How long will it take Mikel Arteta to emulate Jurgen Klopp?

When Liverpool named Jurgen Klopp as their new manager, the German claimed that in four years, he would have delivered a title.

Last year, he led the Reds to the Champions League crown and between that time and now they have won three more major honours.

He is now regarded as one of the best in the world, but it wasn’t always smooth for him and he has taken his time to finally bring success to Anfield.

Arsenal is in a similar situation that Liverpool was when Klopp came through the door and in less than five years, he has turned the club around.

The Arsenal job is Mikel Arteta’s first role as a manager since he ended his playing career, but the Spaniard has proven that he is the right man for the job.

Arteta is facing a major rebuilding job and this summer might become an important one for him, but money would make things easier for him.

Klopp laboured with poor players in his first three seasons at Anfield and he did a good job. However, when Liverpool decided to splash the cash on the likes of Virgil van Dijk and Alisson Becker, their team became complete.

If Arsenal can back Arteta with all the cash that he needs in the next transfer window, I think that he can win a trophy next season.

Arteta knows the areas of his team that need to be strengthened just like Klopp did at Liverpool and if he is giving money to strengthen those areas, I back him to do a great job at Arsenal and win titles sooner than we may think.

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  1. Most people look at who they bought not looking at the rebuilding as a whole which made Liverpool lose their key players from sterling, to Suarez, to countinho. Do we have such players that could be sold for 50,60 0r 116m like Liverpool.
    Arsenal isn’t run like Chelsea and city but like Liverpool, they too see to rebuild and the difference is, they buy smart, from Mane to Sallah to van dyke, those are the major, And most especially they were lucky with accusation of their LB and RB. It’s no news our major problem is those handling transfer, contract and so on, there are lots of wastage, no Quality control! Hopefully some persons wake up and start doing the right thing, until then, don’t expect miracles, Liverpool rebuilding process doesn’t start 4yrs ago it was an accumulation of try and error, plan and replan until they achieved their goal, don’t neglect the process and only focus on the success

    1. You are right.. we don’t have players who are worth a lot of money …So we buy promising players and make them valuable and sell them for profit to make our financial base strong….we are in a financial hole right now with under performing players and players that do not fit the manager’s system on high wages and unable to be sold

      1. 👍 👍 👍 The financial and player assets of the Arsenal have been totally mismanaged compared to Liverpool FC.

    2. Exactly… Liverfool has been rebuilding for years

      with a good scout, they manage to get the right players for cheap….

      the sale of Stirling, Suarez and Coutinho finance the extra players required for the team…….

      Liverfool has the main core of players ..least 5 or 6 players playing together for at least 2 season….which we don’t at the moment…….

      They have a mixed blend of youth and experience players and together with the help of VAR….they won the title

      VAR has helped them to win at least 4 to 5 games…….thats a good minimum 15 points given to them for free…

      Momentum and motivation was the key and would have collapse not for VAR assistance

    3. Agreed but the topic should read how long will it take Arsenal not Mikel Arteta, the coach alone wont do it, he needs the help of the supporters and the backing of the board. On a different note, the referee had a good game on Thursday.

  2. It is wrong to compare Arsenal’ s position today with that of Liverpool’s position when Klopp took over…
    When Klopp took over in October 2015 Liverpool were in the Champions League ( they just had finished the 2013-2014 season in 2nd place)….They got into Champions League after 5 years I think.. for that reason their wage bill was not very high…
    So when Klopp arrived he had some players that fitted his system and many that did not… Because their salaries were not high Liverpool were able to move them on and replace them with players that fitted Klopp’ s system. They did not spend much during this window (low net spend)(also remember this was pre-Neymar era)
    In Klopp’s first full season(2016-2017) Liverpool defence was still poor but they managed to out score their opponents and win matches ( mainly due to individual brilliance of Coutinho which increased his transfer value) This season proved to be a turning point for Liverpool … they managed to beat Arsenal to 4 th place on the final day and get into Champions League…

    In came the Champions League money..they spent that money brilliantly on players in specific positions that Klopp needed (the players they brought in were not top quality but good players but Klopp managed to improve them)……This was the point where there squad building truly began…This coupled with sale of Coutinho in January raised their transfer funds to huge levels…Then they used this money on top quality players (Van Digk., Allison and Fabinho) and they managed reach 2 champions League finals in consecutive years..( which again raised their transfer budget). The rest as you all know is history…( don’t forget fans who were patient and loyal for 30 years)
    What I have outlined above was how Liverpool built their squad for the medium term with out too much spending from their owners ( They had a clear roadmap)

