How lucky were Arsenal to miss out on Mudryk in the winter transfer window?

Let’s be honest: going after Mykhailo Mudryk during the winter transfer season may not have been the greatest decision for Arsenal. After the World Cup, when it became obvious that Arsenal would be without Gabriel Jesus for months, it became clear that they needed to strengthen their offence in January.

It seemed clear that Arsenal would sign Shakhtar Donetsk forward Mykhailo Mudryk in the days leading up to and during the first weeks of the winter transfer season, but Chelsea beat them to his signature because they were prepared to meet the Ukrainian side’s asking price.

Anyway, after missing out on Mudryk, Arteta looked around and took advantage of Brighton’s desire to sell their star, Leandro Trossard, in a £27 million deal that years later we may talk about this deal as the genius transfer move that saw Arsenal lift the 2022-23 league title (if they manage to do so). So why wait years later to talk about Trossard when he is already being talked about?

With the latest notable admission about him coming from Glen Murray, who told Premier League productions, “Since he’s gone to Arsenal, he’s playing with players that are similarly brilliant to him and have an understanding of the game, how could you not fit in with those players around you? They’re going to score; previously at Brighton, it was well-documented how many chances they missed, especially when Potter was there,” Murray said.

“Yes, they went for Mudryk, but I think they went for the right man in the end.”

We can marvel at Trossard’s performance, but let us concur that Arsenal were fortunate to lose out on Mudryk in order to acquire a player they didn’t realise they needed.

Daniel O


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  1. Arsenal may have miss the bullet on this one, certainly has in the short term , school children in his homeland knows it.

  2. I believe Mudryk could’ve been a great addition to our squad in a long term, if his price tag was less than 60 M. Trossard’s experience is more valuable for a short-term solution

    1. Yes… his price was too inflated…
      Anywhere around 50-55 would have been correct price..
      But now we still need few players..
      We need back up for Saka..
      I think Leon Bailey from Aston Villa or Olise from Palace would be good..
      And need back up for Partey..
      Martin Zubimendi is good highly rated midfielder..
      His release clause is 52 Million..
      Rice’s price again seems to be inflated…
      And we need one LW as well because Trossard is short term solution..
      I believe we should try for Pulisic..
      Chelsea would want to sell their players..
      And I don’t think Pulisic would get much game time their..
      So he would perfect fit for LW

      1. I liked Bailey and Olise, but I believe Arsenal will stick with Marquinhos and would probably sign Asensio if they really need to

        Zubimendi sounds good. But we’ve got Jorginho and Elneny, so I don’t think Arsenal will sign a new CDM

        Pulisic was impressive, but we’ve got too many players for the LW position

  3. He could still turn out good & all this negativity can fuel him. In any case his Chelsea’s problem now.

    I’m glad we signed Leo though I wouldn’t have been mad at having Mudryk either. One is for the present while the other for the future in my opinion.

    1. Agree 100%
      We probably ended up getting the better deal for short term, and short term was probably our main objective in January.
      But long term remains to be seen.
      Mudryk obviously has loads of talent, but it remains to be seen if it can be applied 100%.

  4. Leo is a better deal for Arsenal considering they paid over the odds for Pepe. Leo can play 3-4 seasons still for Arsenal, as we keep searching for replacements
    Mohammed Salah and Kevin Debryne were at Chelsea from Less Competive leagues and flopped at Chelsea. Look at what they have done and are still doing at Liverpool and Man city. Modryk should be Careful in football terms. For Money he fine but his football can easily flop.

    1. I don’t think Trossard can give 4 years to Arsenal..
      I think max 2 years because the amount of work rate our players require due to our high tempo tactics..
      Xhaka is different breed..
      At this age he still can produce that kind of work rate is really commendable…
      So if Trossard keeps his fitness like Xhaka the only he can give 4 good years to us…
      I think we need to buy LW soon..
      We should go for Pulisic…
      Chelsea will surely want to sell their players now..
      We can snap him up..

  5. Leave things as they are. Trosaard is a good signing, no doubt but nobody knows tomorrow. Mudrk can come out very good. Still early days. Leave both players alone.

    1. I’ve followed Trossard a lot. I was surprised we signed him for such a good fee. He does remind me, particularly his close control, of Santi. I think Santi was 27 or 28 when we signed him. Wow…he gave us so much joy…our little genius. Santi played a little deeper, but excited us every time he got the ball. Little Leo is the same and he may be Arteta’s masterstroke.

    2. Asensio sounds good but Bailey and Oliseh are not good enough imo.. Caicedo or Onana can be polished by Arteta to a higher level, plus we also need cover for Odegaard.. An amf of his ilk would really have us balanced and with the requisite depth.. Viera doesn’t really cut it for me

  6. Arsenal Wanted Mudryk But They Later Got Who They Really Needed In Leandro Trossard. Such Is Life. When Life Throws Lemon At You, Just Use lt To Make Lemonade. And Not All That Glitters Is Gold.

  7. I think this statement is perhaps a bit unfair on the player. I think it would be kinder to suggest that he was unfortunate to miss out on Arsenal.

  8. Don’t let’s get too smug about this. Mudryk was not expected to make an immediate impact in the Premier League but to develop his obvious potential.
    Initially, I thought we played Chelsea by ramping up the fee and using him as a smokescreen to disguise our interest in Trossard, and that could be, so a good bit of business.
    I think Mudryk will come good next season.

    1. I think you are right Jax.Mudryk will come good next season but Chelsea paid a massive premium for him, and others, and to that extent we did not miss out.

        1. For a long time, you’ve been up and down with this conspiracy theory of us deliberately ramping up his price so as to mug Chelsea. Can you stop that? What would we gain from doing that? And who says we actually knew Chelsea were going to come for him in the end?

