How does insulting Wenger make you a real Arsenal supporter?

It is time for us all to get over it! The Arsenal Board, the owner Stan Kroenke and the majority of Arsenal fans are happy for Arsene Wenger to keep control of the Gunners team for the next two years, and even many of those who voted for WengerOut now understand that there is absolutely nothing that can be done again until the end of this new contract, so why continue with the barracking when it only generates negativity?

Wenger is in charge, whether we like it or not, and as long as we have Arsenal (red?) blood running through our veins it is our duty to support the team through thick and thin, whether it’s sunny or raining, whether we are winning or losing, and that includes whoever the manager is at the time. If you don’t we become a mockery to real supporters of smaller clubs that haven’t seen them win anything for decades! The last time Everton won a trophy, Wenger hadn’t even arrived at Arsenal! Does that mean the real Everton fans insult their manager and players at every game?

Do we all want Arsenal to win every competition next season? Yes we do! So do you think the team will play to their best if the supporters are continually bleating and moaning? Will they play better when the game gets stopped because some idiot has sent a plane up to fly a banner over their heads – while they are supposed to be playing? Even now I believe that those stunts were actually paid for by opposing supporters, because REAL Arsenal fans would never try and distract our players during any game.

Do real Arsenal fans insult our players and manager at every single opportunity? How does that work? Do the insults make the team want to do the best for us? None of this makes any sense to me. Even now on this website and many others, you could put up a post about a transfer rumour but (the same) fans will turn it around by saying Wenger is an idiot and should have bought all the top players available by now, or ‘He will never spend the money’ or somesuch nonsense. Well I have got news for these (so-called) fans. The transfer window in England and France has been open for FIVE DAYS. And the German and Italian windows don’t officially open until July 1st!

Get a grip people! Wenger has another 58 days to make his signings. Don’t accuse him of dithering until the end of the bloody window. Don’t demoralise the players and manager by insulting them all the time. We have two more years with Wenger in charge so DEAL WITH IT and GET BEHIND THE TEAM!

Sam P


    1. I think there should be a balance to this TOPIC.
      It’s kind of a DOUBLE EDGED SWORD thing.

      Insulting Wenger does not make you a real Arsenal supporter, as much as blindly following and agreeing with him…I think.

    2. one of the highest salaries in world football.
      highest season tickets in world football

      players on 100k plus a week, but cant turn up for 90 mins once a week
      you tellin me with that squad we couldnt have won the league once in last 3 years
      but lecicester could? chelsea with that shocking start ended 18 points ahead

      no your right blame the planes- cos its unbearable having a barely visible small plane fly over
      being 3-0 down to palace an fans booing is to much for the players

      sam this post is laughable cos the reality is this

      if we came fifth but gave our all every game – no one would moan
      what we watch every week is no tactics- no fight- and egos
      bare one alexis sanchez

      all we ever asked as fans is give your all-when they do they win fa cups
      when they dont- they lose everything else

      1. Oh look, another idiot who has no clue about football.
        I do not think the players was starting games thinking “Ahh, I’m gonna sunbath in 10 mins, this is such wonderful weather”… They wanted to win.

        They went through a bad patch and not all the players in the team was chosen for the team by Wenger… So even if some players wasn’t performing, we should be backing our manager and pushing the board to also fully support him.

        They failed him 12 months ago with Lacazette, with luck we will get him this year (Or MBappe) and if we do then this would have been a repeat of Cazorla…

        Never messed up transfers like that when Dein was at Arsenal, Gazidis comes in and Wenger gets known for penny pinching.

        Must be Wenger…
        Only for morons who can not think for themselves!

        1. What do mean by “Not all the players in the team were chosen for the team by Wenger”??? ?? Get Out & stay Out! & you got the front to call Muff an idiot ???? Go book a room with Sam P.

          1. No point in talking to an AKB. He’ll have an excuse for everything. When a player is good, Wenger is a genius. When a player is bad, Wenger doesn’t sign players.

            When they lose a game it is the players fault, when they win the FA Cup Wenger is a genius.