    The situation at Arsenal is remarkably different…we were in Champions League for so long…. that money was spent on Emirates stadium, high player wages and transfers…Due to high player wages if a player turned out to be a flop he could not be moved on for good money…But still Arsenal managed to make yearly profit due to champions League money…
    That changed once Arsenal went out of the champions League… Arsenal became a club in Europa League with Champions League wages and went into losses…..On top of this players running down contracts also cost the club dearly….
    So when I see Arsenal today I see a club in a financial hole with no hope of getting out of it at least until 2022..(when all high earners will be out of contract) Till then Arsenal will have to recruit good young players and fix a salary cap fitting that of a non Champions League club…
    Keep on recruiting youth and sell them for huge profits once they reach their salary peak till we make our financial base strong…Then follow the Liverpool pathway…

    1. Actually Arsenal are in better position right now compared to when Klopp joined Lfc. Arsenal’s team have much better players currently compared to Lfc in 2015 and yet Klopp took them to a UCL spot after 3 signings matip on a free, Wijnaldum 25m, Mane 35m, a indication of good coaching.
      Sheffield Utd, Wolves, Leicester etc don’t have better players than we do and yet they are above us in the league table, why? Good coaching -getting the best out of players available to you, something Afc have been failing spectacularly at recently.
      Though a moot point, we should have gone for experience over Arterta. Ancelotti at Everton proves this, 3rd most point since his appointment and his players are inferior to ours. I hope Arterta at the very least qualifies for UCL next season but I’m not holding my breath.

      1. I don’t agree with you. We have high earners that have passed their good years, guys who came in for money and not for the love of the club. We’re far from what LFC were 5 seasons ago, the only thing that will give us headway is if AFC can cut his loss and offload the high earners to bring in hungry young players who want to prove something to the world and who want to fight for AFC jerseys.

  3. The comparison is inevitable but
    laughable at the same time. MA
    has the pedigree to be an Arsenal
    legend one day but Klopp is in
    another managerial universe atm
    and more critically supported by one
    of the most successful ownership
    groups in the EPL. Moving on Suarez
    and Coutinho to Barca for North of
    £200M allowed Klopp and co. to
    reshape the roster in his image,
    specifically reinforcing the spine of
    the team with WC players like VVD,
    Allison and Fabinho. Once the
    defense frailties were eradicated
    Klopp was finally able to play his
    true brand of futbol resulting in a
    Champions League and EPL title.

    Meanwhile AFC were busy signing
    the likes of Xhaka, Socrates, Mustafi,
    Perez, Torreria. Auba( love him but
    wasnt needed @ the time) Luiz,
    Soares, etc, extended Ozil to quite
    possibly the worst contract in the
    history of the EPL and criminally
    sanctioned the free passage of
    Wilshere, Ramsey, Welbeck, and
    essentially Sanchez for a collective
    loss of well over £100M. A club with
    an absentee owner like Arsenal
    simply CAN’T afford to make such
    Diabolical decisions to consistently
    stay competitive in both the EPL and
    Europe. Theres plenty of blame to
    go around, both past and present but
    the current reality that is AFC
    shouldnt be used in the same
    sentence, let alone compared to
    the EPL Champions.

    1. 👍 The senior executives and Board should be sacked by Kroenke (if he is watching what is happening) for the degradation of Arsenal’s player and financial assets.
      How did Kroenke get to build and retain his wealth with such ineptitude in choosing his management team?

      1. I have been saying SACK the board for months to get to where Liverpool are at this present time won’t be in my lifetime I am afraid we are too slow in the transfer market the cream has all been taken by the time we move

  4. When a little child learn how to speak, at the age of two-three, it start asking questions. It’s not relevant to compare MA with JK. A team led by a manager who is calling Granit Xhaka “a natural leader” (and obviously intend to keep him) is – and will forever be – second rate. I guess David Luiz got a new contract of the same reason. Asn’l is a team full of natural leaders, who at the same time is inadequate football players. Big Time good bye.

  5. How long will it take Mikel Arteta to be a grown man and an experienced leader? When Jûrgen Klopp came to Liverpool he had – if I remember right – fifteen years as a successful headcoach to offer Anfield. MA has nothing. MA is to young and inexperienced. He can’t keep the distance to the players. He is to much buddy-buddy with the guys he should lead, he is to dependent of their opinion. And old foxes like Clown Luiz and Xhaka uses that to get influence. That’s the reason why so many of the players using social media to lick Arteta in certain area of the body. This licking culture of “New Gunners” is not appealing. Quite the opposite, it’s disgusting.

