How is it fair that some clubs will have smaller squads after the Restart

How Is It Fair Clubs Can Lose Players End Of June? By Dan Smith

The Arsenal targets Fraser and Willian may have played their final games for their clubs. Players whose contracts are set to expire in June find themselves in unique situations, as at any other time that would coincide with the end of the season (which is the idea).

Now many of these men are being asked to sign short term extensions so everyone can finish the campaign with their intended squads. While a David Silva and Adam Lallana have said yes, Fraser has risked ruining his reputation with Bournemouth fans by refusing to play beyond the end of this month.

The talk at Stamford Bridge is that William and Pedro want to help their club, but it’s Chelsea who are proving the stumbling block.

Logically agents will be speaking to respective suitors on behalf of their clients and don’t want to risk their next move by getting injured. Whereas a Fraser has simply refused, Willian and Pedro are asking for compensation to be written into any short-term deal.

While it doesn’t affect Arsenal in terms of we have no known free agents (reports vary about David Luiz) it could impact the entire League in terms of ‘integrity of the competition’. You remember that was the buzzwords of the Premiership for the past 3 month, every owner suddenly caring about the ‘integrity of the competition’.

That’s why they fought so hard not to void anything. Why they campaigned against playing in neutral venues. Nothing to do with money. All to do with integrity of the game.’

It still hasn’t been explained to me why it was imperative for a Brighton or Watford to be playing in their own stadiums even though there are zero fans, yet it’s okay to be facing a Man City who can suddenly bring on 5 subs (they couldn’t in the previous 29 fixtures).

Nor have sides it seemed fought too hard to avoid a potential disadvantage. Eddie Howe would have been relying on having Fraser for the run in. Relegation could be decided by the Cherries not being able to select their best player because of a situation out of their hands.

We had to face a Chelsea with Willian and Pedro. Our top 4 rivals will find them an easier obstacle if they are minus two of their most experienced players. Alternatively, some could ask how is it fair they had to play Spurs twice with a Vertonghen in defence when others don’t?

As recently as two weeks ago Watford faced the prospect of both of their keepers being able to refuse to play from July onwards. Some are even suggesting that’s the only reason Foster got the contract he did.

European Qualification could be decided on a scenario where a rival has to play a weakened squad than they would have if the pandemic never happened. Forget the short term, it could have serious impact on a club’s future.

Charlton’s top scorer Lyle Tyler is refusing to play again for the club. Given that the Addicks are two points above relegation in the Championship, it’s no exaggeration to say this decision could decide which League Lee Bowyer’s men end up in, which obviously has a financial consequence.

If the season finished in May, Charlton get their best player for 9 extra games (27 potential points). How’s that fair? If it’s not important, why not cancel the Transfer Window, designed to avoid these situations? It is just funny to me how selective some are about the ‘integrity of the game ‘.

Dan Smith


  1. There is no such thing as loyalty in PL football as players and clubs will do what suits them.

    The clubs need the TV money to pay the wages and the players are playing because if they don’t the clubs will fold and there will be zero pay. It’s a bit like the relationship between an Oxpecker and a water buffalo. They both need each other.

    I think at this stage of the season there is no use trying to find anomalies. I feel for Bournemouth but I also want as much to go Arsenal’s way as possible. Spurs and Arsenal faced finishing the season without Kane and Tierney, but not now. Life isn’t always fair

  2. Of course it isn’t fair but this is an unprecedented situation and everyone will have to put up with things as they are. Is it fair that some clubs will have players available for these games which they wouldn’t have had the season finished normally, no it isn’t, but it’s swings and roundabouts. This is a one off situation and we all have accept it.

    1. Difference is injuries are part of any season
      You know each season there will be injuries
      You didn’t know that in Bournemouth case with 9 games to go they can’t play their best player

      1. I agree that Bournemouth have been very unlucky. Such an attitude might put a purchaser off buying him as not a smidge of consideration for the club who have been paying his wages through lockdown. Yes, I agree with your point

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