How do Arsenal fans rate this transfer window? 1/10?

Probably nobody from Arsenal will come out and explain this disastrous windows to us fans. by Konstantin Mitov

So it’s done and dusted finally and if I had to give this window a grade it’d be an F- or 1/10 – and that’s only because we brought Lacazette. There are tons of major problems to pick from, so where do we begin?

For starters we have players like Mustafi and Sanchez who wanted to leave, now staying. And knowing Arsene, he is incapable to realise how damaging this is to the morale of the team, and he doesn’t care that half the squad doesn’t like Sanchez anymore and he doesn’t really care anymore.

The fact Aaron Ramsey posted #shaaambles on his twitter tells a lot. We sold the Ox to Liverpool and we played him against them 3 days prior. Why on earth would we do that? We were ready to sell Alexis too. It’s comical that Wenger preferred those 2 players rather than our 2 new signings Kolasinac and Lacazette who have a point to prove here.

But even more ridiculous is how we were ready to sell but we didn’t have time to complete a replacement signing. The window (just so you know) is 2 months long, but we left ourselves a few hours. We could’ve gotten Lemar earlier had we wished to pay 55 million. Then we offer 92 and we fail the deal, cause he doesn’t wanna join us, there is no time – or both.

The deal could’ve happened earlier if we weren’t so greedy. We finished on a profit! Think about that for a moment. Huddersfield spent more than us! I expect someone from the Board to come out and speak although it will not happen. We deserve someone to tell us what is going on?

The fact that Gazidis was overruled on the DoF thing says enough of what our board is. Something we just have, like the team and the club. Arsenal to it’s owner is a bank account, and Wenger is only here because he is the accountant and he does a bad job at that too, because we could’ve sold Gibbs for 12 million, but we sold him for 7m after realising we might not sell at all.

It’s a disgrace. There were fans with WengerOut banners outside the ground yesterday and the banners will be back against Bournemouth. Enough is enough. Kroenke, Gazidis, Wenger, all must leave. It’s the fans turn to take over what is ours. Because the club is us, not them.


Updated: September 1, 2017 — 7:52 am


  1. Is this a trick question ?

    1. No Susan
      Only the club are tricking us

      1. Our net spend for this window:


        What happened to the warchest?
        What happened to the catalyst for change?
        Why are we paying highest prices in world football while our club don’t invest to make us a better team?

        1. Who cares, We have had crap windows for so many years now, Spend your energy on getting rid of the Problems Kronke and board & Wenger to.

          1. So, yeah guys. Think of a way to take the yank out physically, as I see no other way.

      2. Well I know that! When is it going to end?? I for one was so excited about this season but 3 games in & I’m gutted. He’s got rid of a lot of ‘deadwood’ but I’m just trying to work out who’ll play week in week out & where. If we’re hit with a lot of injuries then we’re screwed, even more so than we are at the minute

        1. Truth be told If you count Sanchez like a new sighting we did realy well and if Sanchez gives it all without sulking or creating changing room bust up then with the addition of Lacazette and Kolasinac not forgetting Casorla posible you coming back in midd season or later part and if we give Wilshere another chance if you take all that we are looking good not brilliant but good enough to reach 4th just about

          I give 6

          1. Wilshere, another chance?

          2. his showing signs of his youth days when he was amazing, so why not let him kick the ball a few times to see after all he still is a Arsenal player, nothing gained nothing lost as they say

          3. There are many “ifs” in ur earlier comment, those “ifs” were supposed to be taken care of in and by the 2-month long transfer window.

            We had concerns in the frontline, in midfield and in defence. Lacazette was the solution for the frontline problems. And that was good. Few games so far and we can see he most likely is that solution.

            Now, the midfield received no treatment at all. Last season showed we lacked spine. We saw how difficult it was for the current midfielders. They don’t have that quality of being “the defenders attack and the attackers defence”. They couldn’t efficiently protect the defence and build the attack on a consistent basis. The problem is still there. Strength, flair, tenacity and control are the qualities of a good midfield. We lack them. Flair, yes. Strength, No. Tenacity, No. Control, poor.
            Did we address it? No. Not even an apparent attempt.

