How can Emery justify leaving Ozil out of the Arsenal squad?

There have been many rumours about the relationship between the new Arsenal manager, Unai Emery, and our highest paid player Mesut Ozil, and the boss only added fuel to the fire by leaving Ozil out of the matchday squad at West Ham yesterday.

This wasn’t helped by Emery telling us after the game that Ozil was not injured but was simply not considered good enough to play against Hammers. This is what the Arsenal boss said about the German midfielder on after the game…..

on Mesut Ozil’s absence…
We had enough players to win today and impose our gameplan, and impose our tactical quality against them. We also respect them and they have good players. With their supporters here, they feel stronger. Maybe for the bench, some attacking players could have helped. But I think we had enough with these players.

on why he didn’t use Ozil…
We decided that the players here were the best for this match. We’ve won with him, we’ve lost with him. No one player makes the difference between winning and losing the game.

on understanding the interest in Ozil not being in squad…
Yes, but I can say he’s working with us normally this week. Like I said to you, we’ve won and lost with him. Today the players who were here are the players who deserved to be in this match. We could have won or lost, like we can with him. We continue working with every player because they are all important, but today the decision was to come with these players.

So Emery thought we had more chance of winning without Ozil in the squad, and not even on the bench? Guendouzi, Iwobi, Xhaka and Maitland-Niles went into the starting line-up, and even Ramsey, who could have played in Ozil’s role, started on the bench. I honestly can see no reason how Emery can justify these selections given that all those players are declared fit.

Can anyone else help me understand his logic?

Darren N


  1. Clam says:

    Maybe Arsenal is negotiating a move to send Ozil away?

    1. Vish says:

      Yes they should send him away. His wage would anyways create an issue when we try to renew the contracts of players like Auba and Laca. He is 30 and might still fetch some value.

      1. Elvis says:

        Like seriously give him to Juventus and see what see what happens

        1. Th14 says:

          Nothing will happen homie. Same crap shit he feeds us is the same he’ll feed Juventus.

  2. Vish says:

    I really don’t think Ozil could have made any difference whatsoever in this match. He doesn’t track back at all, I guess Emery has seen that way too many times. Although Ramsey should have started for sure. He is the only one currently who can make something happen and he is leaving us. Xhaka although bad sometimes picks out defence splitting passes. He does have a good left foot. Monreal should start over Kolasinac in the next match, Bellerin over Niles(who is not a natural RB anyways).
    I really miss someone like a Cazorla in this team. If we are doing so many permutations and combinations why not try Guenduozi in the CAM role. He has the drive and can atleast carry the ball forward instead of passing backwards.

    Since Ramsey is leaving –

    Monreal Sokratis Mustsafi Bellerin
    Xhaka Torreira
    Iwobi Laca Auba

    1. Cliff says:

      No Xhaka in that position please. He has been the main undoing for this team all along. When will we ever realize these.??.
      I will rather
      Monreal Sokratis Koscielny Bellerin
      AMN. Torreira
      Kolasinac Ozil. Iwobi
      Let Xhaka be used up front as a replacement for Ozil if he has to.Then young players like Guendozi be on the bench as they continue learning.
      This team is still so average,but as long as we have no signings then it is the best we can field

      1. Sea are not talking up tracking back. We are talking about creativity which is what Özil was bought for and supplies. The only player in football to have the highest assist record in 3 leagues. Bundesliga,la Liga and premier league. Also add the World Cup 2010 into that as most assists provided.
        Under Emery he is being assked to do what he want he does not know how to do. Does this make him a poor footballer? Let him do what he does which is create as he did against Leicester where he produced off the planet football. Yesterday’s teamperformance was abysmal We move on to the next game and hope for an improved performance from our team

        1. We are not talking about tracking back

          1. Dumi says:

            So who didn’t track back on all games we lost without him our defense is poor so dont blame ozil for that he is there to create goals and there are guys who are there to defend ok

