How important is home advantage as the Premier League targets a comeback?

The Premier League is set for a return in the next few weeks as teams in England’s top-flight commit to finishing the campaign and handing out positions on merit.

However, there are bound to be changes when football returns and one of them is the absence of fans from the stadiums.

Another change that is being touted is for teams to complete the season on neutral grounds and away from their stadia.

This has brought about the issue of fans being left out, however, does it pay to play in front of your fans?

We cannot deny that fans bring ambience to football grounds, but how much do they influence the results?

I think the influence that fans have on their players which in turn brings about even better performances from the players cannot be understated.

I reckon that there is no home advantage without the home fans and that means that home advantage will play an important role when the season resumes if the fans are allowed in.

Teams that have learnt to thrive outside their home hold the advantage over teams that need to the spurred on by their fans before they perform.

That said, the minute the fans are no longer with the team then home advantage is no longer an advantage and Arsenal have been a classic example of that.

So, in conclusion, of course home advantage is huge but only if you have the fans on side, if not then no, it no longer is an advantage.

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  1. Completely irrelevant article. Why can’t people accept football cannot,and should not,restart “in a few weeks time “?

    1. And a completely irrelevant comment. People are entitled to their opinion and those that write articles on here deserve for there to be constructive remarks. Please try.

  2. “The Premier League is set for a return in the next few weeks”
    Ha ha ha ha ha Deluded or what?

    1. Seems my urging to be more polite is falling in deaf ears. I ask again Declan that you use your words better. Surely you could have used a better phrase than deluded or what? I do know that I will not keep on asking people to be more polite to each other if it is consistently going to be ignored.

      1. Perhaps you could suggest a better phrase I could have used then admin to express my utter disbelief that anyone could even think the league is set for a return in the next few weeks.?
        By the way, I’ve seen you use far less polite phrases than this when you are criticising posters views that don’t conform to yours, but then again, who censors the censor!

        1. Before you answer admin, I apologise for previous post and this. I got up in a bad mood and my oft dodgy mental state sometimes gets the better of me. I think I’m going a bit stir crazy sometimes 😷🤪

          1. Oops, I already answered but you will see from my reply that I was not really put out. You are doing just fine Declan, we all sound off on here sometimes including myself as I am reminded so many times. Thanks for your words, they are appreciated and I look forward to more of your responses, they are very valuable to us and this site.

        2. I think you actually used a better phrase in this comment Declan. It was also not my article anyway so not really about conforming to my view. Pat censors me and I censor Pat. All we are trying to do is keep the site clean after many complaints. If we get it wrong sometimes it is not done deliberately, we are human and are trying our best to keep everyone happy that’s all mate.

  3. I want to believe you are writing this for writing sake and content. Or you don’t believe any word of Jon Fox on the season not being able to restart.
    Honestly I will love for the premier league to be restarted but I am very confused right now.

  4. If the season resumes,there will be a big controversy for sure…

    And home advantage is a big factor in our recent success and it will be a huge test for the team now.

  5. clearly 28,000 death is not sufficient for the league to be cancelled or void…

    1. Money is the the overriding reason they are trying to complete the EPL season behind closed doors. Personally I think it’s a total farce and the English Premier League should follow the Dutch and the French and void the season. I would love to watch live football again but not ‘behind closed doors’.

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