How Emery can turn Arsenal around with limited resources


The disappointment of losing out of Champions League Football may not mean that Arsenal squad is that far from achieving better results. In fact, had one Pierre- Emerick Aubameyang managed to score the penalty against Tottenham at the very end of our return match with them Arsenal would have achieved Champions league football.

Being beaten 4-1 in a final Arsenal looked capable of snatching the victory until the second half was rubbing salt to the wound. Now, it means 45M for rebuilding a champion side, one that can push top performing teams in the league is a task almost impossible. But with a ruthless firm hand it can be done. This is how I envisage this to happen.

In front of goal Arsenal are not displaying the ruthlessness they were known for during the days of Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp. I will be very clear – in this department with Welbeck gone, we should also release Mesut Ozil and Mkhitaryan. These we should replace with the academy products who in my view should get their chances now. Replace Welbeck with Eddie Nketiah. No need to belabour the capabilities of the young Arsenal Starlet. It is time he gets the chance. He could play roles in the wings too relieving his colleagues to get more play time in the first team.
Replace Mesut Ozil with Joe Willock. Joe Willock has shown he can grow into a massive player in the attacking midfielder role. Let him play in that role next season. He can share the role with Emile Smith Rowe with the prize of the better man will secure the role of Ozil’s successor for the immediate conceivable future.

Replace Mkhitaryan with Reiss Nelson. Nelson has done very well in his loan spell at TSG Hoffenheim scoring 7 goals and an assist. Playing with Lacazette and Aubameyang might bring out even more from the young starlet.

In the centre, we need a player with a creative spark and able to beat players in a number of way including dribbling. This player alongside Torreira should have some small parts of the past best performing Arsenal midfielders’ DNA. He should be able to get something from Vieira, Gilberto, Ramsey, Fabregas, Helb, Flamini, Edu, Petit & Nasri. The player who should be given clips of all these Arsenal midfield greats is no other than Ainsley Maitland-Niles. That means that Arsenal should let go of Granit Xhaka.

So far, these changes have Arsenal earning from sales of Ozil, Mkhitaryan and Xhaka. Something close to 80M can have been earned from this moves. In addition to the 45M, Arsenal would be at 125Million. In the defense is where this money would be spent. Sell Koscienly, Monreal and Mustafi. Already, Lichtsteiner has left. With around 130Million to spend here, Arsenal should get one powerful centreback at about 30M to replace Koscielny, and allow players like Mavropanos and Calum Chambers to integrate into the defense more. My choice to replace Koscielny would be Wily Boly from Wolverhampton Wanderers.

The rest of the money should go to the wingbacks that can push both Kolasinac and Bellerin. With rumours that Kolasinac may leave I feel Alex Telles from Porto who has a contract to 2021 should be targeted. Joining Arsenal would help his interests to push for more participation with the National Brazilian team where he has just had a debut with this year. He could not only replace or push Kolasinac, he could take over the right wing. Arsenal could let go of Kolasinac and bring in a younger player such as Ben Chilwell from Leicester or Kieran Tierney from Celtic.

In the right wing, we can target one of two young players to push Bellerin and take over quickly when Bellerin is still not available as we move Ainsley Maitland-Niles to the centre. The two are also versatile just as Bellerin. These are Davide Calabria of AC Milan and Noussair Mazraoui from Ajax Amsterdam.

Arsenal should let Emilliano Martinez get his chances as the principle goalkeeping assistant to Leno with the responsibility to play in the cup tournaments just like Petr Cech had.

My first XI for next season….


Bench: – Martinez, Calabria, Tierney, Reiss, Nketiah, Guendouzi, Iwobi, Smith Rowe, Mavropanos, Chambers

Whay do you think?

Nicholas Oyoo


  1. i am absolutely sure that this team would finish below Everton.. I don’t know if you are joking or being honest.. yeah yeah the same dialogue “play the youngsters they can’t do worse” well let me tell you something: they can! and if they don’t perform you guys will be the first to condemn them the same way we do when Iwobi ruins his superb dribblings.. the problem is youngsters often have the spark but till they get the end product they aren’t first team material.. Iwobi was an even better youngster than them and even he has difficulties but you want to start Willock or smith-rowe? An absolute joke.. we aren’t Southampton or Sunderland..
    youngsters should be eased in.. not be starters

    1. It’s already been proven that kids can play together and win, but you need inspirational figures like Cantona for the fergie’s fledgings. Without Cantona i’m very certain that the project would have failed.

      1. Kids can play together and win? this is proven? Who even proved such a statement without any facts to backup? Just because a young team won something decades ago that means absolutely nothing.. you know what a team full of stars also have won a team full of proven players also have won much more than kids.. there is no reason to just start some kids.. they haven’t earned it yet

        1. I don’t agree with a lot the writer says but his team only shows one youngster and that’s Willock. So what’s your point?

