How Giroud can help Arsenal avoid Alexis Sanchez transfer

There are a growing number of Arsenal transfer rumours concerning the future of our Chile international star Alexis Sanchez, who along with the other big name Arsenal star Mesut Ozil is currently in talks with the club about an extension to their current contracts which will have just one year left to run at the end of this season.

According to Sky Sports the chances of our German playmaker leaving are pretty slim but the same is not being said of the striker. Alexis appears to much less sure that the Gunners is the right club for him in what are likely to be the peak years of his playing career.

If this is true then Arsenal and Arsene Wenger have a big problem as players on the same sort of level as the Chilean are extremely hard to come by and now that he has proved he can shine in the centre forward position as well as o0n the left flank he is even more important, so how can Arsenal persuade him to stay?

Making him the right offer is one way, of course, and if that means giving him a big pay rise then surely we have to mo9ve with the times and do it. For me, though, his rival for the centre forward role at Arsenal could be a big help. If Sanchez is not deemed fit to face Manchester United at the weekend then the Frenchman is favourite to start in his place and that game could be crucial to keeping Alexis.

If Giroud plays well and helps us to win then it will make our challenge for the Premier League title look strong again and major trophy success is sure to be important to Alexis, especially as Man City and Juventus are the two clubs being linked with him.

A good game from Giroud might also strengthen Arsenal’s bargaining position and make us seem less reliant on the former Barcelona star. Can the big Frenchman cover for the Chilean and do you think Arsenal will persuade him to sign a new deal?


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  1. josh37 says:

    The potential deals for Sanchez and Ozil mean so much more than simply retaining their services…
    The Ozil and Sanchez transfers put us back on the map for attracting top talent. It showed we were no longer a place for youngsters to develop and then leave us once they’re able to attract the ‘big’ clubs. But now comes the crunch time, once we’ve secured their services for multiple seasons, had them produce at the highest level on the pitch, won the hearts of our entire fanbase and performed at a world-class level both for us and internationally… What are we going to be willing to do to keep them at the club??
    And it’s not just for them, it’s for the perception of our current players, potential signings in the future and showing that we’re willing to do more to win. We need this!

  2. Iffybright says:

    Sanchez must not leave…..This guy is the best we have gotten….We must do all the possible best to make him reason with us….This is the only world class player we have in that attacking third

  3. Break-on-through says:

    The only way Alexis will end up at city is if we give in to the buy out clause. I’d like to think that Alexis wouldn’t ever contemplate moving to a direct rival but we have bad memories to call upon. Pep being there too means it’s a big danger. I’d rather sell Alexis next season than give him that buy out clause, it wouldn’t be right for AFC fans to ever go through that again. I reckon it’d be only detaining the inevitable in giving into those demands. We should only offer a buy out clause that includes Barca Bayern Madrid, and it only kicks in if certain targets are not met over the following season after he signs, also in it should be what Napoli used to tell Higuain about us, that Atletico PSG City Che Manu Juve BVB are not bigger clubs than Arsenal and we’ll only let you go to the biggest. (manu is bigger but at moment it’s a step down and it’s England so no dice)

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