            In defence, we have been fickle for ages now. After the invincible, Vermalean and Koscienly partnership was a promising one, and the closest we came to having a good defence. But injuries meant the good days never came to light. We’ve suffered many, many “school-boy” errors in defence. For ages, we keep conceding very similar goals and making similar mistakes, yet there was no urgency in making amends in personnel?

            We all know it! The signs are all too familiar. We’ve been there before many times to know when we’re there again. We’ll do well at some point, stringing a few wins together, but we will never get to that desired zenith (title). Why? Because: We’re short of quality. No team balance. We have no real determination. There is discontent in the team. There is an apparent disunity. No physical strength and no mental strength. And, most importantly, there’s not even a trace of ambition from board.

            The way forward?
            Let the fans keep uniting in purpose. Speak in one voice. Be consistent and unrelenting. Determine to get your Arsenal back, and you’ll have your Arsenal back. Whoever comes to replace Wenger in the reins will know that the Fans ain’t taking mediocrity for an answer, and this will make him serious and determined. Bring it on, Fans.


          5. calm down i’m an Alien I’M FROM PLANET URANUS Marry is my house cleaner and lets not talk about father Christmas he owes me money from a poker game 🙂

          6. Tas, too much ifs…

            We know Sanchez doesn’t want to play for the club because the club lacks ambition, how on earth do you motivate someone who doesn’t want to work with you?

            Cazorla has been away from football for a very long time and his injury is not certain yet that he will be back this season. Even if he comes back there’s a possibility he’s a different player than the one we saw before, not even mentioning his age.

            If you are relying on Wilshere then I’m sorry we are not behaving like a big club. Big clubs would have either gotten rid of Wilshere long time ago or have had a replacement for him. Which top club can accommodate so many fringe players other than us, Arsenal FC?

            I am sorry Tas but there is really no excuse. For me this window is either a success; a failure; or a mixture of both. Judging from what we’ve seen during this transfer and the opening 3 games, it is with certainty it’s a complete and utter failure!

          7. just trying to see it with the glass half full mate 🙂

          8. too much doom and gloom

            you will see we are not that bad

            don’t get upset with me guys you will see that we are not as bad as you think

            yes we will lose heavenly to big teams, spuds will probably make 4 points from us but they will lose too many games at Wembley

            Liverpool will fizzle out around the time we usual do February

            Chelsea anything could happen from wining the CL to getting close to relegated

            Everton fail to buy a striker

            the two Manchester teams will have all the silver

          9. alexis is a man who enjoys football, even if he is unhappy with the club he certainly can use the talents around him to harvest goals this season too. i intend to talk about lacazette. he only started, let him unleash himself; say great things take time.

          10. i rate 8/10
            we sign laca & sead.
            all the other spend big doesn’t sum up to a bad window for arsenal. honestly its a negative thought,- ‘they splendidly spend all they got, OMG we did little’.
            torres came to chelsea, falcao came to utd, zlatan came to utd, nothing happened,
            it’s all overhype that thing of mind which make any body think that we did nothing right.
            & the wrong is not anything to do with transfer window activites.
            its upto wenger,
            he need to keep any sort of personal troubles b/w the players out of the pitch, if there is any. that will do it.

          11. These clubs you mentioned have each won the title more than thrice since we last won it. Those names you mentioned (Torres, Falcao, Zlatan, etc) we’re not really failures by the clubs, they were rather attempts to succeed. They got those players because they (the clubs) had ambitions, they wanted to succeed, and those were their efforts to achieve success.

            If two students are going for an exam; one read very well, but the other didn’t read, and both of them failed that particular exam. The student that didn’t read may think he’s in the same bracket with (or even better than) the person who read well and still failed. But I tell you, if the other student continues reading and this other one doesn’t still read, it’s only a matter of time, the reading student will be rewarded of his hard work.

            Currently, you can’t mention ManU and Chelsea in the same breath that you mention Arsenal. There is a clear difference in class, especially in the last decade.

            They always give themselves the chance to succeed by attempting to succeed. You see their efforts. They may not find success in every attempt they make (as in the cases of Torres, Falcao, etc), but they’ve succeeded in some attempts (Drogba, Van Persie, Diego Costa, etc). I just limited the name to strikers, because you only named strikers.