    1. Sorry i don’t agree, remember Arteta was also a player and he has extensive knowledge of the Premier League as a player, an assistant coach and now as a coach so i doubt players are able to take him for a ride, we as supporters need to exercise patience, this is not fifa 20

  6. Don’t know why fans keep comparing Klopp with Arteta? One had a huge amount of experience, and other none, before joining their respective clubs. Arteta has also inherited a much tougher job, compounded by the fact he has no experience.

    1. So, would you agree it’s fair to compare him with the Super Frank of Chelsea, then? One is doing just fine and look to compete for major honours while the other looks to be struggling to survive. LOL…
      Believe it or not, I guarantee Arsenal FC have NO direction!

      1. MA is a fine coach anyways, I dont believe FL of Chelsea is better, I have seen his dynamism, quick reaction and ability to adapt with current situation, he has a huge job, but I think he will do fine. Brighton was one unfortunate game and his decision to sub late was a blunder on the part of ref and 4th official , I wonder why no one is talking about that incident. It could have been the turning point in the game, however, Leno injury and Guedozi incidence mask that crucial detail

      2. Lampard has a better squad with experienced players in it who have won trophies. top 4 is not ‘major honours’ so we are both competing for the FA cup aren’t we?

        Comparing Lampard and Arteta, is premature as again, one has taken over part way through the clubs worst season with the worst squad and the other had a whole season with prep time

    2. So, would you agree it’s fair to compare him with the Super Frank of Chelsea, then? One is doing just fine and look to compete for major honours while the other looks to be struggling to survive. LOL…
      Believe it or not, I guarantee Arsenal FC have NO direction and sadly, so will it remain for the foreseeable future!

      1. hapisol, a more appropriate comparison with Lampard; unfortunately the management team at Chelsea is currently street’s ahead of Arsenal, in support of their manager/head coach.

  7. Arsenal aren’t anywhere competing for a title, which given the clubs history, should be the primary goal. But the reality is we are no where near talented as Liverpool or City, and to be honest Chelsea with the summer they may have. We won’t spend like Chelsea or Man U or City and we don’t have the fire power of Liverpool. But we aren’t void of talent.
    There should be two goals moving forward.
    1. We should look to sell/loan the deadwood any way we can, that’s been the primary problem, over paying for players who are poor or keeping them for far to long knowing their average.
    2. But we should sell our older talent for as much as we can get. Aubameyang, Lacazette, Ozil and any player on the wrong side of 30 should be moved.
    That way you can focus on developing our young talent and seeing who can be apart of the title challenges to come. And if your going to invest make it be on a player that’s entering his prime, where it’s splashing the cash or via loan. Someone like Either Dembele, Upamecano, or a loan for a player like Jovic or Maybe Coutinho.
    It’s ok to battle for champions league for a season or two until the wage bill is sorted. Best case scenario is next season we get into champions league Bc our young talent and the right buys may out preform expectations. But we have to find a model finically and structurally we can stay competitive in.

    1. Certain players might be deadwood to us fans,..but I doubt they are to MA and the executives..
      Dullards such as Luiz have been handed a new contract..
      Says it all

  8. One of the first things Jurgen Klopp did when he arrived at Liverpool was to go down the pub and meet the fans.
    Getting the Kop on side in a place like Liverpool is a must and he knew it. He cottoned on to their sense of humour and adopted their witty reactions to life. Once they nick named him `Klippity Klopp` he was half way there, he was accepted.
    How do I know? I`m married to a `Scouse.`

  9. First and foremost have a vision / mission statement – what are the achievables and deliverables over the period of 1 -5 years.(Sadly we don’t have one)
    Next evaluate if the manpower resources and facilities are available and can the gap be bridged within the given time span? (We do have the resources but have spent mostly on the wrong manpower)
    Third, can the set up be further optimized to achieve the goals?(Yes, this depends on those in charge if they are willing to let go of their selfish interests)
    From the above, it infers that we do have the resources, it points fingers to the manpower.
    I mean, the fish rots from the head, so from newspaper reports that agents are pushing their clients on us and we accept them with op[en arms is the root cause of all our troubles.
    Wenger / Gazdis did make unpopular signings, do does Raul, why? Refer to point number one, the ownership has not set a clear vision / mission with reference to winning honors, so everyone does what he pleases. From Raul, to Arteta to Ozil and even Guendozi the young lad, each one does what he pleases to do with no repercussions in terms of finances (hit where it hurts the most – the pocket) for not meeting the minimum targets (Oh, sorry! there never was one at AFC for a long time now)

  10. I can`t imagine any potentially successful manager making his mark at Arsenal with the present hierarchy. Klopp would not succeed at Emirates. Nor will anyone else.

