How can Arsenal not afford 25million in this day and age?

In 2006 we left Highbury because, as the saying goes, ‘We were sold a dream’. Financially it made no sense to play in front of 38,000 gooners when so many more were on a waiting list, especially when it was promised a bigger stadium would guarantee competing with the biggest clubs for players. Yet in 2019, the same weekend when Barcelona can pay 120 million for Griezmann, we are struggling to find 25 for Kieran Tierney.

This is zero disrespect to Celtic but they are a selling club, over the years will sell to Championship clubs and simply are not a side who can turn down bids of 25 million. People can talk about our wage bill, etc, in terms of revenue , merchandise, sponsorships, Tv deals, comparing us and Celtic is like night and day in terms of who is richer. So why can they so easily reject the money while we find it hard to find?

To clarify why would the Scottish Champions turn down one of the highest fees they will get, for a player they know who wants to leave, when their asking price has been met? The same club who thought 14 million was enough for Virgil Van Dijk,5 million for Wanyama or 18 for Dembele.It can only be one thing. That our payment plan is so embarrassing that it’s been laughed out of Parkhead, with the Hoops respecting us enough to not make it public.

If we had suggested 13 up front and 12 in a year’s time that would be fair. Or 10 now then 7.5 for the next 2 years. The fact they been so quick to turn down their valuation being met makes you wonder how silly the structure we proposed is and for what reason? If we truly in 2019 cannot afford 25 million then we may just as well give up!

We can’t negotiate like this and expect to finish in the top 4. Yet some gooners still believe our transfer kitty is bigger then it’s made out to be? You don’t act like this if you have 75 million to play with.

My auntie loves a bargain when shopping. She will run to the reduced section. The odd Chocolate Eclair half price is cool if you want to save your pennies, that’s your prerogative. If she though tried to do a monthly shop with this method you might ask if she was okay.

At a time where football has never had more money, are we being tight or are we in trouble financially?

Dan Smith


  1. The businessmen at Arsenal failed to sustain their business model, despite getting a lot of money from the tickets, merchandises, sponsorships, investments, properties and player sales

    I just heard about Tierney’s/ Saliba’s names last season and they are already valued at 25+ M. Whereas our popular stars seem to have no value in the market

    I believe Arsenal have been mismanaged badly and the only way to restore the brand’s value is by getting a major trophy. Arsenal have another shot at the Europa League in this season, but they would most likely not able to do that if they still rely on the same aging players

  2. Think arsenal wanted to put an add on in if we won the champions league (I know don’t laugh ? )then that would be part of the sum .
    The club gets worse year after year .
    Take January for example ,we were struggling in the league and Emery said we wanted a winger or we were looking for one ,what does he do he brings in Dennis S from Barca ,I thought we wouldn’t do another Kim kalstrom again ,but boy we did and trumped that one ,then Sven leaves because of it .the whole club are incompetent and I can’t see how it gets better .

    1. Yes and Tierney played less than (I think) 10 times last season due to injury and is still getting over a double hernia operation so wouldn’t be be fit to start the coming season. I’m beginning to see a pattern there……

      1. KT made 43 appearances last season, 60 the season before that…. Don’t buy into this whole ‘injury prone’stuff…. Yes he is recovering from injury right now but the lad is a tireless workhorse normally, bombing it up and down the flanks week after week for the Bhoys….. Make no doubts about it if we get this deal done we have got a steal of a deal.
        Whilst I’m no expert, the wife is a Celtic fan so I’ve watched this lad season after season and for me personally I rate him better than Robertson,certainly miles beyond our current options and I don’t think he will take long to adapt to our league at all

  3. Well if we’re going to keep sodding about like this, I’ll be absolutely flabbergasted if we sign anyone!!
    In today’s crazy world of football, 25m is nothing!! So why oh why will teams settle for instalments, on such a small amount?! Does this mean we’re still paying for Laca & Auba.. as we “paid” a lot more for them both..
    Well right now, all I can see is… we’ll miss out on all of our targets & settle for past it freebies. If,when the window closes, it’s completely different, I’ll hold my hands up & feel a bit of an idiot ? it’s just very disappointing how we’re conducting our business & I’m really not looking forward to another mediocre season of defending…
    Nice article, Dan Smith ?

