How Emery can use the January window to get Arsenal in the title race next season


Arsenal should have won at old Trafford against a depleted united side and proceeded to third place. However, I felt that Unai Emery decided to apply the handbrake, keeping Lacazette on the bench until later on. Ramsey 1.0 turned up and ruined the plan. This Ramsey is the one we have known all those years, inconsistent. With December here, the January transfer window will soon open up. Arsenal should strive to build on what has been achieved this far. So what has Unai Emery to do in order to get the team to climb even higher in terms of performances?

Replace inconsistent attack support – Replace both Ozil and Ramsey. There is a lot of sentimental value in support for keeping one of the two but they are never there for all the games and they are never playing consistently.

Bring in Isco from Real Madrid where he is not getting enough playing time. Recall Reiss Nelson to be his understudy and learn his trade in the position. Emile Smith-Rowe too will be involved in the position as an understudy. Quality support in the center – Replace Mohamed Elneny with David Suarez who can also assist in the attacking and some wing roles.

Support the wingbacks – Bring in Vitinho (Victor Alexander da Silva) to learn his trade under Bellerin in the right wing back role. A player who has made the Brazilian under 20 squad should be good enough. Bring in Blas Miguel Riveros to help out as an understudy on the left wing. Having made under 17, under 23 and now with the Paraguay national team, he should be good too. Bring more competition in the back: Replace Koscielny with Nacho Fernandez from Real Madrid. Bring effective third man upfront: Replace Welbeck with Nicholas Pepe, as a younger player he can look forward to taking over from Aubameyang in a few seasons.

Stick with 3.4.3 – Play with the two strikers from the off.

Here is the squad 2019 January after six additions to the squad. The question is if Unai Emery is ready to bring in three first team quality players.


If Emery has this at the end of this transfer window, we can push for title contention as early as next season. And by that time we will have secured the Champions League spot, effortlessly.

Nicholas Oyoo


  1. Palash says:

    What are you smoking? And holding may be out for the whole season

  2. jon fox says:

    Do you actually have a functional brain , Nicholas? Or do you think Emery has a magic wand that can just install anyone he wants – or that YOU want, to be more accurate – just like that, in one window with Scrooge KROENKE, our mean owner holding the pursestrings , which seems to have escaped your “brain”. If you are going to write fantasy like this then I suggest you might take lessons from JK Rowling( HARRY POTTER) and keep OFF this sensible football site with your nonsense.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Even though he has posted some weird ideas, it’s always interesting to talk about tactics with him

      1. jon fox says:

        I think not. It is interesting to talk tactics with people who are bright and have opinions that have at least SOME chance of being right or POSSIBLE. Nicholas is becoming known on here for having ideas from sheer fantasy in his brain and no understanding of what is and is NOT realistically possible. DISCUSSING POSSIBILITIES IS INTERESTING BUT DISCUSSING WEIRD FANTASIES WHICH CAN HAVE NO BASIS IN REALITY IS JUST A WASTE OF TIME.

    2. Hackinubee says:

      I’ll agree with you on this Jon, he didn’t even consider (or maybe he isn’t even aware of) the “Non-Homegrown” quota in the EPL… He probably thought this is a video game

    3. Drayton says:

      Right, we’ve just smashed our transfer record twice within one year to sign two unbelievable strikers in Lacazette and Aubameyang. MAN! That Kroenke sure is a miserly bastard, isn’t he? He gave Emery plenty to work with this summer (70-80 million pounds) and we got Leno, Torreira Sokratis and Guendouzi. Once the stadium was paid off, he gave Wenger plenty of resources and he either refused to use it (only buys Petr Cech one window) or spent it unwisely (Mustafi, Xhaka, Gabriel, Debuchy, Chambers). What are you expecting here? Or maybe the better question is, what are you wanting? For us to emulate Man City and Chelsea (and recently Liverpool and Man United) and just hurl gobs of cash at the latest names every window?

      The guy got rid of Wenger, has approved these record signings, Arsenal are in an unbelievable financial state and a strong footballing state at the moment, MAN! That Kroenke! I know it’s unpopular, but I am so glad Usmanov did not buy this club.

      If anyone’s paying attention, all of Kroenke’s major sports teams are rising (not to mention that he has the best team in the NFL right now). Seems the guy is doing something right, and the fact that we’re already looking really strong immediately after Wenger’s departure just points the blame of our recent struggles further and further away from Kroenke.

      Just looking at the facts.
      Up Gunnas!

