How long should Arsenal give Ramsey to agree new contract?

Aaron Ramsey turned up at London Colney for Unai Emery’s first training session a few days ago, but Arsenal must surely have immediately called him in to discuss his thoughts on whether he was going to sign a new contract or not.

With the transfer window closing early this year before the season starts in early August, it is imperative that problems like this are sorted out before they become a problem.

None of us want a repeat of the Alexis Sanchez saga of last year which disrupted the first half of our season, and an open-minded discussion of whether the Welshman will be committing to a new long term contract or not. And then the Arsenal heirarchy can decide whether to let him go and spend the transfer fee on his identified replacement or even to let him run down his contract if that would work out cheaper for the club.

Doing that certainly didn’t work with Sanchez, so I think that a deadline for a decision must be set before all the potential replacements are snapped up by other clubs. With the Premier League window shutting on August the 9th, that only gives us just over a month. Should we get a decision from Ramsey in the next few days or let him string us along?

Darren N


  1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Set the deadline to yesterday

    1. GunnerJack says:

      I concur. Ramsey is good, no he is VERY good, at making incisive runs into the opponent’s box and scoring. The problem is that he is supposed to be a box to box player and he is definitely not that. He does not defend either in midfield or in our box and I felt I had to agree with one of the old enemy, G Neville, who, after watching Ramsey WALKING back into a defensive position instead of busting a gut to get there, called him ‘a disgrace’.
      If Emery can get him to defend then all well and good but we cannot have 5 players who all want to attack – 4 are enough (Auba, Laca, Miki and Ozil) backed up by the rest of the team as and when they can.
      Instead of Ramsey at the moment I would prefer AMN alongside Torreira. If Arsenal want to buy then Golovin would be my choice and not too expensive. He’s young and can dribble, play attacking midfield and if need be even play on the wing, but more importantly he can also play in a deeper midfield position and is full of energy. In fact we used to have someone very similar, someone who came from an attacking midfielder background to take absolute control of defensive midfield and start many of our attacks – now what was his name… oh yes, a certain Santi Cazorla.

      1. Adepholly says:

        You don’t get it! Golovin ! Defend? Ohh No! Ramsey is 3 miles better in defending compared to Golovin. The work rate of Ramsey is second to none. Check out our video clips

  2. ThirdManJW says:

    It’s a joke that yet ANOTHER player has got down to the last year of his contract! Arsenal really need to put a policy in place to sell with 2 years remaining on contracts, unless an extension can be agreed. We haven’t got a rich owner who’s willing to dip into his own pocket, so maximising value when selling is vitally important.

  3. Barren says:

    1.soyuncu rumours ice cold.
    2.Ramsey will sign and be given the armband
    3.mustafi gets another chance? Really?
    4.that Mexican kid ?

  4. stubill says:

    The problem is, Arsenal can’t dictate a deadline to players, the players hold all the aces.

    1. Chokulate says:

      A serious coach will make it clear to you that, it’s either u sign and we build together or leave it and I’ll build my team with other similar excellent talents. I won’t be angry if Ramsey leaves Arsenal FC.

      1. joseph says:

        srs team Athletic Bilbao did that to Lorente, he had to stay on bench and train with the reserve for a full year before joining Juventus for free, he joined Juventus overweight and of form, for a full year, he couldn’t perform and hard to be shipped.

  5. Ken1945 says:

    It seems that the same old stories that Wenger was always blamed for are still occuring.
    As Third man rightly points out, yet another contract has been allowed to become an issue.
    It doesn’t matter if one wants Ramsey to sign the new contract or not, it’s another embarrassing situation for the club.
    I personally think he will sign, but can’t help wondering just who is really behind yet another contract fiasco.
    One thing is for certain though, no-one can possibly put this one on Wenger or Emery, who wants him to become the team captain.

    1. Jordangooner says:

      I completely disagree, Wenger controlled everthing, it was no coincidence that Sanchez,. Ozil, Wilshere, Ramsey and other players had run down. To be fajr to Gazides the first appoinment he made was to employ the top contracts manager from Sky sports. Gazidis unfortunately belatedly realised the club were in a mess.
      Gazidis was behind the new structure, head of recruitment, head of recruitment and other positions. Wenger reported directly to Kroenke, it only when Kroenke’s son was enc6by Gazides to spend time reviewing matters, did Stan understand how far the club, were falling behind. Obviously with the empty seats this really got the owners attention.

