How happy will Arsenal fans be if we get both Partey and Aouar?

After losing Martinez to Aston Villa and gaining Aubameyang on our books for a further three years in the space of 24 hours, FourFourTwo is reporting that Arsenal are stepping up their bid to sign long term targets Thomas Partey and Houssem Aouar.

Gaining one of these players would be a massive boost, but two, may actually complete what we need for this season, with a lot more work to do of course, these signings would give out a lot more of a statement alongside the Aubameyang announcement.

We have until the 5 of October to bring in these two talents, along with adding a goalkeeper. Once we do that I think we will have a decent enough squad to be able to challenge, or at least put us in a good position to get somewhere and possibly even win some more trophies, adding to the FA Cup and Community Shield we have won over the past month.

Partey has been a target for us in many windows, but with each target comes the rumour and nothing more. He is a very experienced player with a high work rate and would be seen as an upgrade on Torreira who looks to be heading back to Torino in Italy on loan, with view to a permanent move as reported by the Daily Mail.

Houssem Aouar on the other hand is one of the most highly-rated attacking midfielders in Europe right now. Despite being uncapped for France, he boasts some decent stats; scoring ten goals and assisting with nine in just over 40 appearances for Ligue 1 side Lyon and he is only 22 years of age.

As we know finishing eigth and qualifying for the Europa League through our FA Cup final win over Chelsea had many pundits talking about how we wouldn’t attract players as we don’t play in the Champions League.

As I have said, if we manage to get both Partey and Aouar, alongside the contract extension we now for Aubameyang, a lot of pundits will be speechless and will have to find something else to criticise our club about!

Gooners how realistic is it that we will get both players?


  1. Both? Very realistic only if we shift out 3-4 players to balance the non-home grown quota.
    All I know is Aouar agreed personal terms with Arsenal two weeks ago, and Partey won’t sign a new deal either with Athletico or any other club until Arsenal makes it clear they can’t afford him. He has agreement with Arsenal also, he’s waiting for Arsenal.
    I’ve said that over a month ago, get players out then we can activate his RC and we’ll have him.
    Yesterday it was confirmed he’s waiting for Arsenal, and would sign for Athletico only if Arsenal don’t get him.
    So yeah both are very likely to happen

    1. Yeah brother also I hate this formation of 3 4 it’s selfish line up we improve the quilty of the team 4 3 3 or 4 1 4 1 or 4 4 2
      We’ve all kinds of formation I don’t know why arteta select this form
      If theyou came both of guys I’d prefer form of 4 1 4 1 it’s so high force and quality

    2. Both are likely? But we are moving players so slowly. If we get Emi, Torreira, Kolasinac, Sokratis out, that’s still not enough to get both of them. We’d also have to get either one of Guendouzi/Laca/Ozil out the club in order to balance the books. As it stands I only see one happening and we will have to hope for a surprise bid on someone else to get Partey.

  2. The Arsenal see-saw is definitely unbalanced with too many staying on one side. Can we lighten the load in time for both of them to join? At the moment it looks unlikely and with only a matter of a few weeks left in the current window. We really need to get a move on!

    1. I very much doubt that there is any intention whatsoever to sign both. We have already signed Willian and Ceballos for midfield. And xhaka is foolishly unstoppable. And incredibly elneny is now back in favour(an excuse to move away from Partey?).
      And this in a team that is playing 5 at the back.
      Media and click bait fans love it, but while I could be wrong, I haven’t given signing both a second thought. Complete nonsense in my opinion.

      However, if you suspend belief,now that I think of it, ..hell yeah!!. A midfield 3 of Ceballos partey and , if he lives up to the hype, (which isn’t certain), Aouar is serious. And I’m not talking paltry top 4 serious. I’m talking title challenge serious. So let’s hope Stan has decided to go for it. Because if it was true, it might be the end of getting on 20 yrs of banal underachievement in the league

      1. Having a choice of Elneny and Xhaka or Partey and Aouar is a no brainer!

        It just depends on two things..

        1.) Can we shift a few out first?
        2.) How serious are owners of competing at the very top?

        BTW, If the answer to number 2 in not that serious. Then Auba has been lied to because he has been assured that the club are looking to strengthen and to compete again!

        Keeping Elneny and Xhaka as the midfield pairing will bring us success in terms of attacking football. Fact!

        1. Sorry, I meant to say Keeping Elneny and Xhaka as the midfield pairing will NOT bring us success in terms of attacking football. Fact!


  3. These two guys is for a must for us to complete this season, I wouldn’t mind borrowing to make this happen. There is no need beating around the bush, spend on these this summer and we might not need to spend much in future transfer windows.

    1. In reply to Eche. Yes,if need be borrow whatever amounts needed to get these transfers done. If we can move Torreira,Kos & Sok good. In fact RIP his contract up if needed on 3rd Oct. (Soks) saves 90,000 a week there.

    2. I’m hearing arsenal are in talks to sign both runar and Raya. With iliev and macey being offered to Brentford in p/ex or they can also take runar on loan but Brentford want to keep Raya for at least one more season. This could drag until the window closes, however, with Balogun set to sign a new deal a sweetner could be to loan him to Brentford along with Runar. Also the Benrahma deal is not off the table and neither is Édouard.