          1. Exactly! I find people who seriously believe in conspiract theories to be, in the main, less intelligent than average.

              1. CANCELLED? BY WHOM? It simply means you have an opinion that is distinctly left field.

                No one has cancelled you or your opinion. The proof of that is that your post is right here on this very thread and open to all to read.

                Perhaps you might care to check what the word “cancelled” actually means, before incorrectly claiming that so called fate, another time.

                1. I’m sure you’re aware of cancel culture, and most of our comments following my original one (still in place) have been removed by whoever moderates this blog.

        2. Jon, I can’t comment on my intelligence other than to say that my genius is the least of my qualities, but I’d really like to think that we did ramp up the transfer fee so that Todd overspent on it. And I’m sure it wouldn’t be the first time this has happened in the transfer market when one club knows that another is desparate to outbid them at all costs (literally) as seemed to be the situation between us & Chelsea. No conspiracy (there’s another shite Arsenal blog dedicated to that), just an opinion on what I thought/hoped might have taken place.

          1. Actually, I can comment on my intelligence as I scored 126 on my Mensa test some years back, which places me amoung the top 15% brains.
            I feel so superior.

            1. Glad you felt the need to tell us that.

              I only wonder WHY you felt that need, as you are, apparently so “superior”.

      1. Conspiracy theories and subsequent rants breaks no bones, I see them as sheer entertainment.

        But that’s a huge call Mark 2.0

        1. Sir Jax, whether I believe it was a deliberate calculated ploy to send Chelsea up the wrong tree is irrelevant, and if indeed they were trick out of their pants not one gooner would sympathize.

          Just slightly off topic ,just before the gulf war started America had Saddam powerful Republicans guards hunker down on the shores of Kuwait heavily fortified with manpower and heavy machinery anticipating an amphibious landing on the sea shore that never took place.

          So tricks and shenanigans are games that has been playing out from saltfish a shingle house

          1. I love clever deception. There was similar trickery in WW2 over the Allied Forces D-Day intended landing location. These brilliant ploys go right back to The Trojan Horse and probably further.
            Agreed, I certainly wouldn’t hope any Gooners would be sympathetic about Todd unnecessarily overspending by £millions😂, but apparently, according to my peers, it’s not even a possibility, and there I was thinking I’d uncovered a massive but wonderful con.
            Perhaps we can encourage Chelsea to bid for Vlahovic.

  9. Mudryk could come to Arsenal and be an instant hit just like Trossard. Was Aubameyang such a bad player that he could not sparkle for Barca and now Chelsea? The truth is that certain team make players while going elsewhere may unmake them

  10. Arsenal missing out on Mykhailo Mudryk signing last January transfer window to Chelsea, later turned out as a blessing in the open for Arsenal who signed Leandro Trossard as replacement to their failed Mudryk signing. But who Chelsea supplanted Arsenal to sign him. However, he didn’t hit the ground running for them in games as they would want him to do for them.
    But come to think of it. Would Mudryk not have hit the ground running at Arsenal if they had succeeded to sign him instead of Chelsea who did?
    This is because Arsenal is a different North London gaints club side to the West London giants club side Chelsea. And who are differently coached and managed by 2 different top managers of Mikel Arteta and Graham Potters.
    For this my above takes, us can’t be sure if Mudryk had joined Arsenal last window, He will not hit the ground running straight a way in games for Arsenal. As against he hasn’t hit it running for Chelsea.

    1. Off topic. Is the claim below true? I saw it somewhere

      Richarlison has scored 2 league goals this season, both against Forest, both times he took off his jersey to celebrate both goals, got booked after that in both games, both goals were also OFFSIDES. 😬😬😬

  11. I can never understand the reason for writing such an article.
    What does it matter whether Mudryk will be a success or not?
    He doesn’t play for us, while Trossard does and that’s the end of it.
    Crowing over something that doesn’t affect our club in any way, is like watching schoolchildren in the playground.

  12. Trossard has been an immediate success- which at the moment is vital to our efforts to win the title, so on the face of it ‘we dodged a bullet’ and paid considerably less and without committing to a massive contract.
    Mostly, youth has been the club policy and Mudryk fits that strategy and in January was one for the future. We will never know if he could have contributed the way Trossard has but if we do win the league with Trossard in the team then I don’t care how much short- termism is involved. Winning the league would be a massive step towards regaining our place as a top club and all the prestige that brings with it

  13. Mudryk will continue to stir up emotions as their are fans that would have tell you he’s the big one that got away.

    But if Tossard who Arsenal sign for £60 mil less, continue in the same vein of form leading us to lifting this big jug, theorist argument could gain traction, whether we like it or not.

  14. Better to revisit this after the season is over.

    Personally, I was against the Mudryk chase from the beginning, although I am and have always been behind the gaffer and his choices. I am so glad he got Trossard, who fit the team like the proverbial glove.

  15. It is really hard to say right now, he may yet be a world beater as he and Chelsea adapt. It may take time to tell. For us, I think the biggest risk was the cost on the gamble. Trossard is an established EPL player, Mudryk is a potential great. In our race this year we need the higher degree of certainty that comes with Trossard, and Jesus and Zinny and Jorghinio for that matter…

  16. Things should be left alone. Trosaard is an excellent signing, without a sure, but nobody knows what may happen tomorrow. Mudrk has the potential to be really good. It’s still early days. Let both players to be alone.

  17. We sure could have used Mudryk yesterday against sporting. It’s too early to right him off. From the glimpses I’ve seen he has just about evy and it will only be a matter of time before he puts it all together. I just hope it won’t be against us when we next take on Chelsea.

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