          2. Phil says:

            Gs71-I’m with you all the way when it comes to Mesut Ozil.He Obviously doesn’t fit into Emery’s plans and philosophy with this work rate issue.But yesterday summed up Arsenal under Emery perfectly.A London derby is a game leveller to begin with.The Stadium was as loud as I have ever known for this fixture as the crowd was up for it from the start.To look at that team sheet and not see the one player we have that’s capable of creating chances is like s kick in the nuts before the game has even started.Why play two strikers if there is no single player who can provide the chances for them?Ozil is missed in this team.He is our best player being let down by a Manager who probably feels he could’ve buying three or four players with the wages Ozil earns.And what will that bring to the team?Three or four Alex Iwobi’s that’s what.
            I continue to give this Manager a free pass this season but his team selections are baffling and are clearly not working.Why are we continuing with three CB’s when it’s clear it is not as effective with the players we have?He has midfielders whose job it is to protect the defence.Wenger did not feel This was necessary and was part of his downfall when even a CDM with very little talent in the form of Francis Coquelin is missed when sold.Playing four at the back with two CDM’s allows Ozil a place in the side.Why would Emery not See this.And as a COACH who pupports to improve his players for the good of the team how has Emery failed to make this work?
            There are the first signs of discontent appearing aimed solely on Emery.You hear it in the crowd.Yiu read them on this site.Losing to West Ham should not happen.By putting our best players on the pitch in a system that works for the good of the team is what Emery should be aiming to do.If he carries on with performances and results like yesterday then his two year contract will be halved I’m sure.This is Arsenal Foorball Club Who simply do not lose to West Ham and teams like these.Emery really needs to start learning this Club’s history.And how we used to remove Managers who were proven to be not up for the job despite their qualifications and reputations.

            1. Sal says:

              gonna RECYCLE yesterdays toughts on it, let me know what you think 🙂

              4-2-3-1 with ozil or 4-3-3 without ozil..this 3 at the back is short-term as we have no wingers, the problem with 3 at the back is it’s not Arsenal at it’s core, we are an attacking team having that one extra defender when we are in the opposition’s half removes that one extra run, or that one extra body to pass to, i always want two cb max that’s just me, i know team’s won with 3 at the back but i want that extra player as i beleive it’s more in our DNA.

              no signings, momentum is gone and we won’t be getting it back now even if we sign someone europa league next season! No signings at this stage is Unbeleivable!! you can’t expect the manager to work miracles but his thing with ozil is hurting the team, the board isn’t helping either the difference is this time they could always put the blame on the manager and fire him, you should at least know this Gooners the days of us having a manager that doesn’t provide results are over!!

              If the targets aren’t met he will get the sack Fact!, so No need to pretend like he hasn’t improved anything like some guy in the last article said…he has done well at the moment i just don’t see the board backing him and this is the reason why we will finish outside the top 4 it’s a mexican stand off with ozil in the middle!!

              i think it’s a sevilla/psg mentalitty mix up they are having, and if he/they try to do both he/they will fail for sure!!…i’ll try to keep it short as i’m aware of the typing sorry ?

              1) basically PSG buy WC players and wonderkids managers uses his tactics to get the best out of them, recruitment identifies top targets and buys yearly regardless, foorballers are seen as assets, Chelsea, city, monaco all do that for example!!

              2) Sevilla work closely with manager to identify best targets for the manager’s way of playing, improve these players so will target young players or fringe, sell for huge sums, rebuild by doing the same process. here a player is seen more like an investment teams like dortmund, ajax, southampton, etc.

              one needs time and effort, whilst the other is more buying this years top news! they both generate money but one requires huge capital… it’s basically like comparing a soverign fund to a 401 k, they are too very different approaches so which is the one at the club at the moment? and most importantly are the manager and board aware of that, or on what they expect from each other?

              as i don’t see that on the field (ozil not playing) or outside of it (no signings) , we cant be making mistakes like these if we want to rebuild like the author said, i would fix today’s problem first and Asap!! Not Happy ?

              any discontent should be aimed at the board!

              1. Phil says:

                Sal it difficult to argue with any point you have stated.Its almost as though the wheels have come off a bit for Emery and he doesn’t know what to do.The injured players are coming back so the squad is nearly at full strength and the Manager needs to find a way to change things around because we have all of a sudden reverted to the same side as under Wenger last season.Easy to beat.Defence a shambles.No penetration going forward.Players played out of position.Favourites played for no reason.
                Emery needs to find a solution quickly.Anything other than a win against Chelsea and Man Utd is unacceptable.Lets get back to a flat back four in a 4231 and get our best players on the pitch.These are two very winnable games for us if our mindset is right.We have some very good players at this Club.Emery has had enough time to know these players and his own time is starting to run out.He needs to change things around in January and be put on notice that he will be judged on THIS seasons results.Top Four is gone now and realistically we all knew that.Im just hoping that Man Utd and Chelsea haul in the Spuds So they don’t get CL Football next season.Thats how far Arsenal have gone backwards as a Club these last few years.

