How likely is it that Adrien Rabiot signs for Arsenal?

It is being reported today that Paris Saint Germain’s Adrien Rabiot will not be joining Spanish giants Real Madrid and that has apparently opened up the door for us, Liverpool and Manchester United.

Rabiot’s contract expires at the end of the season and he will then be available on a free transfer, however, it is being reported that Real have decided to end their interest due to the high wage demands of the 24-year-old.

Real are not the only club said to have been put off by the player’s wage demands, Barcelona are also reported to have given up their interest for the same reason.

The midfielder has not played for the French champions since the beginning of December and his situation within the club has been described by PSG boss Thomas Tuchel as “impossible”

So, that is the basic background which brings me to the question, how likely is it that we sill sign Rabiot?

Well, if Real and Barca are baulking at his wage demands that does not bode well for us, not unless we lower our wage bill significantly.

No figures have been mentioned but you have to think it is as high or even higher than what we currently pay our highest earner, Mesut Ozil.

Rabiot would be a great addition, he is highly talented and for clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Liverpool and Man Utd to be interested in him then his quality is clearly recognised but it would seem that he is overvaluing himself if clubs are walking away from negotiations.

Rabiot is still young and therefore if he is unable to land a deal that matches his wage demands he will have no choice but to lower those demands if he wants to further his career and that is when real interest in him will step up.

I would say that right now it is unlikely we will be able to sign him but that could easily change, especially if we qualify for the Champions League and lower our wage bill in the summer.


  1. I think so too, because our highest earners would most likely not budge from their milking spots next season

    I don’t think Rabiot would improve our midfield. If Arsenal are after him, probably because they know Rabiot would sell a lot of shirts like Ozil

  2. Hope we don’t even consider it. Looks troublesome and egotistical. we had one on those called Sanchez.

    1. Sanchez gave us two FA Cups and CL spots. He also gave Ozil a lot of assists when they played together

      Arsenal were not decisive when Ozil, Ramsey and Sanchez were nearing their last years, otherwise Arsenal could have sold them for some money

      1. Ozils 30 he’s in his prime ,you mention him every opportunity you get to mention his wages or he’s too old
        When Sanchez and him played together we looked good but you make out it was just Sanchez
        You need to stop looking at his wages and look at what he can do when he plays how most fans know he can .
        Not having a go but you also mention how iwobi should be our cam ,that says it all really .

        1. Yes he is too old and Sanchez was better than him

          I have seen enough of his teamwork with our ex-strikers and the current ones, from Podolski to Aubameyang

          I’m not satisfied and Iwobi should have been given at least five matches as a CAM. If he flops, we could always re-assign Ozil or Mkhitaryan

          1. You also said we should stop using inconsistent strikers like auba and laca ,and sign brave inverted forwards like ,salah,mane,sterling and sane ,now if I’m not mistaken who is top of the scoring charts ?
            So can how do you work that one out ?

      2. I didn’t know we played 11 Sanchez on all the matches.No the team gave us the 2 fa cups and not Sanchez. It is an insolence to ignore the contribution of other players. How many matches he played altogether in those fa cup matches? How many goals did he score, prevent opponents from scoring?

        1. Never said he won the FA Cups alone, but his contributions were massive

          Even in his last season at Arsenal, when he played only half of it, he gave us seven EPL goals and five assists from nineteen appearances

          1. You said gave us. How can 1 player out 25 including academy players gave us the fa cup. He made his contribution to us winning those cups by scoring 7 goals combined in 8 matches. Do you know who else scored 7 goals, Walcot but did it 6. Giroud scored 6 in 7. Santi was mom in one and Sanchez in the other. Not to mention Kos who played in all matches in 16-17, Xhaka played 5 in the same year and finally Ramsey scored the winning goals. How can you ignore all these players and others contributions because you want to praise one play and dice the other. Thank God for the internet.

      3. Considering we started winning FA cups the very reason we signed Ozil, the fact that you are giving Sanchez the entire credit for this team winning these FA cups just shows what a transparent agenda you have against certain players. Which really is sad coming from someone that claims to support these players.

      4. But it was well known that he was not good news within the dressing room. In Rabiot’s case I believe he would be equally a negative presence. I want to watch players who want to play for Arsenal – not a money-fixated operator who has no interest in where he plays.

  3. The one and only attraction for Rabiot to join Arsenal in front of Manchester United and Liverpool is living in the capitol and greatest city in the world, London

  4. R Madrid have CL and will be looking for players
    Barca CL looking for players
    Athletico CL looking for players
    City CL looking for players
    Liverpool CL looking for players
    Spuds will sign and have CL

    Not that he’s a top player but Why would a top player come arsenal ?

    1. Spurs lost!!!The god of football must be an Arsenal fan. He keeps presenting us chance to finish above Spurs. I hope we grab the chanc this time around???.

  5. Rabiot is a top young player.
    Why would he want to join us?
    Arsenal are not a top team anymore. Emery is a poor manager managing a poor club and we have to accept that.
    The days of competing are over….

    1. So if we still manage to get 4th you’ll still give him no credit? If he has an amazing 2nd season I expect you to stick by this. Let’s pretend he hasn’t gotten wins against Spurs/Chelsea/Napoli/United. Emery isn’t perfect, far from it. But stop expecting the world in just one season. This is a process and you need to be realistic.

