How credible are the Philippe Coutinho to Arsenal rumours?

That is quite easy to answer, not very credible at all, in fact, I have not found a single credible journalist or known source that has even mentioned the rumour.

For starters, Coutinho is reported to be on wages of 24m euros per year, for all the will in the world Arsenal simply will not pay that unless the player comes on a free transfer.

Secondly, Barcelona will want a significant fee for a player that they bought for over £140 Million and even though Arsenal has smashed the transfer budget myth I think we can all agree they do not have that sort of money to spend.

So from a basic financial perspective, there is no way that Arsenal can afford to sign Philippe Coutinho.

There is, of course, the loan option but think about that for a minute as well.

Barcelona would have to subsidise his wages and allow the Brazilian to leave on a free loan, does anyone seriously think that will happen?

Especially when you consider how much Barca have already spent this summer, they need to recoup some money, they are not immune to FFP.

But let’s look at a simpler loan scenario, let’s say Barca want £20 Million for a one year loan or £40 Million for two years and then Arsenal do pay his full wage, so let’s say for a two-year loan deal in fees and wages the total reaches £80 Million, why would they spend that on a player with no resale value because he is a loanee?

Break those figures down even further, say £10 Million per year loan fee and £15 Million in wages, for two years that is £50 Million for a player that cannot be sold.

For me that smacks of the old Arsenal, I just do not see this Arsenal doing that sort of deal, do you?

So, from a simple common-sense point of view, it is not credible in my opinion that Coutinho will be joining Arsenal in any form.


  1. The reports said Raul and Co intends to speak to Barcelona after our friendly tomorrow for a loan.
    Nobody knows if it’s true or false, we wrote off the Pepe deal the first time it came up, look where it ended.
    One thing I notice and I’m aware of, this current regime are trying hard to get back into the UCL first and on time before we launch an attack for the league. Coutinho coming on loan would please me, at least he’s a better left winger than what we have, even though he can play anywhere behind the striker

  2. I really want this to happen just to see the meltdown on Merseyside when he cuts inside from the left and bend one top bin from 30 odd yards to steal a win – a man can dream…..

        1. Argh LC. don’t do this to me ? I still want Wilf, but I’d absolutely love to see the Liverpool fans in meltdown!! So, I guess I haven’t really answered your question… oops!! ?

          For a minute, I thought you meant Phil, who posts on here! I’d love to see him tearing it up at the Emirates ?

          1. And Phil (Philippe Coutinho) being substituted by Iwobi at 70 minutes and the handshake on the touchline. Poor Unai!
            I’d choose Wilf, he can track back and defend, something we really need.Also Coutinho’s return of 5 La Liga goals last year do not justify 25M per year

          2. And Phil (Philippe Coutinho) being substituted by Iwobi at 70 minutes . Poor Unai!
            I’d choose Wilf, he can track back and defend, something we really need.Also Coutinho’s return of 5 La Liga goals last year do not justify 25M per year

  3. Martin from Admin, Interesting breakdown and reasonable pedestrian ‘in the Box’ thinking and conclusion; Taking your assumption, Barca agree to a 2 year loan with £10m per year and Arsenal pay wages of £15m per year; (i.e.) £50m over 2 years, but what if there is an option to buy clause set at £100m paid over 4 years? Guarantees Arsenal minimum Champion League (i.e.) £ 50m +Minimum. And even finishing in the final of Champions League with TV rights that goes to over £80m! And with executing the option to buy @ preset £100m looks like manna from heaven with a guaranteed resale value inbuilt.

    Suddenly the scheme appears financial opportunity and Not a disastrous punt.

    1. @Omar,
      Why would you assume Coutinho guarantees success when he has just flopped in Spain playing with some of the best footballers in the world? This is the same mentality Wenger had when he said he did not need to scout Ozil before buying him. How we wish he did!

      1. To be fair Coutinho is a great player who sadly doesn’t fit the system at Barcelona. In the highly unlikely event he comes to Arsenal, he’d tear up the league again

    2. I’d love to know when the “old Arsenal” ever did a deal like admin suggests?

      As always Omar, it’s not just the players ability that counts in today’s world…it’s his marketing value and the long term value of featuring in the CL.

