How FA cup replay could HELP Arsenal win Premier League

Arsenal are still waiting to find out when the FA cup replay with Hull City can be squeezed into the schedule, but I suspect that the fact that both clubs already have very busy fixture lists could mean that this replay will take the place of already scheduled league games.

Assuming we get through this replay, Arsenal are set to face Watford in the quarter.finals on the weekend of March 12th and before that we have Barcelona tomorrow, Man United this weekend, Swansea the following Wednesday and then Tottenham that weekend. So unless we fit the replay in on the same week that the next round of FA cup games is due, one of our Premier League games will have to be moved.

Hull also have four games before the next FA cup weekend so it seems that moving league games is the only option. This would put us behind in the league table, of course, and if we get to face Watford it would mean our game against West Brom scheduled for that weekend would be moved as well.

So in a couple of weeks the Gunners could have two games in hand on our main two Premier League rivals, none of whom are still in the cup. This is normally seen as a disadvantage as the theory is that points on the board are better than games in hand, but with Arsenal I am not so sure.

We have already seen this season that Arsenal perform better when up against it and we falter when expectations are high. So perhaps it would be better of the Gunners had to play catch up on Leicester and the spuds and then the pressure would be on them.

So could this replay and our continued involvement in the FA cup actually boost the chances of the Premier League title?

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    1. Hahahahaha

      The nature of articles on ere…..hahaha

      Don’t worry, Beating Barca will help us Lift the FA cup…

      Also i expect an article which says , how to Lift the EPL without facing spuds , manure or citeh

  1. It won’t hurt are chances. And also would love to win the double but PL is a priority

    In my opinion we need to win all 3 PL matches that you mentioned (United, Swansea and Spuds)as I don’t see the Leicester train derailing anytime soon. Spuds and City could win it too.

    I think if Spuds or Leicester win the PL then Wenger will have a lot of explaining to do as to why he didn’t get an outfielder and also how Leicester or Spuds were able to win a PL title but Wenger couldn’t in 13 years

    But at the moment we are still in it and we can win it. 🙂

  2. Arsenal passing accuracy is so poor, the players mess up the most simplest of passes at times. This is more common with every passing season now. Barcelona will capitalize on it.

    1. It seems to be the case.Would like to see the stats on this. For a team who is meant to be a passing team we seem to not always excel at finding one of our own players.

      We must try to keep/use the ball when we have it against barca or we will invite extra pressure onto ourselves.

      1. What or who are yous comparing to. Arsenal passing stats are bad, really, well if it turns out that we have better accuracy than everyone else in the league well then yous are pulling this stuff from you’re assholes. And I would be very surprised if we do not have some of the highest passing accuracy stats in the entire division. Also it would be a good idea to give us some comparisons when making a definitive statement, you know, some numbers by ourselves versus the competition, or would that blow too many holes in you’re entire belief system.

        1. Trevor dear boy. Try chillin like matt Dillon on penicillin will ya.

          I was interested to know if the stats showed whether our passing had dropped. Because we do misplace passes…


  3. O.T.
    Higuain 70mil.?
    How much did Napoli out bid us by,4/5mil over £24mil.
    What with the £1extra we offered Liverpool for dracularon top of the fee.
    Couple of bad decisions by Wenger and his American franchise.

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