  4. Did we also will close our eyes that barcelona own a debt nearly 888 M euro (we build emirate stadium just for half that price), just from players tranfers and salaries

    1. It’s not normal. Arsenal are abnormal. They cant get NORMAL deals over the line. Why? Because we have a **** for an owner.

      1. Nt only that Sean, but also very inept management. Last year we got deals done quickly with Sven on board. Now with Raul and the other git, nothing is happening.

  5. The saddest aspect of our failure to sign Tierney is not just our unrealistic attitude towards the payment of the £25m.No it’s the fact that we don’t seem to appreciate what a great opportunity we are missing.Tierney is in my view superior to the lad from Crystal Palace for whom Man Utd paid £50m,For a young lad who is not a full international and who, based on his performances for the England under 21 side has a lot to learn.Tierney is up there with Robertson of Liverpool and Chilwell of Leicester who are without a doubt the top left backs in the PL.Surely to God the Arsenal hierarchy must realise that within a few months their £25m investment will be worth double that sum.That’s how confident I am in the ability of the Celtic man.For £25m there is not a financial risk.Get on and get the deal done.

    1. ? I concur, Grandad.
      The same people turn up their noses at Emerson, a full Brazilian international, who can play on the left or right and is at a bargain price. With Edu, hopefully Arsenal will have better access to the South American market. Normally Arsenal and others only get interested when the player comes to Europe and the player value escalates.

  6. Luton Town climbing through leagues to the championship have had more success in this transfer
    Window in player sales and signings!
    So why can’t we shift our deadwood to championship sides at a reduced price?

    1. Neil listen mate its not easy next to impossible to shift players like ozil and mustafi because of their wages even if arsenal give them away for free, if it was you would you give up on your fat wages, blame wengers regime for the mess we are in

      1. Sorry, but WHO actually doesn’t want them?
        Not on the official website, although you can see them wearing the new adidas kit.
        Didn’t realise wenger’s regime was still involved in raisng £25,000,000 and/or putting in unacceptable clauses either.
        Note: Must keep up with current affairs under kronkies ownership.
        Sure he would see the sense in paying off their contracts and let them walk away for nothing…no wonnder he’s a billionare!!!

        1. Your losing a endless battle Ken ,they won’t respond and even if they did they have it imprinted in their brains that wenger is all to blame for all this mess .
          But good luck trying .

          1. Dan, while these fans keep denying facts and make up ridiculous claims and stories, I’ll keep reminding them.

            It’ll be interesting to see what comes back from my questions to gerry burke.

            I wonder sometimes if we all live in parallel worlds, where we can select things to suit our own agendas.

            Perhaps I didn’t live through the Wenger years and it was Bruce Rioch who delivered the goodies…but, as always, I checked my clubs history and there it was…in black and white.

            It’s also a wonder to me how easily people can spend other people’s money…cut them loose, take the hit and start again…costing towny254 exactly nothing.

            I’ve even got Ann accusing me and the rest of the s/t holders selfish because I renewed it.
            She failed to tell me exactly what it was she had given up for her beloved Arsenal, but I’m sure it’s something more valuable than a mere season ticket.
            Awaiting her reply as well!!!

          2. Yes I’ve just seen Ann’s comment on the other article ,comedy gold that one .
            She also told us to get rid of Auba and replace him in the team with the new Brazilian kid we signed .

          3. Ken, I’ve responded to a number of your comments without reply. I have also responded to Ann’s ridiculous expectation that season ticket holders should give up their tickets to one of the tens of thousands on the waiting list and go to the back of the queue.

  7. It’s not the installment plan they object to…. They just want the full 25 mill guaranteed rather than part performance add ons and as much as I want to see the lad wearing our colours next season I honestly can’t blame them for sticking to their guns as KT is worth every penny and more if I’m honest.
    Can’t say I blame our club for trying to go the add on route though…. Take the media bias away and really this is just the normal negotiating procedure for most clubs…. Low bid to start the ball rolling (especially in this case where the sellers have a history of selling talent cheaply), followed by a realistic bid (it’s full 25 they wanted just not how they want it) …. this time they are being stubborn and it didn’t work, hopefully the third one gets it over the line.
    Maybe things aren’t going as quickly as we would like but I’m willing to hold my judgement till the window shuts then see what the club has manage to accomplish

    1. If I had a grand for every season I’ve heard that…

      ‘lets just wait and see’..

