How injuries HELPED Arsenal this season

Injuries…yes please! By ThirdManJW

As we reach the end of the season, and take a moment of reflection…what has been the main positive?. Has it been the instant impact of Sanchez, the rebirth of Ozil, big game mentality?

I for one feel the main positive has actually been the injuries. Obviously they’ve had a negative impact in terms of a title challenge, although, unless you’re an AKB, you’ll realise that the lack of a challenge is actually a culmination of reasons, not just the singular injuries excuse or even the lack of funds (no, wait…can’t use the funds excuse any more!).

The reason I am so positive about the injuries is because of what we’ve gained in return: Coquelin, Bellerin and Oxlade-Chamberlain. Now we all knew about the Ox already, but I feel the extra games and experience has really helped his development this season. Yes, he needs to add more goals, but he’s still such a threat even without them. So with Walcott being out long term, it meant more playing time for the Ox, and he really has improved. I feel the Ox would have pushed Walcott anyway this season, but his development definitely speeded up during this season.

We then have the right-back situation. Getting two long term injuries in your debut season, is about as unlucky as one can get. So I have nothing but sympathy for Debuchy, but…every cloud, as they say… Introducing Mr Hector Bellerin! I am a massive fan of this guy. I had seen him a lot in the reserves, and you could tell he was definitely going to make it, but the question as always with youngsters, was when, and would it be with Arsenal? Luckily for us, Bellerin took his chance, and for me, is a nailed down starter. Because of Debuchy’s injuries, Bellerin may be around a year and a half ahead of schedule. Which is fantastic!

But for me, the pièce de résistance, has to be Francis Coquelin. Not only is he the missing piece of the jigsaw, he may actually change the way Wenger thinks, and how he approaches certain games. I think it’s fair to say, that most, if not, all Arsenal fans have been begging for an out-and-out defensive midfielder since Gilberto. Yet season, after season, Wenger refuses to even acknowledge that it is a position of any real importance. Even this season, when we all thought we would push on after the FA cup win, strengthen the weak areas, and there were huge funds available, Wenger refused point blank to even look at the DM position. He honestly felt that Arteta and Flamini were all that was needed for a proper title challenge, and some European progression. Seriously! How delusional can one get!!

Until the central midfield injury crisis hit, Coquelin was due to leave us on a free. So I am sure we would have never even have seen him again, if the likes of Arteta, Wilshere, and Ramsey stayed fit. So Wenger was actually forced into picking Coquelin, and it’s worked out so well. We finally have some balance in the team. So hopefully Wenger has finally realised, not only, the importance of a defensive-midfielder for a very attacking team such as Arsenal, but also how it benefits the team to strengthen the weak areas and to have balance. The injuries have meant that we’ve finally got that DM we’ve so badly needed, and a top class one at that.

Overall it’s been a disappointing season, but because of injuries, we’ve basically got a new signing in the form of Coquelin right from the start for next season, which is a massive boost. I also expect the Ox and Bellerin to kick on even more next season as well.


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  1. No Giroud, I'm happy says:

    So it is not injures that hindered our chances of wining the epl this year as many fans here advocate … 8 consecutive wins won’t win you title … Wenger keeps saying about consistency which is the main think we lack …
    Tomorrow match let the players decide how we play like the City game …

  2. Brianu says:

    Blessing In Disguise,Credit has to go the German fitness Guru Shad Forsythe,Strange his name sounds like a guide into the future haha,well Its purely down to luck because had we signed Fabregas then It would have been Bye Coquelin,a good season so far but its not over yet so we wait and tackle The blues first,I wanna knock that smile of Mourinho and his goons,COYGGGG!!!!

  3. dondave says:

    Injuries are a part of the game. Top manager don’t use it as an excuse for not winning titles. And hey! Wenger has to sit up if he’ll ever win Mourinho. Hate him all you want but d guy is good at his job. I also respect Wenger but he has to instill some nerves of steel in his players if he z gonna win. Most times arsenal loose d game before it even starts bcos of d fear which Mou puts into d team usually by his mind games. I hope we enjoy a scintillating match tmoro!
    A Chelsea fan here!

    1. CraigZWE says:

      Atlast some true perspective here, most Gooners here don’t admit these things and live in dream land.

      Respect Dondave

      And may the real Wenger please stand up and give Chelsea a 4-0 spanking.

