How long will it take for Torreira to settle at Arsenal?

The imminent arrival of Lucas Torreira at Arsenal is being anticipated with bated breath while we all wait for any official announcement by the Gunners, but the Uruguayan’s father seems to have no problem telling the world that his son is on his way to London.

This time he is expressing his fears of the time it will take his son to adapt to London life and a new language, despite the fact that Lucas has already been living in Italy for the last five years after moving from Uruguay at the age of 17.

“There will be people that will accompany him,” said Ricardo Torreia. “He won’t be alone. It’s a big change [going to England] and we don’t want to think about it yet because we’re scared.

“The truth is it’s tough to manage the language, adapt to the [London] society and customs and at the same time not lose ours. But there’s a whole program getting readied for Lucas.”

He may be scared but I doubt very much his son is, and other than having teams of Arsenal people helping him find a house and settle in, he will also be meeting all his team-mates every day. Not to mention the adoring fans that will be lining up to buy his shirts and looking forward to their first glimpse of our new Beast!

Let’s all hope he settles in very quickly!

Sam P


  1. John Ibrahim says:

    in Fifa 18, he will settle immediately

    in reality, unknown…it can be instantly, up to several months or never

  2. okiror says:


    1. Break-on-through says:

      Perez let players go as bad as any of them, he presses when near the box but he looks at midfielders heading towards our end and he looks at players crossing it from wide. I remember him doing it a few times and I think Alexis or a CB nearly bit his head off for doing it. Also he is better on the right I think. I don’t think he is good enough to be anywhere near the first team, similar to Campbell I think fans exaggerated his ability. Also I believe they got ample game-time for a first season at a club of our stature. I don’t like Perez or Campbell, if I was a teammate fighting for the same position with them I would be very unimpressed with their behavior. If Emery can make Perez a solid squad option then fair enough the more the merrier.

      1. joseph says:

        Thats how Ramsey way , or even Hery was when he joined

        1. Ozziegunner says:

          Break-on-through, I don’t agree with your assessment of Lucas Perez; his goal and assist record for games played was quite good. Unai Emery knows him well from the Spanish League and he appears to want to give him a chance, as he didn’t take the opportunity to sell him to Lazio. Time will tell.

  3. Nikhilesh says:

    Why cant we try “The christmas tree” formation i.e 4-3-2-1

    AC Milan used this formation to win UCL 2007, they never had a proper wingers but trusted Kaka & Seedorf for the playmaking and pirlo in the deep.

    Ozil and Micky must be given a free role to move either side of the pitch to assist Auba
    And Xhaka in front of the back 4 must send those trademark long passes & the full backs should send deep crosses. But the other two midfielders must be disciplined to cover for the full backs when they are upfield and also congest the central midfield.

    Just an opinion

    1. Brian Rotich says:

      @Nikhilesh….spot on…would only change CBs to be sokratis soyuncu…solidity and mobility

  4. sunny says:

    How can we say that now, its not a proper question, this article does not make sense to me… All new arrivals needs some time to settle, some settle quickly some needs more time, no one can predict that…
    What I am intersected it, once he signs then what next in this transfer window, Arrival departure, Ofcource departure first and then arrival. To me Emery and others has done remarkably best in this window with the budget, I initially thought that they would sell first and then buy, but they kept the core intact… and targeting 4th place, which is realistic,
    the squad that Wenegr gave to Emery is so low… Now there is top 5 and then second bracket of Mid tear team , wengers team falls into this along with Burley, everton

  5. Neil says:

    As fans we love new arrivals at our club but it does take time for a lot of non English speaking players to settle ( I didn’t say ALL, I said ‘A Lot Of’ ). The thing is I believe Arsenal have a fairly good record in ensuring players settle. Compared to the many that have come to Arsenal only a handful have left because they have been unhappy….That doesn’t include the players that came and were happy off the pitch yet rubbish on it. It comes down to attitude and strength of character. I’m sure this lad will be fine as he’s a scrapper

  6. Shahriar says:

    After knockout from WC

  7. waal2waal says:

    it will require arsenal as a club to pull out all the stops just to make this guy assimilate into the team and also fit into london life – why? because communication is a big factor and the uruguayan language is not complimentary to ours – unless he makes a conserted effort to learn english. If he can make the quick transition to communicate and adapt to london – we’ve a tremendous talent on our hands. If he struggles then we’ve got problems because he can start to get miserable but because of his youth it allways gives our club sell on options. I do hope his transition is smooth and that in two years he stamps his authority on the epl.

