How do Arsenal Women close the gap with Chelsea and City this season?

How do AWFC close the gap with Chelsea and City this season?

Arsenal Women fell short last season after a very good season from both Chelsea and Manchester City and although we played some great football at times, we just couldn’t seem to keep up / catch up with both Chelsea and City. Chelsea have obviously been at the top of the food chain for a long time and with Emma Hayes having left last season, it gives others a bit of hope that it might mean the end to their dominant streak and time for hopefully Arsenal to take over.

City haven’t been as dominant as Chelsea but have still been a huge rival to us and, although it’s been very tight between us and City for a while, last season they had it over us and were a more consistent club and now with them signing Miedema into their already star-studded team, it does leave me a tad worried. But I also know Jonas Eidevall and the recruitment team are working their hardest to build upon the squad and make it better and more competitive this season, and if we manage to keep the right players and bring the right players in, we are going to be fighting for that top spot this season.

I think Arsenal Women are building a team year by year and there’s always a lot of potential. But we always seem to run into obstacles that make things harder for us and I think in this off season a lot of the club’s focus need’s to be around keeping our women fit and ready to go. We have been plagued by injuries in the past few seasons and it puts such a hinderance on how we perform when we lose big players, in the dressing room and on the pitch, and maybe we’ve overworked these women with countless games and tournaments for their countries and are more likely to get injured because of this.

That’s another big reason why recruitment will be so important this summer and, if we can manage to recruit right and build on the depth we already have, I think that would go a long way. Having enough quality players to be able to rotate and mess around with tactics would be great, it’s something we have lacked in the last few years and something our rivals have done really well.

With a lot more games next season, with all the WSL, champions league and cup games, we’re going to need the depth. Hopefully Eidevall can get it right this season because we should be challenging for the title, and I don’t think he will last another season without one..

What’s your thoughts Gooners?

Daisy Mae

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  1. It’s fine. We should replace VIivy as quickly as posible then get a quality CB to surport the curent crop. If the coach is not doing as expected the a good bye is not bad cause we will keep on losing our top players to the rival clubs.

  2. With Vicky in the team there is no gap.
    2 Wins over City Wins over Chelsea
    City have Viv but they already had quality strikers
    Management cost us the title last year not players
    One more signing and no injuries

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