  11. Will never happen the owner has no ambition to win anything just make as much money as he can feel sorry for Arteta to me he has the potential to turn into a great manager but his hands are tied and with the current crop of players he has no chance of changing anything the squad needs a complete overall but there is no chance of that happening!!

  12. I dont really like the word emulate but i do respect what klopp has done over the years.He really is one of the top of all time.

    But what i want MA to do is create his own identity,his own style and philosophy and dont try to imitate anyone.We are Arsenal FC,we do have a unique identity and i want MA to build the team in that road

  13. You cant compare Klopp to Arteta, Klopp had proved himself as a manager, coach and motivator long before he did what he did at Liverpool. We haven’t a clue whether Arteta has what klopp has.

  14. The problem with many human beings is being gullible and vulnerable to hype based on the moment. Liverpool now is being turned into a paragon because it has broken even and become the powerhouse of English football. No pundit ever gave them a chance prior to 2018. Frank Lampard who is now Christened super Frank might be called flop Frank if results go against him! Life in football changes so fast and none can predict it. I am among the minority who feel that Arteta will make a good coach for Arsenal. My assessment is based on two reasons: his induction by Pep Guardiola and the way he has brought spirit to the team. Furthermore, Arteta is widely acknowledged as being an intelligent and focused man with a well defined strategy. Thus I contend that Arteta has the capacity to turn Arsenal around.

    1. Fair comments BUT FOR the Kroenke handicap which I note you don’t mention MAY I ASK WHY THAT HAS ESCAPED YOUR NOTICE OR AT LEAST YOUR COMMENT. I cannot thinkit is because you disregard it, as that would be silly and you are clearly not a silly man. Genuine question then , why?

  15. Time and money is required to build a team to compete for the EPL title. Arteta has neither of these two elements available to him. If he shows no real progress in the next year the ‘Arteta Out’ cries will become ever louder, we’ve seen it all before with UE.

    Realistically, to make the top 4 in the next 2-3 years would be a big ask looking at the teams ahead of us at the moment. We now have emerging teams with new money like Wolves and Everton to contend with not to mention a resurgent Man U. Competing for the title would be even further down the line, it is probably the hardest title to win in World football. Ask Liverpool, it took them 30 years and the Spuds 59 years and still counting (and long may it last).

    Of course my comments are based on the Kroenkes still being incharge, because there is no doubt, in the minds of most supporters, they are the cause of our recent decline. A new proactive and ambitious owner could turn things around in a relatively short time. In this event I think Arteta would be the right choice as head coach maybe inexperienced but he has been tutored by probably the best coach in the business and is an intelligent man not unlike AW. With a new owner and a good management structure around him he could develop into a top class head coach with a team to match. Hope these are not pipedreams!!!

  16. ” How long befoe Arteta can start emulating Klopp?” Easy answer: The clock cannot start ticking down UNTIL Kroenke is removed. Unless he IS removed, Arteta nor anyone else has zero chance . Is that not obvious to all and if not, then why not?

    1. For one Jon, in as much as I blame kroenke for our woes, he didn’t ask for a contract extension for Luiz, he didn’t sanction the increase in wage for ozil, he didn’t force us to spend 72mill on pepe. He left that job to the board and the coach who only sees Luiz as good and xhaka as a natural leader. Now I know Kroenke is terrible but that doesn’t excuse the incompetence of the board. Are you saying that on paper, wolves or Leicester have more expensive squad than arsenal. Why are they above us on the table with 7 games to go? Our squad in monetary terms would compete with Chelsea and man utd but not in quality, that says something, kroenke allows for spending, the board does just not spend on the right things and the coach can’t get the best out of what he has.

  17. It will take Arsenal and Arteta the number of years it takes them to fix two things and they become like Liverpool or klop.
    1. Put up a team that is valuable
    2. Build a team that can score goals.

    Liverpool became what they are due to their success in transfer market getting Torres, Suarez, sterling and coutinho. One led to the other and they have been able to build strong team from their sales.

    We could recall that we became champion and invincible not just because we had Wenger but we have team where many players contribute to the goal scored. Pires is sure of 10 to 15 goals, henry >20, berkamp, Vieira, edu, the Swedish winger ……all is sure of 5 to 10 goals per season but now we rely only on strikers. Do we have any midfielder who can guarantee us 10 goals every season?. Back to this victorious Liverpool team, is there any Liverpool player who is not a goal threat? No. Allison is also a goal provider.
    If Arteta is able to solve our scoring chances, our defence will also improve! And we can also be champion again.

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