How dare Arteta claim that Arsenal have ‘non-negotiable standards’?

‘Non-negotiable standards’ is the buzz word at the moment.

Mikel Arteta is very good at saying what people want to hear. That’s why he was praised in his first ever managerial press conference. He talked about standards and not allowing anyone to not meet the ethos of the shirt.

He spoke about our history and traditions, that when Arsenal knock on your door, it’s a different kind of sound.

Every fan loves when their club is spoken of in this manner.

It’s romantic to think that somehow your club are so special they have a core set of values you must adhere too if you want to pull on the shirt. That they represent integrity and honour.

Our manager wants to present himself as a man who understands Arsenal’s values and who won’t tolerate them not being met.

The only issue is ……. it’s not true, is it?

When it suits Arteta, he will preach about principles. Either to use a player as a scapegoat to take the focus off finishing 8th twice, or an excuse to yet again reduce our wage bill.

Arsene Wenger warned in his final few months as our manager that we were in danger of losing the proud values that had made us renowned for.

Even our rivals would acknowledge Arsenal did things the ‘right way …. the Arsenal Way’.

The story goes that Herbert Chapman spent money out of his own pocket to create the “Marble Halls”.

He wanted the moment that the opposition walked into the stadium they were aware that the Gunners did everything with a touch of class.

Mr Wenger’s concerns were born out of the verbal abuse he received from a section of our fan base, abuse he will ‘never forget’.

YouTubers who got views based on how loud they shouted, educating a next generation of fans that its standard to swear at your own players if they don’t play well.

The likes of Mustafi and Xhaka went into detail about the extent of the trolling they received and how it impacted them mentally.

Death threats, wishing cancer on babies!

Mr Wenger’s cared enough to challenge those fans, Arteta hasn’t.

Where were our non-negotiable standards when we promised our squad that a 12.5 pay cut would save staff jobs?

Arsenal had the nerve to purposely leak to the press that Ozil had refused, knowing full well Ozil was telling the truth and that jobs wouldn’t be saved.

Tell the 55 men and women made redundant that Arsenal have non-negotiable standards.

Tell the Muslims suffering in China that Arsenal have non-negotiable standards.

The club released a statement where they wouldn’t support a very straight forward stance from Ozil that Muslims were being treated unlawfully in the country.

I guess you can have values until China don’t show your game on TV.

Look how we treated the German midfielder. The club regretted offering a salary that they voluntarily chose.

Instead of taking a financial hit like most businesses have to do they played every cruel trick to try and force him to leave.

Ozil was banned from even attending the FA Cup Final so he could cheer on his teammates.

Sokratis was equally paid to sit at home.

Arteta would essentially lie, saying Guendouzi had a fresh chance when he clearly didn’t.

Pepe and Aubameyang are the latest scapegoats as we quietly continue to reduce our wage bill.

Shouldn’t part of your non-negotiable standards be to train and teach talent to be better? Not just give up on them.

Compare in two years the amount of players Arteta has frozen out compared to Mr Wenger’s 22.

Then of course there is the Super League!

Where were our non-negotiable standards when it came to trying to take our Arsenal away from us? Where was the thought in how that would impact English Football?

Make no mistake, if their peers hadn’t pulled out Arsenal would be bottom of the Super League right now with zero incentive to be better, due to zero relegation, meaning they got 300 million just for competing.

Over time we would play more games in America and probably have our name changed.

Less than a year after trying to break away, how anyone at Arsenal can claim non-negotiable standards is such a lack of self-awareness.

Thousands of Gooners protested for a reason.

It’s not because you are following the values we are used too.

Thierry Henry and Bergkamp have equally accused the club of losing it’s identify.

So when Arteta talks about Arsenal not accepting actions that don’t meet our core values. It’s when it suits him and when he can benefit.

On this occasion dropping the captain overshadowed the defeat at Everton and will convince some that it’s okay to again reduce the wage bill.

It’s a kind of genius though.

You take a club to their worst League position in 25 years, produce a boring style of football, yet boast about non-negotiable standards.