    2. Tidan2 says:

      Arsenal: #2 in injury list
      Chelsea: #20 in injury list

      “Injuries are part of the game” is a statement made by teams who are at the bottom of the injury league just like “referee decisions even out” was always the response from Man Utd fans for 10 years even though it has been proven again and again that they received nonstop favourable bias.

      I do however blame our incessant injury problems on Wenger because he has only just bothered to address it last season with a new fitness coach.

  4. CraigZWE says:

    The only injuries to have help Arsenal this season is that of Wack Wilshire and Arteta.

    Long may it continue.

    1. vince says:

      you want them to be injured further?

      if so, then you are not a fan. sorry m8

    2. disgusted1 says:

      I agree if Arteta and Wilshere wasn’t out Le Coq wouldn’t have been recalled and the team wouldn’t be this balance and playing so well. It sounds like a harsh thing to say but it’s the truth…….I am sure you realize that none of these players can’t make the starting 11 at the moment.

  5. CraigZWE says:


    How confident are the guys on Chelsea sites of a Chelsea win tomorrow

    Or do they fell the BPL is turning red again.

  6. GoonerG1 says:

    Add Carzola starting instead of Wilshere to the list. Santi found his form only after Jack got hurt.

  7. says:

    ThirdManJW, good morning. How are you? Look at me, I left out a promising Arsenal midfielder in the person of Oxalade Chamberlain from the list of Arsenal mid fielders that I did yesterday. I had listed out 9 senior Arsenal midfielders instead of 10 that should includes Ox. It is a shame to see such a gifted young Gunner plagueing with injuries always. The Ox must find a way to regularly stay on his feet for Arsenal to enhance his playing carrer at Arsenal. This his almost constant injury will not advance the career of Ox at Arsenal. Has he ever played 10 games continuously without picking up injury? One man’s poison is another man’s food. Or every dissapointment is followed with a blessing in disguise. I agree with you in your opinion of, had Fabrigas been resigned, and some the first team choise Gunners stayed fit on their feet, Arsenal may not be pursuing the Premier League title by now. Right? We may be battling for a 4th place finish as against of our hoping to win the BPL title that will surely come to pass by the Special Intervention of God. Amen?

  8. hossyAfc says:

    I love Jack wilshere, the lad has potential, but it baffled me when wenger played Özil on the left to accommodate jack in the middle, really shocking that decision, glad we’re getting results now #COYG

  9. dondave says:

    @CraigZWE, I gotta be honest man, its d first time in a long while dat we Chelsea fans are NOT TOO confident abt an arsenal game, legs appear tired whyl wengers men ar in top form. Generally, d consensus in our sites: “we ain’t got no history” and “Vital Chelsea” is d dat a draw will be a pleasing result. If we loose dis one, we’ll be under intense pressure to win 3 out of 5 matches; Liverpool, Crystal palace nd Leicester City inclusive. We ar only hoping dt Mou does som magic tmoro. The title race is not as over as u guys here are painting it. We Chelsea fans are truly anxious abt dis one!

  10. goonergaz2000 says:

    It would be great if we beat Chelsea on Sunday and Leicester beat them on Wednesday .

  11. paulax says:

    knocking Wenger about this central role,if you look at the time Gilberto left we had a hole to fill, as being the club that we have become under wenger we had the player in place Diaby, We all know we would be honoured to have been lucky enough to have been graced with his presence. Did we know of his injury? It has been spoken for a few years about players like Calvalho and might i say it, Songs of this planet. All good but not great and to be honest I’d pick a fit Diaby and coquelin any day over 95% of players out there. So Wenger for all his problems during his time at THE ARSENAL have also grown our strengths,players trusts us as a football club to help them achieve there goal, which believe it or not is all of ours to. Believe it or not one of our greats, an amazing man called Bergkamp. A player whom was not quite pulling up trees at Inter (turned out great unbelievable)that was pre Wenger. Now all we need to do is look back a few months and what’s that I here we have bought one of the most sought after players on the planet,from whom you ask? REAL MADRID that’s who from. This is written with great love and affection for AFC and Wenger. THANK YOU! My son for years to come, will see great stars (maybe even one day be one,heres to hoping). Its all because of Wenger! COYG

  12. fred cowardly says:

    Injuries never help us. I’m sick of injuries and never wishthem on our players.

    That said, injuries can establish other players

    Coquelin and Bellerin have been fantastic this season and may not have been seen without injuries

    That is why we have signed talented young players

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