      1. RSH, Me is another poster who denigrates Emery, but has never put forward the name (for discussion) who he thinks would do a better job than Emery.
        As for Rabiot, his attitude and wage demands will turn off a lot of clubs. Although he has worked under Emery before his wage demands will rightly price Arsenal out.

        1. The only reason Emery is at Arsenal is because PSG fired him and he was the cheapest option with no compensation pay out.
          That is the only reason he is at Arsenal.
          He can have a marvellous second season but I still don’t rate him and will never rate him regardless of what he does.
          At his best he is no better than Wenger at his worst.
          He brings nothing – calamitous defending, lack of leadership, lack of motivational skills and boring football.
          But don’t worry – the board hate to make changes when change is needed so no doubt he will be there for years achieving nothing…

          1. How can you say you will never rate him regardless of what he does? Even if he won a premier league trophy you would still not rate him? Then you simply dislike Emery at a personal level and your opinion of him has nothing to do with his professional capability. Am 50/50 about Emery.

            1. Well he is not going to win it is he?
              Hell will freeze over before we ever win the PL again.
              It is not the 1990’s when Wenger came in with some fresh ideas and revolutionised English football.
              The teams who win the premier league are the ones with lots of money.
              Hence why Man City and Liverpool have the best squads.
              And why we have rubbish like Mustafi, Xhaka, Ozil and pick any other players at Arsenal you like…
              We are just also rans – making up the numbers…

              1. If you truly believe spending money is the issue then why talk about the coach? What does Emery have to do with Kroenke’s bank account? Even if Emery had the said leadership and motivational skills, that would be irrelevant, wouldn’t it?

  6. I don’t think we’ll beat Liv to him, I think he’ll be aware of how strong that Liv team will get from each season onward as they aim to upgrade. Just like how they aim to upgrade on Mane with Pepe, and they’ll do the same in the other CB area. We are at the start of our building process, to be honest I wouldn’t even say we’ve begun yet other than the management & upstairs. When we sign players that we know before even arriving that they are signed for first team place and should have a big future with us if they can adapt, that is us starting the build. Looking to spread the money so we can get quantity and hopefully value in the market, I don’t see this as Arsenal’s rebuild, we are much to great a club to think that way. I’ve heard all sorts of talk about our budget, I’m choosing to ignore it as I usually do try to filter BS, actions will speak louder and I expect to see action from these players v Lei and then action in the transfer market.

      1. You are clearly the Idiot here it’s that simple if u have a personal issue with someone don’t come here to show ur frustration

        Emry have achieved more in his career than u can ever achieve in urs

        1. Nonce.
          I don’t have a personal issue with him and I am not frustrated by his performance – I simply don’t care.
          I just don’t rate him and won’t bow down to the brainless herd here who state what a wonderful job they think he is doing – 25 points behind the leaders is not doing well, even if you are blindly optimistic.
          But what about his second season, what about when he signs new players blah blah blah.
          Who the **** is he going to sign to improve THAT squad? who will want to buy rubbish like Mustafi, Socrates, Xhaka, Ozil ?
          A 6 million teenager no one has ever heard of from a club no one has ever heard of.
          Arsenal should be signing top class players.
          Emery inspires nothing in me.
          Emery is no better than Wenger of last season…

          1. Who will inspire you then??
            Emery has not been backed well financially. Remember how Klopp and even Guardiola struggled in their first season and had been backed financially.
            I still believe even with Pep as manager we would still be no better with this current group

      1. Why?
        Because it doesn’t matter that’s why.
        Still 25 points behind.
        So no one cares.
        Except you of course….

        1. So 25 points off the leaders really

          So with that in mind where does that leave man. United,chelsea, and Tottenham are that as useless as us because that are worse or slightly above that 25point mark.. united finished 2nd last term and total are in sixth with 3 games to go….yet there fans are not as pathetic as some here who judge blindly.. few weeks ago Ole was a messiah today he looks shit…this is football not as simple as arithmetic….

          Which realist coach do u think can do a better job than emry I would like to hear him

          1. So 25 points off the leaders really

            So with that in mind where does that leave man. United,chelsea, and Tottenham are they as useless as us because they are worse or slightly above that 25point mark.. united finished 2nd last term.. and this term are in sixth with 3 games to go….yet their fans are not as pathetic as some here who jugde blindly.. few weeks ago Ole was a messiah today he looks shit…this is football not as simple as arithmetic….

            Which realist coach do u think can do a better job than emry I would like to hear him

            To me apart from striking department we are worse in quality even behind everton

        2. Doesn’t matter really so what do u take pride In lossing 6:1 to Bayern

          U are anti arsenal I can’t talk football with u…. negativity written all over ur post
          Wishing Emry to fail at all cost to justify ur hypocritical comments

  7. We need to make room first for new players and free up the wages

    But we basically need a NEW team

    We need atleast ONE Top class centre back like Koscielny used to be. Koscielny/Mertsacker were the Premier league top centre back pairing for two seasons in a row largely because of Koscielny.

    We can’t get everyone we want this summer so at least a Top Quality centre back. Sell Mustafi and Jenkinson.

    We need a Top Quality CAM/Attacking midfielder to get the very best out of Aubameyang and Lictsteiner.

    We need quality Wingers. Iwobi, Mkhitaryan, Niles won’t do it.

    And A Top midfielder like Cazorla/Viera/Rosicky type

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