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  1. Can we have some positivity please?
    Lots of history there and nobody can be compared to Arsene because he’s a legend so making the comparison is unhelpful.
    You talk about vebal abuse and this article feels like a watered down version of the same thing but directed at Arteta.
    You talk about, “a boring style of football” but last night Mikel and the boys produced a magnificent performance got me, an unbeliever in Mikel, well excited and loved every minute of the match. It’s not the same as Arsene’s Arsenal but it is still Arsenal. If last nights style of play is Arteta ball then win lose or draw I will be happy as long as the boys put in a shift and show the bravery they did last night.

    1. What a terrible article in my opinion. Wrong from start to end! Why did the fans turn on Mustafi & Xhaka and why are the fans singing the names of Saka & ESR? Can the writer answer this question?Are the professional football players not showing professionalism of the pitch? Abuse can never be tolerated, but crticism and boos are not abuse, those are reactions to an incident of the individual and not the individual. Playing the devil’s advocate with failed and flop players will not hold every time. It gets boring reading the same trash over again. I know the response will be not to read the matter. Then why did those take offense to Mr. Jon Fox’s comment of 2-0? (BTW that was a good one!). Ozil’s comments on China’s citizens was getting political and non sporting. If that was the case why did he not approach the UN? What about the minorities of the worlds suffering under the majorities in some areas of the world? Was he blind or myopic? Good Mikel good rid of useless players hired by Wenger, hence it hurt the fan club and the abuse to our dedicated manager will continue, even if he won us the UCL. Kudos to Mikel, may he have a long stint with us and make us a proper football club again by removing the maliase which was holding our club back since 2010 when the EPL was then a 2-3 horse race. Shame and ridicule for those who supported laxity and mediocrity.

      1. Excellent piece LC. may I add Ozil’s comment was not just bordering on political but outright hypocrisy. Calling out China while keeping silent on his best friend Erdogan fomenting “civil war” in Syria and brutalizing kurds..

      2. You are the hypocritical fans who have led to the decay and decline of Arsenal. The Article above is absolutely right and we know how the truth hurts. Arteta is a sell-out and a scam. A puppet of the Kroenkes. Thats why Josh speaks highly of him despite the fact that we know he is utterly responsible for every hard time we are experiencing now.

        We have no midfielders, yet Arteta let Guendouzzi go. Partey leaves for AFCON in Jan.

        This scam has also given Xhaka the arm-band after telling us to f**k off. I personally forgave him for that, but he doesnt deserve the arm-band.

        Guendouzzi is freezed for doing what Xhaka didnt do, right???

        1. Lol… If I were Xhaka, I’ll personally tell All of y’all to go phuck yourselves.
          Look at you demanding respect from the footballer when you guys don’t give him any.
          His job description doesn’t include being paid to get abuses and personal attack on his family.
          How can you all dislike the man so much for finally having too much of your crap and giving you a dose of your own medicine.
          Y’all can give abuses, but can’t take one?

      3. But you answer your own question
        Booing is fine
        Abuse isn’t
        Some fans wished death on his wife and cancer on his daughter
        That’s vile .
        Stopped reading after that mate a as if your defending that then can’t help

        1. Read carefully pal, i said abuse cannot be tolerated, and those who wished that on the player are scum, but when booed on the pitch, Xhaka did the gesture. Period!Why no one boos ESR or Saka? Because they give their best on the pitch. If your golden boys Mustafi, Ozil and Xhaka played that way each game we would be in Europe by now or top 3 based on the wages they earned,only to down tools and have managers sacked.Sorry Pal, accept the article is in bad taste.