            My problem with Arsenal is not that they haven’t won titles for many years, but that they haven’t even consistently gone for it. They’ve not tried to cross their “t”s and dot their “i”s, they’ve been mostly unambitious. See, when you prepare yourself, you give yourself a chance to succeed. There have been seasons when then title was there for the taking, but we faltered because we were not really prepared for it.

            You know that someone is preparing to win the title when the person is trying to strengthen all the “visible” weaknesses, plug the holes, fine-tune the team, etc. At least, those problems that are quite obvious are addressed.
            But what do we do? Many seasons where we’ve had midfield and defence problems, you see the manager bringing in a left wing attacker or right wing attacker, or buying a player in a position where there are 2 or more very good players, leaving out the positions in dire need. We just buy players randomly, or those that suddenly become available on the cheap, or just stuffs like that.

            For as long as I can remember, we have never really started a season without obvious weaknesses in major positions in the team. It’s either we’re starting a season with just one fit defender (then using other makeshift players to augment the defence for a number of games; and by the time the real defenders are back and fit, the season is all but over for us), or we start a season without a recognisable striker (after losing our striker to injury, knowing he would return 6 weeks or more into the campaign), or we commence a season without any true DM (well, it’s like that dm position isn’t ever going to be sorted out).

            The Arsenal problem is comparable to a man who needs to go for surgery, but prefers just taking pain relief medicine because the money he has in his account, he wants to use it to buy another car to add to his 3 other cars. He takes the pain relief medicine, buys the (un-needed) car, but still has need of surgery; after ten years, he can’t drive the cars because he hasn’t performed the surgery, he prefers to hire a driver, he still takes the pain relief drugs, he still feels the pains, he still needs the surgery, he has money, everyone urges him to fix his health issues, but he thinks he can still manage on with it.

    2. Not much of a tricky question.
      I would dwell more on the positives looking at it from last season’s squad.

      Gk: We kept our 1st 2 keepers while allowing the 3rd to go on loan. Thought we sold our loaned keeper. 8/10

      Defense: We sold Gibbs and Gab and brought in Kolasinac while Per and Chambers are now available. 8/10

      Mid field: We sold Ox. My personal opinion about Ox. He has been a promising player without end product in both defense and attack for years. We needed to create space for lads like Nelson and Maitland. So selling Ox is a positive step. We have Carzola and Wilshere as 2 in 1(2 half players currently, injury wise). Considering their qualities, they are addition to last season’s squad. So I don’t think we are reduced at the middle. 8/10

      Attack: We kept our 3 top scorers while we replaced Lucas with Lacazette. And Welbeck (hostler without end product is fit lol) That’s an upgrade. 8/10.

      Now why I rate 8/10?
      1. We didn’t reduce our last year’s squad by quality even as we badly needed to reduce our squad as we are no longer in the champions league.
      2. Player for player wise, we are better than we were last season.
      3. We achieved the club’s primary objective, PROFIT lol.
      4. Like I said earlier I will dwell more on the positives. I beg you fellow fans, try and stay positive no matter the situation of the club.

      1. It’s difficult to be positive. Ozil and Sanchez still haven’t signed extensions. Will they give their 100% to the club? It’s also depressing that the OX actually rejected a higher offer from Arsenal to join Liverpool.

        1. They are professionals. And considering the world Cup coming up next year, they will give their all.

          1. If Arsenal finished outside the top 4 last season and have never mounted any serious challenge for the title in years….

            If many of the weaknesses that result to the many abysmal showings on the field consistently for years haven’t been addressed….

            If before the season is in full swing, Arsenal are already out of the title race, as has been the case for as long as I can remember (bare two seasons: the one Eduardo had his leg broken [2008] and the season Liverpool came second behind Man city [2014])….

            If after 10 plus years, Arsenal still suffer the same kinds of disease (if the attack is strong, the midfield and defence are weak; if the midfield is OK, the strike department and defence are poor)….

            If with all these facts above, you still find fans who think there are loads of positives, rating the team (with all the obvious weaknesses) as 8/10 and thinking there’s no cause for all the fuss….

            Then, believe me, some fans’ mediocrity disease is incurable.

            I deliberately used the “if”s, because Arsenal has become a club with too many “if”s.

        2. They might sign contract even after they are free IF Arsenal win the title which I highly doubt that we will win it. But should it happen both or atleast Ozil will sign a contract.

