How confident are Arsenal fans for the new season? And what are your targets?

This pre-season seems very strange compared to previous years but in a good way. Arsenal have (very unusually) got lots of our important signings done very early in the transfer window, giving the new arrivals plenty of time to integrate into the squad and to get used to their new team-mates and learn Arteta’s tactical setups.

Another difference is that we have won every game, and always seem extremely confident, whichever team Arteta puts out (excepting the kids in first half at Nurnberg lol), but we have looked fitter with every game and everyone seems to know their roles on the pitch.

Unlike last year, it looks like the early League fixtures have been kind to us, but we know our opening game against Palace was always going to be a tough test. Granit Xhaka, who is going to start his seventh season with the Gunners, is also feeling confident with how the new arrivals have made us into a tougher unit to crack. “The signings that we did give us something more than winning,” Xhaka told “they give us the mentality of how to win and the quality, of course.

“It’s like a puzzle, you need the quality, of course, but if it doesn’t fit in with the team, it’s very difficult to achieve something.

“The signings all fit very well in the team, year by year we get much better and it’s easier to speak than to do it, for sure, but I have a very good feeling that we will be ready for the start against Crystal Palace away and let’s see and hope that we can achieve the goals that we have.”

If Xhaka is feeling confident for this season as well, it is worth listening to as he has been with for so many pre-seasons already, but what exactly are the targets are we setting ourselves. Xhaka has already said that he would personally want us to win the Europa League, but this is what Arteta said when asked yesterday: “Our target at this club is to win competitions, it can’t be any other than that and the way we are building the squad is to achieve that. Today, we are still in pre-season, the window is not closed, the squad is not closed and we will set our target internally, but they won’t be at the end of the season, it will be much shorter because that’s still to far and a lot of things could happen.”

Our first and only target in my eyes, is to do our very best to win well at Crystal Palace. We have to send a message to the rest of the League that we intend to be a serious contender this season. Then we can take it from there….

What do you think this new Arsenal squad can achieve this season?


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  1. I put our chances at making top four t about 66%. We will clearly be better but Spurs and Chelsea aren’t exactly resting on their laurels. I think all three will be closer to LFC and City but there is still a gap. Even odds on a trophy – preferably Europa.

    Achieve this on the back of an entertaining style with young established players ay the core and a few Academy players stepping up and I’ll be happy as it sets us up for a title challenge in 2023/24.

  2. I think we will do great this season. We missed top 4 last season because of our squad depth. Tierney’s and Party’s injury caused us. But now, with the arrival of the new players, we will even get better.

  3. We can’t really use pre-season to predict our final positions. Man United just won against Liverpool by four goals in pre-season, which would likely not happen in EPL due to Klopp’s knowledge about the league as compared to Ten Hag’s

    Some of our key players are always injured and we still can’t find the suitors for our fringe players, but my expectation remains the same. It’s either top four or EL trophy

    1. Thnx sir Mr wenger, if not Europa ,. it will be Epl , but we need another striker if possible en winger too for safety preparation.

  4. I think it very unwise to even try predicting our league finishing position while the window is still not done. It would be only a wild and not worthwhile guess, IMO.

    I far prefer sober analysis when all the pieces still to fit in or sell off are completed, both with us and our rivals.

    But I realise that is seen as boring. Wisdom often IS seen that way! Esp in a world where all answers are demanded NOW!

  5. We are going in the right direction for sure! Now the proffessional footballers are seeing the process and buying in to the cause.Team spirit has a buzz about it,
    A good strong work ethic is building inside the squad.
    I applaud Arteta and Edu,but we must still strengthen with quality additions.(no bad apples of attitude must be allowed to halt the progression now),So due diligence is required by them.

    1. I see Arsenal being more competitive in every match they play and any tournament they participate. I can perceive very strongly what Arteta and Edu want from our team and Mark my words this Arsenal team that is building will achieve great things.

  6. I think it very unwise to try predicting our final Prem position so early and before all thr ins andouts are concluded both for us and our rivals . I far prefer sober minded analysis whren thrtime ids right.

    I of course realise that in an impatient world, where so many younger people especially demand answers now and have not the patience to wiait, that sober minded analysis and therefore wisdom, is seen as “boring”!

    But better a bore than an impatient fool, say I!