          1. It’s funny how fans forget. You all people you forgot. You the guy who is turning a blind eye to arsenal fan base scapegoating specific players. Don’t you dare pew out that rubbish is because of performance. No I disagree. Ozil played for the shirt on pitch and when under Wenger, he was a joy to watch. He scored one of his favourite goals wearing an arsenal shirt. He was a player that made things easy on the pitch because he was used to his strength. But under arrest his tactics was not Wenger’s tactics so Ozil strength was not considered because we chase the ball which is exhaustive in my opinion. Because under Wenger, Auba was fine scoring up to 20 goals per season but under arrest, the guy is struggling for form not because of his form but the tactics. Such tactics made Laca an mid-average player and partey another waste of money cause these players are not properly utilize. The issue with Ozil was far from an onfield issue as many posited. We played Leeds at home and were all over the place. Let’s play Man city and see if we would be all over the place. Let’s play Chelsea if we will be all over the place. Arteta is the coach here, his tactics is the issue why some players will not get along so he would do all he can to get them off. Clearly Auba started deteriorating under him. He should stop this media propaganda cause I know better. We all scapegoated Oliver when he was with us. Oh he is that and he is this but he taught us a lesson in the Europa Final. Toreira is doing well outside the club so all this goes to show me is that the managers tactics is not working for the players mentioned. If Wenger manage Pepe, he would be world class, that man turns shit to something good. I have asked who has arteta Improved. None, Saka game has dropped if you don’t see it then my friend you ain’t watching.

      4. Agreed that article wasn’t worth reading and I didn’t bother to finish it, seems the author doesn’t know much about Arsenal, and I second that Arteta has a long and trophy full stint with us.

    2. I wouldn’t have been crossed if last night had ended without 3pts for Arsenal.
      The shift the players put in, the press and pressure, being in the faces of Bully West Ham, and not tiring out in the later stages, couldn’t have asked for a better performance.
      Well, other than Martinelli not getting a knock and Saka becoming a killer in the box.

      1. the players whom the club trusted by paying them over the odds and you blindly supported, are the cause.

  2. This seems like a bit of a hysterical article.

    Arteta did not say what his nonnegotiable standards are. You seem to suggest they should include;

    fan behavior over which he has no direct control
    China’s treatment of Muslims over which he has no control
    The club’s financial appetite when it comes to hiring or firing over which he has probably very little say

    He does however have direct control over who he plays and if a player who broke an agreement or a rule Arteta directly controls gets reprimanded or not.

    A manager has to have a set of rules whatever they are and if those rules are never enforced what is the point of them?

    1. You are right. Mikel isnt running the whole club like Arsene was. pretty much all those choices in the article would have be made from above him

  3. A lot of smoke and mirrors here.
    But the reality is, Arteta has presumedly spoken about non-negotiables within “his” team.
    I’am personally not yet convinced Arteta is the right man to take us back to the top, but to involve him in all your personal agendas above, is way over the top.
    As long as he is the manager he is entitled to set the standards in the team matters, the Auba debacle actually is about.

  4. Interesting points and certainly some that as an Arsenal fan since the late ’50’s made were embarrassing to acknowledge.
    Yet so much of what you pointed out can be laid at the door of those higher up the food chain at the club… the board, the owners, previous DoF that are no longer with the club. When Arteta speaks of standards and lines not to be crossed I hear the manager of the team referring to the playing staff and to the clear expectations he has of behaviours and efforts pushing towards a common target.
    I can easily understand that if, as a player, you are not pulling in the same direction especially as a senior player amongst so many young ones, then you are on thin ice and if it persists you have no place in the dressing room.

  5. Don’t ruin the good feeling after we won two EPL games, just because you hate Arteta

    Arsenal and Arteta made some mistakes, but Ozil did too. Imagine if you’re a business owner and your employees slack off after getting huge pay raises

    If you really want Arteta to be sacked ASAP or if you want to drive more traffic to this website, you keep making those toxic and hateful articles. The disgusting method has obviously worked well for AFTV

    1. I agree GAI.. After a WH win and a fourth place in the league we still read shite.. My joy almost made it to the weekend but no this happened.. Coyg!!!

        1. “We are 4th because man u and spurs didn’t play”

          You sound certain that both of these teams would have won.. I need the lottery numbers for tomorrow..