      2. when we was playing stoke city everyone was saying WOW look at the bench Arsenal have a good squad this season YES WE HAVE but AW is guilty of playing sill buger with playing out of position players

        1. You need to decide which side of the fence youvare sitting on mate.

          1. I’m defenetly Wanger out mate just pointing out that we are not as bad as people make out, we have some jams still and some new ones if AW can play them in their position we should do ok

    3. our net spent is around 15mil maybe less. thats a shame for a big club that was supposed to be splash money to be in cl spot at least

    4. I am sick and tired of all those negative people moaning all the time. Blaming A.W. for everything. As big as your heart for our great club is, it cannot hide that your know nothing about managing a club in todays football world. If we have run the club your way, we would be where Leeds FC are today.
      Stay calm and let A.W. run the show with your backing.

  2. -10 for the club that must have the worse record for completeing transfer buisness ever absoulutely clueless bring back david dein at least he knew how to get a transfer over the line!!!

  3. Id give us a solid 5 for trying and duly failing to secure yet another last minute deal. The positives, however, are that we secured a top striker, top left back, sold a 40M deadwood and Wenger did not spend any more money bringing in additional deadwood. Maybe we could have let Sanchez go? Maybe he will give his all now? We will have to wait and see but all in all no deadwood was added.

    1. “Id give us a solid 5 for trying and duly failing to secure yet another last minute deal” as though Arsenal had only the last minutes in this all entire window. We had more like 2 months, what happened after paying for Laca? I don’t rate last minute panic buys, 4-0 wasn’t enough for Wenger to buy anyone, 8-2 could do

      1. @-Bran99
        Dude, we just broke our transfer record for the striker we have been crying when needed for the last 3 years! We got a team of the year bundesliga left back and managed to ship out most of our deadwood! Sure we could have added more players but come on, are you forgetting there are transfer windows where we signed NOBODY or some 10M winger and did nothing else? Be grateful man it could be worse.

        1. Agree on the signings but ironic Wenger benched both these supposed great signings against Liverpool. Underlining IMO that as long as Wenger is in charge it makes little difference who we have in our squad because he is not capable to maximize a squads performance.

          1. Yeah,and his loyalty to some players is sickening.

            Had he played both Alexis and Laca in front, Liverpool would have had alot of reason to be less adventurous, knowing we could hurt them with those two playing together. Kolasinac and Laca in the field, with some sensible adjustments in defence and midfield, the Liverpool game could have had an entirely different result.

            You sometimes cannot imagine the big difference little things can make.

  4. Good title but why there are no negative side on your ratings? Buying Laca and keeping welbeck? You saw how preference worked on the last match? Bringing in Laca but taking out Sanchez? Thought these two were the main ingredients in our new attack!?

    Anyway zero is also a number, so my rating is 0/10

  5. Calling all season ticket holders its time to stand up and be counted, at Arsenals next home game i believe every fan should pull their seat out from the ground and throw it onto the pitch at full time. If Kroenke wants to sell our players to fund a stadium he can use the funds to FIX our stadium after we rip it to bits.

    1. I don’t think we should condone violence of any kind! Make your feeling known in other ways by organizing everyone to leave 20 minutes before the end, or protesting outside the Emirates, but no violence please. There will be children present…..

      1. Yeah, no violence. Can’t support that.

        But leaving the stadium 20 minutes to the end of a game sounds like child’s play. It won’t even work. While a fan of a losing team can easily walk out of the stadium, if your team is winning, you’ll be in euphoria and will want to enjoy it till the end. But Arsenal won’t always lose their games. Besides, attending games in the first place rakes in the money into Kroenke’s pocket.

        Boycott! Let the fans make their feelings known by making the Emirates empty during home games; may be the next 2 or 3 home games. March round the Emirates with placards written “Kroenke out”, “Wenger out”, “we want our Arsenal back”, “highest ticket prices, no titles to show”, etc.

        Everyone (board, coaches and players) will know the fans are serious, and what a difference that will make! Let Wenger know that the fans can influence his exit from the Arsenal: he’s taken the fans for granted enough.

    2. you shouldn’t be going to the game in the 1st place. its called boycott

  6. Bonaroca:- Very Simple, the same opld story when it comes to signing new players, when in actual
    fact there are enough in the reserve to make a break.
    The only change I now see should be The Manager himself, there are quite a few good managers
    who would grab the chance and build a really good team from the talent Arsenal have in abundance.