      1. ken1945 says:

        Drayton, not wanting to disagree, argue or clickbait AW.
        However, you mention Aba and Lacs as examples of Kronkie putting money forward.
        I suggest you go to wickepdia and look up the money in versus money out during that period.
        You will find that, in fact, the club actually SPENT less than £20, 000, 000 and that was due to the monies received from transfers out (OX etc).
        There can be no doubt he is a shrewd businessman, but we shouldn’t run away with the idea that he’s shelling out a fortune for the love of the club.

        1. ozziegunner says:

          ?exactly right Ken; it is nett spend which shows the intent of the owner. The self sustaining model makes it difficult for Arsenal to compete financially; however we have depend on Swen, Raul and Unai (the Arsenal trinity) to unearth some rough diamonds.
          It is interesting to hear from Ian Wright how he battled away in the Sunday league and working as a tiler, until finally getting a chance at Crystal Palace. No place in an academy for him and we all know how he turned out. How many good young and not so young players are out there looking for a chance?

          1. Drayton says:

            Net spend is the valuation of the owner, and if he’s able to balance the books WHILE smashing our transfer record TWICE in one year, I’d say I want that guy on our side, especially if he can do it again…

        2. Drayton says:


          No one suggested he’s shelling out a fortune, but 100 million plus on 2 players in an annual year (shrewd business indeed if we offloaded all that and only spent 20) that doesn’t speak stingy to me. That’s shrewd and calculated and wonderful for our future.

          The fact remains that he provided 60-80 million pounds this summer, and I’d suggest that that’s the amount we’ll work w going forward.

          I’m not saying the guy has shelled out a fortune, but once that stadium was paid off, and the first opportunities …opportunities (Lacazette and Aubameyang) presented themselves, he pounced.

          The Kroenke bashing is unfounded and widely misdirected bc of recent struggles. It’s pretty clear what our problem was… The intent of the owner is to make us a profit, but I’d say he’s doing that AND hearing us fans simultaneously.

  3. gotanidea says:

    Agree with replacing Ozil and Ramsey, but I don’t think Real Madrid would sell Isco and Nacho Fernandez

    Never heard of David Suarez, Vitinho and Ribeiros, but I know Denis Suarez and some Barcelona fringe players possess excellent skills

    Regarding Nicholas Pepe, I don’t like his style of play when he played against several big French clubs, despite he has scored many times. I’d prefer a more courageous and speedier wide player that is not reluctant to challenge the opponent’s defenders, such as Ismaila Sarr

    1. Th14 says:

      Shut up man… Nichols Pepe is the best we can get in January. He can give our attack the bite it requires.

  4. Lupe says:

    Stop with the tactics Nicholas. We’d be lucky to buy one player in the january transfer window and some of your tactics on here have been terrible and implausible.

  5. Maks says:

    Are you on nitrous oxide, man? 😉
    We have no chance to win the league, we need at least one good summer window with at least 3-4 first team players IN, and great form of others.

    1. Maks says:

      …and that won t happen!

    2. Goonster says:

      Nitrous Oxide is the New Arsenal thing. If our players keep overdosing on Nitrous Oxide then why not us? I remember back in our Liverpool vs Arsenal times the liverpool owner had a thought that we were smoking something down at the Arsenal.
      Now we find out what his instincts told him. We are not smoking anything at the Arsenal rather we are busy overdosing on Nitrous Oxide. As the likes of Ozil, Auba, Mustafi, Mkhi, Guendouzi, Lacazette etc.

      1. TBLAZE says:


      2. Midkemma says:

        Do you also remember that yank bragging about how there was a clause but contracts over here mean nothing?

        Would you expect AFC to spend £80 million on a player who had a £40 million release?
        Or would you call how-ever agreed such an overpayment words which best not to be typed 😛

        If you see a car listed for £9’999.99 you will not go and pay £15000.00 just to make sure you paid enough. You would pay the price listed and demand the goods and if not then walk off to somewhere you can get the goods without being ripped off.

  6. Patrick_G says:

    Fifa brain

  7. aubamezzette says:

    denis suarez is not a DM and we need a DM to be back up to torreira…. i prefer thomas partey as he can operate as a DM and as a RB.
    i dnt know about riberoz n victor n co.
    nacho is hardly an improvement on what we got.
    isco is a dream signing but the more important issue is how to get rid of ozil or get the best from him, i think the latter will be less difficult.

    1. Midkemma says:

      Guendouzi is more of a DM than anything else and if you noticed it was Guendouzi who made way for Torreira.

      1. Aubamezzette says:

        Guedouzi is a CM, a deeplying playmaker that can also carry the ball like wilshere,modric,gundogan.
        He isnt a destroyer DM.

