How do Tottenham’s next four League games compare to Arsenal’s – Gunners to go top?

Arsenal has been fantastic thus far this season, but they now need to do one thing: climb to the top of the Premier League standings. Tottenham is beginning to feel at ease at the top.

The Gunners bitter rivals have had an incredible season, topping the league with an astounding 26 points. Arsenal is just two points behind. The struggle for dominance is on.

So, how does Arsenal get to the top?

In the coming weeks, Tottenham will face difficult opponents such as Chelsea (who can step up in crucial games) and Manchester City.

Tottenham’s next four EPL matches include:

Tottenham vs. Chelsea on November 6th
Wolves vs. Tottenham on November 11
Tottenham vs. Aston Villa on November 26
Manchester City vs. Tottenham on December 3rd

With such difficult fixtures on the horizon, they are almost certain to drop points. If they don’t, I’ll be surprised. This will allow Arsenal to capitalize and maybe claim the league’s top spot.

Arsenal’s next schedule, on the other hand, appears to be more favorable, with relatively easier opponents….

Newcastle vs Arsenal on November 4th,
Arsenal vs Burnley on the 11th,
Brentford vs Arsenal on the 25th
Arsenal vs Wolves on December 2nd.

If the Gunners perform as they have been doing, they can pick up practically all of the points and continue to soar in the league. They could even go first if Spurs falter as projected.

The Gunners have all they need to be at the top of the Premier League by December. Apart from Spurs and Manchester City, I believe their determination not to lose and their ability to routinely find the back of the goal will definitely see them demolish other teams.

As much as the Gunners led almost all season and did not win the league, they should be wiser this season. Going to the top, they’ll have an advantage because they can simply match or outperform their main title rivals results.


Sam P

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  1. The fixtures look good

    Unfortunately, Spuds became more energetic as compared to their performance last season after making Son their main CF, because of his high-pressing effort, movements and finishing skills

    If Son and Maddison get injured, I think Spuds will start losing

    1. I must say I have been impressed with Spuds unprecedented start to the season. However, I think Spuds poor bench quality is likely going to be their undoing this season. Who can replace Madison and Son? Madison is injury prone and Son is ageing can he last a whole season. EPL isn’t how well you start but how you finish, which is a mixture of different variables.. But because they are not in Europe games they have a slight chance to challenge for Epl.

      1. Silva, the one positive for Spurs is the imminent return of Bentacur, a sound replacement for Maddison, but I agree that they will need to strengthen in quality and depth in the January window.

  2. Son and Maddison are a revelation this season and I think Sam P is somewhat looking through rose tinted glasses if he thinks Newcastle away and Brentford away are easy games for us to win.

    1. We should not be counting chickens, it’s going to be tight at the top this season, let’s take one game at a time …. And win them all 😊

      1. GB and JBGS, agree, no points can be guaranteed for any club. One game at a time. Even Manchester City has lost games so far this season.

  3. they always find a way to beat mancity so I would expect them to cause a lot of trouble when they meet especially in their current form and I think mancity look beatable this season, it’s really scary that I think our bitter rivals could win the league this season. We simply have to win our games and forget about them for now. I think they will have no problem against Chelsea, Villa and Wolves.

  4. Spuds are good this season. Good manager. Son and Madison are excellent

    I hate to say this but just my honest opinion is that they could be title contenders too

    Hopefully I’m wrong and they falter

    1. It belongs to everyone, the title I mean. Leicester took it against all predictions of supercomputer and the all knowing pundits. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. Wolves beat man c that day. Watch out

  5. Looking at those fixtures, I’d say that both teams will drop points, Spurs three & us two.
    With just over a quarter of the season now done, it’s looking good for both teams, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see us finish 1st & 2nd.

  6. Arsenal should give me something to cheer about this year. Liverpool dominated and gave to man city. Arsenal dropped their chance last season. They should not think of such this time. They should be wary of giant killers this time. The next fixtures are the such that destroyed them last season. They should triumph at those fixtures then they are good to go since they have known how to defeat the rivals.

  7. Maddison was available for cheap but Arteta was strangely obsessed with the idea of a struggling German international who was more less-proven in the PL than the Englishman. Really strange!!!

    Maddison is the pivot of the attack and defense. If he stays fit, they will win everything. Even referees make decisions in their favor because they are too swift.
    Arsenal’s solid defense is what is carrying the team Forward but Raya will crack at Newcastle

    1. @Atangana
      You might have a long wait to us crack. Even at Amfield or Ethehigh I don’t see this team easily cracking.

  8. I see no sensible reason to compare the two teams next four league games.
    Why FOUR? What does four matter, as both will still well over have more than half a season left after that? It seems to me no more than an excuse to write an article with no reason at all to focus on a mere four games.

    In any case a far more pertinent article would compare us with our MAIN rivals, City! And after that , Liverpool. And not the Spursy Spuds!

    1. jon fox, be like many others and under rate Ange Postecoglou at your peril. 26 years managerial experience on three continents and Asian and World Cups competing against the best managers in world football.

      1. Ozzie I do no such thing and can see he is a top class manager. But in case you have not noticed and even though Spurs have no European games to need to play, THEIR squad is far less deep in quality than all the other realistic title chasers, which are City, ourselves and Liverpool.


        The bookies have their odds for Spuds as title winners about right, as rank fourth choice, way outsiders to those clubs I list above.

        Believe as it suits you, I will do the same. May of next year will prove one of us wrong. I say it will NOT be me.

        1. jon, if you read my reply to Silva and other posts regarding Spurs, I have emphasised the lack of strength and depth of their squad over a long season. The January window will be critical, as will be support from Levy.

  9. Our boys already played Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea and Totties in 10 games and we are at 7-3-0. I can’t complain. As long as the team gets better, our attack gets more potent and our defence gets more rigid, we stand a chance to get more points than last season.

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