How good can Arsenal teenage sensation Gabriel Martinelli get?

Gabriel Martinelli is one of Arsenal’s breakout star of the season and it seems that the Brazilian can only get better.

He has already scored 10 goals this season and remains in contention with Bukayo Saka for the club’s Young Player of the Season award.

I admire Martinelli so much and I get very annoyed when Mikel Arteta doesn’t start the former Manchester United trialist.

His goal against Chelsea in the Premier League showed to me that he is fearless and that he has unlimited potential, however, I do not believe that he is a world-beater just yet.

Martinelli has shone in games against Liverpool and Chelsea this season to show that he is not afraid of any opponent, but he still has limitations in his game.

One good thing about Martinelli is that he knows how to be at the right place at the right time.

However, I think his physique would place a limit on what he can do especially in the Premier League.

I expect Martinelli to become a 20-goals-a-season striker, but he could struggle to score goals as soon as Premier League defenders become fully aware of his capabilities and I don’t think that he would be able to stand the tackles and rough treatments that would be meted out to him.

That said, he has significant time on his side and whereas Premier League defender will soon suss out his game, he will also learn how to evolve, how to adapt and how to combat changes in opponents defensive strategies when it comes to containing him.

In better words, Martinelli needs to evolve faster than the defenders, if he does that then he will be world-class, if he does not, then he will be just another good Premier League striker.

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  1. Well it depends if Arteta will bother using him! I understand we don’t want burn him out being so young, but he should be starting most games…especially considering how poor we are. He was on fire, and Arteta suddenly pulls him from the starting XI?

    1. 👍 And if Arsenal doesn’t give him a start, then there are plenty of other clubs in Europe who will.
      If you’re good enough, you’re old enough.

  2. If Auba goes, i hope he leads the line next year.

    Getting as many games into Saka (LW) and Martinelli (CF) should be the priority so they can gel and become comfortable together.

    People will say they are to young, id rather young hungry and talented than old and comfortable whos not willing to work.

  3. I am certain Martinelli will be a star at Arsenal. Either as a Left winger or Striker he will progress very well. With him, Saka, Smith-Rowe, Torreira, Tierney, Leno we have a very good team for the near future

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