        2. Alvin Chew says:

          Absolutely correct, Emery just don’t know how to manage world class players just like when he was in PSG. Same 3-4-3 formation which lead to loss away to Southampton and he used it again on West Ham game, it just don’t work. They don’t have creativity in midfield, lack killer instinct in attack and short of defence sharpness, very very bad. And lastly, this is suppose to be English Premier league, why there is no English player in Arsenal first 11?

          1. Sal says:

            we failed at it :(….hopefully with the trio of Nelson, Niles, and Rowe the future looks bright, they look the most likely to make it and i hope all 3 of them do.

        3. jon fox says:

          Gunner since 71, I am a Gunner since 1958(then aged 8) and need to point out that those achievements you mention were achieved rather a long time ago. I suggest to you and to others that what ANY player does or does NOT, in the current period only, is what matters. What they did long ago, merely disguises the relative lack of use that he, OZIL, is to us NOW.

          You chose to pick out the SINGLE GAME THIS SEASON, OUT OF 22 PREM GAMES, many of which he was rightly not picked for idleness and lack of effort, where he DEIGNED to earn his corn. Or perhaps I should call that a mountain and valley of corn, shaped like pounds sterling, which I say is his ONLY motivation, THESE DAYS.
          Finally I would like to ask you , since like me you go way back, do you think ANY of our managers of pre WENGER YEARS WOULD REMOTELY HAVE TOLERATED SUCH LACK OF EFFORT BY A GIFTED PLAYER? And he IS gifted, though not with drive.

          1. We have had some great managers over the years but in my time Bertie Mee and George Graham ,Wenger and well regardless of how he finished still deserved respect for what he achieved. You are correct Bertie Mee and George Graham were tough hard nosed managers. Özil may not have performed under them or they may have seen his ability and worked out a way to get the best out of him. Obviously this is all hypothetical. Currently on even his off day I still believe that Özil is the best option that we have from a creative perspective even though he is currently 30 and entering the last few years of a distinguished career. If the injuries have been genuine then this will affect his current performance as he has nott played 22 games this season. I am not totally sure how many games he has missed for whatever reason but it could be 9. Even this season which I agree with you has been a poor one by his standards, he is 3rd in chances created. I like any supporter would like to see each and every player giving there all for The Arsenal. I also don’t like too as some supporters do,trash players. Yes I would like to see Özil back on the field and being in a system where he is able to get on the ball and perform. This is why I have enjoyed watching Arsenal because of the flair and magic we as a team were able to reproduce. Even sometimes in the 1-0 George Graham days where we won a few trophies with the greatest being winning the league in 1989 beating Liverpool by scoring in the last few seconds of the game.

            1. Oops Gunner since 71. Finger trouble with the 72.

      2. Gbemi Peters says:

        Two short men in the midfield? Arsenal will suffer in the midfield if we play against the team with tall guys in the hole.

      3. Sal says:

        kolasinac as a right winger, you must be having a laugh, let him perform in his own position first!! he was very poor vs West ham constantly being caught offside as wing back, again i repeat caught offside more than once as a wingback!! , and again he loves to pause when a chance goes by, holding his hands on his head whilst his sits on the dock of the bay!!

    2. Mobella says:

      Did we lose that match because our players were tracking back. Beside who was doing the tracking back that everybody think it is necessary to win a match. Emery team is disjointed and lack purpose and ideas.They don’t even know why they are on field. The other day I watched Emerson said, after the fa cup match,the main aim of him and his teammates is to score and out score the opponent in every match. That lost was purely on Emery. In what gods name does he thinks his defenders passing the ball between themselves will get us a goal. He seems not to be learning from his mistakes.

      1. Red and white says:

        Well this playing from the back is more disgusting than the Wengerball tiki taka.Why cannot we play quick and direct like pool and chelsea, our team is not at barca or city level, so lets forget this passing.Even with 10 minutes to go, were casually passing the ball around. Emery on the side lines with that Wenger like frown, no urgency at all.Wether you like or hate Ramsey at least he tried to do something.There is more gloom now than before.i said it from day 1 this Emery chap is a disaster waiting to happen and is happening work in progress.Some will put it on Stan or tbe board, but his job is to train and be tactical.Did he not present a dossier to the board for all the players during his interview? So now whats wrong?Emery do the right thing and walk in May, your no good.Finito.

    3. e says:

      If you miss Carzola, you need Banega. Also to get the best out of Auba and Laca you need Banega.

  3. Shane says:

    Unai is not the manager for Arsenal

    1. Alec says:

      Yes u are 100% , you talk reality

      1. Th14 says:

        Should have gotten Arteta instead but he isn’t a yes man.

