How important is FA cup defence to Arsenal?

I am not asking which of the three competitions that Arsenal are still involved in is the most important to Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal fans, because we all know that the easy answer to that would be the English Premier League. As well as it being every club’s wish to be champions of their country, another EPL trophy would secure Wenger’s legacy at Arsenal and also put us in the top seeded group for the Champions League draw.

And although you could say that the big European trophy would be next on our list of priorities, the fact that Arsenal have got a double header against Barcelona next just highlights that we are highly unlikely to win it. I am sure the manager and team will give everything against the Spanish champions but in reality we are probably heading out.

That leaves the FA cup and we begin our defence of it this weekend when Sam Allardyce brings his Sunderland side to north London. Now Big Sam is saying that he is planning to field a weakened side because of their Premier League commitments but I wonder how much value Wenger is putting on it.

Perhaps winning it for the last two years has taken some shine off the trophy for us but I would like us to put everything into winning it again. Three in a row would also be a huge achievement and something that has only been done twice and not since the 1800s.

At the moment we share a record with Tottenham as being the only clubs in the modern era to win back to back FA cups so it would obviously be great to go ahead of them in that regard and we should never underestimate the power of winning a trophy of any sort.

Do you agree that Arsenal must treat this FA cup with great importance once again?

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  1. The EPL is our focus .
    Going out early in
    the Capital One, FA Cup
    and ECL is good for our
    chances of winning the EPL,
    Citeh is going to drown in cup competitions
    while we rest up and win the EPL :).
    Giroud Ozil Mertz Koz
    Bellerin Monreal and Cech.

    Debuchy Gabriel Hayden Gibbs
    Chambers Flamini
    Chamberlain Ramsey Adelaide

    1. I doubt that Debuchy will be playing for Arsenal again this season… His off to Villa or Roma. (Loan)

    2. honestly we haven’t really gained much from debuchy since his move to arsenal

      how did we get him for such a huge sum?

    3. @davidnz………too many kids in the block…….looks like u aren’t satisfied with the last sheffield wednessday esque embarrassment!

      1. Glad we lost to Sh Wed.
        Citeh has to play Everton 2x
        and maybe a final when
        they will get tired and
        maybe injuries while we rest.
        Who cares who wins the Mickey Mouse trophy anyway?

    4. @davidnz…….. Wow….. So the FA cup is mickey?….. Yet many on ere say they would gladLy give up UCL for it!…..

      1. No man ? he didn’t say the Fa cup was mickey lol
        his talking about the Other mickey mouse Cup lol ?
        Ooops ! ?

        1. hahaha fatboy

          “the others”

          like in the movie “LOST” who turned out to be humans like emselves and nothing extraordinary L()L

    5. FA cup defence is important to us cuz we are the current holders

      and we dn’t wanna do a cheLski one season after lifting that! L()L

  2. Of course, Winning any trophy 3 years on the spin is a massive achievement!
    Just ask Wenger about our fourth place trophy! ??

    Nah, seriously, Winning the Fa cup for the 3rd time in a row has also the added bonus of keeping that trophy!
    That’s if that rule hasn’t been changed?

    I’m sure that wenger will put out a reasonable strong team against Sunderland.

  3. Fatboy says he would swap sanchez for bale……….. I’ve been having a Laugh since the break of dawn….

    If u really wanna get drunk, u can always count on

    “Spirytus Luksusowy” polish vodka ….Hahahahaha

    1. Hahaha

      Yes, Of course I would, but I don’t think that Madrid would ?
      Especially as Utd are going to offer £ 75 million for Bale during this window.

      Are you suggesting that Sanchez is a better all round player than Bale? ?

      1. Hahaha ???

        Okay man, Lets keep Sanchez and just Buy Bale ?
        And Aubameyang ?


        I would Imagine that Ozil would have a field day with assists!
        If only Wenger had a playstation and fifa 16 ?

    2. Hahaha……… Fatboy……. Bale and sanchez in the same team, with aubameyang and ozil kicking?.

      One word man..

      EPIC !….