  7. 2/10
    Wenger. Kroenke . Ivan . Dick out

    Fans who support this club blindly.
    Support a regime where were paying for something we don’t receive .
    Ever bought a jaguar and received a fiat

    Lower ur ticket prices
    Stop using John cross and others to manipulate fans

  8. – 10

    Please do something, THE TIME IS NOW!


    OnlineGooner Wenger Out Protest Forum:

    Wenger/Kroenke Out Justgiving Page:


  9. what’s going on at the club is an absolute bloody disgrace

  10. Lacazette and Kolsanic were good signings but what is the point if they don’t start.

    We played Liverpool away and Lacazette, Kolsanic, Mustafi, Giroud, Theo were ALL on the bench. We played Welbeck up Front, OX (who was leaving) at LWB and Monreal at CB.

    Anyway, we always needed more than Lacazette and Kolsanic. That was not enough. We needed a top CM, another Top attacking midfielder and a CB minimum

    Right now we are not among the top 5 teams let alone the top 4. United, Spurs, City, Chelsea and Liverpool are all still better than us.

    This was a terrible window especially since we desperately need to get back into Champions League which is not going to happen now.

    4 out of 10 and I’m being generous

    1. We are always taking 1 step forward and 2 steps beind

  11. Who said Arsene can't do grime?

    Window shopping marks – 11/10

    Actual transfers – N/A

  12. From a sporting point of view, it was a poor window and I would score it 3/10. The additions of Laca and Kolasinac are IMO 8/10. Yes, we needed more than just these two guys but at least these two players look promising early on. Our sales look terrible IMO.

    Selling a half way decent CD in Gabriel who Keown rated pound for pound our best defender after Kos, was puzzling for a manager who switched to 3 at the back. Losing Ox also hurts since as a right wingback he was our best option IMO.

    From a confidence point of view, I think this window could not have been worse. We saw Ox preferring a pay cut to go to Liverpool. We saw that Mustafi either isn’t rated or also wants to leave or both. We know we will be stuck with a highly unmotivated and angry Sanchez. We have seen the club is a joke in the transfer market supposedly bidding and negotiating for Lemar all summer yet never asking Lemar if he even wanted to come to Arsenal. When we finally asked with a few hours left he says he doesn’t want to play for a club who plays Europa league. What a joke!!!
    It is also clear now that many players don’t want to come to play For Arsenal were perhaps 5 years ago we could have argued that we are a big club and could attract any player. Not unlike Man U attracting the likes of Pgba and Ibra whilst not being able to offer CL football. Well, that dream is over, we are not Man U and Wenger deters rather than attracts players.

    Personally, I can not remember a time at this club in the last 20+ years where the confidence and atmosphere were this low and I think the transfer window behavior and shambles contributed ot that. 0/10 for that.

  13. Does not matter how good our attack is we have no holding midfielder that can protect the defence and the defence can’t defend so we will continue to get destroyed by the top teams and remain a laughing stock!!

  14. It’s just another farce, but nothing we are not used to.

    1. Expected until we get Wenger out and the American how owns our club we will always be second best now. Wenger’s handling of the transfer market I give him ZERO

      John E

      1. Second best? That would have been top notch. We’re like 6th best, that’s if the likes of Everton do not spring some surprises.

        I expect us, though, to at least, get well, and that’s only if Wenger can just put the right players in every game.

  15. this is what you get for the previous share holders selling to Kronke and no other, the departure of david dein, the retaining of wenger, tolerating sub standard management and on field performances, retaining deadwood over the use by date, i have supported arsenal since 1979 our club is just a cash cow for a greedy disinterested owner to prop up his other interests, lets hope we do not get relegated under this owner/management fiasco, they will take their money and run, we will be left to clean up and re-build, football before greed, concerned supported.

    1. Spread the word to all other AFC supporters, Do not give AFC a penny until real ambition has been shown and not just a PR stunt.

      I would love to see Silent Stan sell up to Usmanov.

      I would be happy for Silent Stan to stay if he shown passion for the club, learns that owning a EPL team requires dedication and if he matches that dedication then fine. Silent Stan making profit or Usmanov isn’t me making money so I do not care as long as AFC are being ambitious and our owner is dedicated to AFC.