  1. Arsene is a head strong sort, seriously head strong. He needs to know that finishing with a CL place is where our aim used to be. We all bought into it at the time, didn’t ask questions, we were told that hard times were upon us but that money would eventually come in and Arsenal could compete with anyone for any player. We held our end, not expecting miracles. And putting up with player sales, because it had to be done so we were told. But they didn’t hold their end, it seemed like a fobbing off. Of course people got angry, they had a right to be angry, but you know that, and I think you know what comments this article will bring. As if we haven’t covered it a million times before.

    1. That said I do agree, we can’t have another season with fans at each others throats or with hysteria and negativity almost every week. But if Arsene doesn’t handle this transfer window well, or if he has another one GK inspiration, well then you could hardly expect people to swallow it.

      1. Wenger is not the sole person for transfers, Wenger does not control how much he has to spend, Wenger is not waving a magic wand and getting everything he wants.

        If Wenger had so much sway then why was the Lacazette bid all that Wenger had left from transfer funds? Why no 2nd bid higher than 1st? Like we read about MBappe?

        When the board are telling you that Wenger has £100 million to spend or £150 million to spend, when they let it known that we have funds to spend… It screws over our own manager. Not only other clubs will ask for more which is obvious but if Wenger knows there is a limit then he will become cautious about that limit and we may see dithering because Wenger wants 3 players but can only afford 2 of them.

        When we end up with 2 of them and some cheap panic buy then is it a surprise?

        1. In house Wenger is notorious for taking an age to make up his mind until it is often too late. He is notorious for controlling everything – even if he is not good at it – like tactics and defensive organisation ! Despite urges by the Board he has consistently failed to invest the club’s cash flow. If you fail in that a company will stagnate and then decline – which is exactly what has happened. Of course Wenger should be heavily criticised.

        2. We all know the board are a bunch of knobs. If he wanted a certain quality of player but came up short, the transfer window works both ways you know. But I never mentioned anything about Lacazette. I thought last seasons signings looked decent and showed more effort. You mentioning Lacazette or not having funds for a bigger striker actually tells me that more should have been done, and that is our best window in years we’re talking about.

  2. The thing is that he dithers every season
    And we give him every summer to finish his business but he always fails to deliver the right signings
    When he makes good signings I will say so but we can’t be anything other than pessimistic considering Wenger’s track record.

    He has let us down summer after summer

    1. Who fails who?
      We needed a CB, a CM and a CF last summer. We got a WC CB in Mustafi, a WC CM in Xhaka and Wenger got AFC to bid what was left of the transfer money for a CF…

      Failed in Lacazette.

      WTF you doing blaming the manager when the manager wanted the CF a lot of us fans have been asking for. AFC board refused to give enough money.

      STFU and go crawl back into what-ever hole you came out of you troll.

      1. What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Admin am I the only one reading this. Or do we all have a free pass to go all gansta out here today?

        1. If you wish to insult the club I love and manager I respect then I will be equally vile in return.
          Do not like it?
          Awww tough.

          Some dumb girl can accuse Wenger of failing year after year in transfers and it may not be true but they can spew that vile?

          AFC board has been failing us for years Wenger has done the best he can and prob deserves more credit than you lot give him, 1st year of no UCL football even though we lost ambition a DECADE AGO!

          I will call it as it is.
          Board has been the fault, fans too stupid to think for themselves so when they read the SUN/STAr/DailyMail… saying it is Wenger then they jump on the bandwagon like a bunch of brainless morons.

          Wenger isn’t perfect but the way some of you slander him, it makes me sick as a Arsenal supporter, I never miss a game and I have supported them since before Wenger, I know what the fcuk I am talking about. I find evidence which backs me up.

          Do you lot?
          STFU and go away, do some research, try learning something new in that limited capability you have.

          1. Hahaha ?? Looks like someone crawled out of the wrong side of Wenger’s Butthole, this morning ?

          2. Wow dude, so if someone expresses a different opinion than yours they aren’t a “true” supporter? Dictator alert going off.