  4. It’s not as important as last year or the year before, IMO. The taunts about the long absence of silverware are dead and buried now. Of course I want us to win every competition. But, which would you rather do? –

    A. go out of the Cup and come second in the EPL.
    B. win the Cup and come 4th in the EPL?

    It’s A for me.

  5. @Davidnz
    I can’t believe you want us to crash out of the FA cup.the thing is the FA cup will not hinder our Epl run at all.I strongly believe we can win both.crashing out of the FA cup doesn’t guarantee us that we will win the Epl…I don’t want us to be trophyless again

    1. Totally agree with you gonnerboy. If we come short in the EPL, I wouldn’t mind bringing the FA cup trophy back home. The UCL is abit too much to ask and I’m glad we passed on the mickey mouse cup so full steam a head for the EPL and FA cup.

      Having said this rotation will be required in the upcoming fixture, its up to the players that will be selected to turn it up.

      1. Both EPL and FA cup!!!

        It is possible you know. It just requires good rotation and for the players coming in to do the job. I know our bench is depleted at the moment and I would rather we stay in the FA cup incase we fall short in the EPL and end up with nothing.

        I would rather we win the FA cup and come out 4th as compared to coming out 2nd and trophy-less.

  6. If I am to sacrifice a competition then I will sacrifice the Champions league, we all know we can’t win it for now..
    Let’s focus all energy on FA cup and Epl its not impossible.

    1. Hahaha… I bet you meant crucified?
      About, You would sacrifice the champions league ??
      You reminded me of Jose Mourinho, when everytime he got knocked out of the English cup competition, he would say ” we didn’t want that Cup” ?

  7. How can we just decide to face Epl alone? Are we Everton or Sunderland? We are Arsenal. We MUST try to win everything. Why do we have a squad then? The FA cup is just 6 games for God’s sake…Yes our priority is Epl, buh if we can’t get it then we must get the FA cup.I really desire the Epl too.buh pls no choosing between the two.

    1. The FA cup is six games
      too many when you only
      have 13 decent players
      3 of whom are injured.
      PS. There are replays in the early rounds of the FA Cup
      PS. Remember we have not won the EPL for 11 years.

  8. kinda not sure if i would give up the UCL for the sake of Lesser competitions (Like the FA or CoC)….

    Beat(or possibly eliminate) the Likes of bayern, real or barca and u are in the race and tagged favourites

    *sounds Like a dreamwish ryt?*

    i mean, why are we in the competition in the 1st place? ……UCL money only?

  9. OT: Congratulations to Ozil for his 2nd in a roll PFA Fans award.

    Not the Ballondor but you are getting there son. You have everyone eating at your palms now, even the stupid pundits cant stop your shine. Keep it up assist master!!!

  10. FA six games and u are the champion
    In short, we have to defend the FA cup period..
    Its kinda proud to belittle the Fa cup like, remember what Mourinho did when he won the COC? Trophies are vital.
    Of course if any witch doctor walks up to me to choose btw FA cup and the Epl that I will surely get anyone I wish for…it will be the Epl all the way….

  11. Wait, are u telling me we are a competition team? Like wenger used to say our target is Epl buh the minimum is top 4
    I will say Yes our target is Epl buh our minimum is top 4 and any trophy

  12. ?
    The England international has been tormented by injuries again this season and not played a single minute since he fractured his leg in a training ground accident in August.

    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is expecting the 24-year-old midfielder to return to action in February.

    But the Sun report that Wilshere has sold his house Hertfordshire – fuelling speculation he could be leaving the Emirates – and he’s NOT looking for a new property in the area.

    Wilshere’s career has been plagued with injury since he made his debut as a 16-year-old in 2008.

    More bull ? from the Sun,
    It’s more than likely that Jack has moved in with his girlfriend and sold the house to split the money with his X

  13. Sam will put the best team out simple because it’s the only chance they have of winning anything. And let’s be honest this year with the way the teams have played in the EPL anything can happen. Arsenal put the best out that you can go 2-3 up then

  14. Why does it seem like most people on here doubt our ability to win two or even three trophies? Arsenal fans need to have more faith and stop calling down faliure on the team!

  15. The team feeds off the energy of the fans and all we feed them is negative energy. Try being positive for a change and see what happens!!

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