How does this Arsenal squad compare to the Invincibles?

Arsenal now v Invincibles

This is completely off any topic we have discussed/debated on here recently, as I was just reminiscing about our incredible Invincible season. I was just looking at a few of our players from our current squad and comparing them with some of our Invincibles! To be honest we have had some great players between that squad and this one:

Cech (Lehmann)
Bellerin (Lauren)
Mert (Keown by Height and Ugliness)
Koss (Campbell)
Nacho (Sylvinho; A.Cole, better than both)
Coq (Gilberto)
Ozil (Bergkamp)
Sanchez (Pires)
Giroud (Wiltord)
Gibbs (Clichy)
Gabriel (Toure)
Walcott (Ljungberg)???
Wilshere (Parlour) both didn’t feature a lot!
Chambers ??
Ox ??
Ramsey ??

We have a few like for like in my opinion… Still missing that Henry and Vieira types. I was really hoping Welbeck with his frame, pace and movement could push on, but the injury has cost him. But the plus is; now maybe he can have Henry mentor him and Theo on finishing. Welz has a great record for England too and Wenger knows what hes doing with making great strikers! Akpom is there too, he could be the one…. If not and if one player to be brought and spend a big bit of money (70-90m) on then we should have a look at Neymar… he was considering Man United was he not? He hasn’t signed a new contract yet and maybe he won’t? That would be a statement indeed from Arsenal. Maybe out of our depth though, then go get Aubameyang or Greizmann from Dortmund/Athletico respectively.

Have we ever had a player like Santi? So two-footed and great on the ball?? I still believe the Vieira type is needed in the middle (W. Carvalho?). As you can all see Coq’s Ball Skills (no pun intended) is getting better with every game… Thats what happens when playing with great players like Santi/Ozil/Alexis/Bellerin. He has always has been able to tackle! Or is it the young polish kid Beilik thats going to step up?

Out of the two squads we have quite a bit in common, though (IMO) the only differences is the Henry/Viera types missing at Arsenal at the moment and they are HUGE differences, but not a lot needed to get closer to our best ever squad… The moneys there! Then we could maybe go one further and do the one thing no Arsenal player (playing for us at the time) has done and Won the Big One…. Champions League!

Just a thought for today led to this. It doesn’t really matter to be honest, though I like reading everyones thoughts on it. There is not much else to debate about on here until the West Brom game! No matter what happens or doesn’t happen…

COYG! On the edge of greatness, with the light at the end of this 12 year long tunnel being a Premier League Title!


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  1. I agree Coq ball skills does seem to be improving game by game.He is starting to show alot of attacking skills, adding to the beast of his defensive qualities..

    1. He is better than arteta and flamini in dribbling. I guess Wenger could have told him keep it simple. Once he gets his full confidence back. He will be real beast!!

  2. This article reminds me of the one galen wrote comparing ourselves with chelsea
    I remember someone commenting that the only area we are equal to chelsea is the goalkeeping position and they were ahead of us in all other areas.
    Other most notable comments underestimating included that monreal and coquelin are bench players at best.
    Another recent article included the one pinpointing about our backup squad being extremely poor.
    I would like to tell you that most of you who keep trolling our players end up being sadly
    mistaken.The stick is now going to chambers chamberlain and ospina I wouldnt mention mertz arteta and flames because they are past their best.
    To sum it all up our current brand of players are great but the invincibles were better.
    About five players of our current crop can fit into the invincibles
    but most importantly is that the invincibles had players who made the whole difference
    and thats what its all about

    1. Rate Nacho very much so these days, has made quite a difference to the team. Coq is a monster ball winner with real flair about him now, thought Gilberto is a great comparison for Francis.

  3. I agree with you on the Neymar own.. Wont hurt if we spend 70 on his head afterall he’s still young and proven and gonna be long term. Nobody spends much money on players who ain’t young anymore…its ideal. If city got De bruyne for that amount and he’s performing Neymar not worth 70?
    Yea we as fans know this would be good..but the problem is will Wenger try it or even do it?

    1. Could u picture Ozil having Alexis/Neymar/Walcott all interchanging in front of him… Giroud the impact sub would be a menacing attack to any team to deal with!

  4. Off topic: I’ll support Wenger as long as he is Arsenal Manager. Fantastic person!!! I don’t know him but this interview makes me believe what kind of a guy he is. Arsenal are very lucky to have him as a manager and every fan of the club should support him and the club whatever ****** happens I mean WHAT EVER.
    Enjoy Gooners. Magnificent interview.

  5. Let me start by saying Neymar is not an option. Sorry – if he became available Chelsea/City would outbid us for him. He’s too valuable for shirt sales alone. He is the star of Brazilian football. No way he goes to Arsenal. Sorry – just being realistic.