            For the record how would you define a “true” supporter?
            Should one support the team first?

            Is Chelsea owner Abromovich plastic if he fires unsuccessful managers rather than blindly supporting them?

            Barcelona gets new manager guess they are plastic too?

            I hop Wenger is successful, but continuing to start Giroud, increasing Walcotts paycheck every time and so on is worth questioning aye?

            Questioning another’s loyalty without knowing anything about them doesn’t make you better than, rather lesser than.

            Challenge others opinions through debate not insults. Enough people hate Arsenal fans without us turning on our own.

        2. Admin doesn’t give a F when it’s midkemma or Jembutarsenal insulting people, but when others insult these Wenger puppets, a warning is delivered the second you post your comment

            1. You’ll have no-one to argue with if they go. To be honest I can appreciate Midkemmas passion. He’s taking on everyone it seems from all sides, even though he’s on his own. I’ve heard people use much worse language than to imply someone is not all that bright, I’ve seen people act the same way towards him (presumably a he). I could forgive a slip when someone is on the defensive, and with so many opposers.

      2. Why the insults?Anybody can act hard behind a key board in the comfort of their premises.

      3. fans like you unfortunately’s what’s wrong with this club. Wenger has gotten u to accept and now support mediocrity and in turn you want everyone to follow suit so when fans see through the mediocrity and state the obvious you dillusional arsene fc fans see it as bashing wenger or not supporting the club and that’s just not the case. This is just a simple case of the fans expectations far exceeding that of the club so the criticism is to be expected.

      4. We needed a defensive minded central midfielder and a Top forward

        Lucas is decent but wasn’t used anyway
        Xhaka isn’t a defensive midfielder like Kante

        I am happy Wenger got Mustafi, Holding and Xhaka

        But Wenger still failed to get what we need. That’s why we finished 5th place

        1. I agree. A world class defensive midfielder will bring stability and strength in the middle of the park that we have missed for so long. It will add some spine to Arsenal and will allow Ramsey to play further forward to make those dangerous runs into the box.
          A top striker to go with Sanchez and we will get top four again hahahaha.

      5. I agree that It can’t be the managers fault all the time. Players have to ti shoulder alot of the blame. The Wenger shaming needs to stop. It’s getting old.

      6. you are forgetting wenger’s pinnacle of transfer success… kallstrom the great

    2. Oh no will I won’t I buy again would someone explain to Mr Wenger that the Arsenal board have said not to sit back and dither about transfers buy and sell quickly sooner the better then we all know how we look and quickly gel together as a unit strong and more positive. We have to be strong at the season start and put out the marker we Arsenal will be there competing and will not go away.

      1. And where did you hear that from? Let me guess, the same English press that love to slander Arsenal!

  3. Mr Bean,Dinosaur,Deluded,Ambition less,Clueless and TIGHT ***.Are these insults?.I’m sorry i didn’t know so i will refrain from using them describing Mr Wenger in the future.

  4. Enough respect Sam P. Though the timing of article is a little questionable for me.

    I say so because as much as fans need to get used to the fact that Wenger is still here for the next two years, the man and the board are yet to demonstrate that things will actually change.

    All we’ve had so far are rumors and 1 signing which is NOT enough. Granted the window is far from over but after finishing 5th and with all the drama we hard towards the end you would think the club would be abit more aggressive in the market, get business done early to atleast appease the fans, offload the deadwood and finalise on the key player contracts.

    As things stand its still the same old Arsenal so I wouldn’t rush in throwing out the “Wenger Out” banners.

    1. Ever thought that it isn’t AFC holding up contract talks but the players who are not available to talk just yet as they are with their national team?

      MBappe has said after the England game that he will have to talk to his family, what if we got him? You can calim anything you want but until it happens, it is just a claim and TBH what credentials do you have for telling us fans that you are right over Wenger?

      To all others who are moaning about us not spending the full £150 million in the 1st day of transfers… Both Lacazette and MBappe said they will think about their future after the internationals.