  8. Goonster says:

    The way Emery has transformed us in only 6 months has been amazing. I just can’t believe how hungry and tough he has made us. The fight and intensity our players seem to have discovered under him has been wow. That say never attitude.
    Imagine if we gave him reasonable funds to spend in the coming transfer windows. He could start something special.
    But then again, you never know hiw stuff workout, we might give him the funds but them his signings might not workout.

    Sorry guys I am just Thinking out loud. The guy has given me so much optimism for my club in a long time.

    Let’s go you The Arsenal 🙂

  9. Johnpaul Shannon says:

    Put down the controller and step away from the ps4!

  10. Palash says:

    Pablo fornals, a new winger and a centre back will do it

  11. CanonSpike says:

    Wait did you place Dennis Suarez before Xhaka?
    You were clearly using emotions and not logic when you came up with the lineup.

    I’m not the biggest Xhaka fan, but I clearly see why Emery uses him, plus why would you think its a good idea to breakup a developing partnership in the middle between Xhaka and Torreira?

    If you put your emotions aside instead of building your own fantasy FiFa Manager lineup, you would have known that we need to start sorting the defence out.

    Get a left-sided central defender in the back 3, Mario Hermoso.
    Another good young defender like, Joachim Andersen or Sebastian Walukiewicz.

    Sell Elneny and give more games to Maitland-Niles.
    Try sell Ramsey, leave Nelson where he is until the end of the season.
    Replace Welbeck with N. Pepe.
    Buy Fornals and Firpo


    GK: Leno / Cech
    RCB: Sokratis/ Andersen/ Lichsteiner
    CB/SW: Koscielny / Holding / Mavropanos
    LCB: Hermoso / Monreal

    RWB: Bellerin / “New Player”
    CDM: Torreira / “New Player”
    CM: Xhaka / Guendouzi / Glimour
    RWB: Kolasinac / Firpo

    AM: Ozil / Fornals
    RS: Aubameyang / Iwobi / Smith-Rowe
    LS: Lacazette / Pepe / Nelson

    1. Midkemma says:

      Give AMN more time!
      Then ignore him when it comes time to looking at the squad.


      Then I see you have totally ignored young Eddie Nketiah.

      Talk about a football manager post… Ooops, should have said FIFA huh? XD

  12. Innit says:

    NO WAY ISCO will come here!
    Too expensive, Madrid won’t sell and doubt he would want to come here. Especially in January, players don’t want to leave unless they are desperate to leave like Alexis was and teams don’t like to sell big players in January.

    Now back to reality

    The January window is used to fix urgent problems or emergency. Not for big name signings

    What we can do is maybe get rid of Ramsey and/or shore up our defensive line. Perhaps sign a solid central defender or a defender who can play across the line. Strengthening our defense can help us finish top 4

    Then in the summer we can sign a top player and more players

    But I think it will take at least two more summers for us to be in title contention as long as Kroenke isn’t too cheap

    If we can get back into Champions League, then Kroenke will be more likely to spend

    BTW- Chelsea play City and Spurs are away to Leicester. It’s possible for us to be in 3rd place or 4th this weekend. Fingers crossed

  13. AndersS says:

    I didn’t know we ha a direct signal to from the American Mars space pod

  14. ken1945 says:

    Nicholas, we can all dream my friend, but realism is the key word for you to adhere to I’m afraid.
    I have just read a very interesting article via youtube regarding Emery’s appointment and it might show where the club is heading.
    Not only were the owner/board impressed by Unai’s knowledge of the players he was to inherit, there was something else that persuaded them.
    He also was of the opinion that he could, with a few new signings, work with and capitalise on the inherited players to form a very good side without enormous transfer budgets.
    To date, he seems to have done just that as we can all see.
    In my opinion, that means that any transfer budget will be spent on. at the most, one or two world class players.
    Not five or six, but just the areas that he sees need reinforcing, perhaps a CB and a wide player?
    I also see that as a pointer to him bringing on our great group of younger players to ensure we have a strong talented squad.
    This, of course, would have made Kronkie a happy man, knowing that he doesn’t have to dig to deeply into his pockets in order to replace players.
    I can see just a small movement in the January window if Emery feels he needs to replace Holding (nine months out says the club) or recall C.C. if that’s possible.
    Plus the news on Kos is excellent, so it could be that only a wide player might be signed in January, or even no signings at all!
    A really interesting article for any gooner to read.

    1. Yunqmuan says:

      Can you send us the link to the article

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