          1. Hey mate if your happy then great
            If you said before man United game we lose to them and Everton but beat saints and west ham then no I wouldn’t be ecstatic

        2. No we are 4th because we beat Westham and didn’t pick a draw. It’s baseless criticism of a coach after winning 2 games. 5 goals 6 points and conceeding non. Let’s be hopeful for other games. A team’s form always start with a game, this could be another run of wins for Arsenal.

  6. Good read Dan but I would advise you to be ready for those pitchforks which undoubtedly will come your way in the next few hours .
    I don’t believe the article headline was yours which does not start your article off in the best of lights with Arteta fan club.
    Good read all the same and some interesting thoughts in there which I didn’t remember like the furlough of the 52 club employees.

  7. I agree to a large extent with the article, nothing against Arteta, the team is doing fine right now. As for Ozil, whatever opinion anyone has about him, one thing was crystal clear. The man had principles and spoke his mind out. He was frozen out of the team. I agree he produced at times a very lethargic performance but he was mentally disturbed about the way he was treated, about the way he was misquoted. He was someone who stood for the weak and suppressed and not afraid to speak his mind out. As far as footballing talent goes, Arsenal has got very few players in their history who were as talented as him, as artistic as him and as genius as him, when he was at his peak. I would rate only Ozil amongst our recent players to be in the Invincibles team, someone who would have made Vieira and Henry proud with his talent. A World Cup winner and a winner of multiple titles with Real Madrid, he could have been treated in a much better way than was done, very sad. How many of our current players would get into a World Cup winning squad and a confirmed starter for RM, maybe ESR and Saka. Everyone is entitled to his opinion, maybe Ozil stepped out a bit too far but he at no point deserved to be treated the way he was. He was one of Wengers best players and it is no small matter to be one of the Professors favourites. He spoke for the 55 Staff members who were rendered jobless and for their families. He spoke the truth and had to suffer for speaking the truth. There are many instances the Club is not right and when pointed out, nobody in the hierarchy likes it. I am a fan of Ozil but I agree he at times played the worst football but even Messi and Ronaldo have their bad days at the office. His later years were a failure as a footballer more due to personal issues and matters related to rifts with the management than due to his footballing talent which was unquestionable.

  8. I am afraid that that is the way things are run now, including our club, our country and the world. Buzz words cliches and lies are now the way things are done.

  9. This is a terrible article not needed at this time. We just won a good game against a good team and this? Come on… Arsenal FC is also an organization with workers in coaches and players. One has the right to hire and fire or change. The others work according to the instructions their boss has given. That’s what they are paid to do. If a boss decides to change a team leader, as long as the organization does not fall apart and his bosses are happy, you are strictly entitled to your opinion and absolutely no one cares.

  10. Sad to say as Mr kit puts it
    Here’s one pitch fork straight In to this article
    We lost our values when the old guard sold out to the Americans.
    For hard cash. Where the moral values in that?
    Top flight football are run is as a business now and unfortunately in this day and age running a business purely on values won’t get you far.
    Let’s enjoy a great performance and result we had from last night and move on to the next game
    I for one am feeling great from last nights result and may long it continue

    Onwards and upwards

  11. You’re entitled to your opinion, which I mostly disagree with, but the truth is that you don’t actually know why Aubameyang was dropped, or what the non-negotiables are. Maybe find out and then rewrite the article so you don’t waste my time… Just saying!

  12. LMAO might as well blame Arteta for global warming and go the Covid outbreak in England 😂😂
    Since he’s the one you can pin all your blames on.
    Must really be hard and tough to be an Arsenal fan for you folks because the stress and headacy Terta and Arsenal football club always giving y’all doesn’t seem like it’s coming to an end soon😂😂so brace up, you’ll b moaning for the next couple of years if Arteta is here or not

    1. “LMAO might as well blame Arteta for global warming and for the Covid outbreak in England”

      You forgot world hunger..

  13. When you have watched Arsenal play this season and the style of play we want to get to; can you honestly say Aubameyang has fit into that, and looked as hungry for the intensity as the rest of the team? Has he actually come across as a leader at any point this year?

