How dangerous are Arsenal’s next Europa League opponents

AC Milan hadn’t been beaten in Italy since before Christmas, but Arsenal despatched them in style by beating them comfortably in both legs of our Europa League tie. Now the Gunners are into the last eight and our next opponents are CSKA Moscow, so let’s look at just how difficult the tie is going to be….

CSKA are currently second in the Russian Premier League, 8 points behind Locomotiv Moscow, who were just destroyed 8-1 on aggregate by Atletico Madrid, so we probably need to beat CSKA convincingly if we are going to have confidence against the Spanish favourites for the Europa League. CSKA themselves won 3-2 over in Lyon to progress on away goals after losing the home leg 1-0, so they can fight when they want to. They came into the Europa after dropping out of the Champions League, losing both home and away to Man United in the process.

In the League they have won 5 of their last 6, and here is their recent record….

In fact since the winter break began in Russia before Xmas, CSKA have played 12 games and their only defeat was the Lyon home reversal, but they overcame that in France.

The only other problem Arsenal could face in Moscow (other than assassinations!) is the weather In April is not likely to higher than zero on a good day!

So who is worried about taking on the Russians?



  1. andcliff says:

    The biggest worry would be the crowd and no Arsenal supporters. Between now and then the political situation will definitely get worse. So we had better take a big lead to Moscow!!

  2. John Ibrahim says:

    cska is not easy…..hence fans should not take it for granted that we will win easily

  3. Kedar Damle says:

    We have to make sure that we are ending tie in 1st leg itself at Emirates on 5th April… If we manage to keep clean sheet and able to win the game by 2 or more goals then we would be through… 3-0 or so would be perfect end tye tie 1st leg itself…

  4. Me says:

    Who cares how dangerous they are?
    Who really cares about that joke of a competition anyway?
    It shows just how far Arsenal have fallen to now rate such a third class competition as being important.
    Three or four years ago had that competition been mentioned it would have been met with derision but now its the greatest thing since sliced bread.
    People are just in denial about the fact that Arsenal are a club in terminal decline and worse still congratulating the person who has caused this.
    No doubt he will get another contract for this disaster of a season…

    1. Darthballs says:


      1. Ken 1945 says:

        Just ask Manure fans if it was meaningless.

  5. jon fox says:

    First things first! Any fan thinking of going to the away leg, is either mad or irresponsible and indelibly stupid. Things will get far worse politically twixt now and then. Stay at home and keep safe and especially do NOT take your kids with you!

    1. Ken 1945 says:

      Jon Fox
      Agree 100% about the fans.
      Also worried about the players as well.

  6. Ddog says:

    Russia is preparing to host the world cup, they will not want trouble with hooliganism now as it will put a lot of pressure on them, so i would expect security to be in top shape there. Also Politics and football are very separate things, and the whole point is that it is depoliticised. so the events going on now should be forgotten when on the pitch. remember east germany!? they played regularly during the cold war as did other communist nations. Football was always a moment to forget all other goings on, and nothing has changed in this regard. Also remember, most of their fans are average folk just like the rest of us – Moscow is a very developed, cultured, modern city as are their people in many ways… seriously chill!

    1. Islander Giwa says:

      Yes, MAN UTD played in Russia with their fans. Do probly

  7. GB says:

    I agree, it’s their fans we should be afraid of, home and away, not their team.

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