  8. Nikhilesh says:

    If Luis Cannibal Suarez adapted to english conditions i feel he can also adpt to conditions quickly

    1. waal2waal says:

      ….for our clubs aspirations i hope so.

      1. Nikhilesh says:

        Liverpool were far worse back then than we are today, and also torreira would have approched suarez about the EPL, so i think that might not be an issue, we also have Papa & Auba who have previously played in Italy, they’ll also help them to settle here and also we have a lot of spanish speakers including the head coach that will also help. Thus we can conclude that adapting to the conditions wont be a big problem

  9. Nikhilesh says:

    They are the best in world so that is a lot to take in. You have to adapt yourself to them. Look at Guardiola at City. He is lucky because he doesn’t have a major figure like that to be faced with. There are big players who become one when it really matters. And when it comes to taking radical decisions, Pep took them. For example, by getting rid of Deco, Ronaldinho, or Ibrahimovic when the latter had issues with Messi. By doing this, he is avoiding serious problems.

    Dont be surprised if emery drops Ozil

  10. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    He was born settled in

  11. barryglik says:

    Moved from Uruguay to Italy at 17.
    Been in Europe 5 years.
    Just coming off a world cup in Russia.
    Now he needs to adapt?
    Err he is going to England not Somalia.
    English “customs”?
    Like warm beer and chip butties you mean?
    Surely he will be able to afford subway.
    What about double-decker buses?
    I think he will be able to afford a second hand Ford Fiesta on his salary 🙂
    He won’t have to cue for anything he will be waited on hand and foot 🙂

    1. waal2waal says:

      not many italian speaking ballers come to epl – Sir, i think you miss the point. if player won’t try to speak eng there’s a chance they’ll struggle here in london. that goes for the manager too – there has to be common interest on and off the pitch – there has to be understanding with team mates, with the media and with the fans too. if he eventually does come its a matter of conducting himself well both on and off the field everything he does (and says) comes under a intense scrutiny the likes of which only the uk media can meet out. even patrick (our captain) struggled gainst all the odds, as well against a heartless media/press to gain the respect he enjoys – torriera is coming as a def-mid, he has to have a big ego and be uber-talented in his decision making if he’s to be a success in londons finest ever club. I hope he comes with this determine and ‘character’.

  12. nonny says:

    believe me if he can have a few preseason preparations with us Then It will help him settle faster

  13. Ken1945 says:

    Reading the article you would think that this is the first ‘foreign’ player the club has ever signed!!!
    This is ARSENAL and we know how to do things properly.
    If he signs, still not a done deal by the way, why would it be any different to, say, Gilberto?
    We are a multi national club with multi national supporters and multi national players so let’s get ready to give him a GOONER welcome…. absolutely awesome signing!!!!
    Just hope that it happens.

      1. Ozziegunner says:


  14. RSH says:

    he’s already played in Europe for a few years, can speak spanish like a good amount of Arsenal players + coach and staff. Hopefully it will be a pretty smooth transition.

  15. Sean says:

    Too bad Benega wasn’t joining to play alongside him in the middle, in front if the back 4 & let Ozil do his magic. All that protection leaves Mesut to be free to attack & be on the ball for counters. Though if Ramsey toughened up abit & having his head on a swivel for defensive duties 1st, then 2nd on to the counter attacks to help – Box2Box – he could be great along Torreira. Xhaka isn’t what we need unfortunately unless he improves dramatically as Ramsey can do it he just needs to be smarter.

    1. Simon Williams says:

      Still praying for Benega

  16. igwe says:

    Time will tell before we know how long it will take him to settle , but let’s wait until he is officially signed

  17. ruelando says:

    Normally when you do not have many people around you that speaks your language it is more difficult to settle, however a lot of arsenal players speak spanish and other languages. Bellerin who is in the same age group will gladly take him under his wings

  18. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

    OT: Napoli have announced the signing of Spanish midfielder Fabian Ruiz from Real Betis after triggering his reported €30 million release clause.
    He is Jorginho’s replacement.

    so, keep calm guys, Torreira is DONE 100%

  19. Marshy says:

    we need torreira , l think if torreira works with ramsey in the midfied it will be btter thn having xhaka and elneny there,,, what we need in that arsenal team is quality midfielders that can play under pressure and xhaka is jus a waste of money

  20. Simon Williams says:

    Xaka had a good WC – got lots better last season.

    Look with fresh new eyes – you’ll see he is now a good valuable player to the team

  21. ODEBA says:

    I see Arsenal having finishing stronger this season. Still looking forward to the first game of the season against reigning champs

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