How can Arsenal make this season memorable for their fans?

This campaign has been a bad one for Arsenal, but fans remain hopeful for a fairytale end to the season.

This could come in the form of winning the FA Cup or qualifying for the Champions League after such a bad start.

The Gunners have improved under Mikel Arteta but being eliminated from the Europa League just shows that progress is not going to be an easy road to navigate.

Overall, we can say that we have become a better side in 2020 than we were in the first half of the season, but how can we end this campaign in an even better fashion?

A part of me thinks that this suspension from football could become a blessing in disguise for Arsenal.

I believe that we can resume this campaign as a better team and win around 80 percent of our matches which could help us get a European place.

I am hopeful of a better end to the season and that is what Arsenal has to give to us the fans.

We all know that we made a bad start to the season under Unai Emery and we’re thankful for progress under Arteta. When the campaign gets back underway, all our players have to leave us with is hope that next season will be better.

The only way they can do that is to play with more commitment, play for the shirt and play like they care for the support that we give day in day out without reservation.

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      1. MARTIN, We can’t remain unbeaten, when we have already been beaten six times in thr PREM. Just pointing out a fact! We could hope to not be beaten from now on to end of season(sometime in the medium term future of course) -as opposed to against remaining unbeaten, which we already have been. But if language matters little to you then you will write sloppily and thus start arguments. Which is the plan,of course, as we shrewd ones well know.

        1. Absolutely no idea why you have mentioned me Jon, I did not write the article and have not commented on it. Therefore writing sloppy and starting arguments does not apply to ME here, does it?

        2. Jon. My comment clearly says written by Admin Pat lol.
          Anyway. In case it escaped your notice. Arsenal are the only team in Europe not to have lost a game THIS YEAR. If we can carry that through to next season, what a confidence booster it would be.

          1. YES silly of me, so sincere apologies both to you Pat and to Martin too. My comment should have been for JACOB, of course, so perhpas HE would care to address my pertinent point above, even though I STUPIDLY addressed it to the wrong person.

  1. Following on from Robert it will be a memorable season for all the wrong reasons
    At the moment anything written is hypothetical but if the season were to resume I think Arsenal will be in a better position to finish it well. Apart from Chambers everyone else should be fit and I have confidence in Arteta improving the team so would expect that to continue. I know other teams will have players returning from injury too

    However, with such a long lay off, it could be like the start of a new season. Liverpool were roaring away with the league could stutter at the restart (wishful thinking I know) I do think it will take teams a while to get in their stride. All hypothetical.

  2. Thank You Jacob B for some positive vibe. I am a believer that with the quality we’ve got and the vibe we ended on, finishing the season in style is very much achievable. With Arteta now for the first time having a full squad of players to choose from and also time on hand like that of a minny preseason I honestly just can’t wait.

  3. I don’t believe senior Arteta would have taken this job leading the Gunners if not the owners (Kroenkes) have given him guarantees for new signings for season 2020-21. And with three-four new major signings Asn’l will be back on top of the table in a finger snap! If Thomas Partey comes, it’s not only a first class signing, it’s even a signal to everybody that this is serious business, and senior Arteta is a serious man, very serious. And if TP comes, I wouldn’t be surprised if even Dayot Upamecano comes. Senior A have a reputation of treating players with respect, and of taking time to both talking with them individually and giving them individual training to improve their skills. More than one Man City player have witnessed of this. And if we are dreaming of a behind closed doors season 20-21 with a defensive center lock including William Saliba-Dayot Upamecano-Thomas Partey… Well, unrealistic or not, that would be something. We wouldn’t have to fear any opponent. Go, Asn’l!

  4. Adding three are more big players to this arsenal squad would just kill the vibe between the players. A happy squad wins togetherness is key.

    1. Eh-@Jah Son- with all due respect, this team quite obviously needs at least three top quality players added, and replace those that are not up to the required standard. Keeping this squad together, even with the superior coaching and tactics Arteta has brought with him, will not get us a EL position next season let alone CL qualification. Surely having better players will give us more wins, and automatically bring better harmony to the team don’t you believe?

      1. Phil , the excitable and in an odd way slightly endearing JAH SON, is rather like a cute puppy who loves life but has little idea about much at all. But who manages to charm folk all the same with his disarming innocence and naivety.

        Sometimes I regret being a cynical, though worldly wise old curmudgeon, even though I know what is what in life. I guess most of us oldies would be glad to be 18 again, even if it meant,which it would, knowing little about anything in life generally. It must be annoying when you are a young and slightly foolish dreamer, hearing the plain truth from a much older person, even though they are right and know far more than you. No one much likes dreams crushed by sobering reality esp when one is a young dreamer.

        I am unusual I admit, in that I have always far preferred lifes reality, even when I was much younger.

      2. At Phill
        What position do you think we are short on and you actually see us upgrading?

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