      Although you’re right, the reality is we have no option. But I suspect anothe uninspiring transfer window and conversely season.

      But when the owner isn’t in it to win it how can anybody else be.

      1. It’s true “wait and see” is our catchphrase every season but this time I actually have a glimmer of hope (probably foolish I know) but things started slow, then Edu finished up with Brazil, then the three head honchos went over to the States, watched some training, had a meeting with Satan and then suddenly things are moving… KT bid goes in, we match the spuds on Saliba and start getting motivated on Soares (if reports are to be believed).
        Combined with Freddie promotion I have to believe that underneath the media circus we actually have a game plan.
        Last season was closer than the media give us credit for…. Maybe with a few tweaks it will be enough….. With all our unshiftable deadwood I think its the best we can hope for right now, only so many spots available on the squad after all and we have youth that deserve their chances

        1. Reading that Tierney bid was £18 million + £7 million in add ons and bonuses to be paid in installments.

          So add £3 million to 1st offer and then possibly up to £7 million in add ons depending on results?

          If true no wonder Celtic slapped it down. Is this Raul or Huss area for the club?

          Maybe club will get serious next week, this week all shits and giggles from management.

          Any truth to news that when Josh Kronke greeted media for Arsenal v/s Colorado he was wearing LA Rams shirt and Nike shoes?

          Was her seriously promoting LA Rams for Arsenal pre game? Shockingly unaware and utterly tone deaf. If so everything is fully explained then.

          Arsenal FC, the bank of the LA Rams.

    2. Hopefully sp**rs won’t there outbidding arsenal by the time we get down to putting in ur projected 3rd bid.

      1. I have a mate North of the border who hears things every now and again…. He told me the moment the KT bid went in it was going to be rejected if it included add ons (mentioned it on a prev thread)…. He’s heard that Celtic are confident a third bid will be going in soon for full 25 (probably installments) and its likely to be accepted.
        Could just be idle chatter but gives me hope lol

  8. Just shows how much club miss Sven’s presence. Last window players identified early, club had a plan, seemed more confident in the market. Guendouzi was genius business and showed Sven’s talents.

    This year I though defense was a priority? No CB, backup RB, or even CM they admitted they need with Ramsey gone.

    Without Sven club looks amateurish, unsure of themselves and bids all over the place. Struggling with £25 million for Tierney, but throw out rumored £40 million flyer for Zaha and now £36 million for Soares.

    What happened with fixing defense? Will we settle with RB on a free? If they wanted Tierney could have wrapped it up last week if club was serious.

    Tone deaf from board and club management. All that talk last year, blah blah blah, and back to same old behavior, despite fan unrest. Showing no ambition, and waiting for what excuses Raul and company come up with.

    Sven please come back, we need you, even moreso with our cheapness.

  9. It’s sad to see our club in this position. Even Leicester City and Aston Villa are spending to make something of themselves. Even the Spuds have just bought a £60 mill player and they have just built a stadium. How do supporters accept this? It is simply unnaceptable. We are being abused as supporters. Please don’t accept it.

    1. The problem is, propoganda, misinformation and marketing works..

      As it does in politics it does so in business. And AFC under kroenke is pure business without success on the field.

      Kentucky Fried Kroenke.

  10. It’s an absolute joke. And every year its getting worse and worse. We cant get rid of our crap players to buy better players. And what is a budget of 45 million gonna get you. And then the club get linked with 80 million players. It’s a joke from top to bottom

  11. Bottom line is this, Stan has paid just over a billion for something that is worth double.
    His job is done, he has zero interest in anything else apart from the valuation.
    Now watch the club post huge losses as he creams out the money as he has no AGM to answer.
    Its a cash cow and an appreciating asset the football is secondary and the fans are just an irritant.
    He didnt even go to a European Final.
    Josh is on Stan training course to develop thick skin.
    He is a fans worst nightmare of an owner, its not going to improve, deal with it.
    Hes not listening and he doesn’t care.

  12. 46000 signatures already. Right now at a pace of 30 a minute. If you haven’t signed the petition #wecaredoyou you should go to Avaaz and do it.
    Besides not going to games, this is the only tool we have to draw attention to the problem.