    As for everything else you said, I can agree to an extent. I would suggest that realistically getting an “Henry” is impossible unless we make him. You’d need one of the top 5 players in the world to get another Henry. Too much money to compete with that and buy him, so we have to take risks and hope we come up trumps BUT the way scouting and youth purchasing has moved on, this is highly unlikely as well. We need to ground ourselves a bit until we establish ourselves back on the main stage.

    As for Vieira, the player type is kind of thinner on the ground. A bruiser who plays football – a true CM. They’re rare. You tend now to get the specialists – the AM version or the DM version. Personally Carvalho or Krychowiak would be good options to bring in as ball playing ball winners. Honestly though, our best team involves our DM, CM, AM trio – and are we going to replace Cazorla for a big brute? I doubt it. I like the idea for tough matches and closing out games but I don’t think we’d be able to bench these players. Thus Vieira 2.0 is also probably not going to appear in the Arsenal team.

    I’d love a world class striker and a beautiful brute for the middle. BUT I doubt either will realistically happen unless we change our position in world standings. THEN we might get somewhere.

    1. the only two or three veiera type midfielders there are around at the moment are pogba, kondogbia,(could have got him if wenger wernt so tight with the money) maybe carvalho the last two might need to be molded more into that role than pogba mind you, but they have the right game for it. and as for neymar he is most likely going to be the next worldy superstar, after the like of ronaldo,messi have moved on to retire in the American leagues, he will be completely unattainable from barca then he will have same buyout clause(£250million) as messi has now no doubt.

      1. It was mentioned that Neymar could leave Barca as Messi will always be no1 at the club and will never leave… only 28 has quite afew years left him in being their star man! May not be up to Barca as im sure Neymar wants the team to be built around him and focused on him upfront! After this season he has 2years left on his contract plus Suaraz is there banging them in also! Ur right though on City/Chelsea but we can compete for One player with them can we not esp clearing a few players (Debuchy,Flam,Art,Ospina,Camp) frees up wages, we have the fee in the bank! He will leave Barca before Messi imo, after he wins the world club championship with Barca den hes won all he can there tbh! If he would consider Utd would he not consider Arsenal?

  6. I think we have a great deep squad…….just to think we were leading the table two years ago with ramsey and arteta at our mid base, now we have Coq and santi..its a upgrade..anyway.. I really hope after the international break we’ll have ox,walcot,ramsey and bellerin back…that should sustain us up until Jan where we can make further assessments whether the squad needs another body in there to challenge..

    I had high hopes of welbeck…I don’t know why people were slating him….his young, has pace, physical framework… sure with patience and time and practise, he’ll be lethal. He needs more chances to play upfront with alexis,walcot while ozil and santi is pulling the strings..

    We have to capitalise on the fixtures we have after the international game….if we can win all our games before before the City fixture, im sure we’ll deff challenge……Iv got this gut feeling we’ll win city come 21 December….

    Ya’ll see Ozil’s new/rumoured girlfriend? Gowwwd daaaamnnnn! senorita be fine

    Anyway Ya gunners Ya

  7. Kotte, Agree, can’t understand this exaggeration. Untill v win PL, v r nothing infront of world football community!!

  8. How does this squad compare with the Invincibles?

    For a start this team has lost 2 league games compared to no league games by the Invincibles.

    For a finish this team is very thin in numbers compared to the Invincibles which was arguably the largest squad of first team pkayers we have ever had. For every player injured there was a replacement ready throughout the season. The Invincibles was a HUGE squad.

  9. This team is good but nowhere near the invincibles. However we are getting there. Probably a larger squad is required. Our first 11 is good enough but their replacements aren’t.

  10. It is tantamount to blasphemy to compare the invisible squad to these mostly Lilly livered fancy Dans… does death compare to sleep?

  11. Sorry but have not read the article am just answering the question in the subject.
    There is NO comparison! The Invincibles went 49 games unbeaten and the current squad will never equal that!

    1. Wasnt meant like that. I know the Invincibles are one of a kind, i was comparing players we have now from then not what they achieved. Have a read you will understand what i mean….

      1. Dude let it go, what you wrote is tripe, there is never going to be any basis for comparisons,none whatsoever

      2. No you weren’t, you were comparing the Invincibles with the squad of today.

        You FAILED the second you started.

        Note: Koss The Boss has not pointed out how Giroud is being compared with Wiltord!!!!

        Thierry Henry was the striker. Thierry Henry was our centre-forward.

        Wiltord was injured most of the Invincibles season and when he played he was on the Wing.

        Bergkamp, Kanu and Reyes were the other main strikers.

        oh …. and Koscielny has one ‘s’ in his name. At least learn to spell the names of our players. O_o

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