          1. i don’t just mean the first eleven look at the bench too, he wants to give Nketiah, nelson (the only one who probably deserves a place on the bench), smith, Willock, Mavropanos and Niles (he is unproven in the midfield position as a first team player) too much responsibility.. they are still unproven we can’t just count on them and build a third of the first team (bench and first 11) with them and expect everyone to success

        2. All youngsters are unproven, Xavi, Iniesta, Messi, Busquets etc were all unproven but were given faith can put right in the front line at very early age. If you need to wait for Tony Adams to be ‘proven’ he’ll never have become youngest captain in Arsenal’s history. Where do they have a chance to be’proven’? League cup, Fa cup vs lower league opponents, Europa league vs part timers, stoppage time in the league. These are not the way to get youngsters to get ‘proven’ they have to get straight into the fire, if their talents and good attitude are already evident in training and youth levels.

    2. You cannot put all the youngsters on the bench I have said before on the bench should be goalkeeper defender midfielder forward if a player gets injured to replace him with the right player in that position

  2. The Bergkamp and Henry remarks are a strange one. Did you know that Aubameyang has reached higher (and quicker) numbers than Henry did when Henry was in his first season (12 months).

    Ozil, did you know that his stats for creating goal scoring chances as well as his assist numbers (in total) are better than Bergkamp’s stats in that area.

    I know the league has changed a fair bit. You could tackle from behind back then and a bad tackle was not automatically a card. Also if one winger had a toe in the offside well then everyone was offside, forwards today have it much easier and defenders couldn’t all do the Arsenal routine of stepping up while raising arm. Still, it is interesting reading.

    As for Nelson and his 7 bundesliga goals. He was not a starter at that club we loaned him out to. It’s a step down, team wise and league wise it is a step or two down. Nelson is not ready to take a starting team number, the starting jersey. We need an international player and then use Nelson to rest him (also competatition) or if we pick up an injury. I want to see Nelson claiming it, at this moment I don’t think he’s showed enough for us to lay our eggs in this basket. It reminds me of fans saying similar about Gnabry, Gnabry was a million miles away from what we needed, he had something like five or six goals, we had Walcott on 19 goals that same season and that would’ve been good enough if you could add the other parts of his game, maybe between the pair of them we had a very good player, maybe.

    1. That’s still one of the things which annoys me the most.. I loved Walcott I genuinely think that his end product was perfect he had everything which the OX and Iwobi and Gervinho needed to succeed.. but he had no real dribbling skills which this 3 have.. even though he was extremely efficient.. but sadly he couldn’t be happy with being a great winger this insane dream of him to be a striker ruined his legacy and future.. he was the best scoring winger in the premier league, if he could have concentrated on his strengths, he would have achieved much more..
      that’s the reason why I love End product much more than just dribbling skills..

      1. Just to answer your answer above, most of the players you mention are already on the bench for us and have played in the first team. By the way I completely agree with you about Walcott, much maligned but i miss him. Good stats on scoring and assists, not great at taking players on but excellent on the through ball and finishing. ?

        1. yeah you are right with the bench and the players.., but I am not that happy with it.. I think our bench was pretty weak this season as soon as Welbeck Bellerin and holding were injured, don’t get me wrong I would be very happy if these youngsters succeed but I’m not sure if we can win something if our bench are just some youngsters/unproven players :/ what’s your opinion on it?

          1. How can they be proven if not given the chance? Trusting in youth has always been in successful Arsenal teams. Let me quote from another website – ….’Graham capitalised on his good fortune in inheriting a strong youth team and found there was a stream of youngsters desperate to prove themselves in the first team. This belief in youth made Arsenal an attractive option for youngsters during their formative years.

            Arsenal, at the top of the English game, were once again building a formidable youth system where players not only learned their trades but also how to conduct themselves. Even those who never made the grade at Highbury remember with affection their time at the club where there was life and the ‘Arsenal Way’.”

    2. Aubamayang is not a clutch time player you can depend on, bottling the penalty vs Spurs at Wembley and attempting a mid air scissor kick volley vs Brighton when a win was absolutely needed. Henry or Ian Wright would have finished that chance with a simple finish. At the same age, Henry was not just the team’s top scorer, but also the top assist guy. Aubamayang is never gonna come close in the play making department. Bergkamp was a leader and inspiration for his team mates while Ozil sulk and whine in a corner during crunch times. Comparing them is a total no brainer.

  3. I don’t agree with this unsustainable formation, don’t agree with Boly being the new CB, don’t agree with Maitland-Niles being the new CM, also don’t think Willock is ready to be a starter. We need a consistent style of play, formation, better and hungrier players to replace the underformers. Arsenal simply can’t solve it’s problems with limited funds, the squad needs major surgery and that requires proper investments. I personally will not expect anything next season if Mustafi, Xhaka, Mkhi, Ozil and Kolasinac are not replaced in the first team.

