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How EPL clubs are being exploited – but not Arsenal

How the Premier League clubs are exploited by Neil Watson

If we ever needed a more blatant example of how premier leagues clubs are financially exploited by agents and European clubs today’s news of Thomas Lemar signing for Atletico Madrid has to be it. The alleged transfer fee for his transfer from France to Spain is £63 million…. for the same player that Arsenal and Liverpool were quoted £90 million for his services. That’s a nearly 50% over charge!! That still represents a massive gamble in my book and I think I’d rather stick it on red on a roulette table!

There is absolutely no doubt he is a fine player and obviously a brilliant acquisition to any team but the extra £30 million we would have had to pay could have bought Torreira and still have a bit of cash left over to use with the best online casino deals to try and win the whole lot back.

Our business buying Aubameyang looks incredibly astute by comparison and also the way Emery and his team are going about rebuilding our defence without buying stars of the World Cup – who will have grossly inflated prices after the tournament.

Whereas it’s always good to be associated with potential signings that all top clubs are after maybe it show more astute and efficient scouting that we are going after players not being coveted by the European giants. It doesn’t necessarily mean our purchases are substandard, it just means maybe we are buying players that can fit the roles required rather than those that attract the biggest headlines.

I am hopeful, with our new management structure, our signings are addressing weaknesses that need improving in our team rather than players that will increase jersey sales and the club’s profitability.

Neil Watson

43 thoughts on “How EPL clubs are being exploited – but not Arsenal

  1. lcebox

    Monaco sold so many that they said that it would take mad dollars to get Lemar and that was last year after a top season.
    Same cant be said for the season gone so less money.

    1. gotanidea

      Yes, Lemar’s price dropped as his forms went down as well

      In my opinion, he sucks as a winger. But good as a CM, because of his work rate and technical skills

      I consider Arsenal lucky for not buying him, because Arsenal already have many tiki-taka midfielders like Lemar. They need players that can make faster impact in the field, such as Salah, Mane, Sane, Sterling, etc

      1. skies

        Agreed and it also dropped as the contract shrank by 1 more year. Both of these things played a role in bringing down the price. But i agree that EPL has to pay more for the players than any other league.

  2. Mertinho

    Whats most annoying is that we are quoted these high prices because we actually do have the income and funds to meet them, or close enough. There is just no willingness by the club it seems to spend anything significant on a single player (Above £50M). If the player is worth the money and wants to play for the club then bring them in, simple.

    I feel the addition of a world class winger or cm to boost competition in midfield and help us through periods of injury or fatigue will be necessary if we are to have a successful season.

    1. gotanidea

      We already have too many CM, so Arsenal have to offload some of the current ones before acquiring the new ones

      A tireless, fast and young winger(s) is highly required to make the attack more threatening

      1. Ken1945

        Merthino, if the owner doesn’t want to open the pursestrings then it doesn’t matter if we are the richest club in the world.
        I have to hold my hands up and congratulate the club for not being held to ransom by this player, his agent and the club.
        I really am beginning to warm to the new regime and their positive, patient and sensible approach to the transfer of players.

  3. st sass

    spot on. ridiculous price tags and end up with nothing to show in the epl. No Cl trophy since 2012. we refuse to be what they want us to be. coyg

  4. Raja Danish

    Steve Bould will continue as assistant Arsenal manager under Arsene Wenger’s successor Unai Emery.
    Bould, who was named assistant to Wenger in 2012, will retain his position alongside Emery’s long-time assistant Juan Carlos Carcedo.

    Pablo Villanueva joins as first-team coach, while director of high performance Darren Burgess and goalkeeping coach Sal Bibbo retained their positions.

    “Unai has a very strong and talented team and I’m delighted that they are joining us,” Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis told the club website

    “I’m also pleased that Steve Bould, Sal Bibbo and Darren Burgess will continue their work with us.

    “As we go through this period of change, we need to retain some continuity and they have an important role to play.”

    The club confirmed the departures of first-team coaches Jens Lehmann, Neil Banfield, Tony Colbert, Gerry Peyton and Boro Primorac, along with head of medical services Colin Lewin.

    Former Arsenal goalkeeper Lehmann, who won the 2003-04 Premier League title and went 49 league matches unbeaten with the north London club, lamented the decision to let him go on social media.

    “Dear #Arsenal Fans, I am sorry to leave the club after only one year again,” he posted on Twitter.

    “It was a good experience working with the players as one of the assistant-coaches. But the attitude from our 2004-group is not needed there anymore.”