  13. it’s right and proper for arsenal to be cautious especially the add ons in case of performance injury and the rest of the malaki that goes with transfers no matter what the amount

  14. we were sold a dream , and the one and only salesman was wenger. he claimed it was his stadium, his dream. how much did he get for all those lies i wonder.i hate bringing that mans name up here, he has gone and good riddance to him, but, we believed every word that came out of his mouth back then , because he was who he was , and he loved arsenal .and i still see people on here, at every opportunity, defending him to the last.i just dont get it , what is wrong with these supposedly intellegent and longtime arsenal supporters. can they not see what their guru has done to this club i often wonder. we are all entitled to our opinions, and this is the real beauty of this page, but guys , come on , he is gone , FOREVER. he has gone to a new mega rich cuper club. they wwas queues of clubs rushing for him to become their manager when he left the emirates. i do wonder how that is working out . is there some kind of secret message in that fact.

    1. gerry burke, in your latest tirade against AW, not once have you mentioned the sole owner of the club, a certain Mr Kronkie.

      The article is asking why we cannot afford £25 million for a player, yet you haven’t even attempted to answer this question…instead launching into yet another one of slagging off of the most successful manager we have ever had.

      What does it matter to the fanbase where AW is now working, or even if he wants/needs to work again?

      The plans for a new stadium were first mooted long before AW arrived, in fact the board realised years before that Highbury ( a wonderful stadium) simply wasn’t big enough to accomodate the supply and demand of the supporters.
      The death knoll was when the Thatcher government decided that stadiums became all seater affairs, reducing capacity down to 38,000 from a record 73,000 standing capacity.

      It wasn’t AW’s dream, strangely you give him too much credit!!!

      Please give me chapter and verse as to where “he claimed it was his stadium, his dream”, as I can’t find that quote anywhere and you must certainly have it.

      As manager at the time, along with the board, especially the driving force of Ken Friar, he had imput into the design etc, Why does that seem so strange to you?
      Everyone associated with The Emirates should be proud of their achievements don’t you think?
      What you need to remember is that the timing and cost of the emirates were delivered as planned, unlike spuds ( double plus the cost and 19 months late) or the new Wembley ( millions over budget ant two years late).
      A dream of one man? No, a reality of planning and costing delivered as promised by The Arsenal Football Club board members and shareholders.

      Then you say what he has done to this club…let me remind you:
      The Invincibles – 7 fa cup wins – 3 premier league titles – double winning squads – CL final and two semi-finals (never done before by any other AFC manager) – 20 consecutive years in the CL – 20 consecutive years in the top four.

      If you care to work out what those years of success has bought to the club, monetary wise and using wickipedia and fa blogs for confirmation of figures, the sum is well over one and a half billion pounds minimum…let alone the sponsers who wanted to be associated with this success, along with the TV channels who saw The Arsenal as a great footballing side to watch.

      Unlike you, while pointing out these small things you might have forgotten, I also acknowledge the awful mistakes he has made, in the transfer market – with his obstinate manner – reliance on players who were out of form – heavy and humiliating defeats.

      He wasn’t a guru, or even a saint, but he WAS the manager who dragged our club from the dull, defensive football of the disgraced GG, through the lamentable six months of Rioch to heights that NO ONE ever dreamed was possible for our club.

      Once again, unlike you, I acknowledge he stayed too long both from the club and his own well being.

      I’m not sure what secret message you seem to want others to see, once he left The Arsenal, the club went one way and he went the other.

      So finally, here’s another three question for you to answer: Since the announcement that Arsene Wenger was leaving over eighteen months ago.
      1. Exactly what has improved or changed within the club?
      2. What influence do you think kronkie has within the club?
      3. what influence does AW have on the £25,000,000 transfer report?

      No secret message required, just your opinion as a supposedly intelligent and long time supporter.
      I have given mine, a supporter for over 65 years and my intelligence?…well I guess that’s for others to decide.

      Looking forward to your detailed replies, if possible, to my questions.

      1. KEN1945, you are totally obsessed with the previous manager, give it up, he is not coming back. as to the questions you ask , forgive me for not pandering to your ridicilous requests. all you do on here is get your little dig in about the sacked one, every chance you get you always say the same thing. so please dont ask me any further questions, i am not going to dance to our tune is about the here and now , yesterdays game is long forgotten. except for the one fool who tried to destroy our great club.