  4. John Wick says:

    How can Emery justify he’s happy with his players! I’ve heard this before from a certain Frenchman it’s a pattern repeating itself.. Will it ever end?

  5. Deejay1952 says:

    The club can NEVER move forward until Kroenke has gone. This is the onby way forward.

    A GBP200m investment would be returned by increased prize money, shirt sales etc

  6. Cliff says:

    I think Emery is playing games with the board for him to get some new singings. Or else i just can’t understand his Selection for Yesterdays Match.
    That wasn’t serious from him at all..

  7. Ozil is a proper scammer. Joy rides week after week and turns up after the 7th or 8th game to quell temperatures. This week illness, next week back injury, following week knee injury..Really man? Why give a player such a huge contract when you are about to change the coach? What happens if the coach does not fancy him? Wil Ozil now be played because he earns a lot of money or because he fits into the coach’s plan? This whole problem is the fault of the board! Ozil was never good enough to command such a contract but they gave it to him anyway! Now they have a few choices to choose from:
    1.) Fire Emery and get another coach to nurture their £50M investment in Ozil.
    2.) Try and sell Ozil- lol impossible.
    3.) Try and renegotiate Ozil’s contract- Lmao impossible
    4.) Pay up Ozil’s contract to get him to leave early.
    5.) Micro-manage the team and instruct Emery to play Ozil whether he wants to or not and risk overall team failure in pursuit of individual success.
    6.) Hope something happens and Emery starts liking Ozil.

    1. Th14 says:

      But it was the fans who pressured the board into giving him that contract remember? They said we couldn’t let both Sanchez and ozil leave and it shows zero ambition from the club. Ozil was kept to please the fans and now we’ve turned on them. Pick a side bro

      1. Sal says:

        it should have been sanchez staying and ozil leaving if we are talking about performances in the past few years, but the board couldn’t get that done so had to pay up when it comes to ozil. no side needed as we had no say in it 🙂

        1. ken1945 says:

          Sal, so do you think Sanchez was giving 100% once city and utd started showing interest?
          He was a shadow of himself and made it quite obvious he wanted to leave.

          Ozil, on the other hand, never indicated he wanted to leave and his agent and Gazidis negotiated a contract that both parties and, at the time, the fans found acceptable.

          Now all UE has to do is play him in the position that made him the world class player he is and not as a water carrier.

          1. Sal says:

            if he does he has to forget about the high press that to me is obvious that’s what i’m reading between the lines at every conference. and no obviously to your question about sanchez his contract was running out he was gifted loads more why would he?…. i didn’t think of it as who wanted to stay i said who was better for the team out of the two in general..ken i know how ozil loves the club and the fans but to me that’s not the question …are we following the manager’s way of playing or are we standing by our star?

            so are we switching the mentality that was dictated at the start of the season, to get the best out of our player? that’s my question? and are we as fans ok with that?

            ps: if you beleive a change of the core system will help the team now mid-season please explain it to me

  8. George says:

    The simple but harsh fact is that Unai Emery has lost the plot. With the players available to him he ought to be competing for the title. His tactics are poor and his selection is questionable. He inherited a team that was creative, but lacked defensive stability but now the team is poor in all departments. There is no creativity at all. Ozil would definitely have given West Ham a lot to think about. A combination of Ozil and Ramsey would have been lethal.

    1. Goonster says:

      Hahaha. You think this team should be challenging for the title?
      You think this team has ever been creative?
      The same team that is known for being spanked 5-1’s, 6-3, 6-0 etc?
      The same team that has finished 5th and then 6th in the last2 season’s consecutively?
      Ozil and this team are a myth. They have had more than 5 seasons to prove to us about their quality but they keep embarrassing our club on top of draining our cash with their undeserved wages and salaries.This is their peak (5th and 6th).
      I have been hoping for thw last 5 seasons that we got rid of them all if we could. But not many clubs want them. We are stuck with these dead players.

      1. Sal says:

        i remember when the scum got all that cash from bale and spent loads on terrible players with erickssen the only quality, i’m pretty sure they even managed to sell soldado in the end!! sorry but the answer is in there if you can spot it!

        cheer up 🙂

        1. ken1945 says:

          goonster, your post seems a little muddled by facts.
          In the last five years, the club has won two fa cups, qualified for the CL three times, finished in the top four three times, semi final of the europa cup and final of the caraboe cup.

          I bet the fans of spuds, pool and chelskea wouldn’t find that too embarrassing!!!

