How do you rate Calum Chambers first season at Arsenal?

Calum Chambers arrived at Arsenal from Southampton last summer and was immediately thrown in at the deep end due to our massive list of defensive injuries. Most fans were very happy with his early performances, but as our injured players returned and Hector Bellerin made the right-back spot his own, Chambers has returned to his backstage role although he has been promoted to Roy Hodgson’s England side, making three appearances so far.

It is easy to forget just how young and inexperienced he really was when he arrived and in fact is still only 20 years old. Chambers himself is more than pleased with his first season at the Emirates.

“In a short space of time I think I have grown massively,” Chambers said on the official Arsenal website. “I have exceeded my expectations of what I thought I would achieve this season.

“I can only thank the coaches and the players for helping me do that and I just want to keep going, keep improving day by day to become the best player that I can be and be proud of myself.

“Playing for Arsenal is an achievement and so is playing in the Champions League and for England. I am really proud of myself and equally I want to go further and become the best player I can at Arsenal. I won’t stop working until I get there.”

In my opinion he looked very confident and reassured when he started the season, and he will now have to up his game a lot more to find his niche in the Arsenal first XI. Considering his age, do you think his first season at Arsenal has been a happy one so far?

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  1. The case of Callum Chambers to me is a bit unfair to him. He came as a right back, but his pace clearly proved to us that he’s not an ideal right back. He’s ideally being used as a centre back or defensive midfield, but havent been given that many opportunities to impress. When given that chance – I think he’s been good enough.

    Now comes the choice of giving him a loan spell or actively convert him to a CB/CDM ourself

    1. Chambers was bought to be used in a variety of positions including rb/cb/dm. But I think whenever he was used as a cb he was impressive, specially in the first half of the season putting on motm performance’s. So I would say he had a great season as a cb and not rb. Would rate him 7.5 for his performances as a cb

  2. I think £16 millon was quite a lot to spend on him but he had a good season and I am sure he will improve.

    I think he is better CB than RB. Hopefully Debuchy and Bellerin will be fit throughout the season and Chambers can focus on CB and DM, especially if we don’t get another DM

    I’m hoping he improves every season. I definitely want him to succeed

    1. I agree. 16 million was alot. Especially when we consider someone like Schneiderlein is said to be to expensive at 25 million. Dont understand. Just proves again how overpriced English and especially homegrown players are. I like chambers but also think his price tag was a little excessive.

      Just off Topic: Can admin maybe right an article on the state of English Football. Everyone said we have the best league in the world and I agree but its does not have the strongest teams. This can also be seen on the international stage where English team football does not come close to other european and south american teams. Its a good discussion to have.

    2. Wenger stumping up £16M for an 19 year old English utility defender is an unusual one by Wenger standards. You can only assume he saw something he liked ALOT. Looks expensive now but may look a pittance/bargain if he gives us 10 years top class CB service. Could have been worse – on balance would prefer to see CC in our starting line-up at CB than a Lovren (£20M), a Mangala (£32M) or even a Luiz (£40M).

  3. On his first competitive against city in the FA cup he looked brilliant. I felt like we can start him against clubs who play forwards with pace but he’s deployed on the right I feel like southampton stole from us. He’s still really young and can be groomed in to a great player.

  4. He said it himself.
    I like what he said. Humble and hard working it seems.
    He will get his chance in the dm or cd I think.
    Good to have in cup games.
    No complaints

  5. Chambers did pretty ok during the start of last season. I remember watching Him in few games during the start of last season where He dominated and defended well… Then we saw His weakness when he played at the RB. He lacked pace and do drag players shirt when they pass Him….I feel He is a better CB than RB. If Wenger nurtures Him properly, then He is a future CB in Arsenal. Would love to see how he develops this coming season. We have Kos, Mertsacker, Paulista and Chambers. Pretty good!…

  6. Why are people being so harsh on him. He played very well at CB at the beginning of the season and his performances only seemed to drop when he was playing at RB. He was emergency cover and did a pretty good job in my opinion. He seems like a good lad with his head screwed on. I think if he plays with the right partner he will turn into a top class CB. I see him and Gabriel as the new Per and Kos. Per and Kos compliment each other perfectly and i think Chambers and Gabi could have a similar affect in a couple of years. Just my opinion but dont be so harsh on a young lad who has been thrown in at the deep end playing in different positions alongside different players. All players need stability and Chambers hasnt played in a defence that has that yet. He played alongside Monreal at CB and alongside an unfit and out of form Per. He will come good im sure

  7. __________Off Topic________

    Admin, u really got me laughing off my stiff but on this one in a previous article: “But then again it is only fair that the Colombian moves to get first team football as he is far too good to be a unplayed backup, whereas Wojciech Szczesny will probably be happy to spend his whole career on the Arsenal bench, so he can sneak into the showers for a fag when Wenger’s not looking!”

    Szczesny might decide to leave too if he does not get to play as much as he’d like to. Honestly, Ospina really impressed me in just his debut season. Well, it’s life and these things happen.

    1. Calum Chambers will come good..being able to fill in a multiple set of positions will see him rack up alot of minutes over the course of the season. Rem that he is still only 19 and if Raheem Sterling is valued at over 50 million quid then Chambers at 16M is a steal.

  8. I think its not right to judge chambers in first season as he is signed for future…plus 16 million price is bcoz of his verstality….atleast with him v don’t need to play monreal or debuchy as cb

  9. What about Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang? Is he the guy our forward line really needs? For pure pace; yes..Is he an upgrade on Walcott?

    1. Athletico Madrid have matched the buyout clause on Jackson Martinez according to Portuguese papers, Athletic Madrid are sending out representatives to Chile to initiate contract discussions. So Unless the club meets the asking price, THERE WILL BE NO DEAL FOR JACKSON MARTINEZ. I’d hope we could sign Carlos Bacca at £23Mill , Rues or even Volland (Yes I’m aware they will cost £40+ million). If we want a striker this transfer window we have got to be prepared to spend big as this time around, there are no cheap alternatives.

  10. we always mess bringing in chesh*t cech for gooner oooospina 🙁 🙁 so sad 🙁 🙁 🙁
    am from now henceforth a fernabache fan. arsenal is traitor to own players 🙁

  11. He got put in the deep end too early. It would’ve been okay to play him against the small teams only in his first season. That destroyed a bit of his confidence he got early. Bellerin has surpassed him in Rb now. So Chambers will have to wait patiently.

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