    Half the time he does not look interested and does not fire up the team when the chips are down. He is a world class goal-scorer (is Kane a good captain for Spurs? no) who should not be leading a team when we have real leaders that could take that responsibility from a better position (Tierney, Gabriel, Odegaard (Norway captain), Lokonga (Anderlecht captain)).

    I think this could me a masterstroke of a move, Aubameyang just needs to focus on scoring goals and not captaining a team. If you think this decision was a bad one look how the team played for Arteta last night the day after the captain was stripped for not following the same protocols they did.

    That was the youngest starting XI to be fielded by any team in the Premier League this year, and arguably our best performance.

    Did having a disinterested 32 year old striker as captain genuinely help that team of youngsters putting everything they can into the game. For me he was not playing his heart out for the crest on the shirt, which is the number 1 quality Arteta wants to see in his team – not sure if you see this as a problem but I do not see a problem with letting anyone in the team know if they don’t try, you won’t play.

    Look at what time on the sidelines did for Odegaard and Martinelli, this will either galvanize or finish Aubameyang.. but to continue with how things were was a slow death of a quality player. He has been a shadow of himself and taking the weight of the armband off him may be what kicks him back into action – what else would have? Keeping Aubameyang as captain until he is 35?

    He has always been a world class attacker and goalscorer but should never have been captain. Reactionary to Xhaka having to drop it so quickly, it is time to give it to a proper leader and let Aubameyang focus on what he does best. Score goals.

    In my opinion this shows strength from Arteta and is nothing but him upholding the standards he expects from his football team (where has he seen a player breach rules and/or not play for the team and not dropped them? Xhaka, Pepe etc)

    The majority of what you have outlined in this article is absolutely nothing to do with Arsenal football team, that is the business side of the club which Arteta simply cannot influence.

    Timing of this article certainly an interesting one for an Arsenal ‘supporter’ to publish – think you would have been writing this one had we lost 2-0 last night and played awfully. Nice try to push your agenda but it doesn’t quite land as well when the captain being dropped had a clear galvanizing impact on the team’s performance.

    There are numerous, rookie errors that Arteta has made since joining, but to say he is inconsistent with his standards is selective hearing at its finest.

  14. Dan…

    Never felt so sad about reading an article of yours as I do with this. I do understand your pain, but being an objective writer, it is often clear that not all decisions will seem pleasant in the moment, but such must be made with an intention to maintain stability as a platform for progress. There is no doubt that the ethos of the Arsenal has fallen over a decade now, for which Arteta must now clear. His first two years have undoubtedly been about clearing out years of poor attitude, performance, and ethos with his players. Such a task no doubt requires ruthlessness, which unfortunately will be unpleasant and unwelcoming to many, particularly those who may fall victim of the clearing mechanisms and tools.

    We can blame Arteta for his mistakes, but we shouldn’t fault the intention. And the intention is to recreate a fallen environment and standard, during which the hot knife will definitely touch and cut out many cancerous cells. During an operation, patients will definitely scream and cry and hate the doctor (i.e. which models our present and recent past under Arteta), however, if for that reason you stop the operation, then the patient will die in the long run. I hope you now understand what I mean, the operation may seem ruthless, but for the sake of our future, it is the best way to go! All we need to do is, bear with the short-term pain and analyse the potentials of success afterwards.

    Let us for now dock our swords, particularly against the intention (or process), and allow the manager carry out the operation of cutting out all the negative characteristics that have for so long beset us.

    If we bear the present pain, maybe the new cells will not be infected or corrupted, and then maybe the entire body will heal, be rejuvenated, and begin to prosper again!

    The choice is ours to make as fan base! Let’s choose wisely!

    Wishing us all the positivity as we close the year! Remain positive!


    1. Interesting analogy Fire. Look forward to the debate now on whether Arteta is causing iatrogenic harm to the patient/team.

      I’ll get my popcorn.