  7. Winning the Europa League with this squad had to be the main target. Top 4 is hopeful but Chelsea are only strengthening now and Spurs have been spending away as are ManUtd now, so Top4 will be very tricky but is achievable.

    Europa League 1st
    Top4 2nd
    FA Cup or League Cup 3rd

    I was very annoyed this Sumner with Arsenal after our collapse of Top4 when we had it in our hands BUT we are showing that we are ready to invest smartly into the squad.

    If we manage to sign another midfielder and an attacker then we have a large squad to do us though a few exits are a must after the Zinchenkco deal. I think he will be the best signing of the summer….

    Saliba about to sign a new deal, hopefully Saka isn’t far behind and we can announce that very soon before sesson starts for another boost.

  8. honestly speaking, this is the most weired transfer season i have ever seen since i started supporting football!!!…i mean ,not just arsenal but every other team is on a spending spree like there shall be no other transfer season. I CAN NO LONGER WAIT FOR THE SEASON TO GET STARTED
    Where shall my dear arsenal complete???..its hard to predict , for now lets keep the fingers crossed
    let’s take it match by match

  9. I don’t want to hear of any talk of top 4. It still hurts and not worth the heart ache. We want a trophy 🏆. Europa league, F.A. cup, or Carabao in that order. I also want improvement i.e for the team to win 24 games or more in the league and cut losses down to less than double figures. If they do that they will more than likely get into Europe’s premier competition. That’s it really .

  10. 5th or 6th with this squad And manager ATM
    Wont be to popular with his PR team but there as been to many false dawns for me to fall for it again .
    I’ve seen nothing from Arteta that makes me think hes got something special about him ,any third rate manager could be doing what he is with the money he’s been backed with .
    Maybe this season he might change my mind ,but I doubt that very much .
    Also the players bought in so far Maybe only Jesus will be a starter so I see no improvement from the team side of things .
    Obviously that’s my own opinion but that’s where I’m at ATM .

    1. @Dan Kit
      I’m pretty much of the same mind. Hard to see any improvement from the coach and am not impressed by any of the new signings. Hoping for the best though…IJS

    2. same opinion Dan. I look at the midfield and it’s average. Odegaard the only starter that gives me confidence. Partey is going to be injured 70% of the season, and next to him is gonna be Xhaka/Zinchenko/Lokonga. Zinny could come good there but he will need to play LB half the season because Tierney is never going to be available. Need to get another midfielder in very badly.

  11. I still feel like we are missing another strong body in midfield.

    And our frontline I am still not sure. City, Liverpool and Spuds have proven goal scorers..

    But I am feeling much more optimistic but nervous at the same time.

    Arteta has got to prove himself this season. No more excuses, honeymoon or leeway. He has got to perform..

  12. I keep hearing that Spuds have done some strong amazing business and will be much closer to the Top 2 etc..
    I can understand that but to me the players they have bought did not improve their starting 11 that much. May be Bissouma did improve them in midfield but is he that much better than Partey? Richarlison does not make me quake.
    Kane and Son are their best, but even with them performing to their maximum is never enough for spurs to come close to challenging Liverpool/ City for the title. Is Richarlison better than Kane or Son? How many times will spuds take off Kane or Son for Richarlison?
    On the other hand you have us, we had dead strikers last season that couldn’t score 10 goals each but we still stayed competitive and only lost out on Top 4 by 1 point..

    I fee like our ceiling is a bit higher than spurs hypothetically at the moment. Just imagine, we had 3 so called strikers last season that struggled to score 6 goals each. But we still hang in there. On top of that we had a very inexperienced manager and squad, had a very thin squad, lost Tierney, Partey and Tomiyasu at a crucial time but still finished 1 point off 4th:

    I am not trying to be delusional but I think Jesus will score more goals than Laca and Auba did each last season. Nketia will score more than the 5 goals he managed last season as he came late.. Saka will score goals again. Now that leaves ESR and Martinelli. Can ESR have another super sub impact like he did last season? I am not so sure about Martinelli’s goal threat..

    But we will see. It’s all down to Arteta to get his team to perform much better than they did last season.

    1. Even with a squad that have it’s deficiencies, I’ll always dream that arsenal can win the title. Realistically though, I would love the team to lift the EL trophy and give the club and It’s fans a boost. Looking forward to the new season with optimism no matter what. COYG.