      Your last sentence does indeed make sense, both in a footballing and business situation.

  4. Wow! Arsenal mean business, next season! The kind of players we are being linked with, are world beaters, on a good pay day! I won’t be surprised if Arsenal wins two major throphies next season.
    ..somebody please tell me i ain’t dreaming! Good morning from Lagos, Nigeria
    chekwube adaba

  5. ‘For me that smacks of the old Arsenal,..’

    When exactly has Arsenal spent tens of millions on a single loan? Did I miss something?

      1. Arsenal can put of this deal believe me.bacca is very much interested in a loan move for Phil because they don’t want his price tag to fall beyond what it is now

  6. I have to agree with Diogenes on this, why would Arsenal pay 80m for a two season loan and when did the AFC of old act in that way. It won’t happen like that, you got that part right, you made it sound too far fetched. But we’re only talking about a player loan, I don’t know if it’s true it might be the media trying to stir fans up and Raul being involved does make it seem more credible.

  7. Kudos on Raul and co. for stalling on the deal.

    Nobody’s wants to be that sucker who signs a SPL RB for £25m upfront. Napoli is out. Nobody is in. Just us.

    To think that Celtic sold a striker, Moussa Dembele, for a SPL record fee of £20M last year and now they want £25m upfront for a RB. By that logic Zaha should be worth less than Wan-Bissaka

  8. I will pay a hundred pounds to any charity Gooners most suggest if this fantasy and nonsensical article happens. MORE CHANCE OF LEYTON ORIENT WINNING THE PREM FOURS YEARS FROM NOW, THAN THIS RUBBISH HAPPENING. GET REAL ADMIN,FOR GOODNESS SAKE! AND STOP INSULTING OUR INTELLIGENCE!!! It is becoming annoying, all these articles where you yourself post nonsensicalfake rumours and then you also say they are rubbish too. So WHY keep doing it?

    1. Umm, so the fans can discuss it Lord Jon?
      There are so many reports on this then it is definitely a reason for discussion whether it happens or not!

      1. You use “Lord Jon” in an insulting way this time MARTIN, so I object to how is is used but IN THIS INSULTING CONTEXT ONLY, please note. When used in jest though, I mind not at all. But you refuse to take onboard that YOU are insulting US on here with this clear nonsense, and YOU YOURSELF even agree it is nonsense! WHY do you persist in this nonsense then? I realise the correct answer to my own question is that you have nothing else of interest to write so foist this rubbish on us as a filler and hope we will not notice. Well Martin, us Lords and all the mere “commoners” too on here certainly DO notice. Though most are too polite to tell you. I am not, as you have noticed AND THE TRUTH NEEDS TELLING, AT LEAST FOR YOU! Ironic really, since you are always so keen to stop us insulting others but then YOU insult OUR intelligence without any care. And then pretend you don’t even realise, thus adding insult upon insult, Sigh!

        1. I will do what you do Jon and use capitals for emphasis I AM NOT ADMIN I AM ADMIN MARTIN, feel free to apologise at your convenience.

          1. Well Admin Martin , I note with wry satisfaction your rather futile attempt to deflect from my justified complaint about your pointless article by introducing this latest red herring of yours, focussing on your title and name, WHILST STILL AVOIDING A PROPER ANSWER TO MY POINT. Clever but it will not work1 It is a matter of complete irrelevance to me whether or not you use capitals and that is your own choice entirely and none of my business, as it affects me not a jot either way.. Unlike your pointless and space filler article does, however.

  9. The interest in Everton Soares has gone very quiet since Pepe came to the fore and then signed. Oddly, the Zaha rumours still continued. Now it’s Coutinho!
    Could it be that we are genuinely looking for a left wing option and if we can’t land Coutinho and don’t rate Zaha at the CP price then Everton Soares is the fall-back option?

    1. Everton Soares stuff was pushed by his manager. Thought it was obvious after he posted videos of himself learning English.

    1. £27 million to loan Coutinho from Barcelona, when the same money could be put towards buying Umtiti or purchasing Rugani from Juventus for €23 million?
      Juventus apparently won’t loan Rugani but have put a sell price of €23 million, which appears reasonable for a quality CB.

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