How good could Arsenal be with good starts?

Can anyone remember the last time Arsenal started a game well? To be fair it has not been all that long, but it does feel at the minute as though the Gunners do not get going until either the second half or until we have let the other team get settled and into a nice lead.

Let’s be honest Gooners and admit that Preston really should have punished us more today and been at least two ahead, especially with that easy ball across the box for a tap in during the first half. But once again there are plenty of positives to be had from the way Arsenal fought back and once again showed steel, character and determination.

Imagine what it would be like if we could show that from the start of every game. Having said that we did start well and take the lead away to Everton and Man City only to lose both games. In those games, however, I think we can put some of it down to fatigue so is there any chance that from now on we see Arsenal start well and keep it up.

If so, just how good we be? Good enough for the Premier League title with a lot of key players coming back?

Sam P.


  1. Arsenal_Girl says:

    I’m not too concerned about today’s performance
    At least we won
    I am not keen on Niles, Gabs and Ramsey (also Jenks, Eleney)
    We were without Kosc, Bellerin, Caz, Alexis, Ozil (all our WC players)

    That is where I am concerned
    When this is our team we are excellent:
    Cech/bellerin/monrealor Gibbs/koscielney/mustafi/Cazorla/Coquelin/Ozil/Theoor Ox/Iwobi or Lucas/Alexis
    BUT our backups are below par. These players start in cup matches
    We basically have NO decent backup for RB
    We lack another CB of Kos/mustafi quality
    We lack another quality DM
    Cazorla is soooo important to our team. Xhaka hasn’t proven himself as of yet
    Completely off Ramsey
    We need another Top CAM or winger

    our starters are fine but bench is not high enough quality
    We need a clean out in summer of Jenks, Eleney, Debuchy, Ramsey, Sanogo
    Bring back Wilshere
    We need quality RB, CB, DM and attacker and new manager

    1. rkw says:

      Agree with most of this… Though we desperately need a quality left back too ..Monreal has passed his sell by date and while Gibbs is an ok backup he’s never going to be top quality … In order of preference I would like to see a world class attacking option to partner Sanchez a new left back a right back to compete with bellerin … Midfield depends on how wilshere and carzola stories play out … CB? am not convinced by Gabriel and could be sold in summer but would like to see holding given more time

  2. lucia says:

    What baffles me is pundits keep on lamenting on how less games OX is getting but the truth is no matter how many games he played the guy is just bang average. No hunger or commitment whatsoever .and xhaka for 35 Mil pls wake me up max is 20 Mil.
    I feel sorry for giroud because even with the critics he works hard. A top man for me.
    Is it possible for Walcot to have a season without injury? How thing we looked in the middle of the pack.iwobi has been nothing but average honestly .he said he wanted to play ozil’s role pls don’t make me laugh.
    My question is why are we not going for nzonzi? Chelsea with matic and Kante is going for him it makes me wonder the ambition of wenger. And again I say bid for payet and see .
    I know with nzonzi and payet in this our squad we are good to go.
    Special mention to lucas perez beast of a player

  3. Jansen says:

    Yes I can remember when was started a games well and it was not long ago. Can you remember the City and Everton game? We started those games well. We imploded in the second half in those games.

    What is harder to remember is when we played well for 90 minutes and how often.

  4. NY_Gunner says:

    Our main problems are, we don’t defend as a team, give teams too much space to come at us. Our midfield has become swiss cheese. And a few of our forwards are allergic to tracking back…
    We miss Santi because he could recycle the ball very quickly back to the forwards and defended well too boot.

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