How can Arsenal pick themselves up for the trip to Chelsea?

Arsenal may have lost our first three League games this season, but at least we had a few mitigating circumstances, like injuries, Covid and playing the two Champions League finalists.

But after that we picked ourselves up and went on a ten-game unbeaten run and somehow slowly but surely fought our way into contention for the Champions League places.

But now we have just had a run of three games, which if we had won we would be practically guaranteed Top Four, but somehow we have lost all three of them to confirmed mid-table opponents.

Now we have the daunting task of going to Stamford Bridge on Wednesday, and how must the players be feeling after yesterday’s embarrassing defeat by Southampton? Arteta told after the game: “They are really down today, and they are down because they cannot find the right answer apart from what we can do better around the box, and not to win the match. That’s the frustration – when somebody is better than you you shake their hands and you have to do something, you have to believe yourself you have to be critical of yourself. But when it’s happening the way it happened – apart from 25 minutes against Palace, and some period against Brighton in the first half – it’s very difficult to explain, and accept.”

Could the boys suddenly bounce back to beat a Chelsea side that completely destroyed Southampton 6-0 just a week ago? It seems a big ask, if not impossible. Chelsea followed up that saints win by going to the Bernabeau and were a hairs breadth away from beating Real Madrid 3-0 in the Champions League. Today the Blues are taking on Crystal Palace, who brushed us aside 3-0 just a few weeks ago, and if Chelsea win that too, they will be in supremely confident form before welcoming Arsenal to the Bridge on Wednesday.

Can anyone see Arteta picking up Arsenal’s spirits enough to put up a fight against Chelsea?

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  1. I regret to say that Arteta seems to be treading water and maybe the dressing room is not working.

  2. Since you’re making up excuses for the first two losses, you forgot to make one up for the third. Oh yeah, they were the newly promoted Championship leaders. My bad. I forgot about injuries and Covid and all…IJS

    1. That’s what they’re good at “EXCUSES “. No matter how poor they player plays and the manager runs the club, they’ll give excuses. See where arsenal is now.
      I have a question for them; if arsenal can’t pick themselves up against Southampton that Chelsea beat 6:0, is it Chelsea they’re gonna measure up?
      Highly optimistic to say the least…

  3. We won’t pick up against Chelsea.

    Had the chance to pick up against BHA, nothing changed.

    Had the chance to pick up against Saints, nothing changed.

    Why would anything change?

  4. Arsenal are average.
    When the pressure was on they collapsed.
    I would rather they just settle for being a mid-table team rather than talk about champions league and challenging the likes of Liverpool.
    We ARE a mid table team that has just over achieved for a little while and reality has now caught up.
    With a mid-table manager and mid table ownership that has no interest in winning trophies.
    The only problem is the fans who still believe Arsenal are a big club.
    I would have though years of failure would have shown otherwise by now…

  5. for now Arsenal should be prepared for trip of 3 nil against chelsea nothing we shall do just we move on.

  6. Honestly if i was Arteta i would rather aim for Europa and try and actually win it
    I know we are a big club and all arsenal fans including me find it hard to agree but lets just agree our transfer were horrible and teams that were already better than us further improved leaving us far behind
    Getting UCL will end up in a humiliating exit

    Instead finish 5th sign the cf we need(if the player believes in our project he wont need ucl) the midfield we need and go for the next season with full force all the small holes will be filed by then our young and inexperienced players and gaffer will have some experience

    Now i understand u guys will say sp*ds and man utd will get better, but i dont agree with that

    Conte will have 12 months on his contact he himself said he is here o win the pl if h feels cant and wont get his 200mil+ transfer kitty he will resign (high possibility)

    Man utd well no disrespect to ten Hag he is a brilliant gaffer but u success in dutch league doesn’t mean the same can be reciprocated in epl besides while there squad quality is good there is some serious ego issue and they need a revamp and i dont think on summer is enough

    1. Why does a Gooner use the name you do ? Serious question, as to me it looks very odd. Presumably you have a reason, so care to share it?

      1. How does his name relate to the topic or the fact your darling manager has failed us again??? something to take the spotlight off your fave I guess

    2. Finishing fourth will evidently be academic if we don’t have a dramatic upturn in performances. However, I don’t believe Arsenal should be aiming for the EL.
      Whether we make the CL or EL we will need to strengthen in the next transfer window. The relative thinness and inexperience of the squad is a likely contributor to the current run of poor results.
      We have no idea how well either MU or Spurs will recruit and then perform and we can’t really worry too much about that. What Arsenal can do something about is Arsenal’s squad which is currently light in several key areas.

      1. Yes strengthening our management in the next transfer window would be a start David ,the inexperience of Arteta is likely the main contributor to our current run of
        Poor form not the squad because these
        Are the players that Arteta wanted or are you saying the players the manager signed are not good enough and if so why are you blaming them rather than the man who signed them .

        1. At this point I agree with you Arteta has a high ceiling, he certainly can be a top manager, if not the best but now he lacks experience

          But I just can’t think of a manger who can take us forward from now

          The person who seemed ideal was Ten Hag

          Who’s on ur list?

  7. This is the result of poor man management.Proper rotation is of paramount importance in keeping the squad fresh, fit, and with players prepared to challenge each other for a place in the squad ,the increased competition raises everyone standards and expectations. Bias and favouritism does the opposite to the team. The regulars don’t see the need to get better ,while, the bench warmers become dis enfranchised. Even when they are given a rare chance ,they are not match fit mentally and otherwise to perform as they play with more fear than freedom, and fail.There were quite a few occasions when squad players could have gotten a lot more minutes that would have helped to their confidence,but, Arteta chose not to. I think Arteta and Edu are responsible for this current predicament. Firstly, Edu have failed in his job ,when the chances of selling and replacing players like Pepe, Nketiah, Elneny, Maitland-Niles, Holding, Lacazette and Guendouzi for reasonable sums arose. Why did Arsenal keep most of these players and not use them,except for Lacazette. Edu has clearly mismanaged the club’s assets because of his poor negotiation skills. Unless, he is replaced , Arsenal will not find the quality players needed. Top teams have quality depth not a bunch of highly overrated players like Ben White.

  8. Their are signs we are slowly picking ourselves up, will it be quickly enough for the Chelsea game only time will tell.

    If only we had played the two previous games similar to yesterday, I would have satisfied.
    Should we played the remaining seven matches in the same order as yesterday with complete dominance and creating quality chances then I will take that all day

  9. I have absolutely zero confidence about the game at Chelsea, the way we play and our set up is not inspiring. I have heard that a few players are not happy but im not surprised. Things don’t look right on the surface. It all looks a bit subdued and laclustre. We will see what fight there is.

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