  13. We need a minimum of a top 4 finish.
    Take Man. City and Liverpool out of the equation, and that leaves 2 places up for grabs.
    Chelsea, Spurs and Us, The Gunners are front runners for it. But you can’t take out other teams that will also be improving.
    Man. Utd., West Ham and “money bags” Newcastle.
    But if we don’t get Champions League football, then it’s most likely, “Bye, bye Arteta”.

    1. And instead of Arteta who?
      Don’t tell me Poch or others that will not make a difference. Then who? Think and answer, do not throw names for the fun of it. We have a young team that can’t be managed by many, and must be someone within the Kroenes budget. anybody? Get serious. Who would be available, and who is your preference.

      1. @can
        Anyone proven. Take for example my local team. Melbourne Victory. 2020/21, we signed a new coach, unlike Arteta, he had also coached another A league club but did not achieve. Wasn’t the right fit and a club that was usually in the running for titles, we finished bottom in 20/21. Sacking was being kind to that idiot. The board thankfully realised and got an experienced manager who had won the ACL and we won the Oz FA Cup and finished 3rd
        I see Arsenal in that boat. All could see what was wrong at Melbourne and luckily, we had a board that cared for the club and changed managers QUICKLY
        Sadly, our board doesn’t care for the club and 3 years on, it’s rinse repeat. The arteta FB go on about his fantastic signings but they said the same in season 1 and 2.>200 mil spent and only ramsdale and Tomy proved valuable.
        I sense the same this season. I truly hope I am wrong but just feel that Jesus will be let down and not play to his ability under our novice

        1. Well, I disagree.
          The squad has been gradually rebuilt and is looking much more balanced and competitive.

  14. Our targets have to be to win every game, the league, the cups everything. I know it’s unrealistic to attain these goals but if you don’t aim high, you end up being low! If I’m aiming at a target with my Glock I’m going for the middle and not an outer ring.

    1. i expect the gunners to finish in exactly the very same position as they did last season.right now, we do not have any match changers in our squad,not even jesus is of that calibre.i think smith rowe is a gonner as a gunner !,way too much pressure placed on such young shoulders from the outset.i would change my mind regarding our upcoming season if we buy a class striker, yes, another one.and a bully in midfield.get rid of xhaka, let him off to roma, for free if neccessary.arsenal have always flattered to deceive , and, i dont see that changing anytime soon,unfortunately. but ,above all, i sincerely hope i am wrong.

  15. It doesn’t really matter what I think – it’s what the owner wants that matters.

    Kronkie has backed Mikel to the hilt, of that there can be no argument whatsoever.

    Mikel has now got HIS squad in place and any further signings will only strengthen that fact.

    It really doesn’t matter if there are still players that do not feature in his plans, as the owner has shown his willingness to lose money when letting said players go.

    Hector Bellerin is a prime example of how it should be done, with both parties seemingly content with the situation and obvious outcome.

    So, this season I expect to be entertained by Mikel’s squad and further more, top four and Cup success should follow.

    Let’s not forget the amount of money that has been spent and the calibre of players brought in… so top four is a minimum requirement especially as we SHOULD have achieved that last season anyway.

    No more “dross” or “deadwood” to blame – it’s all yours for the taking Mikel!!!

    1. @Ken: I’ve never been a betting man but if I were, I’d bet that new excuses/reasons…will be found to justify, excuse future bad performances,losses…!!

      1. Siamois, excuses are already being made…… finishing 4th not “essential” – harder now than ever before to finish in the top four as examples!!

        Just confirmed on our official site that Zinchenko has signed for a reported £30,000,000 plus add ons, bringing our total to five new players and, it is rumoured more to follow.

        I am optimistic that Mikel Is learning his trade – I cite the way he is handling both Hector Bellerin’ssituation…. no freezing him out, but playing him, making him captain and keeping him on board to contribute and keep fit.

  16. Voyageur started with the 66% chance and I think that is about right for top four. It will be tough. Spurs have really loaded up, City and Pool are City and Pool. Chelsea will be the main competitor for top four, and those buggers seem to find a way most of the time.

    I can’t see MU turning around this quickly, there are a lot of issues with the squad. Newcastle will need to spend more and I think we can beat West Ham.