          Now if you could explain how this miracle has happened with dead players and no creativity, I am positive the likes of Poch, Klopp, Mourinho etc would be knocking on your door, asking you to become their Assistant Manager / Coach, as they are nowhere near that so called mythical team’s success.
          That, by the way, with kronkie holding the pursestring.

  9. Milton John says:

    I can understand Ozil not being in the team. Should get rid of him ASAP. What I am concerned is whining Torreira is on the bench. Ramsey playing as a substitute is okay. May a good 45 second half minutes is good for him and club. Brave decision is to bench Xhaka and it’s high time to do that.

  10. Asutosh Chaudhuri says:

    It is beyond my imagination how Arsenal board is allowing such a brilliant, the most creative midfielder in the world like Ozil is badly treated by useless Emery. In fact there is not a single matching capable player like Ozil in Arsenal. The tactician master had to leave PSG for Neimer. It will be good for Arsenal if it repeats as early as possible.

  11. Fodd says:

    The youngster guezoloni not good enough to command 1st 11 spot. Lacks creativity

    1. Allan Teale says:

      How is it possible that we watch our team and see Iwobi walking back continuously marking no-one, Guezoloni continually following Iwobi’s lead of surrendering the ball, in our half. Let’s not go forward seems to be our game, can someone please advise the midfield where our attacking players are. Stop the miracle shots when we have two of the best strikers in the world.

      Emery, please get to like Ozil who can feed our strikers and stop fielding the juniors when we have superstars on the bench. Today was a sham, playing back up players instead of Internationals that would start in any team give us a break and let’s see if we can get back to our winning ways.


      1. Sal says:

        how is it possible not to notice how important he is after typing that, name our other winger who should replace him? i’ll give you an hour if you want to think who should replace him and you still won’t come up with an answer!!

        this iwobi bashing got to stop especially when the shot he had was so close to get in, i thought that was the correct call to shoot it was really close !!

        what is asked of iwobi is taking his man on, and having the confidence to shoot which he didn’t have last year for example…him shooting is a good thing not a negative like you see it…we might have two very good finishers and as much as i want them to be the best in the world they are not, i can name ten better strikers today if i’m honest..laca is the better out of the two at leading the line which surprised me due to his size but they are very similar, and i don’t see auba as a long-term solution, as in i see a rapid decline if he ever lost his pace, if we could sell him to china after a good season we would save ourselves millions in the next few years! and Matteo is class no creativity well you are wrong, the guy has an eye for the pass give it two years you will notice the so called lack of creativity, did you guys know he played in the second division last year 19 yrs old, so he will play like that every once in a while, heads up :)…he looks very promising so game time is needed, sorry but did you think we would challenge year 1? more time is needed as well now with the lack of investments? where has the money gone?

        ps: bash iwobi all you like it’s your opinion but don’t ask why he is playing as it makes you look silly, as long as two WC wingers aren’t bought iwobi deserves that starting spot week in, week out are we clear?

  12. JJPawn says:

    It took about 20 games, and the lessor teams have figured Emery out.

    Now what?

    Oh, yes. It is Ozil fault!

  13. waleed adams says:

    good day gunners . I was saddened with our teams performance I could cry. not to bad mouth anyone or undermine anyone. I really think emery should play oil regardless of him tracking back or not ozil must be given the 10 role in a 4-2-3-1 formation with him behind laca and abuma on the left . our 22 game unbeaten run wasn’t convincing as we scored a lot of late goals but what was important we scored the goals and going behind wasn’t an issue as we continued scoring goals and who was in the there creating n scoring was ozil himself. if emery is so about analysis let him look back and check the difference between recent performance and those as the only reason we lost yesterday was cause of a lack of creativity and a mistake by xhaka. I would love to see gwendozi n torrera next to each other as gwendozi plays those lovely over the top passes with our pass in front and there control we’ll be unstoppable. love the gunners win or loss. let’s get off the back of our players and motivate them.

  14. Sue says:

    I think I’d have more respect for UE if he just admitted he didn’t like Ozil & he’s not part of his plans!
    Not even part of the squad (yet again) is a complete joke! This really is a mess… get it sorted one way or the other UE!

    1. John Wick says:


    2. Mwsupporter says:


  15. Things are changing says:

    As football fans, it seems to be in our habit to point to players that were not on the pitch when we lose.

    Do we have a bad result? Laca and Auba didn’t start together? Well, that clearly is the reason?
    Yesterday Laca and Auba started together and it didn’t win us the game did it?

    We lose and didn’t take the few chances we got? Well, clearly Ozil should have been on the pitch to create more chances!!! For me, the best games we played this season where without Ozil on the pitch.