      1. Voyageur…

        Indeed, that got me really laughing!

        Thanks for that humorous point of view!

        Yes, I also hope the operation is conducted properly, time will tell (as Jon captured in his article, “case adjourned till May 2020”) *smiling*

        But in the end, we should never fault the intention!


    2. Well said Dan. The article was written with a certain amount of malice. Why now? After such a good performance of the team. We need to first read our mines before we put pen to paper. Everyone makes errors in life, but, professional players are not supposed to? Ozil in his last arsenal games did not perform as what was required of him, right now, nor does Pepe. Look at the areas Laca, Smr, Saka played in the team played all over. Which if you play a certain press all layers must play their role. You don’t defend with7/8 players

      1. Because there’s two different things going on
        If my team win a game it doesnt change my opinion on this subject .
        That’s like saying we win a game we must always write only nice things
        I’m not 10 years old

  15. This article seem a bit harsh on Arteta and his possible duplicity on Arsenal core values.
    I am not a big fan of Arteta tactically, but he has always been clear on the fact he expected a full commitment from his players.
    Of course, some of the club decisions are more business oriented than ethically-driven. But should we blame them for that?
    In the late months of Arsene Wenger’s tenure, many complained about Arsenal softness and its lack of power over the senior players (starting with Ozil).
    It is clear to me the main issue with Aubameyang is his lack of form. He has been a ghost for months now. And contrary to Ozil, he seems to have been stupid enough to behave badly outside the pitch. I am pretty sure Arsenal (starting with Arteta) are communicating a lot about these disciplinary issues, so that they could use these issues to break or adjust his contract. Thanks to that, they would be able to sell him and force him to accept a pay cut with his new club. Is is ruthless ? Is it a compromise on the club’s values?
    I think this simply is good management.

  16. This Article is simply too direct on MA
    Am not his biggest fan, but to put most of the blames here on MA is going too far.. most of Arsenal’s problems were here before MA came in…

    MA has been Criticized for poor results and performances all season, I think he also deserves to be praised when he gets it right..

    I do not dislike MA personally, the only criticism I had with him aside Tactics and systems, it’s favouritism amongst the squad.. if he continues to prove me wrong in that regard, then I will definitely support him.

  17. probably the worst article i have ever read on here. absolutely disgraceful,how dare you, sir !!.i have to say the standard of writing articles on here is in a downward spiral.this beats them all, i wonder what is behing this, because, i my opinion, most articles on here come with an agenda. even some of the photos that accompany some articles are like a red rag to a bull, to some it to cause controversy ?,is it to divide the fans ?. i dont know the answers, but is is shameful.

      1. HI EDDIE, if that is what is called wanting the best for our club then all i can do is laugh my heart out.this article has an underlying agenda, and i object to that . happy christmas my friend.

  18. You say the standards of the club have slipped since Wenger’s day, yet he was the one that allowed standards to slip ! Top 4 is the 3rd trophy, after the PL and CL. Allowing one fit player to miss games over the New Year and in February to spend time with his family and girlfriend, while not allowing an injured player to spend one day at his hometown carnival. Players arriving at a Cup Final in tracksuits instead of suits.

  19. I honestly believe you have overstepped the mark with this article Dan.To resurrect the Ozil political issue is to my mind unnecessary and JA should not be used as a forum for such debate.Some of the points you make are valid but after the team has won two games without conceding a goal , do you really need to use your privileged position to flag up the article with a picture of a man who was correctly stripped of his captain’s duties.I know you have Arsenal in your DNA but having moved into fourth position,albeit temporarily, after a horrendous start to the season, the timing of the article is inappropriate in my opinion.The cynicism of those who support the article is predictable and as I mentioned the other day, they would still want Arteta out even if we retained fourth position at the end of the season. They seem to forget that every Manager was an apprentice at the beginning of their careers ,and indeed, there is not one Manager in Europe who has not made a series of errors of judgement in terms of recruitment and tactics even when considered to be “experienced” In the real world, in every walk of life, everyone makes mistakes, and what we as a Club are going through with a relatively young Manager, is no different to what others in society are experiencing on a daily basis.As others of my vintage will I am sure confirm life is full of ups and downs and it will always be thus.

