How many players have Arsenal been linked with just in March?

We all know that it gets crazy the closer we get to the summer transfer window but if feels this year is more manic than in previous years and in March alone there have been at least 20 players linked with a move to the Emirates, there are probably more but I called it a day at 20 because I think that is a good enough number to make my point, which is, we are already at fever pitch and it is going to get worse.

Here is the list in March so far….
Adrien Rabiot

Samuel Umtiti

David Alaba

Nicolás Tagliafico

Ander Herrera

Nicolo Barella

Joan Jordan

Cengiz Under

Aaron Wan-Bissaka

Nicolas Pepe

Thomas Partey

Ismaila Sarr

Joe Aribo

Yannick Carrasco

Antonio Valencia

Fabian Schar

Boubacar Kamara

Matthias Ginter

Ibrahima Konate

Gabriel Martinelli

Now, some of these rumours are very credible, some are crazy and some are plainly false and that is the conundrum we will be facing, trying to work out which particular rumour we can get excited about and which one is for the clouds.

What is certain, however, is that it is going to be one hell of a maniacal transfer window and we at JustArsenal will do everything in our power to try and weed out the rubbish for you.


  1. Read about the spuds new stadium this morning and heard it has a retractable synthetic pitch the only one in the world, dogs toilet,instant beer of course its the most modern etc its all glory for now until they bear the brunt of paying for the over the budget 1 billion arena

    1. It’s all we’re going to hear about for the next year….did it mention the trophy cabinet? Bet Kane’s MBE looks very lonely in there ?

    2. I’m curious as I’m not from there, are dogs permitted to attend matches? If not, can one name any event(of which the Stadium would be host) that would witness enough canine bathroom activity to justify the inclusion of a dogs’ toilet?

  2. It says a lot about the rumour business

    At the end of the 24 hours, we should only take notice of Announcements on arsenal. com

    Anything else is mere speculation

    Long time till summer window opens

  3. Wow, all the English players coming through and we are linked with none of them. How times have changed! Mind, I am glad to have the whole world to pick from. Trouble is old Skinflint Kroenke goes by fees asked only.

    Imagine the conversation wheen Stan and Josh speak: “Dad, I have been told by Unai about this new, young, exciting and highly talented player available to buy and I think we must get him.” Stan” How much?” Josh ” Dead cheap, only £3.50 pence. ” Stan: Far too much. Forget it!” Then the conversation changes; ” Dad, I will bring the kids here to your ranch for Easter”. Stan: “Thats fine Josh, I will only charge them for half board. After all, they are my grandkids and I would’nt like people to think I am a Scrooge.” Stan again: Now Josh, you remember how I used to give you pocket money when you were very young?” Josh: “Sure do Dad, those dimes soon add up. What about it?” Stan: Well Josh, now that you are all grown up and well off , when are you going to repay me for all those years? And as a gesture of generosity, since I am your loving Dad, I wil only charge you 5% interest on the total amount.” Kids rush into the ranch. Stan: “Well kids, what present have you brought me for putting you up for Easter.” Kids: We brought you an Arsenal shirt Grandpa.” Stan: Put it in the draw with the other floor cloths and next time, buy it at Walmart instead, as I make a profit on that. You lot just cost me money.” Kids (to each other)” I have decided to support Spurs from now on. , how about you?” ” Oh I hate Arsenal too, cos Grandpa owns it. I am now a Chelsea fan.” At this point the writer of this story weeps and resolves never to write realistic horror stories ever again!

    1. Think the story would be more like…

      Josh: “Dad, I have been told by Unai about this new, young, exciting and highly talented player available to buy and I think we must get him.”

      Stan: “Why you talking to me about this?”

      Josh: “Cause you own Arsenal…”

      Stan: “Yes, Yes I do. I also own Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche, Colorado Crush, Colorado Mammoth,Colorado Rapids and the LA Rams. What makes you think I got the time to micromanage all of my assets? Have I taught you nothing? Exploit people son! Pay someone £1 million to make you £10 million in one area then do that repeatedly in many markets. One human being is restricted on how much they can do, many people can do more and make you more, mange the people son! Tell them not to go into debt and leave them to do what they know to make you money.”

      Josh: “Oh yeah, silly me, what was I thinking. You want to go exploit some homeless veterans, we all like a good family game…”

  4. Is it surprising we get linked with many players?

    We are a big club, we have to scout and we have to have more than a sole choice for a spot in case we miss out on our main target.

    Five main areas I see are CB, RB, LB, CM and a wide forward.

    If we scout say… 5 players per position and narrow that down to two choices then the scouting is still 25 players with about 10 of them potentially being scouted again and in more depth.

    Over time, scouts will dismiss targets and new ones will be scouted, meaning that 25 man list will only increase.

    Isn’t this better than putting all our eggs into one basket, letting that other club we put all our eggs in one basket and run the risk of inflated fees… and if we miss out then what? Panic buy a Perez?

    Oh, add on to this that we do not know if we will have UCL football or not, we have to hedge our bets both ways, this means even more players to scout and even more rumors to be born.

    I am not worried about the volume of transfers we are linked with, this isn’t the old Arsenal board who would link us to all the top names for PR reasons, we have to judge Raul and Co on their merits.

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