      WTF do you expect Wenger to do?
      Kidnap their pets and hold them ransom?

      So sorry this is not football manager.
      Some players may hold out on us for a UCL team… Do you know they wont? Have you spoken to MBappe and Lacazette and did they tell you something like “Oh we would sign within 10 seconds if AFC offered us a contract”?

      Yes you got it, chill out and just watch the window.

      You will not make a bit of difference to AFC transfers, you can scream all you like and AFC will do what they want to do. So why stress yourself out? Let them prove you right or wrong.

      Seriously, some ‘fans’ do define the word FANATIC. Next thing we know some of you will be blowing yourselves up

      1. Take a chill pill Dr. Phill.

        I didn’t ask for your opinion. Should we all kiss Wenger’s feet to prove that we are real Arsenal fans.

        All you have posted are if’s and maybe’s, meaning you have no solid answers either that guarantees we will see change. I SUPPORT ARSENAL, not Arsene.

        So sit down, go pick on someone your own age, and be humble!!!

  5. Comparing arsenal with everton is no a match. Where are the likes of man u/city, Chelsea and Liverpool. 20years without pl trophy for a club like arsenal is rubbish. Wenger has told lots of lies over the years. He should deliver trophy and not only making money for the board at the expense of the fans that pays the costly gate fees.

  6. Same ole same ole. We buy/ get in an unknown. Its renewel time picture of Arsewipe and Gazidus out and about AND nothing!! he said he likes Mahrez .So what the problem? Like many good players have been approached over the years Griezman for One said Arsewipe said he wanted him to join Arsenal so the player said no to ALL others inquiries come near end of transfer window and nothing!???? So he went to Athletico.wenger DITHERS hes known for it.he does not listen he s stubborn and hes even keeping the useless yes men backroom staff. Its all about his Ego. !!!!!!

  7. Well Gazidis did say there would be some shake up of the backroom staff but now they have new contracts? You can see they are always all talk when season ticket renewal time and then we have groundhog day again! The fans have a right to be angry as we see the same thing time and time again yet Wenger got a new contract.

    1. To be fair to Gazidis, I believe he really does want change but is over ruled by his bosses, Kroenke and Wenger.

      I have read a lot of comments above and I think that people just have different levels of what they want to achieve. I had a laugh as soon as Sam P compared us to Everton but in reality, that’s how far Arsenal has fallen behind in the last 10+ years and the Wenger supporters are fine with that. That’s cool if you are happy not to challenge for anything but the FA Cup and I appreciate that Wenger has won that.

      The other supporters, like myself that want to see Arsenal compete for the Premier League and Champions League know that Wenger isn’t the manager to take us to those heights again. I’m sorry but it is the truth and I am resigned to the fact that Arsenal won’t be completing for these trophies while Wenger is in charge.

  8. Isn’t Wenger insulting fans for the past five years?
    Isn’t Wenger lying in fan’s faces about the club’s ambitions and goals?
    We aren’t insulting him enough, to be frank.
    And I’d like you to go back to this post come May 2018 and think about what you wrote.

    Wenger is allowing kroenke and the rest of the greedsters to turn us into an Everton and that’s something worthy of an insult.

  9. Funny akb’s,wenger has failed and yet was rewarded with an increase in pay and two years…. It is not mandatary that as a fan u must support the coach it is optional… Wenger stayed at arsenal not because he was sacrificing shit,don’t give me dat bullshit talk… He stayed bcus he knows he would have been sacked like 10times…only arsenal can tolerate this failings, we re top6 wealthiest clubs on the world do you know what that means, bfo u start saying wenger dosnt spend think first, we came second two season’s ago, spent 90m on a runners up squad that already had sanchez ,ozil,cech and we came 5th and u want us to god the manager like you blind supporters….. I promise you,knowing hu wenger is he will neva change… He already showed dat keeping his backroom staff I.e including our fucken scouts hu rob for a living…..They may have won the battle but the war is in the hands of the fans,and sorry to say looking at the stress of Europa and nothing to show transfer market (you did be damned if you expecting a gud window…I just pray we don’t lose Sanchez)another shambolic season is on the horizon…. And we may not wait too long for the atmosphere to become poisonous again…. Two years deal won’t save arsene from the true fans,only show of ambition and success will.