  20. A home win will never convince me that Arteta is a good coach , we have destroyed Arsenal traditions, I have supported Arsenal for over 40 years, this Arsenal team is the worst in terms of tactical play, they can’t win against tactical coaches.
    Another problem is the corrupt board, they spend money to buy players they will end up not using. I still don’t understand why we spent do much to but William Soliba and can’t use him. I also don’t know why we sent away a player as talented as Guindozi.
    Arteta is a rookie coach that lacks managerial abilities.. Managerial aspects of the job is what produces top class coaches and that is always the difference.

    1. Your Doctorate is evidently not on Association Football, as I can recall numerous Arsenal sides which were a lot poorer than the “young” side which is evolving under the current young Manager.

  21. What the hell is this????😩

    First and foremost, I think, the writer of the above deserves to be stoned at. It is just so annoying to me, seeing someone exhaust his time just to publish a negative article. Nothing meaningful to digest, save for the Ozil unfair treatment, the rest are total giberrish.

    Like I also read from the article a part extricating Pepe’s poor form, likewise, Auba. Are you ok?? Both are getting paid outrageously, while doing nothing.

    My friend, it is only a mad person that will rush in Pepe’s defence, not to mention Auba. And no one is scapegoating them, reason being that they are the architect of their misfortune and that shouldn’t be blamed on Arteta. Rather, you along some other media outlets are responsible for scapegoating a player(xhaka comes to mind here), not Arteta. Mikel has the right to feed our ego, and if you are among those still no convinced yet, it is a free world, keep on the scepticism. Enough of the Arteta bashing! Ofcourse, we are still not there yet regarding good football, but what I saw yesterday had enlivened my dead hope, that the future is bright with him at the club.

    The joy in me since I watch that yesterday’s match has been overwhelming and I believe that the feeling is mutual to majority.

      1. Yep,, you are right @O.T.S , Dan has put a dampener to our good victory yesterday morning. Always doom and gloom with that young man. He reminds me of “Lerch”, out of the “Adams Family”. Now I’m clicking my fingers in time,, click click. I saw something positive in yesterday’s match. The lads certainly did not down their tools in sympathy towards Auba

  22. The writer of an article is a hater, he’s a follower of certain individuals. Imagine after yesterday game, celebrating the excellent performance, then ((((boom))) in your face such awful article on the walls of the dressing room. Let’s look on the bright side of football going forward.

  23. It is his article and his opinion, no one has to read it or respond if they choose not to.

    I read it to see what the points were, and how they were explained. Sorry, but this article has not swayed my opinion of the team or Arteta in any way.

    I will continue to wait until the end of the season, and if Arteta is not top 6 this year, it is another year of failure in my opinion and he should get sacked or resign.

    1. Well you be a good little diligent soldier and just do that in May. You can come out of hibernation and make your life changing decision over Arteta then. And I didn’t mention the name “Arteta”. I mentioned that the article was doom and gloom. That’s my opinion @Durand, “Uncle Fester”🤯

      1. Yes pj penny’s but will you go into hiding like a little soldier when we go on a bad run again ,at least with Durand and a few like him he’s here come rain or shine .
        That’s my opinion @pjennys.

      2. pjennings
        It’s called “standards” and I am consistent and apply them equally, as I did with Wenger and Emery.

        People tend to use insults when they have a weak argument, and you proved that with your post.

        I choose to put the interests of the club above managers and players. I thought that was obviously implied, but you are either too dense to understand or are looking to find offense.

        I will not reply further to someone who insults because they cannot articulate their argument. Have a nice day

  24. My view is this article is at least 30 years to late! Proper standards of behaviour, whether negotiable or not, disappeared the moment the Prem was formed!