    I really like the business that we have been doing – some youth and some people who have won – the team needs some of those people in the room. I know football isn’t hockey, but really good Stanley Cup teams have those guys who have been there and are great squad players (Kronke’s Avalanche have a bunch of those guys for example).

    I will feel a lot better if we get another strong DM, then I think we can handle the compressed schedule and Europe.

    I am more optimistic than I have been in some time!

  17. At least there’s no more excuses to possibly hide behind and ending 5th is not acceptable after the investment and huge backing!

  18. At the end of last season I was debating if I was gonna go next season as the football on show at a entertainment value for the last two years has been absolutely pathetic, boring and predictable and I couldn’t imagine anything worst than watching Artetaball all over again especially with the painful slog of Thursday night and Sunday morning/afternoon football.

    So at the moment my target is as long I can come away from a game, win, lose or draw without feeling depressed and not trying to wipe the last 90 minutes of my life as quickly as possible from my memory. I’m happy with that and will go with the flow.

    If it is the same as above then I’m not bothering after the World Cup.

    So I think I will reserve my judgement on our objectives until Christmas, because I’m giving Arteta the benefit of the doubt with the squad that HE has built and his ‘Process’.

    If it is more of the same then I will freely admit that I do have an agenda.

  19. Am struggling to see what his first choice midfield will be and we blew it there last season .. a quality attacking option is still needed … squad is stronger than last year but so are rivals … if we bring in one more quality player I think we might be able to compete for 4th slot otherwise 5th or 6th more likely and arteta’s tenure should be ended

  20. I haven’t seen anything this window to get into 4th place, still don’t think we have closed the gap with the 4 teams above us.

    A plan B aerial striker and top CDM would definitely close it somewhat, but presently I still see us finishing 5th or 6th and more excuses unless those 2 positions are properly addressed.

    Lastly, this year Arteta must shown growth tactically and growth on man management.

    All the talent in the world wontovercome bad tactics and horrible man management.

  21. As fans begin to sharpen their knifes, the gaffer has to deliver this season, there will be no room for the slightest error.

    Even those that sits on the fence will come under pressure that the gaffer has to go if the table does not reflect favorable to Arsenal at the end of next season.
    No numbers of Brazilians or Chileans will stop fans from showing their horns if we fall short

    One skill Wenger displayed even when he had loss his mojo, was the ability to play beautiful football.

    I have a feeling the gaffer will have to play more than just beautiful football, as some fans have long set their targets

    1. We stopped playing beautiful/ entertaining football in 2010/11.. The moment the Cesc era ended we became a boring, no set style and mechanical side..
      We have not played attractive/ entertaining football ever since..

      Hope it changes this season. I continue to miss Wenger ball to this day..

        1. Yeh, sure. There was a lot of very good football played after Fabergrass. The post Cesc teams were mostly let down by poor centre halves, losing Van Persie and the midfield’s reliance on the unproductive Ramsey and Xhaka combination. The beautiful football stopped when Wegner lost his mojo. Even with Cesc there was nothing beautiful about the two humiliating defeats to Ferguson ‘s lot in the Champions League semi finals just a collapse due to lack of leadership.

      1. I think there were still good teams. Once we lost Cazorla I think we took a drastic downturn.

  22. I see Arsenal being more competitive in every match they play and any tournament they participate. I can perceive very strongly what Arteta and Edu want from our team and Mark my words this Arsenal team that is building will achieve great things.

  23. Right now we are still 5th/6th. We haven’t solved our issues in midfield and until we do we won’t go any higher than that. The fullback injuries are also starting to cause worry. Mainly RB since we now have Zinchenko. City/Liverpool easy slots for top 4. Spurs look strongest of the rest of the bunch unfortunately, but we have to be real. That leaves one more spot. Chelsea are always competitive and can’t count them out. United who know they could be great they could be awful. I think winning Europa League is going to be our best shot to achieve our objective this season. PLEASE get another midfielder in though, or else this summer is just more patchwork and not successful.

  24. Honestly, we are still about 5th plac at the moment. I think Spurs have done much better than us.

    But with 2-3 more quality signings we can still become a top 4 team.

    There’s still time to strengthen our squad significantly

  25. I disagree with you, this team is good enough to make top 4 if they have winning mentality

  26. We are one player away from challenging at the top. A quality midfield player. The sky is the limit. Sergej Milinkovic-Savic and we could even be close to the title. One last outlay and we could be back at the top.