        1. In other words, you haven’t got a clue how to answer the questions.

          It was YOU who brought up AW in a post that was asking about Tierney and £25,000,000 not me…you even apologised for doing it!!!!

          No need for me to think about asking any more questions, because it is quite obvious you really don’t have any answers, even to straightforward questions.

          Just the same old BS about AW trying to destroy our great club – let’s just hope UE can do a better job at it then!!!
          Suggest you take the time to explore the history of our great club, especially the planning of the emirates at least.

          1. Ken, thank you for your great summation of the building of the Emirates Stadium and the comparison with similar facilities.
            As a Civil/Structural Engineer and Project Manager myself, great credit should be given to the project management, architects, structural and civil engineers, contractors and all workers associated with this project. Arsene Wenger and the Board deserve credit as “the client” for selecting the companies involved and successfully managing the interfaces occurring during the progress of the project.
            There is an excellent documentary on YouTube detailing the design and construction of the Emirates. Worth watching!

  15. Ita not that arsenal cant afford 25m but the fact tierney has a recent serious injury to come back from. Arsenal want to do 5m based on appearances, knowing the short term he will not be playing. But Celtic also knowing this, dont care.

    If arsenal have up their bid for salina, as indicated in media, and everton is a true rumour for 34m, that will end up being 89m on 3 players, of whom 1 is loaned back and the other is injured.

    So the sense in add ons is smart but doesnt mean others have to agree with it.

    Alves, if genuine il get because bellerin isn’t ready, and M.Niles can be used as an extra midfielder, even right wing.

    I suspect we should be looking forward to seeing what our young boys can bring. I have 4 or 5 players their alone who can have an impact this season. If given the chances

  16. The Arsenal you knew and fell in love went with Arsene Wenger and will not return. Only Arsene could be creative a £45M budget. He would have kept Ramsey and added a defender. This guy is used to working with bigger budgets.

    1. Yea he would of kept Ramsy but paid him 350K pw salary and give our captain three year contract and a salary raise

      AW lost his bottle years ago and should of fight for the club he loves and not for being Stan’s puppet just to stay another three years, he went from hero to zero in that period for most of us suporters and the world of footballing experts

      1. Tas, facts as always please.

        Wenger brought ina rule that players over 30 plus would only get a yearly contract.
        How much is Ramsey earning at Juve and do they think he’s worth it? Where did you read £350,000 a week…I read it was £500,000 a week the same as Sanchez!! Who do we believe?
        I presume you meant “chanting his name, so what do you think he feels about those fans who abused him in public at railway stations,etc etc
        Hero to zero by experts? No 30 in the top 50 managers of all times the last time I looked (last week).
        Agree he should have gone two years before he did though, just after winning yet another trophy, beating chelsea with those inadequate, useless, mentally unstable dross players.

        How do you think he managed it with kronkie pulling the strings of the puppet?
        No need to talk about it, certain members of the fanbase seem to have all the answers it seems.
        I thought those bosses sacked him, so where’s the loyalty angle?

        1. It was reported Ramsy wanted 350K pw to stay,

          yes your right I meant chanting,

          yes he was abused the last three years which is the period he should of fought for the club and demand better players or leave,

          And yes he was sacked and that’s why I think he owes us the truth because I do belive he was controlled rather then most thought he ran Arsenal from top to bottom

          Agree he should have gone two years before he did though, just after winning yet another trophy, beating chelsea with those inadequate, useless, mentally unstable dross players= don’t you think players lost the fighting edge once they all realised the lack of clubs ambition

          it’s what overwhelming amount of suporters and experts saw so no I don’t have all the answers but it was what it was and we are suffering today because of bad decisions made in AWs last few days

          1. Tas,
            If you believe that AW should have stood up for better players or leave…why are you not demanding that of our present coach?
            Both men were/are working under the rules of the sole owner of The Arsenal, who has complete and utter decision on everything…if you don’t believe that, then there is no point in going any further.

            We both agree that AW should have left two seasons before he did, but to ignore what the man achieved before that is ridiculous.
            I would go further than you regarding those last two years, the first being all about his own contract and would he go or stay. He lost focus.
            The second year, in my opinion, he lost the dressing room and the rest is history.

            So I am not blinkered in my thoughts, but I also remember what this man did for the club.

            What do you think has changed since he left?