      Back to Ramsey. he is one our best players. Emery realises with more structure to the team, Ramsey will be immense like a few seasons ago. No way will we sell him. Also with so many British players sold or left, Walcott, the Ox, Wilshere, Gibbs, Arsenal cannot continue to sell British players. I don’t like or rate Gazides but in the reorganisation he has done a good job, in difficult circumstances.

      1. Ken1945 says:

        Jordan Gionee, so you honestly believe that Gazidis had no idea as to the condition of the club until Wenger left?
        So what was he actually doing then?
        I was led to believe that he carried out all the instructions given to him by Wenger.
        Wasn’t he also in charge of transfer and contracts during last season?
        That means that he oversaw the contract negotiations of all the four players you mention during 2017/18.
        Hussy is now in charge of contract negotiations, so how can you blame Wenger? Hussy reports to Gazidis as part of the new regime.
        Neither the new or old manager are at fault here, unless of course you believe Wenger was still in control till the day he left and Emery has full control over Gazidis!

    2. RSH says:

      This was definitely down to Wenger. Already you see us handing contracts to Chambers, Xhaka, even if we aren’t sure they will be around for a long time. It’s just better to have them tied to contracts so they don’t get to dictate how things play out. Our terrible reputation in the transfer market also seems to be disappearing the minute AW leaves. We sign players quicker and there is way less drama. AW was not keeping up with the times and was very stubborn. Thank Gazidis for these new methods and for helping get rid of Wenger. Wenger had almost unlimited power and was running the club into the ground and our owner was too blind to see it.

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        ?problem now rests with financing from Kroenke and the board.

  6. Brian says:

    Arsenal needed leadership in the past few seasons with Ramsey there.If he is appointed captain there will be NO difference this season.Really I am hoping this is again publicity BS

    1. GunnerJack says:

      I agree, it’s very difficult to see Ramsey as a leader. I’ve seen his face when someone else scores and not him and it’s sometimes as black as thunder. Instead of having a childlike jealousy a captain/leader would rush to the goalscorer, congratulate him and then remind his job is not yet done – something along the lines of ‘Great strike Auba/Laca/Miki . . . now get back there and do it again! Got it! Good!’

    2. RSH says:

      who should be captain then? Arsenal have no leaders anywhere, you’re right. Ramsey has been there the longest though and probably has more respect than a lot of the other players. If Koscielny wasn’t injured right now i’m sure he’d be getting it but he’s unlikely to feature much next season and Emery won’t pull a Wenger and give it a player that is hardly going to kick a ball (Mertesacker)

  7. Sean says:

    Captain choice is a hard one at Arsenal to be honest. Who can actually lead this team?

    1. GunnerJack says:

      The only player I can suggest at the moment is Monreal. It would be a short term arrangement as Nacho is knocking on a bit now but it would give the new guys time to settle in and maybe one of them would eventually emerge as the leader in the dressing room and then be given the armband. Maybe a strong, tough tackling, no-nonsense centre back would fill the role.

  8. ruelando says:

    This can not be something that we carry into the new season, Ramsay was our best midfielder last season, this does not say much for the other midfielders at arsenal because i think our midfield was even poorer than our defence. Earlier in the year i have said if you do not want to sign a contract before a given date you should be sold and buy someone better, this foolishness of not selling to your oppositions is so ridiculous.It is the board and fans that allow players to get away with crap

  9. barryglik says:

    Ramsey is the best of the “core”.
    The rest are gone or going.
    Ramsey is English speaking.
    Captain of his national team.
    Has a squeaky clean off field life.
    Has always been totally loyal to the club.
    Did have one spectacular goal scoring season.
    Trying to find a regular starting position for Aaron
    has always been a challenge though.
    Over the years he has had to compete with
    Arteta Walcott Rosicky Chamberlain Fabregas Girvinho
    Wilshere Cazorla and now Elneny Ozil Sanchez Mkhitaryan
    and faces challenges from the young players coming through too.
    Yet to his credit despite the terrible injury he fought back
    he has never given up and is a survivor.
    I think he is the logical club captain which does not mean
    he will necessarily start all the big games at all.
    Most clubs rotate match day captains and with a 60 match season
    he will wear the armband many times.
    But as the overall club captain on “and” off the field he is ideal.
    We would do well to tie him down to a four year deal
    sooner rather than later.

    1. GunnerJack says:

      A bit off topic but regarding Ramsey’s injury I was overjoyed to see Stoke relegated, not so much the team as they were at last trying to play football but because of their loathsome fans. How anyone can jeer a player who has been badly injured by one of their players is beyond me and shows just what level these creatures operate at – the gutter is a bit too high for them so maybe the sewer would be much more suitable. Absolute scumbags!

