How failure to qualify for the Champions League will affect Arsenal’s summer plans

Arsenal was on the cusp of qualifying for the Champions League in the last campaign before they faltered, and Tottenham beat them to the fourth spot.

With the club riding high, it seemed they will make the top-four, which could have seen them revamp their squad.

Mikel Arteta had arguably the smallest squad among the clubs looking to win a place in European competitions, and he still did well with the players at his disposal.

Some positions in his group lack depth so much so that it has to be bolstered in this transfer window.

However, the former midfielder will see his plans curtailed now as he will have to settle for fewer players than he would have gotten if his team made the top four, according to The Sun.

The report claims the Gunners initially planned on signing up to seven players in this transfer window, but they will now settle for just three after their failure to return to the UCL.

Just Arsenal Opinion

If we want to make another push to return to the top four and become successful this time, we need new players.

It makes little sense to react to missing out on our goal by reducing our efforts to achieve it.

We have lost more than four players between last summer and now, and it is only sensible if we can sign at least as many players to add to our squad.

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  1. Everyone knows that our squad needs extensive bolstering. It’s too thin and we are possibly losing Pepe and Leno. Laca has already left. We may lose more? So, three signings would still not be enough to replace the players leaving. Meaning, we are still not strengthening. Considering we are in the Europa league next season, this would be very bad!

    We need bring in at least six or seven new members. Preferably experienced and ready to go.

    If we don’t bring in the players we all know we need, you can count on another disastrous season next year with a mid table or worse finish.

  2. Arteta has said he needs 22 outfield players.
    The Board must oblige him. We are likely to make some good money from our potential exits, so we could need far less than last summer.s net spend to achieve the manager’s wish.
    No need penny-pinching and finding ourselves in a no-progress situation

  3. No one in the Universe predicted Arsenal would get top 4. City was favourite, United had got 2nd, Liverpool had got 3rd while Chelsea had won the CL. Arsenal had got 8th twice. So to be fair then Arsenal’s 5th position was well ahead of expectations a brilliant achievement in fact. One thing is certain no one on JustArsenal predicted top 4. Arsenal had a mountain of underachievers to off load and had an 0-3 start when 97% of the fan base wrote the season off as a dead loss. I predicted 5/6 and was proven correct. Arsenal’s fault was to over achieve and raise expectons too high too soon. 5th plce is brilliant as it gives another season to off load and recruit. Arsenal is not quite ready for top 4 so the EL is an ideal comp to evolve the next tier. Top 6 and 1/4 final EL is the requirement next season with a top 4 push in 2023/24

  4. It’s not a good sign if we need to sign a lot of players season by season. In this window we need to add at least three. If someone leave we will have to add more, or consider if any of the players on loan can fill the void. Let’s hope our club can finish their business early.

  5. It’s annoying the heck out of me these European clubs again playing the poverty card to try to get our players cheap or for free. Top of the list are Torreira and Bellerin, but you can add Mari, AMN and Pepe.
    In terms of incomings – Jesus and Tielemans look our best bets, possibly with Hickey/Zinchenko/Gakpo as lwb/lm/lw, Scamacca/DCL as lower cost target men and AN Other if there’s cash left as a DM. That’s 4 or 5 and I could live with that.

  6. Unless anyone leaves I think we only need two additional players, attacking mid and striker.

    1. Well, both our wingbacks seems to struggle with injuries, we need to do something.

  7. If this is to be believed, then the mismanaged winter window was a sackable offence

    1. If we couldn’t get what we wanted in January we shouldn’t sign just for the sake of it. Unlike you I don’t believe Arsenal is a one man show.

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