  10. For a start, Wenger insults the fans all the time, so I think we’re allowed to return the favour. Respect should go both ways shouldn’t it? Not sure why you’re comparing Arsenal to Everton to make a point? And the majority of fans are NOT behind Wenger, and I have no idea how you’ve come to that conclusion without statistical information? I also do not have any stats in regards to how Arsenal fans feel about Wenger, but what swings it for me is lots of empty seats at games, protests, and the fact that most fans views on Wenger are very negative whether it be from social media, or Youtube. Because of the internet, and social media we really get a good insight into how Arsenal fans from around the world feel about what’s happening to Arsenal…and it isn’t good. It’s actually more difficult to find Arsenal fans on the internet, or down the pub, that are for Wenger. Does that not tell you everything you need to know about the fans feelings?

    Maybe some people to take it too far, but it’s not without reason is it? I personally hope the protests continue, because they have had a positive impact. If they hadn’t protested, then no one would even have known about the fans frustrations. They gave the majority of the fan base a voice. For some unknown reason, Wenger has been immune to criticism, but now it’s finally coming from all quarters, and that’s down to the fans highlighting the plight of our club. For me, the new formation only came about because of the fans ripping into Wenger, and the team. Although we haven’t seen any major changes so far this summer, it will be the protesters that we’ll need to thank again if anything more does change.

    My final point is about you saying we should get a grip, give Wenger time. Well I find that a very insulting thing to say, because we all know how Wenger operates, thus we have good cause, and a right to be very suspicious, and pessimistic. Every year we’re told to “give him time” and yet he ALWAYS fails, so when do you draw the line?

    If we had changed managers during the summer (which should have happened years ago) then we would have seen a complete change in the fans attitude towards the club. A lot of us would still be unhappy with Kroenke, but at least we could be optimistic going into a new season for the first time in years. The mood around the club would have improved instantly if Wenger had just gone!

    At the end of the day, I am an Arsenal fan, and the club comes first. Wenger, and Kroenke are a poisonous double act, that need to be put under as much pressure as possible. I refuse to bury my head in the sand.

    1. God bless you brother….reading what you just wrote, I see someone that genuinely loves arsenal… Anyone that sentimentally side arsene is no lover of arsenal…. He compares us with Everton… There is no taking it too far at all…and they keep deceiving their self… Majority wants arsene out…deal with it.

    2. Nice to think people don’t think the board gives money to spend Ozil 42million, Sanchez 35 million, Mustafi 30 million , good players Xhaka 30 million starting to look familiar . Arsenal have a 150 million war chest for coming season plus Wenger 2 years contract 300’000 a week not much change after last year left.

  11. Insulting will not be a solution, the solution is supporting the team in winning and losing. Faithful supporters never give up. They are like the followers of Jesus. They never give up.

    1. since 2004 who gave up? if Wenger was trying every single season no one would have pissed off at him, but every season same blunder, same incompetency, same excuses, buying 90% trash players or buying no one when we need class players, and so on. everyone supports Arsenal with passion, but supporting Wenger with his repetitive mediocrity, ain’t loyalty bro.

      don’t bring Jesus in this, Jesus didn’t have a manager who thinks 4th is trophy

  12. This article is so true. I can’t believe fans are moaning about how mediocre the club has become. How can fans not appreciate our long standing manager who makes the same mistakes season after season? How can fans not appreciate a man that sticks to his philosophy even though it has proven impotent for over a decade? Why is it always about big money signings? What about Chamakh? He was free. And Gervinho – lost no money on him!!!! And Silvestre was only £600k!!!! And Kallstrom was an absolute bargain! And he does spend big. Look at the fee for Ozil and how that is going.

    All I hear is people say we conceded 20 against Bayern. I never hear them say we scored 2!!!! Talk about twisting the facts!!!!!

