How do Man City really compare to the Arsenal invincibles at this stage?

Unstoppable City on way to surpassing ‘Invincible’ Gunners

A study shows Pep Guardiola’s men are even more indestructible than famous Gunners side of 2003/2004

As the Manchester City juggernaut shows no signs of slowing up, research from has revealed that Pep Guardiola’s side are well on course to bettering the incredible achievements of Arsenal’s ‘Invincible’ team of 2003/2004.

The Sky Blues sit eleven points clear at the top of the table and undefeated in domestic football this season, and while City still have 20 league games to go before being crowned ‘Invincibles II’, the study shows City top the head-to-head stats table with Arsene Wenger’s side after the same amount of games played.  

After 18 Premier League games, City have won five more matches, collected ten more points and have scored a remarkable 22 more goals than the Invincibles. They are level on clean sheets (7), while only conceding 12 – the same amount as the Gunners conceded that year after 18 outings.

While Arsenal hit 90 points in 2003/2004, Chelsea broke the Premier League points record the following year in Jose Mourinho’s first season at the club. They finished on 95 points to lift the title, but can reveal City are on their way to trumping that record too.

Pep’s team currently have 52 points – nine points more than Chelsea did after the same number of matches that year, and could be set to strip the Blues of another Premier League record – most goals scored in one season.

Former manager Carlo Ancelotti led Chelsea to the title in 2009/2010, scoring 103 goals along the way. However, City have scored more goals than Chelsea did after the same amount of games – 52 compared to the 42 the Blues had at that stage.

Steve Munns, Head of Sport, said: “Manchester City look unstoppable this season, and it’s no wonder they are being likened to the famous Invincibles. However, Arsenal weren’t even top of the table at this same stage in that memorable season, whereas City have more or less sewn up the title before Christmas.

“Arsenal started that season slower than City have this year – they only scored 34 goals after 18 games, whereas City have blown teams away by notching 52 times. Pep’s side have an average of over three goals per game, and at this rate they will smash the record amount scored in one season too.

“‘Is this City side better than the Arsenal Invincibles’? is a question that will be asked more often the longer this undefeated run goes on. And while it boils down to matter of opinion, if City can go the season unbeaten, break the record for goals scored and points secured along the way, it’ll be hard to argue against this team being the Premier League’s greatest ever side. It’s 5/1 on City going undefeated in the Premier League this season and 10/11 for them to be the first team ever to reach the magic 100pt total in the Premier League.”

ManCity v Arsenal Invincibles
*Statistics based on same amount of matches played in Premier League (18) in 2003/2004 and current season


  1. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Without doubt Manchester city are the best Premier League side since the Invincibles. I’ve been worried after a few games into the season that our record of being undefeated is going to be equalled. Though the one thing I’m holding on to is that we never needed the wealth of the United Arab Emirates to achieve what we did. When country’s start owning football clubs the game is up.

    1. Salmonella says:

      With our without money, I don’t care as long as it’s legal.
      City spent millions & are getting results on the pitch & that’s what matters.
      We are miles behind them & we need to start doing something to improve ourselves.

      1. John Ibrahim says:

        With a Fifa 18 team…chances of getting the results and title are very very high…

        Even if they dont win this season…they will carry on spending big…

        say another 500m or more in the summer to guarantee the title….

        Just like Chelsea a few years back….they sign every young talent and loan them out….over 50 were loan out…surely least 2 or 3 will become stars….Salleh and De Bruyne are examples…

    2. Hubert says:

      It will be interesting to work out the cost per goal difference based on the respective (a) team wages and (b) purchase price of the team members. It’s likely that the cost per goal difference for Arsenal’s Invincibles will be lower than that of the current Manchester City squad. In fact it will interesting to work this cost per goal difference for each team in the current league – this will show which team is most cost effective!

      1. I don’t think anyone cares about that…

  2. Salmonella says:

    I not only want Man City to go undefeated but also better our record by winning more games so that some of our fans stop living in the past and start worrying about our future.

  3. miker says:

    Just recall last season, city were about to run away, but…… This term they are flying away, let alone run away, but 20 more matches more to play, anything can happen. They’ll be the champions but “invincibles II” I don’t think so.

  4. gotanidea says:

    According to the statistics, Manchester City is better than the Invincibles currently. And the current Premier League competition is much tougher than the Invincibles era’s Premier League.

    Wenger had only two tough opponents, Alex Ferguson and Claudio Ranieri. Whereas Guardiola has Klopp, Mourinho, Wenger, Pochettino and Conte.

    Because of the level of the current competition, I think Guardiola’s Manchester City would not surpass the Invincibles’ win record. But I will still enjoy the way they play, because it reminds me on how brave the Invincibles played in the past.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      Of coz stats are better at City

      Pep has spent over 400m in his 2 year tenure at City…

      If he dont win he will be fired….

      Even if City doesnt win they will spend another 500m in the summer

      They can even guarantee the title by offering us 70m to sign Sanchez in Jan

      Money does wonders

      1. gotanidea says:

        Money does not always do wonders, if you recall how Leicester won the Premier League with limited resources. Guts are more important and Arsenal is the fifth richest club in the world.

      2. Dimien says:

        Who stopped your average club from spending big?

        Your invisible era had just two teams as contenders, unlike now that even Leicester City can win the league.

    2. Gily says:

      They are by far much better than the “invincible.” All that the gunners need to do now to bring them back to earth and break all that record is to beat them when they meet again. Simple!

  5. Sue says:

    I’ll be surprised if City don’t become Invincibles… they ooze class right now

  6. Noc says:

    Ronaldinho cost barca a miserly 30million, huge fee in 2003. What do you think he’d go for now? If you look at that invincibles team with Henry, wiltord Campbell Vierra, Bergkamp, Ashley Cole, Pires…. They’d cost more than this city team now by at least 200million. Henry alone would cost 150, just look at Mbappe! So I think it’s bollocks to isolate City’s success as being about money which of course it is, but no more than all the other great teams. That’s my 2cents

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