How can Arsenal get rid of Alexandre Lacazette and get the most value

Arsenal is struggling with keeping hold of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang at the moment.

The Gunners hope that their captain and top scorer will reject the advances of his suitors and remain with them, but I think the bigger problem is us getting rid of Alexandre Lacazette.

The Frenchman has struggled for goals this season and I believe next summer presents a fine chance for us to sell him.

Here are the ways I think we can get rid of the former Olympique Lyonnais man.

We can use him in a swap deal
Arsenal is interested in Thomas Partey of Atletico Madrid while the Spaniards are interested in signing Alex Lacazette.

Both teams can come together and agree on a fee to be added by Arsenal because Partey is more valuable at the moment.

Transfer list him
If Arsenal is serious about selling Lacazette then the club should place him on the transfer list to show other teams that they are serious about letting him go.

Reduce his transfer fee
Arsenal will be looking for a high fee for his services but that could stop teams from coming for him because of his poor form.

If Arsenal can be open to receiving around £30 million for the attacker, then he could be sold off quickly.

The bottom line is this, the money that can be raised from selling Lacazette will give Arteta the opportunity of signing an upgrade and that is always the core mission, to improve and upgrade the squad.

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  1. Reloaded is back on at 3pm today…. our 4-2 spanking of the spuds is on 👍
    Torreira’s first goal, my favourite goal from Aubameyang, Dier telling Ramsey to “sit back down” 😄 that game had it all!! Worth another look 😉

    1. Sue-I’m loving the fact that despite what you are going through with the NHS, with the undoubted stress and fatigue you and all your fellow workers are going through, you only mention watching ARSENAL when at home. Not Eastenders, Coronation Street, or any other programme.Only Arsenal. WHAT A WOMEN

  2. When Ime wrote this Article, did he take into account the fact that the very vast majority of Football Clubs will likely have little or no money for the foreseeable future, and many, in Europe including the UK will probably go out of business. Moving players on from Clubs may not be as easy as Ime feels.
    Why would Lacazette desire a move to Madrid when the Coronavirus is far worst there than in London( at the moment anyway)?What player would seriously consider moving to ANY country at this time?
    The Clubs that are, at this moment, financially stable, and able to manage any debt they carry will survive,and will be far stronger when the troubled times are over.
    Let’s face it, as much as we have verbally abused the Owner and Board for not being looser with the purse strings in the past, we can now take comfort from the fact we lived within our means. How are Barcelona going to survive in their current model and under the mountain of debt they constantly have? They have a reported wage bill of £1b per season, so I think you can forget Aubamayang going there next season ( or whenever that is).
    And God help any Football Club who has just committed themselves to spend £1b on a new stadium, and rely on Summer Concerts and NFL games to add to their revenue streams. SPUDS-YOU MUGS.
    So, perhaps in a very cynical way, Arsenal Football Club May survive this horrific Pandemic in a lot stronger position than we deserve to, but it would prove good housekeeping and living within their means proved an excellent road to take

    1. Phil, You beat me to the punch on the huge changes to how future business will be conducted, once we are up and playing again. The days of huge transfer fees will be gone, in my view and also players will be forced, even quite possibly by a government law brought in to protect the whole football industry, from continually flleecing us fans with outrageous salaries.

      Despite being a libertarian PM, Boris Johnson has already proved he will, albeit with clenched teeth, do WHATEVER it takes to protect society and I fully envisage him being persuaded to enact a law overriding existing player contracts and reducing huge salaries in order to protect the football industry from effective bankruptcy.

      IF nothing else comes out of this whole sage, football wise, than a new reality for future salaries and transfer fees, it will be well worth the isolation we are all forced to endure, though NOT, and obviously NOT, worth having the disease rip through society as it has.

  3. “How can Arsenal get rid of Alexander Lacazette”
    You really do have a way with words don’t you Ime?🤦‍♂️

    1. WELL SAID. Perhaps he means , poison, drowning, throat cutting, shooting! ” Get rid of ” is such an ugly and incorrect headline.
      But then again, I have long ago realised that Admin MARTIN is attracted to overly emotive headlines in order to attract readers. I have asked him to defer from inaccurate language but he has chosen to ignore me on that.

      Inaccurate use of language constantly leads to misunderstandings and needless arguments; arguments which you may well be correct in thinking are DELIBERATELY encouraged.

      Accurate language is SO vitally important and I often wish I were not a voice in the wilderness in trying to promote it. To be clear, typos, poor spelling and poor punctuation are of no consequence, PROVIDED THAT the writer’s meaning is clear to all.

  4. I love auba and all the goals he scores but we have to think about our club we can’t afford to give auba 300 grand and ozil 350..
    Best thing to do is swap auba for Cabbello and receive 20 million, then swap lacca for partly of alethico and give 20 million, then buy a striker.. So we then have new striker.. Martinelle.. Nekitha… And academy striker….

  5. This hate for Lacazette is getting out hand. There are players who do not contribute anything, but treated with velvet gloves. Just ask how can we get rid of Ozil and Xhaka

  6. On ye of little faith Ime..One poor season and you think Lacazette should be sold?He is still a classy player who will bounce back next season

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