How long will Alexis be positive as Arsenal struggle?

Alexis starting to regret his Arsenal transfer? by DN

The Arsenal and Chile international star Alexis Sanchez must have expected a bit more from his new club when he made the decision to snub Liverpool and come to us instead after deciding to leave La Liga and Barcelona behind. With players like Mesut Ozil in the team and with Arsene Wenger finally starting to make the big money transfer moves, Alexis would at the very least expected the Gunners to put up a decent challenge for the Premier League title.

Alexis was speaking the other day, in an interview reported by the Daily Express, about his early impressions of his new club and football in England. The 26-year old was sounding very positive and insisted that he had no regrets whatsoever about his choice and that Arsene Wenger and the other players at the club were excellent to work with.

He said, “So far I am happy at Arsenal. To play in a league that I love, at a fantastic club, with very good teammates and an world-renowned coach that really cares about his players… All the people are great.”

So far, he said, but that was before our latest little run of results was brought to a crashing stop with a tame defeat away to Southampton. Once again the Arsenal defence showed its frailty and this time the Chilean was not able to drag us out of a hole. I wonder how long Alexis will continue to be positive about Arsenal unless we start to show some serious improvement.

Let’s just hope that the injury problems ease up and the Gunners do not get knocked out of the FA cup and Champions League at the next stage. Because then, I think he might start to feel a few regrets. What do you think?

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  1. I love the player. If we get Ozil back with Walcott and Giroud I think we will see a much more potent attack. Can we keep clean sheets? That is the question.

    1. What can Ozil offer that Cazorla cannot … Giroud? come on!! you must be kidding, maybe against mid-table teams … Walcott is only good against teams play with high defense line …. Though it is good to have them back for rotation …
      But again I’m afraid that when everybody is back we will come again to:
      Ozil Alexis
      Ramsey Arteta Wilshere
      Wenger must get his head right till the end of this season … and we should be looking for new manger for next season …
      Wenger out “at the end of this season”

      1. Ozil can turn a good team into a world class team, he can make the diff. But knowing that we have become so average, having Ozil around means not that much. To become a world class club again we need to be a good team first, and to become a good team again, we need players who work hard alone.

        A team full of hard working players + 3 to 4 world class players = Tropyhys
        A team full of overrated players ( mediocre) + handfull of hard working players+ 2 world class players= Arsenal = No trophy

        1. “Ozil can turn a good team into a world class team…”

          What exactly does that mean? In my view, Ozil only works when the team is more or less star-studded. Ozil is more or less icing on the cake, which you can often do without. 9 times out of 10, I’ll pick Cazorla over Ozil. He’s not the biggest or strongest player in the world, but he works hard and can play in several positions. Best of all, he never complains 😀

          1. It means that he can produce 5 clear chances for a player 1vs1 against the keeper at times.

            A world class team who posses a good striker can score the mayority of the chances.

            A good one can score half of them. And, Arsenal with luck score mayb 1 or 2.

    2. How standards have really gone down. On the one hand , you want wenger out ,on the other hand your dream is to see medioxre or average players lining up for arsenal
      You have Sanchez and you are talking about giroud.
      You should be talking about selling giroud ,wilshere ,Ramsey mertesacker ,flamini, arteta and getting

      1. you’d sell ramsey?
        wtf- why r so many people not happy with him on here?
        people drolling over draxler, really dont know what we have with aaron.
        alot of you will be eating humble pie soon.future of arsenal that kid.
        girouds a worthy squad player.

        we are not real madrid with isco bale khedira on the bench.

        1. Because every time Ramsey puts a foot wrong he gets slated. Last year these people were singing his name this year as he is not delivering yet he takes a beating.

          Get him a worthy partner in midfield, a solid anchor and he will perform as he should. Our midfield has not clicked yet because we need a leader there and in the CB position too.

  2. He is a class player, with a different mentality to the rest of this squad…he’s a winner and I feel his never say die attitude will last at least till next season…lets hope so anyway or we are f*ked! 🙂

  3. Alexis starting to regret his Arsenal transfer? Did he whisper it your ear?
    He could have easily signed a 3 year contract instead of 5 if he thought about moving again.