    Physiotherapists Andy Rolls and Ben Ashworth, osteopath Dr Philippe Boixel and travel manager Paul Johnson have also left the club.

  5. Raja Danish

    Its good to see unai emery brought his own coaches and medical staff etc.. It will allow him to work freely without any worry… He just needs the players that are rumoured to be very close to signing for arsenal..
    If we do get these transfers done and dusted we will be title contendars come august… We are complete in stiker position.. we need a pacy tricky winger like gelson martins(free) to run through defences in tight matches and give us crucial points.. we are lighweight in midfield especially CDM so addition of torreira will be most welcome.. he will provide balance in defence and attack aka kante role.. soyuncu and sokraits will complete our central defence.. Leno will provide a stability in goalkeeping department and with javi garcia as our new goalkeeping coach he will help and guide leno.. plus with new tactics employed by unai emery, this team can compete with very best..
    Bellerin/lichtsteiner soyuncu sokraits monreal/kolasinac
    Torreira ramsey
    Martins Ozil mikhitaryan

  6. Counsel

    Emery has told Jens Lehmann that the mentality of 2004 is no longer needed, Lehmann has unceremoniously left the less than one year after joining the club as a goalkeeping coach,sad

    1. Segun

      That was Lehmann being cynical rather than a direct Emery quote. Besides, he was an assistant first team coach and not a goal keeping coach.

      All said, a new manager will always mean a cleaning of the “Augean stables”, so nothing new there. The way I see it, there’s no great advantage getting in players early just as there’s no great disadvantage waiting for last minute bargains or stars. We got Ozil on the last day of the window and did complete deals for Alexis, Cazorla, Vermaelen and Giroud early into the window, so there. Nothing new. No big advantage or disadvantage. If I need to wait till the window is about to close and Isco becomes available, I will be mad not to take up such an opportunity.

  7. Fidelis Njokanma

    I am relieved that there are more of us who are not sucked into “big-money-signings”. The ultimate is to build a strong team, not an expensive side. The choices so far have been very sensible. I wouldn’t mind a young adventurous winger, though.

  8. jon fox

    I very much endorse Neil Watson’s summary of how the new set up is getting action underway before the last day of the window, a la Wenger. All clubs need to get new playrs in with plenty of time to adapt to their team mates and so hit the ground and new season running. It is also clear that some fans are still being uinrealistic and seem to expect half a dozen world class names being bought. That could never happen , But what we could do ARE DOING and, it seems to me is to finally get some proper organisation and forward thinking/ forward planning in our decision makers. What a revolutionary change from the Wenger dinosaur days of total inaction and tired players not starting the season until late September. WE ARE NOW A MODERN CLUB. HURRAY!

    1. killamch89

      Yeah, it feels strange seeing signings being done so early before pre-season even starts. I’m not sure how to feel about this. For some reason, I get the impression that I am in some VR fantasy and I’m trying to take off my Oculus but I can’t lol. A non-eventful transfer window? us?

  9. Quantic Dream

    Did anyone see Szczesny’s wild run out of goal versus Senegal that resulted in a Poland conceding? That’s why we flogged out that erratic smoker! Can’t believe people wanted him back.

    1. ACE

      Haha typical Schez. Love how the announcers
      and pundits were whining about the refs
      mismanagement of the 2nd goal when
      Krychowiak made a ridiculously stupid back
      pass and Schez came flying off his line like
      a bumbling fool.

      Welcome Leno to AFC!!

    2. RSH

      thats harsh. Ref made a huge mistake letting Niang back on the pitch in the middle of a play.

  10. Neil

    Fantastic news for Arsenal signing Leno. Congrats to the business people working hard to give us a new line up before the World Cup ends.

    I believe come the first game we will be ready…

  11. RSH

    Leno official, great signing! Farewell Ospina, Cech, or both. Haven’t seen Leno play much but has a good reputation and hopefully will have a great career with us

    Sidenote: Elneny today was shocking. Didn’t look like an EPL player.

      1. RSH

        yeah, a lot of clubs will be after him now. Russia’s done really well. They actually play like a team unlike many of the other countries we’ve seen so far.

    1. GunnerJack

      Elneny has never looked like an EPL player and I wouldn’t even have him on the bench – a total waste of space and stopping the younger players coming through. Hopefully he’ll be gone soon to help pay for a proper player, Lucas Torreira.