  4. Read a very interesting piece the other day where it was pointed out that this figure of £40/45 million is based on media stories.
    The same media that every transfer window claim to know who we are going to sign and end up being wrong on nearly every claim.
    Yet for some reason some seem to belive this story is being based on facts.
    There has been no proof, other than the normal “a close source said” type of stuff.
    There has been no confirmation from anyone at the club but still some take these “facts” as such.
    Explain to me how we are restricted to £45 million due to failing to qualify for the CL yet west ham seem able to spend having never reached the CL or managing to consistently be in the top half if the league for decades.
    Theres no rich owner at West Ham funding transfers so why are we expected to belive they have money to spend when we dont.
    Just look at the papers that are making these “only have £45million to spend” claims…The Sun, The Daily Star, The Daily Mail all well known for bullshit journalism.
    Let’s just wait an see who we sell and buy before throwing ourselves like limmings off the cliff

    1. What about the £60 million per annum from the Adidas kit contract commencing on 01/07/2019?
      Does anybody honestly believe that Adidas won’t require those funds to be spent on players with names fit to grace their shirts?

  5. What limited resourses???????? Kroenke is worth $8 billion dollars and his wife is worth $8 billion. Are you being paid off by the Kroenke Company? If you are journalists be journalists…..not lapdogs. At least have a moral stance, otherwise what’s the point. You are Arsenal supporters….yes?

    1. Doesn’t matter how much our owner and his wife are worth what we can spend is determined by the clubs income due to FFP.
      This states we can only spend a maximum £3.9million over the income from the previous season on transfers and wages.
      Hence after spending around £70million last summer and giving certain players massive pay rises we weren’t able to buy anyone in January.

      1. Hants Gooner
        Please explain to the people on this thread all the figures then. Or are you parroting what you guess may be true? Explain the figures in detail. If you cannot then……?????!!!!!

        1. Sean William’s did u actually read my original comment l didnt make one claim about our financial state.
          I said there was no proof that the claims being made by the media about how much we can spend are fact.
          That’s not parroting anything its stating a fact.
          Seems yr ability to read and understand are as good as yr ability to think for yourself

          1. I can see what you replied to me and you cannot answer it. You are making it all up in your head.

          2. Don’t waste your time Sean. Hants Gooner is obviously a jobsworthy, scared boy. Waste of time. Arsenal are no more in breach of fair play than many other teams in the EPL.

        2. Here’s a thought seeing as your the one making claims why dont u back them with facts!
          Why dont u explain how our owner can break FFP rules …
          Why dont you show where other clubs have broken those rules and got away with it as you claimed!

        3. what the hell are you talking Sean? Hants is the one arguing with solid facts and official numbers which are true because arsenal has to make the finances public.. if you want the figures go check it yourself but as he said.. you are the one who randomly claiming something which could be true or wrong.. so you should walk the walk.. he is already doing it

      2. We have other owners injecting cash into their teams through sponsorships our owner is lining his pockets.

      3. I dont belive the TV deal money and Adidas money gives us only 40mill this summer. I just refuse to believe such nonsense.

    2. Yeah right what limited resources?
      What sustainable model? Sustaining who? Not AFC that’s for sure!

    1. We are not the only ones sticking to this!
      That’s my point about West Ham!!
      Man city could be kicked out of the CL if its proven they have broke the rules.
      Might l suggest you take your own advice and actually do some research yrself …check our transfers check our wage bill then base yr comments on facts not bullshit u read online or in the press!

      1. Hants Gooner

        No you check your facts. It’s bull. Loads of bull. Tell us the figures or shut up. Walk the Walk not Talk Talk.

        1. what the hell are you talking Sean? Hants is the one arguing with solid facts and official numbers which are true because arsenal has to make the finances public.. if you want the figures go check it yourself but as he said.. you are the one who randomly claiming something which could be true or wrong.. so you should walk the walk.. he is already doing it

          1. Steve what facts can l provide to back my claim that there are NO FACTS to back up the media claim that we only have £45million to spend.
            Read my comment you muppet l didnt make any claims l simply pointed out there were NO FACTS provided by the media to back THEIR CLAIMS that we only have £45million to spend.
            I also never said Arsenal were in breach of FFP l said if we broke it, we would as others have been, punished!!
            Suggest u read other comments more slowly or maybe get a grown up to read them and explain them to you as like Sean you dont seem capable of either

          2. Krish looks like Sean and Steve may have taken my advice and had a grownup read my comment for them as they appear to have stopped asking me to provide facts for a statement containing no claims lol

  6. Sell if possible: Mustafi,Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Elneny, Jenkinson, Chambers, Xhaka

    With funds received plus £45 mil, sign at least CB, CAM, box to box CM, Winger and back up RB

    Don’t just Start Reiss-nelson, Smith-rowe, Niles, Wilock etc. They need to earn it! Make them fight for it

  7. Thanks Nicholas.
    Some nice ideas, especially playing the talented youngsters but back on planet Earth and being one of the Earthlings of considerable common sense…………how are we going to get rid of Xhaka, Mustafi, Miki and Ozil with the wages they are on and who wants to buy them ?
    Poor old Dick is snookered in truth and imo he has as much chance of turning it around without an investing owner as Barry Bennell has of getting day release and coaching Arsenal U10`s !