      I do have a fear that Silent Stan will sack Wenger to please the fans, the fans will be happy briefly and AFC get to renew their season tickets then Gazidis hires a Moyes and nothing changes.

      Look at the change in dedication from UTD owners, they was happy to take out of UTD for their own gains but now they are spending big to please the supporters, the supporters return the kindness by buying the kits with the signings name printed on it. Their support makes them very marketable and they capitalize on it. The owners are still profiting but they have better people doing business which allows for less restrictions on transfers… and the cycles strengthens itself.

      AFC have just as dedicated supporters and AFC would be able to reach the same heights if we had a CEO capable of achieving it, just look at how we been paying the high ticket prices for the top 4 trophy… Imagine the support AFC would get if they shown real ambition and then the marketing of that support…

  16. The sad thing is that another manager can still win the title with our current squad, but the deluded one will continue playing players in wrong position, playing favourite players.

    He needs to change the formation back to 4-3-3 since we are short on ready made CB. Then he needs to sure up the midfield especially the defensive side. The front three pick themselves even if Sanchez’s head is turned for a couple games, you have to play him.

  17. Home or Away let the team Arsenal play their entire games in the presence of only opponent team’s fans until these notorious three of kroenke, Wenger and Ivan leave this beloved club before ruining completely.

  18. None of this matters. We can buy any player but as long as Wenger is at the helm, we will never get the best out of our players. For the past 10 years and more, we have have seen players come and go. Our whole squad has literally changed in this time. We have also seen a massive upgrade in our stadium and training facilities, medical staff etc etc. New lucrative sponsorship deals and not to mention highest ticket prices in England and possibly Europe. In light of all these advancements, we were promised that we could compete with the biggest clubs, on and off the pitch.

    But this has not been the case has it? We haven’t won the league in almost 14 years. We get knocked out of CL in the last 16 religiously every competition. We didn’t even cut CL last season. This is not progress people. This is DECLINE. The common denominator here is Arsene Wenger and this is why he needs to just $$$$ off quite honestly. Many of us tried to give him the benefit of the doubt when he bought Ozil and Sanchez and we won that first F.A cup in 2014. But the writing is on the wall and has been for a LONG time. He just needs to go and it is up to the fans now to put pressure on the necessary parties to make this happen. I don’t like Kroenke, but let’s get real here. If you had to put several other top managers in Wenger’s shoes (Guardiola, Conte, Jose, etc) over the last couple of years with the amount of money Wenger has had to spend, I honestly think they would have won the league at least 2 or 3 times. Wenger’s weak mentality and lack of fight has rubbed off on our players and this is why we are witnessing the same load of dross every year…inconsistency and losing against a large margin against the bigger clubs.

    1. Common denominator is Gazidis.
      Hired in Nov 08 by the old board while they was looking to bump share prices, at that time AFC had both Usmanov and Silent Stan as shareholders and they was both wanting to buy AFC.

      The old board lied to us and made that pact to not sell “to their type”, used our pride against us and said they didn’t want AFC to be owned like we are now.

      The 1st full season with Gazidis as CEO and we spend less than 1/3 of the season before.

      Wenger isn’t perfect and I never claim that, Wenger isn’t the best manager but he has won us the FA Cup multiple times in recent years and with an ambitious CEO Wenger did win the EPL.
      You can not be totally clueless and still hold the record for FA Cups as a manager and for the club to get it.

      Wenger IMO is very good with the right type of players, without them and he becomes clueless, we do not have the right type of players for him. I do believe he is getting worse over time, I do believe we could get a better manager…

      We need a CEO who can get a better manager though!

      You claim Wengers weak mentality has rubbed off on the players yet you ignore the merc attitude of Alexis, Alexis has dragged the mentality down to cash rather than pride for club. Not Wenger and dare I say it not Gazidis either (urghh, I feel sick defending that lol).

      Wenger was trying to be strong and putting his foot down over not selling him, look how we hear how AFC suddenly has no funds to buy players after he sticks to that decision and season tickets are sold.