    Anyways this season somehow we can’t get off to a start it seems. We can’t put togather a decent run it seems and some hiccup is always on the cards.

    Premier league can be removed from the wish list (I said third, and am still confident). So what would constitue a good season?

    1. Retain FA Cup.
    2. Finish Top 3.
    3. Win the Champions League?*

    *Highly impossible but not improbable.

    With our players now returning namely Mesut, Walcott and Ramsey, I expect our goal scoring to increase. And with a or few addition in January surely the above targets are achievable.

    I just hope we take the FA Cup seriously cause Man U, Liverpool will be wanting it more as they need something tangible to show after spending that much money.

    1. @Sumo, I’m afraid that you are going to remove much more than Premier league from your wish list … Wake up
      Suppose you have everybody fit for the whole season, can we win the Premier league? can we beat Chelsea, City, or ManUtd …
      Outdated and bad tactics, stubbornness, favoritism, failure to address problems during the season and in the transfer window, and I wonder you still get the believe …

      1. No matter how much you try , no amount of tactic will make average players world class.
        Our entire back 6 plus flamini cost £28 million ;just a little over double the amount Manchester United paid(12 million) for Rio Ferdinand ” over 10yrs ago.
        Accept it , our players are below the standard we want to operate at.
        We all watch football.
        We see how Barcelona keep the ball
        We see how deadly Real Madrid are in front of goal
        We see the movement of aguero,yaya for Man City.
        We see the clinical finishing of Costa for Chelsea.
        We see the efficiency and hardwork of bayern Munich

        All the teams above do not do the things we do.

        1 give the ball away all the time
        2 fail to score golden opportunities
        3 defend like rank amateurs with a disaster goalie

  4. Alexis is a 26 year old multi
    millionaire playing a game he loves.
    Plays in huge stadiums and
    watched by mega millions on tv.
    He is in 7th heaven no matter Arsenals results.
    He has played for galacticos Barca and for Chile
    at the Brazil world cup and all round the world
    in other international fixtures. Regrets?
    Yes probably regrets leaving the favela
    and wishes he plays for Arbroath.

      1. Another 4.5 years +28 mill
        for strolling around London
        with no pressure to win anything. Yeah why not.
        Even with out ECL he has Chile’s international schedule
        to tour the world and play top sides world cup qualifyers etc.
        But Arsenal will get 4th.

  5. OT: Just saw a rumor that spuds have signed Adrien Rabiot. How can a team have dembele, Capoue, Paulinho, Mason, Stambouli…..And we have now Coquelin and Rosicky? Where the f@ck are the signings?

    1. To be fair, when we were linked to Rabiot in the summer, everybody was bitching and moaning about him not being defensive enough, not being good enough, being too young and inexperienced. I read every complaint possible for Arsene NOT to sign him. And now that the Spuds have taken him on loan, people are bitching that we didn’t? THIS is why the board and Arsene put little stock in what the fans say. This is exactly why.

      1. Spurs have signed 140 mills
        worth in 2 seasons. And are they
        any closer to ECL. Not really.
        Mind you we have spent plenty
        lately and are we any closer to WINNING the ECL
        Umm no 🙁

        1. The Rabiot deal was a blow to me because I think the spuds have a deep midfield. I really like Stambouli, Dembele, and Mason. The fact he joined them instead of a team with a weak midfield right now was kind of crazy but maybe he isn’t the answer for us?

  6. He is too good to be without trophies. I doubt money and love of the fans will be enough.

    He will be here at least one more season. If next season is as bad as this one, he could leave summer 2016.

    Personally, I hope he stays for a decade but that’s just my heArt talking

      1. Those players only left because they were fed up with finishing 4th.

        RVP in particular had the balls to question Wenger and the board’s ambition and decided to leave when he was not satisfied.

          1. yeah exactly, him being a winner is exactly what makes him likely to want a move if Arsenal are not challenging for the titles in the next year or so.

