How does the Liverpool draw affect Arsenal in the title race?

Arsenal may have flunked the chance to leapfrog Liverpool into fourth place in the table but it may not affect the race for Fourth place too much, and in fact may have given them a confidence boost after coming from two goals behind to snatch a draw from the jaws of defeat as a defeat would have left us 4 points behind Jurgen Klopp’s team.

Chelsea also failed to take advantage as they were held to a 0-0 draw earlier today by Everton despite controlling the game. They sorely missed Alvaro Morata and remain 4 points ahead of Liverpool, but are no closer to Man City or United who could start pulling away at the top if they both win today.

Burnley and Tottenham are the two teams closest below us and in fact either of them could leapfrog us but with the benefit of them playing each other today we could see another stalemate, which would leave us still in the same situation in 5th place, but if either team loses we will at least move away from the loser but will end the day in 6th but still very close in the race for Fourth. If Burnley lose today and then fail to get any points at Old Trafford on Boxing Day we could see them dropping away from contention

We would all love to see Leicester beat Jose Mourinho’s Man United in the later game today, and they have definitely been improving lately and currently sit in 8th and could still challenge for a Europa League place.

But all in all the draw with Liverpool should not make us too despondent and it was a hundred times better than losing!



  1. gotanidea says:

    Mathematically, Liverpool and Arsenal are not out of the title race yet, but it is highly improbable that they would be the champion in 2018. Arsenal can forget about a top four finish, if they do not strengthen in January.

  2. Salmonella says:

    How does it affect us in the chase for the 4th spot???
    My predictions
    1. MANCHESTER CITY( I love Pep)
    2. Man Utd
    3. Chelsea
    4. Liverpool or Tottenham or Burnley
    Arsenal will finish OUTSIDE THE TOP 4
    Europa League – I’m 200% sure we will NOT WIN IT

    1. MW supporter says:

      Please will all you you losers get a grip and realise that you cannot win the premiership just by believing you should, it’s a really hard competition that’s driven by clubs with mega millions. We are a fantastic club with history other clubs can only dream of (including spuds) we will come again and currently we are only above average but we will end up top four.

      1. jon fox says:

        Og Goody goody! Top four ? Wow! To think we might (in flying pig land) actually win that fourth place trophy? What a thrill! Not!

  3. sfgunner says:

    title race? the race for fourth is likely under 50%, our squad just too weak, city, chelsea and manutd likely in top 4, then its us, spurs and pool for the final spot, i just dont see the firepower to secure. spurs just went up on burnley early. 2 yrs in a row w no UCL will make it increasingly hard to draw real talent

  4. Mitch Connor says:

    I thpught Only Wenger was delusional enough to think we were ever in the title race.
    We are barely in the Top 4 trophy race
    And if we put out a defense like that again, we won’t even win that

  5. McLovin says:

    Can Wenger bring in someone worse than injured Kim Kardashian?

    Can’t go lower than that!

    1. Ivan says:

      The trouble is it is Wenger we are talking about and that useless dinosaur will continue to drgus further down the longer he is with us.
      As for the headline “How does the Liverpool draw affect Arsenal in the title race?” you are havig a laugh. We were out of that whilst we were still in August.

  6. sfgunner says:

    spurs about to go ahead of us in table on goal difference, we will be in 6th, why we talk about winning the league when we are in 6th? the longer the alexis saga drags out, the harder it will be to win, I just don’t see it unless we sell alexi in january and buy quality, which is not easy in january…

  7. mogunna says:

    it is no EPL title no more and for ages already; there’s Englich City league with one team against breaking records and there’s a TOP 3 for Champions leafue football which should for me only reserved to champion teams, rest europa or one competition for 2 and 3rd spots as it is all about businesss and creating more games for that.

    Anyhow, we dragged, drwawing to small teams, lost so we can wait for chelsea an liverpool ahead of us and for the spurs also now ahead of us…Championship and betting are on knowing who will finish second between chelsea, Man U, Reds and Spurs, we are above those team as today and last year lucky Man U were in reconstructon stage managing to get Champions league football, making us more ridiculous that way…

    So get real buddy, whatever you writers smoke is wrong for your brains, you not watching the same game or paid by betting companies…I’m exagerading but tired of non sense as you are and it is awful to read that we actually should be proud of coming back on Reds game…

    We will now fight for Champions league football in Europa league and sure board and his manager won’t forget as it brings money to win it and Champions league direct qualifier wich is better than 4th place where we still scared to not make it…Lets get real gooners…

    Only way we can go fight with other 4 teams for 2nd and 3rd spot is to bring draxler, gotseka and Luis this winter and unload Sanchez who poisons team as he is not with us for almost a year now… He was played center to stay last year but already fed up with poor team addition and to do all on his own, score, make differences and lose at the end…

    Wenger management is a not this decades football management but 2 before this… Last decade been business only, new stadium, sacrifices and now just make profit…They don’t care for Champions league, they made as much or more money this year….


  8. Avenger says:

    I wish to all the fans who join the discussions
    in this Forum a nice and peaceful Christmas

  9. Ivan says:

    Also we are now 1 win in last league games and only the most ardent of AKB’s can see the positive in this so we are not attractive to top players anymore (even if we would pay the transfer fees and salaries, which we won’t).

    1. Ivan says:

      Correction – 1 win in last 5 league games

      1. neil says:

        Wenger reverts to back four and we cant win a game… whats going on?

        Back three also allowed us to score more goals…. he has lost the plot!!

    2. jon fox says:

      AKB’s? People who think Arsene knows best? Surely those loonies are all dead now; of old age! I can never bring myself to think of this senile old fossil by his first name. No , to me he is the old fool and that is how I REFER TO HIM WHEN MY MISSUS ASKS HOW WE GOT ON TODAY.

  10. TheArsenalWay says:

    The fact that Burnley are being mentioned in this conversation is embarrassing for Arsenal. How low have we fallen.

  11. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

    Liverpool, one of the contenders for the top 4 Champions League places, has taken 4 points of a possible 6 points from Arsenal. Say no more!

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