      Wenger is far from perfect which I happily admit but he is being undermined by Gazidis constantly which just makes it worse. I agree that Wenger is getting worse over time and those flaws are being magnified by a CEO who was hired to increase the share prices in the short term. AFC lack of funds also comes from him not doing his job as well as others could, UTD had EL football last season but still earned more than AFC did in sponsorship deals, the kit alone was something like £21 million a year more while EL, more than double if they have UCL. The difference in the sponsorship deals was near the price of Lukaku for UTD!

      We hear Wengers targets as missed due to a few million and knowing how we lack in other areas… yes we have improved in business but slower than the other teams so relatively… it is meh.

      Silent stan will not sell up any time soon, even if we do all boycott AFC, Silent Stan will first try to fix it. He could sack Wenger but he backed Wenger… If all us supporters swapped the #WengerOut to #GazidisOut then Silent Stan may take notice and aim to get a CEO who knows how to win in business and sport.
      That CEO would have the power to hire a new manager…
      Domino effect.

      A new manager will not have the power to hire a new CEO.
      Half a job.

  19. Laca
    Sanchez ozil walcott
    Coqelin xhaka
    Kola boss mustafi belleri

    That very good line up and sub
    But somehow wenger make it like medioker performance

  20. Please can Arsenal fans stop attending games or buying arsenal machandise. I thought this club could no longer break my heart but after seeing players like lacca and kola join and we still got thrashed at pool I’m going through the worse heartbreak ever and might even be sliping into depression

  21. Well did anyone ask LAMAR if he wanted to join ARSENAL. LOL what a joke.

    Confirms we have idiots running ARSENAL.

    By the way I don’t Mr Wenger to do a BRIAN CLOUGH at the end.

  22. The fans wanted to clear out the deadwood, keep our best players and get our new signings done early.
    Wenger has pretty much cleared the deadwood, let’s not forget up until April, most fans included the ox in that deadwood pile. Ok we will all have different opinions on different players. But if anyone can prove to me that the ox was more productive than walcott, alexis or ramsey (the three positions he prefers to play) then feel free to point to the stats. Furthermore, when he was played in his preferred position he needlessly gave the ball away.

    So lets look at the rest of the deadwood clear out. Gibbs, Gabriel, Sczsesney, sanogo, kamara, Toral, Oconnor, willock, da graca, pileas, hinds,, Crowley, bennacer Mourgas, malen, that’s 16 players all sold
    Whilst Perez Jenkinson, Campbell, Martinez, Asano, nwakali bola, Bramall, mavididi.

    None of the 25 players moved on were starting x1 players, with only one or two likely to make the bench. So for clearing put the deadwood, I award 10/10.

    Then it’s looking at did he get his deals done early well there is no disputing that he did. 10/10 Was the quality of those players good enough? No dispute there best striker in France and best left back in Germany again 10/10.

    Did wenger stick to his word and keep his best players? Well yes he did, he kept bellerin from barca, he kept ozil from??? He kept Cech, he kept kos and obviously he kept alexis. 9/10

    Finally it leaves just one thing quantity? Obviously we all wanted better here. But he had to get rid of more to open space. Howeber he has ended up with a 25 Man senior squad and been left with a spare senior keeper who will play u23s and a further 27 young professionals. Sure Debuchy, Macey and Akpom could have been left off the 25 and 3 better signings made. For this reason I only award 4/10 for this area.

    So all in all I score it 43/50 for the transfer window.

    1. Interesting perspective.

      Getting the business done early is objective isn’t it?
      Some can say yes he did because we didn’t do any late business in the end, we did try though so not all the business was done early in another perspective.

      That trying to save £££ ended up costing AFC a player, if we did buy Lemar for a record £92 million then it would have cost AFC a LOT more for that transfer.

      If only Gazidis listened to Wenger when Wenger said he wouldn’t be surprised to see the 1st £150-£200 million transfer next season (so this season as it was said last season) which happened.

      Inflation is happening and even our own manager pointed it out so he is aware of it… but AFC still ignore that and take their time to the point we lost out on a player.

      That pain right at the end is making a lot of supporters feel negative about the club and the CEO needs to recognise this and deal with it, he isn’t… Nice of Gazidis to make that record bid right at the end when everyone was doubting it could get done due to the logistics of the transfer, nice one Gazidis. Pulled the rug from under Wengers feet. Just like the reports of a war chest from the board to get the season ticket sales and then ooops we got no money to spend.