    It’s time we all got together and got behind the manager. So what if he is a specialist in failure. He has signed up for another two years and that is all that matters!!!!!!

  13. Well said!

    It’s time the Prawn Sandwhich brigade either shaped up and get behind the team
    Or ship out!

    Everyone is laughing at our fan base mainly because how we are turning on our team, our manager and mainly ourselves.

    It’s time to stop and get behind Arsenal again and accept that Arsene, Kroenke, the board are all going to be there next season so it’s best we just get on with it.

    Up the Gunners!!

    1. Every fans turn on their team sometimes when things are going the opposite side coz of some few clueless people running the club like a family business. Even Man U fans protested against the Glazers. But when Arsenal fans protest, it’s a crime coz mr. Wenger should be untouched, the legend, the God of Arsenal. After series of failure and still we have to sing praising songs for the specialist?

  14. Excellent article, agree 100% with the sentiments expressed.

    To all the fans who are fulminating, I would say – you have one job – so do it. Support.

  15. Freedom of expression is statutory present in the constitution of all democratic countries. If people want to moan, let them. It’s their right. At the end of the day, what we achieve at the end of the season will prove them right or wrong

  16. Haha.. ? hahahaha ? ? wait…. Hahahaha ? hahahaha ? ? oh my sides ? hahahaha Jeez ?? this article proves that the male species also suffer from MENopause ? ? Get well soon Sam ?

      1. ?? Yeah, he now knows that his in for a rough ride defending the old zipper jacket, next season.
        I wouldn’t mind but I didn’t see that much abuse thrown towards Wenger, regarding transfers…. Yet!
        And like Sam said ” Wenger still has 58 days left to make his signings” and that sounds about right, last minute panic??? splashing dot com.

  17. so it seems to be; take the moralistic high ground and swear and abuse all you want as long as you don’t ever question wenger and the board day.

    to those who tell those with opposing views and sentiments to shut it and get behind the team. I do get behind the team, but I wont get behind the manager, the board or the owner because they are individually and collectively failing our/my club. so if you don’t like it [to be in keeping with the style of above posts] you can go FYSR [last word royally].

    Yours Sincerely

  18. From today’s “i” newspaper:

    “Koeman starts spending spree with £30m keeper Pickford….. The move is the first of what manager Ronald Koeman hopes will be many with the Dutchman planning an extensive overhaul of his squad as he looks to assemble a group capable of challenging for a place in the Champion’s League next season”

    In response to the example presented in this article – Why would Everton fans want to insult their manager?

    They support a club with vastly inferior financial resources to Arsenal, probably with much cheaper ticket prices too, but with equal ambition to much wealthier clubs, and want to go to the next level. If Arsene and Arsenal showed this attitude, then none of the fans would be moaning!

    1. So you are telling me that kolasinach will not be worth the same if he had 1year left on his contract

  19. Yes insults are not warranted but you cannot defend Wenger anymore. You compare us with Everton but what club of Arsenal’s stature would have kept the manager 13 years without competing for the title. Because lets be honest, even when we came second we were never really in it, it was mostly a late surge that took us there.

    My biggest problem with Wenger is not not buying players, it is the lack of respect for other teams. I believe and many players and others have intimated that we do not change our preparation regardless of opponent. My two most frustrating quotes from him last year were, ‘We were not prepared for Liverpool’ August 2016 and ‘we were not mentally prepared for Watford’ Jan 2017.
    That is the biggest thing that holds up Wenger, he has become so predictable that managers can prepare for Arsenal all week knowing what to expect.

  20. As much as I get angry at some point; but I still don’t find insulting manager or players brings consolation or satisfaction in my heart. I dont believe a reasonable person would love to mourn, insult and abuse everyday week after week even whole season. I never saw results or success in insulting. Infact it’s a bad manner. There is a time to mourn and there have to be a good time to resolute matters it’s absolute failure to cry all the time.