      As for Partey and Aouar, I believe it could happen, if Arsenal can sell Guendozi, Torreira, Sokratis, Kolasinac and Mustafi. The alternative could be to offer Lacazette to Atletico or Lyon. Whilst getting Ozil off the wage bill would really help.

      If we sign partey and aouar, I would fully expect willock, Nelson and maybe ESR to head out on loan.

      There is a lot to be resolved before October 5.

      1. Atid, can you tell us your source for Balogun signing an upgraded contract, mine isn’t too reliable. If true great news!

  4. The sale of Guendouzi, Socrates, Torreira and Kola should be fast tracked to buy these 2 players. If we manage to do that than along with Auba signing a new contract, this would be another statement signing from Arsenal, ready to compete with the best.

  5. For me Thomas Partey is number one. Something necessary for the building of a first class defense. Houssem Aouar is that extra thing, some kind of embellishment, that make the New Asn’l a very attractive and dangerous creation. Good enough for the Premiership.

    1. Exactly Robert, Arsenal don’t have a physical commanding box to box midfielder in the mould of Thomas Partey. Such a player has been missing since Viera left, the closest was Aaron Ramsey, although he spent more time forward. Gilberto Silva was the last specialist DM Arsenal had, as unfortunately Diaby was injury prone.

  6. It would be great to get both of them but I have a sneaking feeling that Arteta will only move for Houssem Aouar. We need a Ramseyesque, stamina laden, box to box, but creator…..Aouar. I think that Arteta has decided to keep Elneny as the DM. Ibrahim Sangaré, who is a 6’3″ DM could be a useful ‘destroyer’ at a much cheaper price, but I think that Elneny will be the man to be used more this year. Remember we still have Xhaka who has improved. So dream signing………Houssem Aouar.

    1. Not quite sure how xhaka ceballos, party, aouar, Willian, Pepe, lacazette, aubamayang and Saka, will all feel about rotation? Especially when you also consider there is martinelli, nketiah, AMN, elneny, willock, ESR and Nelson that’s 16 players really vying for 5 or 6 spaces and that is without torreira, guendozi and ozil!!

      1. The schedule this season is tight and packed enough that there will be rotation. I do expect to see less of the youngsters this season but tbh, none of them are ready yet besides for Martinelli and Saka so another year of them learning under Arteta is fine by me.

  7. To compare GX with TP is to compare I don’t what with I don’t know what. They are completely incomparable. Granit Xhaka have been playing better lately, that’s true, and we could have use for him at this “new level”. But he will never be on the same level as Thomas Partey. With Partey and Aouar Asn’l can be a challenger for the title. Something we all want.

  8. I believe us Arsenal fans will be much delighted if the club sign both Partey and Aouer this summer.

    This is because both players are not only us Gooners talk of the town new players us want to see our beloved club, the Arsenal sign at this moment in time in this current summer transfer window, but both players are well known for their being the top quality grades kind desirous to have at Arsenal.

    And hopefully Arsenal will oblige us Gooners by signing both players as soon as the club could to do it. So that our minds will come to rest from almost constant agitation that is increasing looking like forcing the Arsenal hierarchy bosses to do these 2 new signings with dispatch.

    But has Mikel Arteta not explained to us that some signings could get complicated? Then if this be the case, patient and caution must be employed to come into play to see if the set objective will be achieved. And when achieved, glorious Hallelujah MUST be shouted to the MOST HIGH LIVING GOD in the high heavens for HIS granting us Gooners what us have desired to see Arsenal have.

    On the goalkeepers issue at Arsenal, why can’t Arteta elevate Matt Macey to the substantive rank of backup goalie to Benrd Leno, and promote the Arsenal PL2 no1 goalie to the substantive rank of the 2nd backup goalies to Leno?

    So that if it happens that Macey is not available to mann the goal post when Leno too is not available, the club’s PL2 no1 goalie who must have been having training with the first team squad will step in.

    But while I can’t teach the club’s chiefs of what they should do on the goalies issue at the club after they’ve sold Martinez to Villa, but I could offer some advice to them.

    But if my advising them could lead to substituting mediocrity for top quality, then the club could go ahead to sign Runar Alex Runarsson the Icelandic world cup goalie that they have identified as a top quality grade goalkeeper.

    But at any rate, Arteta could do a nice thing in the club’s goalies department by being fair to Macey to give him opportunity to prove himself when the time comes to give such opportunity to him..

  9. Arsenal should sign the both of them because we don’t have much time sometime I wonder why we can’t just do the needful in this club they wouldn’t cost £100m let’s make a statement by signing the two sell elnenny, sokratis, kolasinac, Chambers, mustafi torreira, loan esr, willock, nkethia Nelson

  10. Would be interesting to see whether signing Aouer would change Ozil’s mind about leaving. Suddenly he is third on the depth chart behind Aouer and William in his preferred role. With his chances diminished, and assuming the Middle East offer is legit, does he decided to go somewhere he is wanted?

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