyone about Traore for a long time while it is obvious he is an average player at best. Sure he has ridiculous physical traits but the man has nothing in mental qualities. he is just like the countless players destined for mediocrity who play with their heads down. Add to that his poor workrate and teamwork and you have the reason why no big team won’t ever come near him.

          La Masia graduate does not equate a good player, he is 23 same as iwobi who is a better player than him and look how much criticism iwobi gets.

    2. “there are other alternatives from EPL, such as Hudson-Odoi” Yeah, because if Chelsea wouldn’t sell him to Bayern they would DEFINITELY sell him to one of their fiercest top 4 rivals. I swear people on here think transfers happen in real life exactly like they do on Fifa…

      1. ?????? funny fans thinking fantasies why should Chelsea ever sell their most talented teenager and a star for the future to a direct rival I still wonder what all these fans are dreaming of, maybe they will still dream that messi will end his career on an arsenal shirts ?

  2. The £45m quoted represents the net budget Emery apparently has to work within.If he could sell Mustafi,Elneny and perhaps Xhaka for say £50m in all he would in theory have £95m to spend on new players.Unlike GAI I do not consider the acquisition of a pacey winger to be our main priority.Our defensive issues are clearly evident as one look at our goals against will verify.Our priority therefor must be to buy a top quality centre back and left back We simply do not have a top class defender on our books with the possible exception of Leno and perhaps Bellerin at his best.Hopefully Holding and young Mav will become top quality in time.

  3. Haha the metro claimed it was 35 million.. what next 20 million by may, 5 million in June? Only loan signings in July! They’ll be claiming we can’t afford the electricity bill next ? just sell the Emirates and play home games at paradise park ?

    1. “Only loan signings in July!” Well that certainly turned out to be true for the Winter, so I’m really not sure why people are acting as if these figures are so ridiculous…

  4. Nobody knows except Kroenke, a few others and Unai.

    I reckon we should try to sell at least Jenkinson, Ramsey, Ozil (free up wages for two players), Elneny, Mustafi
    And releasing Lichtsteiner, Cech retiring should free up some wages too.

    It will need to be a combination of selling and the kitty we are given by tight Kroenke

  5. I never have believed the 45 million, it’s b/s. I bet we spend nearer 100 million on transfer fees alone.

    1. We spend at least 125m net in all of 2018 if you add up the summer and winter windows. I don’t know why fans think we have only 45m to spend in 2019. The only constraint we have is our ridiculously high wage bill we have which is close to city and liverpool while not even close quality wise. our ability to shred the wage bill will impact the success of our transfer window.
      Free up space early and we can be proactive or struggle to trim the fat and it limits our ability to negociate.

    2. And I bet you were one of the ones who said the exact same thing when we were reported to only have £70m available in the summer, and then none available in the Winter, but they both clearly turned out to be 100% accurate, so believe all you want, it’s only going to disappoint you even more once the window comes around (unless we get into the CL).

  6. it may not be 45M but it in that region.
    likely around net spend.
    we selling elneny,
    free ramsey. lich, cech.
    may be even jenkison and or ozil.

  7. But how can we be suprised or not believe that we only have about £45 million to spend?
    Isn’t this what we are used to at Arsenal? Small transfer funds each season. Last season when it was reported that we only had about £55 million to spend or a maximum of about £70 million people were like “Fake News”. But we think ended up spending in that region with free or cheap signings. On top of that I heard that Torreira was bought in instalments too.

    When was the first and last time we spend £100-£150 million in a window? If it ever happened that means we had sold our star player(s) before buying to try to replace.

  8. Because the last two reports of our transfer budget for a particular window turned out to be 100% correct? Because we had literally no money available in the Winter? Because we only had £70m available in the Summer? Take your pick, they all seem like extremely reliable piece of evidence to suggest that figure is correct.

    ” what it will be if we do qualify has not actually been revealed.” Yes it has. If we make it into the CL the budget will go up by an extra 100m (or it’s an even £100m, can’t remember which).

  9. And also that 45m figure does not include any money made from player sales, so people acting as if that figure is a fabrication is purely wishful thinking.

    1. d I think this again is due to poor reporting once again.

      The first reports stated a flat £45 million no ifs and buts, lazy journalism did not research the different scenarios. These reports were also released before the reports of selling and the realistic possibility of qualifying for CL.

      Journalism drip feeds information with the pressure of having to release content and the 24hr news reporting, all the information needs to be taken with a pinch of salt, read between the lines and connect the dots offline.

  10. “The evidence is there in article after article, Arsenal will have more than £45 Million to spend.”

    It isn’t evidence, Sorry Sam, it is rumors and reports. Me and Ken had a good chat about rumors and I think this article kinda shows to negative side of rumors… People taking them as ‘evidence’.

    Fair play to believing we have more than £45 mil to spend and two thumbs up for showing us why you believe that in a well written article 🙂 Please be careful about calling reports and rumors ‘Evidence’.

    The extra which many have assumed, that extra could be from player sales, we have seen many rumors suggesting that Raul and Emery are looking to sell a few players to gain funds.

  11. Does the new Adidas deal have any effect on the transfer budget? Can’t imagine those funds just going to signage changes and new track suits.

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