    The Prem was fomed to make money, more money and still more money. And that money has gone into the pockets of greedy players( and parasite agents) whether or not they give 100% on the field, like Tierney and ESR etc OR whether they pocket the money and don’t bother trying full out like Walcott, Myki, Ozil(esp Ozil!) or Auba.

    The Prem is fullof players who routinely cheat; diving, play acting etc AND of those who care nothing for anyone but themselves and their own disgusting avaricious greed. Greed is what the Prem was formed for and what spoils our sport.
    So to talk about “standards” now is at least 30 years to late and far too late to change anything.

    The PREM is run by a currupt and greed ridden Prem league itself , by a corrupt and backward looking FA and by FIFA , WHICH IS SO GROTESQUELY CORRUPT AND ROTTEN TO ITS CORE.
    Elite level football is a moral cesspit and has been so for decades and is getting more so each passing year. THAT is the situation, so to concern oneself with standards now , when standards have not existed at all for decades is a lost cause.


  25. History has a way of repeating itself. As long as Xhaka is still playing and getting preferred treatments, players will continue to disrespect the club. it’s absurd to see some fans trying to defend Xhaka because fans threatened his wife and wish his daughter cancer, they forget to find out what led to such reactions from the fan base. this is why the writer wanted to know why Saka, ESR and even most recently, ramsdale are not getting similar reactions from the fan base. much as I will arteta when he did the right thing, the truth must be told, he uses club rules and principles as smoke screens whenever he is on a bad run of results to divert attention. until arteta gives Xhaka maximum punishment imo, which is to sell him, captains of this club will consciously or otherwise, disrespect the club.

  26. that’s what some of us are saying Dan. let arteta do a holistic clear out. there should be no sacred cow including Xhaka

  27. This article simply shows the state of mind of the author. Sorry to say but this is a piss poor article that has little truths and many untruths. Next time you pen an article, do yourself and the rest of us a favour by reading it to yourself twice before sending it to the Admin to be posted.
    The great Ozil who was ‘unfairly’ shown the door and allowed to go to his choice of club with 6 months left on his contract with us paying his full wages. Oh, how very unfair. The poor bloke was so traumatized by his maltreatment that he has remained poor in a very poor team and is now relegated to the bench in Turkey.
    Name a club in England that did not furlough some workers? Reality check, most businesses in UK and around the world did.
    As for Pepe, it is telling that you are unable to see how poor he has been and is only fit for a 5 aside futsal team where all that is needed is dribbling aimlessly and shooting into a small net. His decision making in the final third is at the level of the under 13 youth team.
    Having read the article, it seems all it was set out to achieve is to “give a dog a bad name to hang it”

  28. This is yet another one of the spiteful articles that keeps popping up here. It has been clear for some time that certain individuals have an unhealthy agenda against Arteta and this piece must be right up there amongst the worst articles to confirm this.
    The fact that Arteta’s words about the standards he expects of his players can be twisted them so that such a diatribe could be posted really is something.
    Some of those writing these pieces will convince themselves that all they want is the best for Arsenal. These contributors are getting increasingly desperate in their attempts to garner support for their dishonorable goal of discrediting the manager.

  29. There are two types of managers…the Wenger/furgie type and the Gardiola/Morinio type who can put a good team together that can win cups…nothing wrong with that…their teams can become unbeatable…….Arteta is this type………..also remember Arteta froze out many players……..I like Bruno Lage….wolves manager…..they were just unlucky with some results but with what he’s got I think he’s doing very well…watch wolves play……..

  30. What was wrong with Auba making a phonecall and request time extension?

    I still have some reservations with Arteta since for me 4th is the bear minimum .

  31. Özil was spending more time on his video gaming armchair than on the pitch.. remember how many games he missed because of acute backache?
    His contract should have been dissolved after the third case, period. He was focusing on anything but football and that wasn’t acceptable for a professional player with his seniority and income.

    No need to change the facts for trying to fit your story…

  32. If they were shit…and did not deserve it then they would not be paid that. The issue is not their form but the tactics employed…it’s not compatible with the players.

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