      1. Sue says:

        Exactly! I was buzzing the day they were relegated!! I hope they stay in the championship, or even go down again!
        They’re absolutely vile. . Can’t stand them ?

  10. Leeroysgooners says:

    On a side note gotta love lucus torreria’s father thanks for the weekly update his latest comments

    “There are many clubs who contacted us but we have given our word to Arsenal and are very satisfied with what they offered.

    “The deal is virtually done and only the arrival of Lucas is remaining.

    “Arsenal offered to do the medical examinations in Russia but we decided against it because we felt it’s inconvenient, it is not the right time.”

  11. Chokulate says:

    Replacing Ramsey won’t be so hard for Arsenal FC. Gunners shouldn’t start the season with 50/50 ( contract saga ) player in thst beautiful jersey. We’ve gotta be serious at least once in a decade.

  12. Clive says:

    give him a deadline if he fails to sign get rid of him and replace him bfor d window shorts.

  13. Auba Arsenal of Lagos says:

    Truth is I don’t like Ramsey much, the best I could offer Ramsey is as a substitute but he’d get to future in over 90% of games.I would take a midfielder like eriksen/lanzini or de bruyne to play ahead then bring Ramsey if he doesn’t want to sign pls ship him out I personally will not miss Ramsey s bit.I’d really be disappointed if he gets above 150k/week.I so much wish we had a really talented young & strong chap who releases the ball on time to his finishers and don’t try to over impress with skills he’s not endowed with coming from the youth team to take Ramsey’s place.

    1. RSH says:

      lol, Debryne and Eriksen are in Ozil’s role

      1. Auba Arsenal of Lagos says:

        Don’t care much for ozil as well debruyne eriksen gives you more as playmakers(goals from anywhere) but the moment ozil starts taking his goal chances (especially from the right side where he stares at goal & still chooses to tip a pass) he becomes a better playmaker to me.Wenger tried getting him to score more goals 2 seasons ago but after the Bayern humiliation he lost the desire I guess

      2. Karonito says:

        Are u sure? Take a look at d midfield trio of city,fernandinho,Silva and De bruyne, Silva is the one usually in an advanced position with De Bruyne the midfield lynchpin, and when it comes to winning the ball back,its not just Fernandinho and De bruyne doing the defending, they all defend from attack to defense, except maybe Aguero, from your comment, Ozils role sounds to me like “the person in the team who doesn’t need to defend”, that role shouldn’t exist.

  14. rock says:

    Am yet to see what others really saw in Ramsey that makes him suitable for our captainship

  15. BenardoM. says:

    Ramsey is a shit who should not be granted the status that Arsenal is trying to.I’ve seen him loosing ball frequently and the end result is a goal from the opponent.He misses several chances before converting one.He is average at best

  16. Simon Williams says:

    I’d give Ramsey 24 hours.

    The more I think about it. The more I assume he has chosen to leave – and waiting for deal to be agreed.

    Only situation that explains his silence, and our continued links with more midfielders

  17. Lance says:

    Arsenal should give Ramsey 2 weeks to sign a new contract, failing which he should be put up for sale. And as the transfer window closes on Aug. 9, that gives the club 3 weeks to find a buyer and also buy a replacement.

  18. Marty says:

    We should make Ramsey a final offer ( which will be a good one ,he will hardly be a pauper) in the next few days and if he won’t sign then sell him. We can’t have this situation dragging on. He is a good player but hardly a world superstar. There have been many games where he has been as anonymous as other players.

  19. big g says:

    Ramsey should be kept as part of our home grown but this issue needs to be sorted out quickly or we risk losing him which will give us the headache of replacing him, but with who? who else is good enough to replace him? As for the captaincy, that should go to the player with the most experience, in this case Lichtsteiner. New manager new philosophy new captain.

  20. Durand says:

    Ramsey is a poor box to box midfielder. Poor technique, can’t dribble opponents, his idea of build up is heel flick to closest teammate then mad dash to score a goal.

    Terrible for a captain.
    No discipline, unbalances the midfield, abandons midfield partner on regular basis.
    He’s been here 10 years so he should be captain.

    Anything over 150k per week and send him packing. He can be easily replaced in midfield.

    Besides, AMN should pass him soon. Better technique, more disciplined, better defender. Rather see more AMN and less Ramsey.

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