  12. lacaHero

    Woooowww….My Darling Club ,ARSENAL finally ….Where are the “IN WENGER WE TRUST” Dudes now…lol…

    1. Ken1945

      We are alive and well lacaHero and hoping and praying that our new regime can be as successful as our ex manager was.
      That’s what a being a supporter means, following your club, hoping for success and respecting the past.
      What a small minded juvenile idiot you come across as…. I wonder what you will be saying if things don’t work out as you want this season?
      You have no idea what supporting a club is all about, if you did you would not try to get the fanbase going over the most divisive issue in the history of the club.
      I have nothing but complete contempt for you and hope that one day you just might respect Arsene Wenger for the success and commitment he gave to the club.
      Meanwhile, the least you can do is respect the 56,000 plus Gooners who gave him the send off he deserved against Burnley…were you even there at your Darling Club Arsenal?
      I have so much more I could say but it wouldn’t get past Admin, so just go and crawl back under your stone you moronic excuse of a fan.

      1. jon fox

        Doing what you so often blame me for I see then Ken. Not that I blame you, since I believe in saying what you think, at least within the bounds of decency.

        1. Ken1945

          Yes Jon and it is so unlike me to rise the bait in such a way.
          If the guy had said something constructive I might have been able to control my anger and contempt, but what was the point of his post?
          I can’t believe I am still shaking with rage over such a pathetic, ignorant, purile, completely pointless, objectionable piece of garbage relating to Arsenal fans who differ in their views to his.
          I think the’my darling club’ extract really did it for me though, jeezus I’m so furious I’ve had to correct my spelling mistakes at least ten times!!!
          Will we ever move on from this kind of cr#p and discuss the new regime without bringing up the past!?
          At least I can admit to having been shown the errors of my ways in responding this way, thanks.
          That doesn’t mean I won’t be studying your posts though my OLD SPARRING FRIEND and fellow gooner!!!!!

  13. lacaHero

    @ Ken1945….u just an old school fool…..U are already jinxing a Manager who has already done something Wenger never did as an arsenal manager…ie…addressing our weakest positions,active in the market at least…Dude u are so deluded…U don’t love This club more than myself…And my u…all his signings are making sense comparing the budget he has….Ur Wenger wld have bought one player for thirty million and then return the remaining 20mil..and then come out to give excuses like ‘the market is so tight,every club is active in the market so it makes things difficult’…’We are in the market of course looking 4 top top quality’ and end up with nothing….wake up f**l..

  14. lacaHero

    @ken1945…This is a football club where ppl have invested and expect result…..Look at city,chelsea, Man u,PSG,Real Madrid,barca….are the fans more hungrier for success than us…..we need results and I believe this manager can do greater this season looking at his signings…we need results a not always having faith in players who didn’t win u anything the previous season…If he fails fine not a new world record…but at least he is satisfying most of the fans unlike ur Wenger…


    1. Ken1945

      lacaHero, do you think I’m a witch doctor or something similar?
      So I’m already jinxing the new manager? Yeah, I’m jogging round my garden in my grass skirt with a bone in my nose singing out for my darling club.
      Where did I say that I loved the club more than you?
      Nowhere in my reply to your ridiculous opening message was that said , so don’t start making up even more rubbish.
      You say Wenger would have bought one player for 20 million and returned the rest…so please give me one example of this happening…. I’m waiting with interest for your examples.
      We have been active in every single transfer market under Wenger, unless you can provide me with evidence to the contrary.
      The fact that Wenger didn’t sign the players that you thought he should have is a valid point and I am so pleased that you approve of the new regimes activities.
      Believe it or not, so do I and I will change my dance routine in order to ensure that the powers to be are aware of that.
      For the record…. I have complete faith in the new manager and his team and I am looking forward to seeing our club challenge for trophies this season.
      I will also respect the achievements of our last manager and challenge people who try and rewrite his achievements.
      If you support Arsenal, then you hope your club will succeed, it is not a right. So don’t give me all this bull about my darling club and then forget to mention the Invincibles, the three doubles, the seven fa cup wins, the twenty years of finishing in the top four, the twenty years of Champions League qualifications and the millions of pounds profit made from Wenger’s transfer market activities.
      I’ve invested many years supporting the best club in the world, so don’t try and tell me what and who I am.
      Arsene Wenger is respected by professional managers, footballers and millions of people around the world.
      Maybe you should think about that and act accordingly.
      To the future and I will trust Emery completely and hope he can emulate or even better the achievements of the greatest manager Arsenal have ever had.
      I have no wish or desire to continue this discussion, as I have better things to do with my time.

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