            The contract policy (Lichsteiner on £70,000 a week)?
            Players running down contracts (Ramsey)?
            Transfer dealings (Tierney, saliba)?
            Players going on strike?
            Humiliating defeats (chelsea in europa final)?
            CL qualification?

            Perhaps seeing UE struggling under this owner might have opened the eyes of some of what the so called “overwhelming amount of supporters and experts saw” – such as the 50,000 plus who recognised the man at the end of the Burnley game, or the expert players who lined up to sing the mans praises from Adams to Bergkamp.

            We are suffering TODAY because of the current set up, offering ludicrous amounts of money for player transfer, signing has- beens on £70,000 a week and not forgetting that “since the start of 2018 Arsenal have added NINE new players, let a player valued at roughly £40,000,000 go for nothing, renewed six contracts at vastly improved salaries and signed a loanee who played approx. 45 minutes during six months he was with us on god knows what salary and completely restructured the backroom staff…ALL FACTS and nothing fiction or guesswork.

            What the hell has all these FACTS got to do with Arsene Wenger?
            He lost control of all the above when gazidis brought in the three wise men…remember, the day two years ago, when we “got our Arsenal back”?

            None of us have the answers, but to blame one man, two years after control was taken from him is not the reason we are struggling today – it’s the owner kronkie.

          2. Ken, I believe you are unfair to compare Unai Emery, the “head coach” moving into his second year of a two year contract, with Arsene Wenger who was “manager” at Arsenal for 22 years.
            Arsene Wenger had a stature and credibility based on the Club’s achievements that should have allowed him to stand up to Kroenke and the Board; however to the end he remained “the good company man”.
            At the end of the season, after two years we will see how Unai Emery acts.
            My concern is that Kroenke and the Board have decided it costs less to churn through coaches, than to address the real issues of squad quality and depth at the Emirates.

  17. I believe that this budget thing is a smokescreen

    My predictions for this summer is as follows:

    1. We will sign Saliba, Fekir, Tierney, Lars Bender, Ziyech, Fraser and Zaha

    2. We will sell Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Mustafi, Xhaka, Elneny and Jenkinson

    3. Reiss Nelson, Smith Rowe will join the senior squad when premier league starts

      1. His still keeping quite about the whole thing that’s loyalty to your bosses f…k the suporters who cheated your name for decades

  18. As a Celtic fan, what would you think if I said Arsenal were still offering £15m but with the caveats of another £5m when Kieran Tierney plays 50 EPL games and another £5m when Arsenal reach the group stages of the Champions League?

    To put that into perspective, he needs to play nearly two full seasons of first-team football for Celtic to gain the extra £5m and Celtic have to wait AT LEAST one full season for Arsenal to not only qualify for the Champions League but also make the Group Stages to access the next £5m.

    Now, given that most transfers consist of payment in three tranches (40% at the time of transfer and then two further payments of 30% at specified times), Celtic would receive £6m up front (40%) and then two payments of £4.5m (30%) over the next two seasons or transfer windows, whichever is specified in the deal. This would equate to £15m, over a max of a three year period. However, the two added caveats may never be realised and Celtic are then £10m out of pocket. If he was to be a success what is there in place to stop Arsenal from selling him on once he has played 49 games? Even if Celtic have a 10% sell on clause (as was the case with Virgil Van Dyke and Victor Wanyama and, I believe, Stuart Armstrong)they would still be out of pocket to the tune of £10m.

    This is the problem with the whole deal. Arsenal wants a player that Celtic value at £25 million but only want to pay £6 million up front which equates to 24% of the player’s value.

    You may also consider that although KT has just had a double Hernia operation he is also suffering from Osteitis pubis which has been an ongoing issue for some time. This would also increase the time frame to unlock the magical 50 EPL game cash.

    1. Thinking Time, thanks for the information and why the deal has not yet gone through.

      I wonder just what picture our club paints to you up in Scotland?

      When we find our previous manager, rest assured we will skin him alive for proposing such a nonsense proposal…good old brendan rodgers knows how to conduct transfer business that’s for sure.

  19. How about telling ozil and mustafi yous are playing with the reserves if you want to stay or drop your wage demands and get a move to another club ,ask 20 million for ozil….15 million for mustafi ,then buy tierney happy days

  20. West Ham will soon announce the signing of Sebastian Haller for a fee of £45m which is Arsenal’s rumoured transfer kitty this transfer window. Jokers

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