  21. Dear author of this article, please consider the following points. First of all most supporters respect Arsene and they have been extremely patient when we were repaying the debt for the stadium. Even after that the fans were patient when we started rebuilding the team which started by acquiring Ozil but in 2015 when we acquired only Chec we failed to get defensive midfield and a good striker fans started getting uncomfortable. If we open our eyes and take a very practical view we will realise that we have stagnated and are on the verge of slipping down the spiral. History would tell us that many teams who have gone down the spiral have never regained glory Leeds United and Sheffield United would be a case in point. Arsene has been a great coach who has helped us win the invincible season he has stood by us during the tough financial times we all respect him for that but we also have to recognise that we need to move forward. Since the board or the owners are not actively pushing for change the fan Base has taken it on themselves to put pressure and bring change. If Arsene changes the way then all the fan base will support if he doesn’t change and dishes out more of the same then no one can expect a passionate fan base to keep quiet and just be a witness to stagnation. So please calibrate your articles from a neutral perspective. I am sure you are also passionate and would want to see Arsenal FC do well.

  22. Insulting Wenger or anyone for that matter is not on. But pointing out his weaknesses or questioning his actions can not be equated as an insult. The man is not God and is flawed like all of us. He makes mistakes, like all of us. The only difference is he gets 8 million a year or so to make them and we all watch them and have an opinion. If we didn’t there would be no football.

  23. In general it is bad behavior to insult people. That really has nothing to do with being a fan or not.
    But being critical about the manager or players really doesn’t mean, you are not a fan. In fact it can show, that you really care and also that you believe, we could do better, than we are.

  24. I just see it very useless to mourn and vent out bitter words all the time without answers. I don’t see it makes someone best supporter eather; it is just creating nursty culture to every upcoming fan.

    1. but an upcoming fan witnesses all the incompetency by the manager and the board, why would they choose Arsenal?

  25. Just to be clear saying that AW should’ve been replaced doesn’t mean that you don’t support the club. I fall into this category. Hopefully the board spends some serious cash this summer and we can all move forward and mount a title challenge.

  26. The writer of this article has provoked my mind to something I hadn’t seriously thought about. What proof do we have that all those people who were most vocal in the Wenger out campaign were truly Arsenal supporters? I am really at pains to understand who are those Arsenal guys that chartered the small aircraft that carried banners. Let their names be made known to us so that we can actually believe that Indeed they are Arsenal fans. Somebody who can charter a plan must be above average. I am beginning to smell a rat in this whole anti-Wenger campaign. I can identify three categories of people: genuine Arsenal fans who are unhappy with the way Wenger has been running the club; those who just join any kind of commotion; supporters of other clubs who want to weaken Arsenal. There is politics in every sector of society and soccer politics is perhaps worse than national politics.
    On the issue of getting behind the team so that it can regain it’s former glory I believe there is no genuine Gooner who would be against such an idea. Every supporter of the team wishes to see the team performing well. Hence it is in our interest to support our team. Denigrating the team can only have negative impact on the boys. In any case why should any true Arsenal supporter be perpetually at war with Wenger? I read some comments by individuals purporting to be Gooners just before the FA final who wished Arsenal to lose so that Wenger would be forced to go! Would any true supporter harbour such evil thoughts? Aren’t we proud that our team is the most successful in FA? Much as we may not like the manager we cannot wish our team bad luck. How many teams have achieved such a feat?
    Now that a new season is about to begin we need to put our differences aside and get behind our team. As supporters our major duty is to support the team through thick and thin, in victory and defeat. We cannot offer conditional support and claim to be true Gooners. Those who have issues with Wenger should hold their fire and see how the season unfolds. What would be the justification for fighting anyone before even the first ball of the season is kicked?

    1. We as fan should support the team through thick and thin BT if we close our eyes to the repeated mistakes we commit year after year then we will be doing a disservice to the club we all love. As one of the fellow Gooner pointed objecting to mediocrity doesn’t mean we disrespect the club/the players or to Arsene for Thea to matter it’s a collective way of voicing our opinion that we don’t want our much loved football club to be stagnant or go into a downward spiral.

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