      We see that in the transfer window and it does become hard to be positive about the whole thing.

  23. What is wrong with you guys, earlier i saw someone rating our transfer window as 6/10 , no wonder this club is going further backwards. We need to seriously voice out and say enough is enough, put pressure on the so called kroenke and wenger to leave the club, we can’t continue like this year after year, it is sickening

  24. A big zero 0
    On a normal day I could class it an 8 buying two beasts of players and keeping our best players in ozil and sanchez while clearing some deadwoods but it isn’t cos Wenger remains and nobody wants to play for him.
    Only thing that can mk it a success is either wenger leaves or all the players who don’t wanna play leaves.

  25. Earlier I posted about ripping seats out the emirates in protest of not spending due to the new Rams stadium being built. This got disliked by many as the approach was deemed to violent. After assessing this I have now reconsidered my thoughts on the main problems with Arsenal Football Club.
    2) Cowardly fans willing to accept mediocrity, insane ticket prices, Wengers team selection and Wengers favorite quote judge me in May.
    3) Wenger and his golden boys, xhaka ramsey bellerin monreal ozil welbeck walcott wilshere.

    1. Season after season is the same thing, it is as if some fans actually want this failures, i believe if all the fans could come together (although i doubt that) , nd cut out anything that is still making this current board to thrive, we boycott games, day in, day out, we flood the social medias, till we get a response, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

  26. A BIG FAT 0

  27. All the lovers of the club throughout the globe shout in support of our team all seasons long. We share our joys and wept when we stumbled. Stan & co in the mean time watch the fans, not the pitch, thinking about how to make more money out of our pockets. That’s how the system works in Arsenal..

  28. As an Arsenal fan, Wenger is a real cheater and liar. The same old Arsenal. There will be no change in this club unless Wenger is out.

  29. Transfer window 2/10 for me, we did get Lacazette who Wenger had wanted for a while and we did get Sead when other teams wanted him.

    Gazidis failed AFC yet again though, K tried to say Gazidis was overruled on DoF but a DoF wouldn’t have spent the money without Gazidis permission, Gazidis is too tight fisted to say yes so a DoF would just be sitting around twiddling his thumbs.

    Last time AFC was looking at a DoF they hired Gazidis and gave him the title of CEO, to replace Dein and what Dein done which was the work of a DoF as well.

    AFC need a new CEO before manager, a CEO with sporting ambition, a CEO who can hire people to aid him and get the job done properly, a CEO that can sack the manager when he feels the manager is letting the club down, a CEO who understands that inflation in football is happening so buying ‘now’ rather than end of window can save a club MILLIONS. Wenger said prices was going to increase and he did say this year we could see the 1st £150-£200 million transfer and we did, Gazidis didn’t pay attention did he and look how AFC lost out on Lemar.

    Wenger and Dein = got TH14 when Wenger asked for him.
    Wenger and Dein = Pires even though RM wanted him.

    Wenger and Gazidis got ElNeny 6 months after speaking to Xhaka and ended up getting Xhaka 6 months after ElNeny.
    Wenger and Gazidis got Perez when Wenger wanted Lacazette and ended up getting Lacazette 12 months after Perez.

    I see a clear change in transfers since Gazidis arrived. It has been a trend that has stuck with us since Gazidis 1st full season as CEO.

    Wenger has been a fool in tactics but Gazidis has failed AFC every year he has been with us in regards to sporting ambition, since Gazidis came to AFC the ambition has been the wealth of AFC and we are watching this horrid attitude handicap us year after year after year…

    If AFC can get a new CEO this season then next season would be Wengers last in contract and also makes it easy for the new CEO to put pressure on Wenger for his last 12 months, fail and get a new manager that matches the new CEO sporting ambition, Wenger wouldn’t need to be ‘sacked’, just no new contract.

    It will take a new CEO time to adapt to AFC so use this 1st 12 months in fixing that area… Please AFC!! :'(
    That would give the new CEO the 2nd 12 months to find the right style of manager for us along with time to raise funds through selling deadwood so the new manager will have enough to build the team they want to build.

    I have only ever supported AFC, I can not imagine supporting another club EVER, what is 2 years to a lifelong supporter? I’ve had near a decade of pain already so 2 more years is NOTHING in the bigger picture. I want a future!

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