    Should a manager drop an entire system for a player who only occasionally puts is a shift?
    I believe the pressing game is what we need in our situation. Ozil simply doesn’t apply this consistently and it has cost us. If one player, particularly up front, doesn’t apply it the whole system breaks down and you become exposed to counter attacks with long balls put into our third by the opposing defenders.

    Ozil started against Brighton. In the 35th minute, we lost ball around Brighton’s box. They play the ball out to a Brighton player near the sideline. Ozil didn’t close the player down whilst he could have done so. As a result of Ozil not pressing quick enough the player was given time to pick a pass over the top of our defenders (who defended poorly). Brighton scored.

    Compare this to the Liverpool – City game. In the 23rd minute, City were pushing to get into the Liverpool box but lost the ball. Liverpool (like Brighton) played the ball out to the sideline where a Liverpool player was waiting. However, within seconds a city attacker (I think it was Silva but could be wrong) was on him not giving him time to pick a pass.

    It is the small details that make the difference between looking like fools in the back and protecting your defenders. When you press it starts with the attackers and particularly the wide players to protect your flanks. Ozil refuses to do this. That makes playing him a strange choice.

    Having said that, I would have liked to have seen him on the bench as a plan B yesterday to come in in the second half should we run out of ideas.

    Even if Ozil was playing more regularly, his new contract was such a massive mistake. Not only because he is not contributing but also because of the benchmark it sets for other players (like Ramsey).

    1. Mobella says:

      In yesterday match, I saw PEA not closing up opposition players ooh sorry not pressing. I also saw Xhaka, Niles, Guen, Iwobi not doing the same thing either. In fact who does pressing among our players aside Laca and Torreria and occasionally Iwobi in our team. It is wrong for Emery to employ a system he doesn’t have players for. We didn’t lose yesterday game because of lack of pressing. We lost because we prioritize stupid ball possessions over safety. It caused us a 3 points yesterday, caused a goal against Liverpool, Brighton( Ozil didn’t close down on the player with the ball but Lich should have let the ball roll out for throw in instead of keeping posssion) also against Fulham. The culprit there is Xhaka gain. Instead of him kick the ball to safety in our box he was leaving it for Torreria for possession keeping . He did same yesterday. But all we talk about Ozil lack of pressing when no player actually does in our team.

      1. Nickerless Bender says:

        Couldn’t agree with you more.

        Am I the only one who can see we are still playing this bloody Wenger ball still? Difference is that is slower and more predictable than the last 4 years.

        Side to side, front to back, side to side to side, back to goal keeper and repeat.
        All for Iwobi’s faults ar least he drives with ball and tries to up the tempo of our attacking.

        We are dropping points because we have now been found out by packing the midfield, overlapping by the opposition on the wings and brute strength and pace to drive at our centerbacks.

        UE has now had 7 months now and I am not seeing any difference to the way we play, any improvement in our defence or the supposed press and counter attack. If anything we have regressed to the norm and actually look worst

        So I am unsure what UE has brought so far to the team bar the drama of dropping Ozil.

    2. Sal says:

      dead on, i enjoyed the comparison too 🙂

  16. Taj azuz says:

    Wrong coach wrong system of play

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Taj, in your opinion, who is the right coach?
      After you sack Emery and pay out his contract, how much is left to attract a replacement coach/manager.
      What well credential coach/manager would be prepared to follow Emery into Arsenal given the present squad and financial constraints of the “self funding model”?

  17. Taj aziz says:

    I saw players who were not interested win or loose they wernt playing as a team not playing for the team just sabotaging the fans now is the time the fans do the same sabotage stay away and sabotage the goods because kroenk doesnt care we should reply in kind stay away

    1. Phil says:

      FFS how many more times?What is it with all you people telling us that we should stay away from the games?
      You have obviously NEVER been to a Arsenal game.Just STOP with this keeping away nonsense.60,000 fans protesting against Kronke at the Emirates will carry more weight than 20,000 fans staying away.
      The supporters forced Wenger out.They can certainly cause enough problems for Kronke but only as a united fanbase,not as a reduced token effort that is proven to be futile

      1. jon fox says:

        Your pasionat epost demands a full reply about what I think. Firstly I totally agree with you that it is unrealistic to expect regular seasson ticket holders to giv euo that ticket knowing they will never get it back, That is what I did around five seasons ago though I still came regularly til the autumn before last , ie late 2016, when I could no longer stomach Wenger as our manager – I had, even then, wanted him out since 2008- and the immense damage he did together with Gazidis and Kroenke killed the spirit our team once displayed regularly. It was like seeing your wife die a slow painful death every week while you watched on in agony , helpless to change anything.
        But I do not see anything else that would force a Kroenke sale. Billionaires have hides like rhinos and he would simply laugh off fan ground protests and banner, planes etc as they harm him not at all. ALL that would harm him, enough, to sell, is IF the clubs asset value decreaed enough and quickly/ alarmingly enough to force him into a massive strategy re think.
        I accept that devoted fans like you and tens of thousands of others should not be pressurised , esp by non attenders, into giving up their season tickets. As we both know, there is a long waiting list and always will be, UNLESS the club regresses so far and over a prolonged period of years such that would be newer fans declined to choose us as their preferred team and we began the long slide into real mediocrity, like Forest, Villa and even further down than those.
        We have already seen, IMO, more famous managers than Emery decline, possibly Allegri and others too, to manage a team stulted by owner apathy and that will only increase. Frankly, I see little real hope for long term change in my lifetime and I hope for another 20 years or so anyway. Not while KROENKE IS OWNER.

        I applaud your personal attendance home and away devotion but right now I continue to refuse the club I love another penny of my own money while the mortal enemy of our club owns us.

  18. Nomad says:

    I think Emery and those fans that hate Ozil could had justification if the team was winning but the team is playing rubbish and not motivated to win.
    Some fans behave like they own the team and always moan about player salaries.

    Sanchez receives the same salary as Ozil and what did he do for MU?

    I have never seen a player been criticised on and off the pitch as much as Ozil. Is it personal perhaps?

    1. Sal says:

      sanchez receives more than ozil, and we are lucky he went for the cash and not city, as he would have been a superstar in that team, i’m happy with his decision as he will never achieve the heights he has reached at Arsenal. it’s Career Over for you Baby!! i’m sure he will enjoy the money with his two dogs!

      ozil deserves to be criticised in my humble opinion 🙂

      1. ozziegunner says:

        ?re Sanchez.

    2. jon fox says:

      NOMAD, No one “hates” Ozil on here, though a number do not think he deserves a place for lack of effort. SOME far right wing nationalist Germans REALLY HATE him for the “crime”of having a Turkish heritage and other fans like YOU, stupidly and childishly accuse those decent Arsenal fans who do NOT share your “oh so precious personal opinion,” of “hating” him. I would advise you to grow up, learn about how dire actual REAL HATE IS; terrorism, wars , bloodshed , racism, bigotry, killing and maiming. To swiftly LEARN to differentiate that REAL hate, from mere difference of opinion over something as unimportant as the effectiveness of a mere footballer. One who has clearly HIMSELF in recent times experienced real hate from SOME of those in the country of his birth, disgustingly, too. And finally to start respecting our rich and wonderful language and stop bastardising it and doing the harm to social attitudes that you and your immature types are doing. GROW UP!

      I hope you are mature enough to take real heed of my words because, though inadvertently, YOU are helping to shape social attitudres for the worse. Language, used correctly can, heal so many wounds. USED WRONGLY IT FURTHER HARMS innocent people. Is that what you intend? I really hope and think NOT!

    3. jon fox says:

      ANOTHER TEDIOUS, CHILDISH AND IMMATGURELY UNTHINKING OF THE HARM THAT MISUSING “HATE” INCORRECTLY DOES TO SOCIAL ATTITUDES. I fully realise many who misuse out wonderful and powerful language do so through either ignorance and / or lack of thought. I hope you, unlike poor Ozil, never have to personally suffer thr true hate he suffered from SOME RIGHT WING , HATEFUL gERMAN NATIONALIST BIGOTS FOR THE “HIDEOUS CRIME” of happening to have a Turkish heritage , yet representing Germany and being born in Germany, which did not prevent those SCUM seeing as a “foreigner”. What a “hideous crime” to be a “foreigner” eh Nomad? And to suffer REAL HATE, not mere dislike of a footballers work rate , as some Arsenal fans on here agree, including myself. Real hate, as distinct from not rating a mere footballers on field effectiveness, includes not only racism, bigotry, but also terroism, wars, violent crime, wars, bloodshed, killing and maiming. Are you too immature to see the chasm odf differnec ebetween YOUR misuse of this awful word and what it really means. Attitudes, whethert or not YOU realise it, are shaped by language , for better or worse. HEALING WORDS AND EDUCATED LANGUAGE CAN AND DO SO MUCH GOOD IN THE WORLD. BASTARDISING OUR RICH LANGUAGE AS YOU HAVE DONE, ACHIEVES THE POLAR OPPOSITE. I am convined that you do noy intend harm. so can i ask you , in future to properly understnd thepowr of words before again dso wrongly misusing them. This message too, is to ALL who blithely misuse “hate” without knowing the harm it can do. And does! PLEASE ,please, please, refrain in future.