  27. I’m optimistic about the next season, Arteta is going to be successful and Arsenal will soon be qualified for the CL again. Arsenal will not be considered a walk in the park anymore and the respect will be restored. COYG 🔴⚪️

  28. It will be one of the most entertaining season ever, city got haaland, Liverpool got Nunez, Chelsea are strengthening their back with the inclusion of Koulibaly……let’s not forget Newcastle who are making silent moves

    If the gaffer manages our squad very well, rotate players and keep them I nury free, I see us getting into top 4, winning europa and getting into the final four of either domestic cup game

  29. The target I’m interested in is not just winning for the sak eof winning, but playing football that entertains in doing so.

    Wenger and his approach made me interested in Arsenal, it was frustrating that the stadium build years stifled, coinciding with the ever-increasing effect of big money owners on the game (Kroenke didn’t have full control of Arsenal until August 2018).

    I dare say those days are gone, but… I can hope. The last thing I want to see is a return to a dreary “one-nil to the Arsenal”. I don’t care what they win playing that way, I wouldn’t be watching.

  30. Sorry, I don’t see it as an entertaining or even normal season due to the six week World Cup break. Teams with momentum will lose something and after that it will depend on which teams can recover their players with the minimum amount of damage or disruption. Regarding Arsenal’s prospects I think we will safely achieve top six with the possibility of fourth depending on whether or not Chelsea are in decline. Regardless, Spurs and Manchester United will also definitely be on the up. I also can’t see any surprise packages. I doubt if Brighton can further improve, while Villa, Wolves and Leicester appear to be standing still. Possibly New Castle is the one to watch but they are still two transfer windows away from being a serious threat. Another surprise package could be Parker’s Bournemouth who will probably be this season’s Brentford.

  31. We need to replace Auba and if Alex would be used in the midfield then get a solid back up for KT… That’s all the season is ours.

  32. However much I would like to see Arsenal owned and administered by people with their hearts in the club it would be disingenuous to blame the Kroenkes should Arsenal under achieve this season. Eleven new players plus Partey and close to four hundred million spent if we also include Partey.. If only Wegner had been so generously supported.

  33. Biggest spenders in Europe this last 14 months. I expect that a challenge for the title is bare minimum, a CL qualification is a basic requirement. Personally i dont see anything that we have done that gives me hope of achieving that but ive always said (and he hasn’t yet) Arteta prove me wrong, please. I am totally underwhelmed by the transfers so far this season but not expected because of last seasons collapse but we still have the window left for improvement of sorts. Other teams above us have made significant signings, so this season looks challenging. I just think Edu and Arteta are showing their inability to mend the broken parts. Arteta, i fear is making the very same mistake as Wenger, he is trying to copy Pep. Or at least a sub version of it.

  34. Our targets for this next season are
    a) Qualify for the Champion’s League
    b) Credible challenge for the Premier League title.
    c) Win the Europa League trophy
    d) Win FA Cup
    e) Keep our players fit & healthy
    f) Extend contracts of crucial players
    g) Win League Cup
    h) Give me a free season ticket & provide return door to door transport

  35. Hi admin
    Maria Petri…life long supporter of Arsenal passed away age 82
    Arsenal supporter for 70 years
    A humble request to write about her..please
    Thank You for your time and patience

    1. Nice saying Jakes, most Arsenal supporters writing here has a lot to learn from Maria Petri, Arsenal through and trough ❤️

  36. With the premier signings of Gabriel Jesus and Zinchenko, I am very confident we will do well and this is good transfer business by MA and Edu to get in their main targets early. That said, I think we should have our targets as getting into the top 4, win/get to finals of the EuL and win either the FA Cup or the League Cup.

  37. I wish to state, just for emphasis, that this is a new season and hence there are no entrenched positions. If Man City and Liverpool were unstoppable last season it doesn’t mean that it will be the same this season. I believe there will be a real change which might favour Arsenal given the business we have done. Time will tell.

    1. while that is true, you have to admit that it is pretty tough not to pencil them in as 1 and 2.

  38. If we can get Gakpo deal over the line, and maybe Tielemans or even better Paqueta, I would say there is not just hope but a good possibility this season Arsenal finishes top 4 or even at 3.

    1. 100% behind you bro. Getting those 2, we mist be in business, not just challenge for top 4.

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