    I too like to fantasize though, my current one is a threesome with Daphne and Velma from Scooby Doo in the back of the mystery machine with a bowl of vibrating scooby snacks !

  8. Wily Boly would be a good buy, but the way things are going.. he’ll probably snub us as Wolves will more than likely finish above us next season ?

  9. he cant. This will be his last season. It’s looking increasingly likely he will largely have to make it through next season with the same mess of players. Boards fault for not supporting the manager, and Kroenke for being an overall steaming pile of poo. Get him OUT. Arsenal fans need to boycott this season. Seriously. We got AW out, that was half the battle. Kroenke has always been enemy #1.

  10. Boly is an excellent player but 1: I’m not sure he’d come to us and 2: In today’s stupid valuations he would cost north of £60 million.
    The article states “release Ozil and Mhiki”. So how does that work? I think it would mean paying Ozil £36+ million to leave and half that again to Mhiki. Lots of dross to sell too and looking at the rumours, or lack of them, no one is interested in our dross.

  11. Reiss Nelson cannot even get into the starting eleven of Hoffenheim..and you are telling that he should be a starter at Arsenal in the premier League…. Arsenal youngsters should firstplay in a team where they start consistently and there is less pressure to perform before playing for the Arsenal first eleven

    1. You gotta start somewhere mate. Cesc hadn’t played for Barca and walked straight into our team at 16. The rest is history…

  12. £45 million transfer fund is NOT fact. It has never been confirmed by the club. It’s msde up click bait newspaper talk.

  13. He didn’t walk straight into the team Declan, he first made appearances in the cup games and then Was back up to Gilberto, Viera and made league appearances in his second season due to injuries to the aforementioned.

    I believe in giving our youngsters game time but it shouldn’t be our plan 1 the first team should be a mixture of experience and potential but relying on a team heavily reliant on the kids is a floored plan. The pressure of high stakes games and the reduced amount of time to react on the ball is a big step up for the academy players.

  14. possibley the dumbest post ive read in a long time … that or its the product of a spurs loving troll … wolves everton west ham leicester and possibly watford would finish above us … if we are financially constrained then selling mustafi xhaka elneny and jenkinson are a must .. that might bring in annother 65m if we are lucky .. if not enough would consider adding miki kos and kolasinac to that list for perhaps another 35m .. would mean we need a left back for sure a quality b2b and a winger and probably an experienced CB surely that is possible with 140m to spend .. i would certainly promote some of the youngsters but iwobi and amn need to go on loan for one last chance to see if they are any good over an entire season .. i dont think so but still willing to give them that chance

  15. There is a lot of debate about how much money Arsenal has for player purchases. This is really something any sensible person can see isn’t easily accessible to the journalists. Which serious institution would publicise its budget? Why do they always talk about Arsenal’s budget and not other clubs’ budgets? Is it accidental? I feel many of these stories are by Arsenal’s detractors to create discord in the Club and disorganise our preparations for the next season. They should, therefore, be treated with the contempt they deserve. Let us wait and see how our activity in the transfer market pans out. Last season similar claims of 40,50 and 70 million were made but didn’t we exceed those amounts. Let’s not become despondent over unsubstantiated stories. They should be treated with a pinch of salt.

  16. It is not difficult really.Reiss Nelson is still learning his trade. Integrate them in gradually. Midfield is key. Keep Mhkitaryan. Sell Ozil. Buy Thomas Partey and Carrasco.Go back to a 433. guendouzi is still raw.cant be relied on. A midfield 3 of Xhaka, Torrera and Thomas Party. Xhaka playing further up. Front 3 of Lacazette, Aubameyang and Carrasco. Iwobi, Mhkitaryan, Nelson as back up. Have an effective plan A. Bid for Jack Martinez from Bayern. Offer huge salary. Or go for Rakitic. Barça wants to sell him. You need experienced players in midfield. High energy, composed and combatant midfielders.Counter attacking football and not possession based football. Xhaka takes shots But we need to offer huge salaries to persuade them since we have to Champions League football next season. We are only short of 3 players. carrasco:25m, Thomas Partey:35m, Javi Martinez:25m. Sell Kos, Mustafi, Elneny,Ozil. Buy first. And consider Martinez has been the rock in that Bayern defence. Experienced and very tall.

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