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        I hate cauliflower, I hate brussel sprouts. I think you’re taking the hate word to seriously Jon. I hate Tottenham finishing above us, I hated it when Dennis bergkamp retired. There’s many words in the English language that can be used in different context, hate is one of them.

  19. Jah son says:

    @ Nomad
    Welcome to Arsenal mate

  20. era says:

    I believe Ozil is one of the guys i wouldn’t omit from arsenal squad.
    cos the guy though he doesnt attack,can pull out a magical pass!a killer pass. this moves from ozil have earned arsenal points.He just needs motivation which Emery isn’t giving him,
    Ozil plaid well vs Leicester.
    Even became Leicester and wesham,wic team is harder.such that u emit him.
    there is no player in arsenal who has impressed constantly just as Ozil hasn’t.Y does he only focus on yesto there wasnt any body ready to help Guandouzi to distribute surprised people still think Ozil is not worthy

    1. jon fox says:

      If you need someone ELSE to motivate you, even if that is the manager, you are not fully professional in outlook. True motivation in football , as in life generally , comes from within. Else it never existed.

  21. Tat says:

    If I were emery, I would definitely just start Ozil. He might win you games sometimes, and if he doesn’t he gets all the blames and takes the blame from you. Now, you didn’t start Ozil and you didn’t win, it’s only a matter of time fans turn on you lol.

  22. ESIRI ANDERSON says:

    In the last couple days following the draw away at Brighton, I realised a lot of gunners have pointed a finger at Ozil, stating that his failure to press an opponent indirectly lead to the Brighton equalizer.
    I watched that game on TV, and couldn’t really remember it that way. I have just reviewed a clip of the conceeded goal and from what I saw, Mesut was NOT culpable – DIRECTLY or INDIRECTLY.
    Following a bad turn-over of possession around the opponent’s 18-yard area (with basically the whole defence out of position – having gone upfield for set-piece play) they fed the ball outwide…
    LACAZZETE attempted to close down the receiver outwide but did not do enough…he played a good long ball forward, and even though basically the whole team – INCLUDING MESUT OZIL (albeit at a tad slower tempo) was now running down the pitch towards our goal to get back on the defensive, that pass ultimately creating a TWO V. TWO SITUATION….
    LICHTSTEINER who was running back towards our goal decided to spin around and jump to intercept the trajectory of the ball. He had to BECAUSE it was a well-played, purposeful ball and the intended recipient was pacing down alongside him determined to get to the end of it…he didn’t make a clean contact (I think he aimed to head that back towards the direction it came from), ball diverted across our 18-yard area. Nevertheless, LICHTSTEINER SUCCESSFULLY took the ball off the path of the intended recipient…BUT ALAS! there was another opponent bearing in on goal….
    Then comes the Ultimate key moment…
    GUENDOUZI, was the one closely tracking back the eventual goal-scorer. He matched him for pace and stuck with him UNTIL the very moment his teammate jumped to reach the ball in the air…GUENDOUZI, for a split second, slowed down (as he should not – BEING IN A DEFENSIVE SITUATION) expecting his teammate to deal with the threat BUT the goal-scorer DID NOT, expecting anything could happen (as a striker should!)…
    Immediately, he realised the responsibility for dealing with the threat was passed to him, he paced up but the striker was just ahead, got to the ball first and the rest is history…..

    Bottomline: Mesut Ozil, from what I saw was nowhere near any of these key moments of play leading up to the concession.

    I Apologise for the lengthy post.

    1. jon fox says:

      So what does that lengthy screed prove? Ozil IS lazy and there is a mountain of evidence going back over his whole Arsenal career as to that fact. What you are telling us in great detail – and I love details , so please keep providing them – is what we already knew, that our whole team still cannot defend to save their lives. We have had a full decade to get used to that FACT!

    2. Sarmmie says:

      Lengthy post, yes, but I love people who derive their opinions from facts and not their feelings, you’re one of them, bro

  23. amo says:

    Unai I will never bring Arsenal back to the top. the guy is an average manager by all standards. he can’t handle big players and no one in his right mind is ready to give such kind of a manager cash to spend. not long from now he is going to be shown the door… a I can see it coming.

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