  7. Know this, and remember this very well. If a good team shows interest in him and we dont improve in the near future, he will be off. Simple as that.

    If Juventus comes by and shows interest or the likes of Bayern, say goodbye to him. I will not be upset at all but instead would thank him and give him basket full of flowers and chocolate and thank him again for showing us fans what it means to play every game with 100% effort.

  8. This site is at closing point with me. Same old shit over n over. Our team is having a hard time of late but I would put our fit team up agents any other. About time u guys got behind arsenal fc co NR AW is going no where

    1. Yes I know he won’t be going any where soon, is okay I can wait, no problem but I will still be here always to ask him to buck up or get out even is for another decade, I am just like him, stubborn too.

    2. Goodbye? Leave?
      “You can chicken out
      any time you want
      but you can never leave”.
      You will be back.
      After we beat Hull 2morrow 🙂

  9. The team has been poor. But Alexis has been poor in many games as well. He is as much responsible for our poor performances as any other player. To me, Alexis is just a very good player, but he’s not world class yet.

      1. World class players have a certain level of consistency, which Alexis doesn’t have at the moment. World class players turn up in the big games, Alexis hasn’t always done so. World class players have little or no flaws in their game, Alexis has.

        If I asked you, what technical weaknesses do Messi, Ronaldo, Aguero, Hazard, Muller and Neuer have, and you’ll struggle to name even one. These players have different playing styles of course, but they appear complete in their own way.

        “if not for him, who is it then?”

        I think Koscielny is world class. He used to concede penalties and own goals in the past, but he has removed these from his game. He’s quite consistent too. As a defender, how many flaws does Koscielny have??

        1. So by your logic I guess none of the fore mentioned (Ronaldo, Hazard) aren’t world class then, neither showed up in the world cup and there’s no bigger stage. Sanchez= world class.

  10. Footballers priority list:

    1. Get paid as much per week for kicking a
    Ball around (some can’t even do that
    That well or can only do so using 1 leg).
    Clearly N/A in the case of Alexis

    Here a 6 figure salary ££££££ is

    2. Be with a top team that always
    competes/wins stuff.

    3. Get additional money (for a rainy day)
    From sponsorship deals if your any
    good (or rooney).

    4. Get a hot model looking type

    Point 4 may organically follow on from
    point 1 However the footballers
    preference Is usually the 1, 2 sequence
    As described above (but not always).

  11. Hmm apparently Arsenal are looking at 4 midfielders but will only sign one. Two from the premier league, I’d gues that to be Schneiderlin and either Wanyama or Sissoko. The other two from Europe, a lot out there to just pick two, but hopefully Krychowiak is one of them.

    If it’s right that we’re looking at a midfielder, and hopefully it’s a defensive midfielder, then hopefully we’ll have two signings this month. I highly doubt we won’t sign a centre back. We may not sign a top centre back, but I’m confident we’ll get a centre back.

  12. I think we have a little time here. Judging by the photos on, his twitter account and his comments he seems happy in London and enjoys good relationships with most of his teammates. As long as he personally keeps doing well at arsenal, (remains a fans favourite) and sees some progress from the manager we should be okay. I also think he knows things will improve when injured players return and are at their best, (ozil and walcott particularly).

  13. Am I the only one, but as much as I cherish having OZIL as our player, he really needs to step up and be the Superstar we all expect and need more than ever, not in what he turned lately. Except for that game against VILLA, OZIL has not been remotely the game changer player we all expected, he was when he just joined ARSENAL but lately???????….keeping the distance between both players his impact was similar to SANCHEZ at the beginning, but it just faded away…….how many times have we see him playing with disdain losing the Ball and not doing any effort to recover, how many assists never mind goals has he offered lately (b4 injury), ask why Le Fraud doesn’t change him for a SUB because is pitiful watching him play…… even the Donkey Giroud (second class striker) compensates his lack of ability by working hard on the field …..Truth is Le Fraud plays him out of position, could be the cause, but OZIL we really expect more from you upon your arrival………….COYG

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